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The Top 9 Companies That Pay for CDL Training in (2024)

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Are you looking for a company that pays for commercial driver’s license (CDL) training?

You’re not alone. Many people considering a truck driving career look for an affordable way to finance their ambitions.

Luckily, there are several companies you can apply to and get training. Not only that, but these companies will pay you a weekly wage as you learn.

This article reveals nine of the best companies that pay for CDL training in 2023.

Which Is the Best Company That Pays for CDL Training?

Millis Training Institute is the best company that pays for CDL training. This trucking company pays a decent weekly wage, offers personalized training, and has campuses in six US states.

Which Company That Pays for CDL Training Offers the Best Weekly Wage?

Prime Trucking offers the best weekly wage. While the other trucking companies on our list pay $600 a week, Prime pays $900.

The Best Companies That Pay for CDL Training (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Millis Training Institute: Our Pick
  2. Veriha Trucking: Runner-Up
  3. XPO: Also Great
  4. Prime Inc.: Highest Weekly Wage
  5. YRC: Shortest Training Program
  6. CRST: Best for Tuition Reimbursement
  7. KLLM Transport Services: Most Diverse Post-Training Opportunities
  8. Stevens Transport: Quickest Skills Tests
  9. Knight Transportation: Most-Affordable Tuition Fee

An Overview of Companies That Pay for CDL Training

Before we get into the best companies that pay for CDL training, let’s learn what they are, why they’re important, and whether they’re a good fit for you.

What Is A Company That Pays for CDL Training?

A company that pays for CDL training is a private truck driving school. These businesses offer paid CDL training courses that can last between four and twelve weeks.

During the training period, the CDL training company teaches its students about professional truck driving while paying a weekly wage.

Why Are Companies That Pay for CDL Training Important?

CDL training companies provide an affordable way to break into the trucking industry.

Most of them defer the tuition fees you’d normally pay to acquire trucking knowledge. And if you successfully complete the training, some companies write off the debt altogether once you work for them.

Do I Need a Company That Pays for CDL Training?

If you’re interested in working as a truck driver, but you don’t have the funds to pay your way through truck driving school, you’ll need a CDL training company.

These trucking companies will help you learn the skills you need and pay you while you do it.

Best Companies That Pay for CDL Training: Our Top 3 Options

Here are the three best trucking companies that offer paid CDL training programs:

1. Millis Training Institute – Our Pick

a screenshot of the Millis Training Institute homepage

Since 1989, Millis Training Institute (MTI) has helped its students get their start in the trucking industry.

They offer an appealing 12-week apprenticeship program for anyone who wants a truck-driving job but doesn’t have the means to pay for a course.

During week one of this free CDL training program, you’ll learn about the truck driving business, how to plan trips, vehicle inspection, and more.

By week two, you’ll hop into one of MTI’s trucks with your instructor and get your first experience as a truck driver.

In your fifth week, you’ll start your trucking career in earnest, complete with a $0.44 per mile rate.

Graduating from MTI’s program entails completing 15,000 OTR miles at the minimum.

The trucking company will assign you a truck, increase your rate to $0.49 per mile, and give you benefits and bonuses befitting your successful completion of its truck driver training program.

Key Features of Millis Training Institute

  • Six Training Locations: MTI has training campuses in Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.
  • One-on-One Training: You’ll learn from tenured trainers who’ll provide personalized, real-world training over the course’s 12-week duration.
  • Free Program:  MTI’s Apprenticeship Program is free. The company leaves the responsibility of covering the cost of lodgings, feeding, and transport to its students.
  • Employee Status: MTI classifies you as an employee when you begin the program, entitling you to a $600 per week wage.
  • Guaranteed Job: When you complete the training, you’ll become a full-time MTI driver.

Pros of Millis Training Institute

  • In-Depth Knowledge: MTI’s program covers everything you need to know to earn your commercial driver’s license.
  • Practical Training: This company-sponsored CDL training program puts you in the driver’s seat as soon as possible, giving you practical driving experience.
  • Minimal Qualification Requirements: English proficiency, a high school education, a clean driving record over a 5-year period, and a Department of Transportation physical will suffice to help you meet MTI’s application criteria.

Cons of Millis Training Institute

  • No Accommodation: Unlike other trucking companies, MTI’s CDL training program package doesn’t include room and boarding accommodations.
  • No Pets or Riders Allowed: Other paid CDL training programs let you bring your pet or a ride-along when you’ve completed a specified number of solo miles. MTI doesn’t seem to provide this perk.
  • Long Course: Some may find MTI’s 12-week course to be lengthy. For comparison, other trucking companies offer 22-day courses.

Millis Training Institute Income:

MTI pays its drivers a starting rate of $0.49 per mile in addition to bonuses and benefits.

The company increases the rate by 1 cent every year.

Our Take: Should You Choose Millis Training Institute?

Yes, we recommend this CDL training program.

MTI is one of the best trucking companies.

Also, you get a guaranteed job at the end of your truck driver training regimen and a competitive per-mile rate.

2. Veriha Trucking – Runner-Up

a screenshot of the veriha homepage

Veriha Trucking offers one of the best-paid CDL training programs that earns it the runner-up position on our list.

Over the course of eight weeks, this truck-driving school will give you CDL classes that’ll help you earn your commercial driver’s license.

Since the program is an apprenticeship, you won’t pay the tuition fee upfront.

In the first three weeks of the program, you’ll learn about the industry, with the truck-driving school covering topics like hours of service, Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, and truck driver responsibilities.

You’ll get hands-on behind-the-wheel training from a professional truck driver trainer.

At this stage, you’ll learn minimal trucking maneuvers for different equipment, such as a box truck.

Week three and beyond will include your first trips on the highway with multiple trainers in the passenger seat.

And when the final week rolls in, you’ll have the skills and experience necessary to make a living as a professional truck driver.

Key Features of Veriha Trucking

  • Day One Employment: Veriha Trucking’s paid training program lets you earn while you learn from day one.
  • Modern Training Facilities: This trucking company provides facilities like a driving range and an interactive classroom to help you get hands-on training quickly.
  • Weekly Pay: Veriha pays its trainee drivers $600 a week. The wage increases by $100 when you complete the company’s paid CDL training program.
  • Debt Forgiven: If you drive for this trucking company for 18 months after completing its program, you won’t have to pay back its tuition fee.
  • Perks and Benefits: You can expect perks and benefits like company-paid life insurance and safety bonuses when you become a Veriha truck driver.

Pros of Veriha Trucking

  • Competitive Pay Rate: When you complete Veriha’s paid CDL training program, you can look forward to a competitive $0.62 cost-per-mile rate.
  • Amenable to Felons: Veriha reviews felony convictions on a per-case basis, meaning it doesn’t have a policy of turning away applicants with a criminal history.
  • Woman-Owned Business: Veriha’s president is the founder’s daughter, making the company an excellent place for female trucking aspirants to apply to.

Cons of Veriha Trucking

  • Stringent Applicant Criteria: You’ll need to meet a long list of application criteria to drive for Veriha, including meeting the Department of Homeland Security requirements.
  • One Training Location: Veriha is one of the few trucking companies with only one training location (in Wisconsin).
  • CLP Prerequisite: You’ll need to get a Commercial Learner’s Permit before you can join the company’s program.

Veriha Trucking INCOME:

When you complete your training with Veriha Trucking and stay as a driver, you can expect to make a comfortable five-figure salary with perks.

Our Take: Should You Choose Veriha Trucking?


If you want to drive for a female-led company that provides competitive pay and benefits, choose Veriha Trucking.

3. XPO – Also Great

a screenshot of the XPO homepage

XPO is one of the US’s largest less-than-truckload freight forwarding companies.

It operates in all 50 US states and has a network that spans Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

At the time of writing, XPO employs 13,000 drivers and commands a 35,000-strong tractor and trailer fleet.

This logistics powerhouse runs a 7-week paid CDL training program that aims to transform applicants with no prior experience (or Class B CDL holders) into certified XPO truck drivers.

The company’s program is tuition-free and you earn a paycheck while learning the ropes.

New drivers can expect to learn in the classroom, yard, and on the highway.

XPO’s applicant criteria are straightforward.

You can join so long as you’re 21 or older, pass a drug test, and have a clean driving record.

The company hires drivers, so it’s not for small trucking business owners.

Key Features of XPO

  • Concise Program: XPO offers one of the shortest paid CDL training programs for anyone who wants to get into truck driving.
  • Thorough Training: This trucking company uses a combination of professional equipment, in-class training, and hands-on experience when teaching its students.
  • Decent Compensation: XPO’s paid CDL training course gives students a weekly $600 paycheck.
  • Free Training Program: Like the other free training programs on this list, XPO’s is tuition-free, meaning you can work towards a CDL license without making a significant financial investment.
  • Open to All: Whether you’re a Class B CDL holder or a dock worker that aspires to become a truck driver, this free CDL training scheme has something for you.

Pros of XPO

  • Competitive Full-time Package: Trainees can look forward to a competitive salary and benefits like healthcare, paid time off, and a 401k.
  • Certification: When you complete XPO’s paid CDL training, you’ll receive an entry-level truck driver certificate.
  • Guaranteed Employment: XPO hires all successful program participants on a full-time basis.

Cons of XPO

  • Additional Work: XPO drivers have to double as dock workers when working with this trucking company.
  • Long Contract: After passing through XPO’s paid CDL training course, you’re expected to work for the company for 24 months.
  • Little One-On-One Training: XPO doesn’t mention whether a student can expect one-on-one training from their instructors.

XPO Income:

XPO pays its new drivers over $50,000 per year.

You’ll also receive benefits like medical, dental, and a 401k.

Our Take: Should You Choose XPO?


XPO offers an excellent paid CDL training course that paves the way for a lucrative trucking career.

Its program is worth considering if you want a certificate that shows proof of completion.

Notable Mentions: Other Companies That Pay for CDL

If you’re not keen on the above CDL schools, consider the ones below:

4. Prime Inc. – Highest Weekly Wage

a screenshot of the prime Inc homepage

Prime Inc. offers a comprehensive training program for those looking to make money with a truck.

The company trains applicants using a mixture of simulators, computers, and hands-on experience.

Its instructors work with you one-on-one, teaching you the basics of truck driving while you build confidence.

This company provides an excellent perk at the end of its training schedule.

After its students complete the training, they have to take their states’ CDL exam.

Prime Inc. will pay you a $250 bonus if you pass the exam on your first try.

Why Is Prime Inc. a Great Option?

Prime Inc. offers one of the highest weekly compensation amounts ($900/week).

The company pays for your transportation costs when you attend its paid CDL training course.

After completing the program, you can stay as a Prime Inc. driver or go independent.

Drawbacks to Prime Inc.

This program’s drawback is the fact that you have to get your Class A permit before the orientation period.

Also, it doesn’t allow you to bring pets along.

Some applicants may find its recruitment criteria to be too stringent.

For instance, they ask you to provide references and you can’t have more than two moving violations.

Prime Inc. Income:

Prime Inc’s free CDL program culminates with you earning a five-figure salary.

The gig comes with benefits and bonuses.

5. YRC – Shortest Training Program

a screenshot of the YRC homepage

At four weeks, YRC has one of the shortest paid CDL training courses on this list, making it excellent for anyone who wants to earn money behind the wheel as quickly as possible.

In addition to paying you to learn on the job, the company covers your travel and accommodation costs (if you live an hour away).

Best of all, its application criteria aren’t too strict.

When you complete YRC’s Academy, you’ll take the Class A CDL test.

The company will give you another four weeks’ worth of on-the-job training at your home terminal.

Completing this training heralds the start of a lucrative trucking career at YRC.

Why Is YRC a Great Option?

Other CDL schools don’t cover the expenses YRC does.

The company pays for your DOT drug test, Motor Vehicle Report, accommodation, and transportation expenses.

If you stay with the company after the course, you can look forward to an excellent pay packet.

Some of the company benefits you get working full-time for YRC include healthcare coverage and PTO.

Drawbacks to YRC

This company’s unique selling point, its short course, may also be a huge drawback for some.

You may find the 8-hour training days too intense.

Or, if you prefer to take your time when learning, the speed may throw you off.

YRC Income:

In your first year of becoming a YRC truck driver, you can expect to make between $60,000 and $65,000 per year.

6. CRST – Best for Tuition Reimbursement

a screenshot of the crst homepage

CRST is another company that offers an excellent paid CDL training course and provides great driving job opportunities for newbies.

While you learn trucking basics with a view to getting your license, you’ll earn a cost-per-mile rate of $0.36.

The company also takes care of your transportation to its training facility and accommodates you in its comfortable dorm.

Why Is CRST a Great Option?

CRST offers tuition reimbursement up to $8,000.

It provides 24-hour driving support and has “the longest average trucking miles in the industry.”

The course aims to get you on the road as quickly as possible, offering an expedited curriculum.

You also get a mentor that accompanies you on the road.

Drawbacks to CRST

If CRST had one drawback, it would be the company’s pre-work screen.

You have to do a step test, squat test, crouch test, front carry, and horizontal pool test, among others.

These tests may not be an issue if you’re physically fit.

However, not everyone who aspires to become a truck driver will like the idea of subjecting themselves to the said tests.

CRST Income:

CRST offers a competitive salary package that includes many benefits.

Notable works include paid vacations, a competitive 401k, regular career progression, medical and dental coverage, and paid layover.

7. KLLM Transport Services – Most Diverse Post-Training Opportunities

a screenshot of the kllm homepage

KLLM Transport Services is a “fully accredited Class A CDL training school/academy.”

It offers a scholarship program that waives your tuition fee when you drive for the company for a year.

The company covers your transportation and accommodation, meaning you have little in the way of out-of-pocket expenses.

You also earn $800/week while acquiring truck driving skills and completing tasks like delivering packages.

Why Is KLLM Transport Services a Great Option?

This private truck driving school offers multiple career paths (depending on your ZIP code).

You can choose to do over-the-road (OTR), regional, local home daily, or dedicated routes.

Additionally, the company throws in a $250 incentive bonus you can earn during the course of your studies.

Drawbacks to KLLM Transport Services

The drawback to this paid CDL training course is that admittance depends on your location.

Currently, the Academy accepts students who don’t have a commercial learner’s permit from Louisiana, Illinois, Mississippi, Texas, and Indiana.

Meanwhile, it only accepts students who have the permit from Georgia and Ohio.

KLLM Transport Services Income:

KLLM Transport Services estimates that new truck drivers can earn $70,000 in their first year driving for the company.

The gig also includes benefits and bonuses, including paid time off, health insurance, and a $250 incentive bonus.

8. Stevens Transport – Quickest Skills Tests

a screenshot of the stevenstransport homepage

Stevens Transport provides state-of-the-art driving simulators, a high-tech training facility, and accommodations.

You can learn about trucking in its spacious 70-acre facility in Dallas, Texas.

The company’s partnership with other truck driving schools also means you can learn its curriculum in other satellite facilities scattered across the US.

It’s a great opportunity if you want to be an employee and not an independent contractor in the delivery industry.

Why Is Stevens Transport a Great Option?

Stevens Transport has unrivaled dedication toward continuous development.

In 2017, the Department of Public Safety authorized the company to administer the CDL skills test on the agency’s behalf.

Through this mandate, students have a shorter wait time to take the skills test and can be on the road quicker.

Drawbacks to Stevens Transport

Stevens Transport’s drawback is its four-to-one trainer ratio.

The arrangement may not provide many opportunities for one-on-one training, as the presence of other students divides the instructor’s attention.

Stevens Transport Income:

As a Stevens Transport driver, you can expect competitive compensation that includes healthcare, paid vacation, disability insurance, and more.

9. Knight Transportation – Most-Affordable Tuition Fee

a screenshot of the Knight_transportation homepage

Knight Transportation has a team of experienced driving instructors and cutting-edge facilities to help your CDL training experience.

You’ll learn trucking basics in short classes designed to give hands-on training.

You can also prequalify for Knight Transportation’s CDL school via the company’s website.

The company provides a wide variety of trucking and delivery opportunities, both in terms of what you’ll transport and the routes.

Why Is Knight Transportation a Great Option?

Knight Transportation has the most affordable tuition fee at $3,995.

You can pay it off over 35 weeks and the company will reimburse the amount if you drive for them over a 70-week period.

It runs a short training course, which will appeal to students who can’t devote several weeks of their lives to learning truck driving.

Drawbacks to Knight Transportation

This driving school suffers from two drawbacks.

First, is that it doesn’t offer employment contracts during the course.

The second is it doesn’t cover costs like transport and accommodation.

Knight Transportation Income:

You can expect to earn over $60,000 when working as a Knight Transportation truck driver.

The company’s employment package includes the usual benefits like healthcare and a 401k.

Features to Look for In A Company That Pays for CDL Training

Not all types of trucking businesses help train their drivers.

When choosing one that pays for CDL training, keep in mind:

1. Weekly Wage

CDL training courses require a significant time investment, meaning you won’t be able to hold a job during the training period.

The majority of paid CDL training companies pay you a weekly wage to make up for the lost income.

Choose a company that pays at least $600 a week.

2. Employment Guarantee

The whole point of attending truck driving school is to get a truck driving job.

If you want to fast-track your way to employment, choose a company that guarantees you a job upon successful completion of their course.

Most companies offer this guarantee, meaning the ones that don’t should raise red flags.

3. Cost Savings

While attending truck driving school, you’ll need to commute to and from the training facility.

If the school doesn’t have a facility in your state, you’ll need a place to stay during the course.

Many trucking companies are willing to cover costs while training you, so pick one that does.

4. Debt Forgiveness

Although some trucking companies offer apprenticeships, many charge tuition fees that they defer.

In such a scenario, you may be able to get out of paying the debt.

Some companies are willing to waive your tuition fee if you drive for them for an agreed time period after completing the course.

5. Course Duration

Finally, consider the course’s duration when choosing a CDL training school.

Some courses run up to 12 weeks, while others last for three weeks.

The school you choose will depend on whether you prefer thorough explanations and how quickly you want to gain meaningful employment as a truck driver.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing an illustration of a many driving a truck to show companies that pay for cdl

Here are some frequently asked questions about trucking companies that offer paid CDL courses:

Do CDL Training Company Train Non-US Citizens?


While US citizenship is a common application criterion for most CDL training companies, they won’t turn away an applicant that has a green card.

What CDL Jobs Pay the Most?

According to Indeed, delivery drivers earn the most out of all CDL jobs.

Their national average salary is $16.85 per hour.

Wrapping Up

Millis Training Institute stands out as the best trucking company that offers CDL training for aspiring truckers.

Veriha Trucking and XPO are a close second and third, but MTI has them beat when it comes to the quality of training it provides and the job security it guarantees.

The company also takes the prize in areas like the weekly wages it pays its students, the cost savings it provides, and its course duration.

Our opinion aside, remember to consider the factors mentioned above when choosing a private truck driving school.

Other Options Relevant to Companies That Pay for CDL Training

If you’re rethinking your truck driving career ambitions, you can try one of the following options below:

  • Driving App Jobs: Don’t want to drive a truck but still want to make deliveries? You can try using the car you have and getting delivery gigs from a driving app.
  • Delivery Services to Work For: Does the thought of driving cross-country turn you off? You can keep things local by working for a delivery service around your area.
  • Scooter Charging Jobs: Scooter charging jobs are another excellent alternative to working for trucking companies. You can get paid to charge electric scooters.

The above alternatives let you make money while interacting with vehicles other than trucks.

You won’t need to spend hours on the road away from friends and family

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