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9+ Best Driving Jobs: Ranked & Reviewed (2024)

Are you tired of your straining 9 to 5 job and want a gig that allows for a flexible schedule?

You are not the only one.

Many young workers have found that the typical 40-hour workweek doesn’t work for them.

Fortunately, the modern job landscape offers many career paths to support a flexible lifestyle and keep you engaged.

Keep reading to find out about some of the best driving jobs with good pay and flexible schedules.

An Overview of Driving Jobs

Now that you’ve had a brief glance at our top picks for driving jobs let’s go into more detail about what a driving job entails.

What is a Driving Job?

A driving job is any job that involves operating a vehicle for payment.

A professional driver is anyone operating their own vehicle for deliveries, transporting industrial goods, or hauling products.

If you are getting paid to push a gas pedal and move a vehicle from one spot to another, then you have a driving job.

Why Are Driving Jobs Important?

Driving jobs are some of the most important positions in our modern globalized economy.

Goods come from all over the world and are transported constantly.

Whether it’s supplied for a supermarket, materials for manufacturing, or even just a residential delivery, drivers are essential to getting items where they need to go.

With the high demand for professional drivers, these workers can handpick the best driving jobs from the overabundance of the market.

This is great for gig workers, as the definition of a gig is a job performed on an on-demand basis.

In addition to transporting goods, drivers also help to get people around.

Not everyone has access to a car at all hours, and several driving jobs involve moving people around to get them where they need to be.

The Best Driving Jobs at a Glance

Let’s take a closer look at the best driving job and why.

What is the Best Driving Job?

The best driving job on the market is working as a Rideshare Driver.

At the end of the day, the biggest appeal of becoming a professional driver is the ease of entry and flexibility.

Rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft offer the most flexible hours to their employees, with a minor barrier to entry.

Most rideshare drivers can begin work within a week of applying to a rideshare service.

Which Driving Job Pays The Most?

Heavy equipment transporters are the professional drivers that get paid the most.

While one of the least flexible schedules on today’s list, heavy equipment transporters certainly get paid better than most other driving jobs.

Heavy equipment transporters that get hired at a stable company can expect to make $48,310 gross on average during their first year.

Experienced heavy equipment transporters can expect to make over $50,000 annually after working for several years.

Criteria to Look for In Driving Jobs

While the criteria for what makes a “good job” may vary from person to person, we will use a standardized set of rules to determine how we choose the best driving jobs.

Below are our determined criteria and what each one entails.


We define a flexible job as one that allows for unconventional hours.

Many jobs require workers to show up in a uniform from 9 am-5 pm on Monday through Friday; a flexible job will stray from that standard.

The more customizable a schedule is, the better flexibility it has.

Ease of Access

Jobs that are easy to access do not require as many formal certifications or training.

Easy jobs to obtain will only require a high school diploma and some relative competency.

Jobs with extensive training regimens or schooling requirements are considered to have high barriers to entry.


No one wants to work for free.

The more a job is willing to pay you for your services, the better.

While a high-paying position is not everything, it is essential to remember that your career should be able to support your desired lifestyle.


Some jobs may be easy to obtain, but they may ask too much of someone.

An ideal job should have reasonable expectations of its employees.

Jobs with great difficulty will ask a lot of their employees, often within a short time frame.


Benefits such as health insurance, a 401k plan, and paid time off help to set a workplace apart.

Jobs with good benefits will have a higher standing than those without them.

Benefits can be seen as an extension of payment, as jobs with poor benefits will take a bite out of your net income.

Best Driving Jobs: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

Now without further ado, here are the top three driving jobs on the market.

Rideshare Driver: Our Pick

Undoubtedly, the best professional driving job is as a rideshare driver.

Rideshare drivers are modern-day taxi drivers.

These workers have been recently reclassified to be employees of their companies rather than private contractors.

They use their personal vehicle to pick up pedestrians through a dedicated rideshare app and transport them to a destination of their choice.

Rideshare services charge based on distance, so the farther you have to transport people, the more money you will make.

There are some variables, however, as some rideshare services make some of their income through tips.

It is important that you make sure you have insurance as a rideshare driver.

Take an insurance survery for rideshare drivers to ensure this.

Where to Find Rideshare Driver Jobs

There are only a few significant players in the rideshare driving industry, and you may already be familiar with the big three.

The best rideshare companies to work for are as follows:

  • Uber: Uber is the industry leader and standard setter for rideshare companies. They pay their drivers to pick up costumes and take them to where they need to go.
  • Lyft: Lyft offers the same rideshare services as Uber does, but at a cheaper cost to consumers on average.
  • Bolt: Bolt provides largely the same services as Uber and Lyft, but drivers take a bigger cut of each transaction. The exchange is that Bolt does not have as big of a user base and their qualifications for drivers are more strict.

Pros of Becoming a Rideshare Driver

  • PRO: Rideshare jobs are extensively flexible and allow workers to choose their own schedules.
  • PRO: Rideshare drivers tend to pay pretty well, which can be increased even further with good tips or a busy location.
  • PRO: Rideshare drivers have very low barriers to entry and can often start within a week.

Cons of Rideshare Driver

  • CON: Rideshare drivers must use their own vehicles and are thus responsible for maintenance and gas payments.
  • CON: Using your car for a rideshare service may raise your insurance rates.
  • CON: Not all customers using rideshare services are polite, and drivers must deal with them.

How Much You Can Make as a Rideshare Driver?

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, rideshare drivers make an average of $37,540 annually.

This annual payment amounts to $18.05 an hour.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Rideshare Driving?

Gig economy model workers looking for an easy job with a lot of flexibility will work well as a rideshare drivers.

The work is in consistent demand, and rideshare drivers can work around their schedules to maximize their income.

Make sure to keep up on maintenance and notify your insurance if you choose to pursue this gig.

Food & Grocery Delivery Driver: Runner-Up

Next on today’s list, we have food grocery delivery drivers.

Food delivery drivers are professional drivers that focus on transporting groceries or takeout deliveries from a business to a residence.

Like rideshare drivers, food & grocery delivery drivers will work with individual consumers rather than commercial clients.

The average food & grocery delivery driver will stop in at the workplace they are delivering for, pick up an order (or multiple orders), and bring it to the customer before returning to repeat the process.

Where to Find Food & Grocery Delivery Jobs

While there is a bevy of food delivery drivers that work for a designated restaurant, the most popular food & grocery delivery services offer shipments from multiple stores and restaurants.

  • Uber Eats: Uber Eats is the Uber of delivery services. The company is the brand name for food delivery, offering drivers payment to transport food to their doorstep or workplace.
  • Doordash: Doordash provides delivery services to customers for groceries, takeout food, and even convenience stores.
  • Instacart: Instacart is a bit more prestigious than its competitors, offering similar services at a higher speed with higher pay.

Pros of Food & Grocery Delivery Driver

  • PRO: Many food & grocery delivery services offer flexible hours that allow workers to create their own ideal work schedule.
  • PRO: Food & grocery delivery drivers make money on tips, so strong customer service skills are rewarded.
  • PRO: Food & grocery delivery drivers have low barriers to entry for employment, only needing a valid driver’s license.

Cons of Becoming a Food & Grocery Delivery Driver

  • CON: While drivers can make a lot of extra income from tips, those with poor people skills or bad luck will make less money on tips.
  • CON: food & grocery delivery drivers usually use their vehicles. They are thus responsible for gas payments and vehicle upkeep.
  • CON: There is quite a bit of downtime in between orders with no pay during this time.

How Much You Can Make as a Food & Grocery Delivery Driver

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, grocery delivery drivers make an average of $31,970 annually.

This annual payment amounts to $15.37 an hour.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Food & Grocery Delivery Driver?

Suppose you are looking for a job that offers a flexible schedule.

In that case, becoming a food & grocery delivery driver is a great route to pursue.

While these jobs do not offer the most consistent pay, the number increases when you factor in tips you receive from deliveries.

Being a food & grocery delivery driver is an excellent secondary source of income, as the flexible hours allow you to deliver just a few orders a week.

Package Delivery Driver: Also Great

Package delivery drivers are professional drivers that specialize in transporting packages.

These drivers take envelopes and packages from a designated storage warehouse to transport them to residences and businesses.

Package delivery drivers typically assist in loading their own vehicle, if not the entire vehicle, and take the packages needed out as they go about their route.

Companies That Offer Package Delivery Driver

The best package delivery driver positions are offered by a government agency, as they will give you more pay and better work benefits.

Some private companies, however, do offer some decent wages for delivering packages.

  • USPS: USPS, or the United States Postal Service, is the premier place to get a job as a package delivery driver. The government agency, however, is high in demand, and it is difficult to get a job there.
  • Amazon: Amazon is the opposite of USPS in that it has delivery jobs aplenty and needs them filled with getting their products shipped.
  • UPS: UPS, not to be confused with USPS, is another private business that offers package transportation services.

Pros of Package Delivery Driver

  • PRO: Package delivery jobs have excellent job security, as more and more items are being shipped from a distance to residences.
  • PRO: Package delivery drivers typically end their shifts when their van is empty or their quota is met. Hence, there is a benefit to working quickly.
  • PRO: Package delivery drivers are usually offered insurance and 401k packages with their employment

Cons of Package Delivery Driver

  • CON: Package delivery drivers are often understaffed, so the workload can be higher per individual.
  • CON: Package delivery drivers work alone, so it is entirely on you to get any work done. Workers can also get lonely during long hours of isolation.
  • CON: Drivers must be careful not to damage packages or disrupt any mail, as this can be a liability issue.

How Much You Can Make With Package Delivery Driver

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, package delivery drivers make an average of $34,270 annually.

This annual payment amounts to $16.48 an hour.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Package Delivery?

While not the best career on today’s list, third place is not wrong.

Package delivery driver jobs may be difficult, but they are stable jobs without significant barriers to entry.

To the right individual, a hard-working job with lots of alone time is very appealing.

Package delivery drivers maintain consistent work and are rewarded for performing their job quicker and more efficiently.

Notable Mentions: Other Driving Jobs To Check Out

While driving jobs such as a rideshare driver and package delivery driver are our first choices, several other positions are still notable for consideration.

Truck Driver: Best for Travel

Much like most professional drivers, a truck driver is a transporter.

These transporters, however, specialize in delivering large-scale shipments to where they need to be.

Rather than taking several smaller deliveries to various destinations like a package delivery driver, a truck driver takes one large load across a considerable distance.

Why is Truck Driver a Great Option?

Becoming a truck driver is a great option for those looking to drive long-term and make some decent money.

Truck drivers lack some of the schedule flexibility that appeals to a lot of individuals.

Still, their notable salaries and consistent workloads make up for that.

Being a truck driver is also a gateway to new communities.

Truckers gain access to select areas in pit stops where they can share their experiences.

Drawbacks to Truck Drivers

While the money is nice, one drawback to being a truck driver is the long hours.

Most trucks have to haul their giant loads across large distances, so an individual shift can have you driving for a long time.

Truckers also have to wait for their shipment to be unloaded, which does not help to save time.

Many deliveries add upwards of 20 minutes after taking the receiver into account.

How Much You Can Make as a Truck Driver

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, truck drivers make an average of $36,660 annually.

This annual payment amounts to $17.62 an hour.

Professional Chauffeur: Best for Excitement

A chauffeur is a personal driver hired by someone to drive them around.

Chauffeurs can work for one individual if they can afford an on-call driver or for a company to hire them.

Chauffeurs not working for a singular person will generally drive around party-goers or people out on an expensive date.

Why is Professional Chauffeur a Great Option?

The big advantage of being a chauffeur is the excitement.

Most driving jobs are solitary experiences that yield some loneliness.

With a chauffeur driving, there is never a dull moment.

Chauffeur drivers always drive around with at least one other person, making for better stories and experiences.

Drawbacks to Professional Chauffeur

One drawback of becoming a professional chauffeur is actually driving.

Due to their length, many chauffeurs have to drive limos, which are notoriously difficult to operate.

Chauffeur drivers also have to deal with customers, which might not also be ideal.

People, especially drunk people, are not always polite to chauffeurs.

Last but not least, chauffeurs are subject to a required vehicle inspection they may be nervous about.

How Much You Can Make as a Professional Chauffeur

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, chauffeur drivers make an average of $32,570 annually.

This annual payment amounts to $15.66 an hour.

Private Fleet Driver: Best for Low Energy

A private fleet driver is someone who operates a vehicle owned by a private company.

Private fleet drivers are very similar to truck drivers, except that they are designated drivers for one company.

These drivers work in a team to distribute goods to designated spots.

Many private fleet drivers have the same few frequent stops rather than a new destination each trip.

Why is Private Fleet Driver a Great Option?

A private fleet driver has many of the same advantages as a truck driver.

Private fleet drivers receive good pay, consistent work, and the ability to enjoy some independence.

A unique advantage to being a private fleet driver is that you will typically drive to the same handful of destinations rather than learning a new route each trip.

Drawbacks to Private Fleet Drivers

One drawback of being a private fleet driver is that it has long, inflexible hours.

The shifts for a private fleet driver are long, and stuck driving until their load has been delivered.

Another niche problem with being a fleet driver is that you are often being monitored closer than other truck drivers.

Some individuals are bothered by this element of surveillance and will see it as a drawback.

How Much You Can Make as a Private Fleet Driver

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, private fleet drivers make an average of $38,280 annually.

This annual payment amounts to $18.40 an hour.

Heavy Equipment Transporter: Largest Income

A heavy equipment transporter is a type of trucker that must transport loads across more considerable distances.

These extended delivery drivers are on the go for days, sometimes weeks, before being able to come home.

Specific heavy equipment transporters are also responsible for unloading cargo, so there can be a certain level of physical labor or machine operating.

Why is Heavy Equipment Transporter a Great Option?

The biggest advantage to being a heavy-load truck driver is the high pay.

Heavy equipment transporters are the highest-paying option if you want to be a professional driver.

Another advantage to being a heavy equipment transporter is freedom and independence.

This job is very solitary, and there will be long hours alone where the transporter can make their own decisions.

Drawbacks to a Heavy Equipment Transporter Job

One drawback to heavy equipment transporters is their training.

Unlike some other easy-to-start driving jobs, heavy transporters must take on a decent bit of on-the-job training first.

On top of learning how to drive a big truck, heavy equipment transporters are away from home for long periods of time.

This can make it hard to maintain relationships while on the road.

How Much You Can Make as a Heavy Equipment Transporter

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, heavy equipment transporters make an average of $48,310 annually.

This annual payment amounts to $23.23 an hour.

Pet-Specialized Transportation Driver: Good for Animal Lovers

A pet-specialized transportation driver is a transportation driver that moves large animals.

These drivers do not require formal veterinarian training, but they will work with the animals they transport to some extent.

Why is a Pet-Specialized Transportation Driver a Great Option?

Pet-specialized transportation drivers are suitable for animal lovers.

Many driving jobs make it difficult to own a pet, as being on the road for extended periods means you are not at home as often.

Pet-specialized transportation drivers get to work moving all sorts of animals.

Being in an environment like that is advantageous to some.

Drawbacks to a Pet-Specialized Transportation Driver

While working with animals can be suitable for some, it is a dealbreaker for others.

Pet-specialized transporters are not for the weak of the heart or those with allergies.

These transporters should also be aware that there is a certain risk involved with animal handling and that they may get scratched or bitten once or twice while working.

How Much You Can Make as a Pet-Specialized Transportation Driver

According to statistics found by glassdoor.com, pet-specialized drivers make an average of $34,399 annually.

This annual payment amounts to $16.49 an hour.

Medical Industry Driver: For Those Who Work Well Under Pressure

A medical industry driver is someone who operates a medical vehicle, typically an ambulance.

This job is admirable, as the driver is helping to save lives and get people in need where they need to be.

Why is Medical Industry Driver a Great Option?

If you desire to work in a position you can take pride in, then working as a medical industry driver is an option for you.

Drivers are working to save lives, and the fast-paced environment may be one of the great daily thrills.

Another advantage of being a medical industry driver is the benefits.

EMTs and other medical drivers get great health benefits from working in the field.

Drawbacks to Medical Industry Drivers

While it feels good to know you are making a difference, medical industry drivers still don’t make a lot of money.

While moving an ambulance is a super important job, it can be hard to justify with such low wages.

On top of the low wage, many workers do not do well under the high-stakes pressure of the position, as lives are literally at stake while driving.

How Much You Can Make as a Medical Industry Driver

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, heavy equipment transporters make an average of $36,930 annually.

This annual payment amounts to $17.76 an hour.

Other Jobs Relevant to Driving Jobs

Driving jobs are great for those who want a flexible schedule or secondary income.

Consider reading more about these alternative income options below.

  • Best Gig Jobs: Many professional driving jobs are considered gig jobs; read more about what a gig job has in store for you.
  • Same-Day Pay Jobs: If you need money fast, consider checking out other same-day pay jobs.
  • Best Side Jobs: Driving jobs work great as a second job due to their flexibility, although there are other great side jobs out there as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we’ve covered a lot of information in today’s article, there are still some common questions you might want to be answered.

How Much Do Amazon Loads Pay?

The average Amazon Loads worker makes $193,166 annually, or $92.97 an hour.

These workers make up to 15% more than the national average.

Which CDL Makes the Most Money?

A Class A CDL is the highest driving certificate a truck driver can receive.

Those who have earned a Class A CDL will be the primary choices for open positions.

Wrapping Up

In the end, the best driving jobs on the market are rideshare drivers, food & grocery delivery drivers, and package delivery drivers.

These jobs offer excellent flexibility with low barriers to entry that gig workers, new and old, will find appealing.

Many of the driving jobs on today’s list are also top-rated gig economy jobs.

If any of the positions above have piqued your interest, make sure to research further and consider pursuing a good gig.

Professional drivers are essential to the modern economy, and hard workers are high in demand.

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