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9 Best Scooter Charging Jobs: Ranked & Reviewed

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Electric scooters are gaining popularity as a reliable means of transportation.

Even better, scooter companies have made these bikes available for rent, so you don’t have to buy one to use it.

With more electric scooters in town, more scooter chargers are needed.

These are people who the company hires to charge the scooters overnight and return them to their designated locations the next day for people to use.

Have you considered working as a scooter charger but don’t know where to start?

Check out these nine best scooter charging jobs and how you can make some cool cash by charging scooters.

An Overview of Scooter Charging Jobs

Scooter charging is a relatively new means of generating income.

With the increasing popularity of micro-mobility companies, more scooter chargers are needed to help scooter companies keep e-scooters up and running.

Here’s an overview of the scooter charger job and why you should consider it a source of income.

What Is a Scooter Charging Job?

Scooter chargers work for scooter companies as freelance employees. Their work involves collecting as many electric scooters as possible around the city and taking them back home.

They plug these scooters in and leave them to charge overnight.

The next day, the scooter chargers take these charged machines and place them in new locations around the city for customers to use at their convenience.

Why Are Scooter Charging Jobs Important?

Scooter chargers are essential to ensure that electric scooters are adequately charged. This keeps the machine well-maintained and ready to use by paying customers.

You’ll also need to report issues affecting the electric scooters, such as maintenance and charging problems.

This will make the scooter company take the necessary step to address the issue.

Do I Need a Scooter Charging Job?

A scooter charger is a great way to make some cool cash without subjecting yourself to the 9-5 drama.

You only need to collect, charge, and return electric scooters at specific hours, and you’re done for the day. You can do whatever you like with the rest of your time.

Chargers can choose when they work and adjust their schedules based on convenience.

Note that how much you earn usually depends on how many scooters you charge daily and how often you charge them.

Plus, a scooter charger job is relatively straightforward. The charging process occurs overnight while asleep, so you don’t have to monitor anything.

You don’t need formal academic qualifications to choose scooter charging as a career path. Some of the things you’ll need include:

  • Adequate vehicular transportation, like a pickup truck or a minivan, to move the scooters around
  • A smartphone to download and use your company’s app
  • Charging stations and cables

Overall, scooter charging helps you to have a perfect work-life balance.

The Best Scooter Charging Jobs at a Glance

Before we take a deep dive into scooter charging and companies that hire chargers, here’s a glance at some of our best picks.

What Is the Best Scooter Company for Scooter Charging Jobs?

Bird is the best scooter company that hires scooter chargers.

Bird is a famous company with several rental electric scooters scattered across several cities.

The company hires independent contractors to gather these machines and charge them overnight so customers can use them the following day.

Bird is our best pick because it allows flexibility, has less strict rules, and lets you charge as many scooters as you can manage each night.

What Is the Most Stable Scooter Company for Scooter Charging Jobs?

Spin is the most stable scooter company for scooter charger jobs.

In this case, Spin recognizes you as an employee, not a contractor. This means you get to enjoy the benefits of being an employee.

Spin also pays scooter chargers minimum wage. And you don’t have to worry about other expenses incurred while working because the company will handle them.

Features to Look For in Scooter Charger Jobs

Here are some features you should look out for in scooter companies before working for them as a scooter charger:

1. Location

Location is critical when choosing a scooter company to work for as a charger.

Some scooter companies only provide rental scooters in certain areas, while some have been banned from operating in some places.

Before you sign up with them, confirm that they’re operational in your area.

2. Compensation Plan

Every company has its compensation plan for chargers. Inquire about the compensation plan and confirm that you’re okay with it before registering as a charger.

3. Charging Rules and Regulations

Although every scooter company has its charging rules, some are stricter than others. It’s better to check the rules guiding the company’s charging process.

This will help you know what to expect from your employers and the consequences of breaking some rules.

4. Requirements

You must meet some requirements before getting hired as a scooter charger. These requirements are pretty much the same, with some modifications.

Check out the requirements of each company to know what you need to do to qualify.

5. Popularity

Some rental scooters are more popular than others. These popular scooters usually have more bikes around the city.

If you’d like to earn more money, you should target widely recognized companies.

Best Scooter Companies for Scooter Charging Jobs: Our Top 3 Options (Ranked & Reviewed)

Once you’re ready to start making more income as a scooter charger, you should check out these three top companies.

1. Bird: Our Pick

screenshot of the Bird homepage

Bird scooters are trendy, and there’s a high chance that you’ve seen them more than other brands. Bird is also well known for manufacturing sleek, black scooters.

As a bird scooter charger, you can use the Bird app to find drained or unused scooters around the city and take them home. This process is called harvesting.

Even without the app, Bird has designated locations called “bird nests” where you can pick up and return electric scooters.

It usually takes about two to four hours to charge bird scooters fully, based on the battery size.

Returning the scooters to their spots is called serving. Bird scooters must be back in the bird nests by 7 am so riders can use them in the morning.

Bird scooter chargers are called Fleet Managers.

Key Features of Bird

These are some of the features of the Bird scooter company:

  • Fast and Seamless App: The Bird app is easy and fast, and it makes it easy to locate scooters in your area.
  • Fast Payments: Bird sends payments directly into the charger’s bank account just a few days after completing a round of jobs.
  • Popularity: Bird produces some of the most popular electric scooters in the US, and there are several of them scattered across cities. This means you can charge as many scooters as you want per day.
  • No Commitments: Bird lets you choose how and when you want to work. You aren’t bound by specific working hours and strict rules.
  • Color-Coded Symbols: The company has a color code for every uncharged scooter. Green birds are the easiest to find, yellow is a bit harder, and red birds are the hardest to find. Each has its pay grade, with red birds offering the highest payout. This info will help you know what kind of scooters you should target to earn more.

Pros of Bird

These are some of the advantages you stand to enjoy as a Bird scooter charger:

  • Flexibility: Bird doesn’t require you to work at a particular time. You can set your schedule based on your convenience and go ahead to do other things that can bring you money when you’re free.
  • Easy Money-Making Scheme: Charging electric scooters allows you to make money immediately. You can earn up to hundreds of dollars per day, depending on how hard you work.
  • A Great Way of Exercise: Charging scooters requires moving around the city to find scooters that need charging and returning them to their locations. This back-and-forth can help you stay in shape without you trying too hard.

Cons of Bird

Bird is great, but these are some drawbacks you might experience while working with the company:

  • Extra Expenses: Your income doesn’t cover gas expenses for transporting scooters and electricity used for charging. You have to handle these expenses on your own.
  • No Employer-Employee Relationship: Bird doesn’t recognize chargers as employees in its company, so you have no access to benefits that employees enjoy. Plus, you don’t enjoy any employer-employee relationship.
  • Involves Some Technicalities: Bird uses complex software programs to run diagnostics and monitor demand levels around the city. You might have trouble operating these programs if you don’t have good technical aptitude.

Bird Income

Bird chargers earn an average of $5-$20 per scooter based on location and other incentives like peak hours and special promotions.

How much you earn from charging scooters depends on the cost of charging one bird scooter and how many scooters you charge at a particular period.

Note that this includes how long it takes you to charge scooters.

For instance, someone who can charge five scooters within 10 minutes will likely earn more than someone who uses 20 minutes to charge the same number of scooters.

Based on these factors, you can earn $400-$600 weekly on a part-time basis and about $1,500 weekly on a full-time basis.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Bird?

Bird is one of the best companies to consider working for as a scooter charger if you can overlook the extra expenses.

But if you’re interested in a flexible platform that lets you earn extra cash without working too hard, this is perhaps your best bet.

2. Lime: Runner-Up

screenshot of the Lime homepage

Lime is a worthy competitor of Bird, so it comes right after the latter. Unlike Bird’s dark, sleek scooters, Lime produces eye-catching lime-green machines.

Lime chargers are called juicers, and these people also collect scooters in a process called harvesting.

This brand requires juicers to charge scooters to about 95% before returning them to a new location.

Like Bird, this process is also called serving.

After signing up with Lime, you’ll undergo a short orientation to learn the ropes of the job.

Afterward, you’ll sign a Lime Juicer agreement and wait for the company to send over your chargers.

Note that you can’t use another charger for Lime’s scooters besides the ones provided by the brand.

Key Features of Lime

These are some of the characteristics of Lime that make it a worthy brand to work for:

  • Quick Sign-Up Process: The Lime app is easy to use, and prospective juicers can start working by signing up via the app.
  • Sign-On Bonus: This brand gives juicers a generous sign-on bonus when they register with a referral code. It also offers bonuses to workers who charge 30-80 e-scooters within a month on the job.
  • Environmental Concern: Lime pays attention to environmental conservation by keeping track of each ride’s carbon emissions.
  • Chargers Are Available: After signing up with Lime, it sends over your charging cables—usually three. You can also purchase more if you want to be able to charge more scooters at the same time.
  • Timing: The company’s app informs chargers what time each scooter should be served and what time you need to drop off every scooter you’ve picked.

Pros of Lime

These are the advantages that Lime offers:

  • No Special Skills Are Required: All you need to work as a Lime juicer is a smartphone, a car/van, and a valid driver’s license. Besides that, you don’t need any special qualifications or skills to charge Lime scooters.
  • Bonuses Are Available: Lime gives bonuses for completing tasks quickly. This is a chance to earn even more.
  • Explore New Places: You’ll be required to pick up and drop off scooters in different places, including areas you’ve never been to. This is a great chance to explore and discover new things in your city, especially if you love exploring but don’t have enough time to do that.

Cons of Lime

Working as a Lime juicer is great, but it has the following drawbacks:

  • Strict Rules: Lime has some strict rules that you must adhere to, and one of the most important is that all scooters must be returned to their spots (a designated LimeHub) by 7 am. You won’t get paid if you miss this deadline, no matter the cause.
  • Extra Expenses: This scooter company isn’t responsible for other costs you incur while charging scooters, such as mileage and gas expenses and the wear and tear of your car.
  • Limited Hours: Lime expects you to pick up scooters at the end of the day around 9 pm and return them by 7 am. The limited hours can make it challenging to gather enough scooters to charge.

Lime Income

Lime pays an average of $5-$12 per electric scooter, so your overall earning largely depends on how many scooters you charge and the location of these machines.

Hard-to-find Lime scooters attract higher pay; you can get paid as much as $20 for these kinds of scooters.

The price you get on a Lime also depends on how close it is to other machines that require charging.

And remember, you only get three charging cables from Lime, which affects how many Limes you can charge at a go.

Based on these factors, you can earn about $50-$100 on every 10 scooters you charge overnight.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Lime?

Lime is a formidable substitute for Bird, and the brand also offers a flexible charging process for contractors.

However, note that this company can be a bit stricter, so you should consider that before choosing to work for them.

3. Spin: Also Great

screenshot of the Spin homepage

While Spin may not be as popular and old as more prominent names like Bird and Lime, this scooter company still provides a platform for people to earn money as a charger.

Spin chargers collect Spin scooters in different locations, charge them overnight, and put them back on the streets the following day.

Unlike other scooter companies, Spin doesn’t employ independent contractors to work as a charger. Instead, the company hires employees that it pays to collect and charge scooters.

Spin owns charging hubs in key locations; there are other cities, however, where third-party companies provide charging spaces.

You can take the scooters home or take advantage of the charging hubs around you.

Key Features of Spin

These are some of the factors that make Spin unique:

  • Charging Stations: Spin has charging stations in several cities, making it easy for employees to charge these machines without taking them home. These stations also serve as parking lots for e-scooters, which makes them highly accessible to users.
  • Popular Among University Students: Spin’s largest users are university students, so you’ll find this means of transportation on or near college campuses.
  • Means of Transportation: Even if you don’t have a means of transportation, Spin provides larger vehicles to help its employees move the scooters.
  • Dockless Scooters: Spin doesn’t need people to park scooters in designated areas, and this makes it easier to find scooters in random places instead of traveling far distances to reach docks.
  • GPS Scooters: Since there are no docks to keep scooters, each machine has a GPS to allow users and chargers to track the machine.

Pros of Spin

Spin offers the following benefits:

  • Fewer Expenses: With Spin, you don’t have to worry about gas and mileage expenses. Spin pays for mileage and electricity and even supplies a means of transportation if you don’t have any.
  • Work as an Employee: With Spin, you’re recognized as a staff and not a contractor. This means you have access to some benefits enjoyed by other employees of the company.
  • Better Charging Options: The presence of charging stations around the city makes it easy for you to get scooters charged without moving them across long distances.

Cons of Spin

These are the disadvantages of working with Spin:

  • Limited Work Time: Unlike Lime and Bird, which allow chargers to work as often as they want, Spin doesn’t offer that option. Instead, you’re entitled to only a certain number of shifts in a week, including the length of that shift.
  • Driving Requirements: To qualify to work for Spin, you must be able to drive heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and vans. This is to ensure that you can move as many scooters as possible.
  • No Flexibility: Since you’re working as an employee, you won’t have a flexible schedule like chargers working for companies like Lime and Bird.

Spin Income

Spin works with employees, not independent contractors, which means chargers are qualified for benefits that chargers working for other companies don’t have.

For instance, Spin pays for cell phone usage, electricity, and mileage.

Spin most likely pays minimum wage for picking up, charging, and delivering scooters.

Note that you’ll only get paid for scooters that you charge to at least 90%.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Spin?

With Spin, you work as an employee, not an independent contractor. This means you don’t have to bear many burdens to get the work done, especially regarding expenses.

You should consider working for Spin if this is something you prefer.

Notable Mentions: Other Scooter Charging Jobs To Check Out

Bird, Lime, and Spin are top scooter companies to work with, but the following brands don’t fall short either:

4. Razor: High-Quality Scooter Company

screenshot of the Razor homepage

Razor is an electric scooter that has been giving Bird and Lime a run for their money since 2000.

This brand is well known for providing high-quality electric scooters at affordable rates.

Like other e-scooter companies, Razor has several machines scattered across the city for customers who want to rent them.

These scooters will need charging, which is where you come in.

As you might have guessed, all you have to do is get Razor scooters around your city and charge them.

The next day, you return these machines to designated areas where the company’s clients can access them.

Why Is Razor a Great Option?

While Razor may not be as popular as other big names in the scooter industry, the company has made itself a reliable producer.

Razor has fewer scooter chargers working for them, so you have fewer competitors.

This means there are more scooters available for you to charge and more money to make.

Drawbacks to Razor

You may not have as many Razor scooters in your city, so you may not be charging enough to earn as much as you’d have with more popular brands.

Razor Income

There’s not much information about how much Razor pays scooter chargers, but following the average amount most companies pay chargers, we can benchmark the price at about $5 per scooter.

5. Skip: New Scooter Company

screenshot of the skip homepage

Skip is one of the latest additions to the scooter industry—it was founded in 2018.

This brand also provides rental scooters to customers around the city, particularly in San Francisco, where Bird and Lime have been banned.

You can render your services here as a scooter charger.

Why Is Skip a Great Option?

Skip is great because the company tries to adhere to rules and regulations. It also works closely with city leaders.

This makes it have fewer regulatory issues than other scooter companies.

Drawbacks to Skip

Skip is a relatively new scooter company, which means it currently has a limited reach in the United States.

Since it doesn’t have enough scooters nationwide, you may not have enough to charge for more income.

Skip Income

Skip income for scooter charger jobs is currently unknown.

6. Bolt: Best for Dock Charging

screenshot of the Bolt homepage

Bolt is a mobility app that allows users to rent transportation within a few minutes, including scooters. But this brand is different because it has placed charging docks in key places around the city.

The main idea is for users to push the machine into the charging socket after riding it to charge the scooter for the next user.

Why Is Bolt a Great Option?

Bolt’s charging docks make it easy for customers to charge scooters without issues.

Drawbacks to Bolt?

Since there are charging docks for Bolt scooters, scooter chargers don’t have much to do here.

You’re better off seeking a company that needs you to take the scooters home to charge.

Bolt Income

Bolt income for scooter chargers is unavailable.

7. Voi: Best Fixed Charging System

screenshot of the voi homepage

Voi allows customers to rent electric scooters in the area for easy movement around the city.

All you need to do is download the brand’s app, register, and use it to locate the nearest scooter around you.

If you want to be sure you have a scooter when you arrive, you can reserve one in advance.

Instead of hiring independent contractors to charge scooters, Voi uses in-field teams to swap scooters’ batteries.

Other times, it sends team members to bring the scooters to charge at the warehouse.

In other words, you’d have to be an employee to work at Voi.

Why Is Voi a Great Option?

Voi already has a fixed charging system, which eliminates the stress of moving around the city to look for scooters to charge.

As part of the team, you perform battery swaps whenever it’s time.

Drawbacks to Voi

Voi is currently working on wireless e-scooter charging. Once this is successful, you won’t be needed to swap batteries or bring in the scooters for charging at the warehouse.

Voi Income

Voi works with in-field teams, which means they might be paid minimum wage or more than that.

8. Gotcha: Best for College Towns

screenshot of the Gotcha homepage

Gotcha was established in South Carolina in 2009, and since then, the company has built its reputation as a rideshare company that supplies self-operated vehicles like electric scooters for rent.

Gotcha is gradually gaining popularity and is proving to be a worthy rival of Bird and Lime.

Why Is Gotcha a Great Option?

Gotcha is gradually expanding, reaching several cities and college towns. This means more scooters are available to charge, which leads to more money.

Plus, you’ll be working for a reputable company.

Drawbacks to Gotcha

Gotcha is unavailable in some areas, which might affect your ability to work for it.

Gotcha Income

Gotcha’s income for scooter chargers is currently unavailable.

9. Wheels: Top Pick for Flexible Schedule

screenshot of the Wheels homepage

Wheels is another business that allows users to rent scooters by using its app to locate the nearest scooter.

It also pays people to pick scooters up and charge them overnight, so you can also work here if this interests you.

Why Is Wheels a Great Option?

Like most scooter companies that hire chargers, you can make hundreds of dollars from charging scooters.

Also, since you have a flexible schedule, you can work with other scooter companies or do something else.

Drawbacks to Wheels

Wheels has a limited reach; it’s possible that you don’t live in an area where the scooter is operational.

Wheels Income

Wheels Income for chargers is unknown, but if it’s anything like other scooter companies, you should expect an average of $5 per scooter.

Other Companies Relevant to Scooter Charging Jobs

If you’re thinking of other jobs to explore, here are some options you should consider:

  • Sell Used Bikes: Do you have some used bikes for sale? You can check out this tutorial to discover where you can sell these machines
  • Work for Delivery Services: Different delivery services are looking for people to hire. Click here to learn about some of these companies and how you can get in
  • Companies that Pay for Ideas: Did you know some companies pay for ideas? Find out more about these companies here and how you can offer your services

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Should I Charge Scooters?

It usually takes about four to seven hours to charge electric scooters, although this depends on the machine’s battery life and the charger you use. Completely dead batteries may require longer charging hours.

Can I Work for More Than One Scooter Company?

Sure, you can. As an independent contractor, you’re not obligated to stick to one scooter company. You can work for as many as you want based on your convenience.

Wrapping Up

The advent of electric scooters has opened up a new earning channel for people worldwide. You can tap into this opportunity and make money off of charging scooters.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, drop a comment below.

You can also share this article with friends and family who’ll find it useful.

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