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ClassPass Support: Get Answers to Common ClassPass Questions

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There is a workout routine, fitness studio, or gym for every preference, personality, and health goal.

Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all workout solution.

If you’re looking for a high intensity, strength training fitness option, there’s classes like CrossFit.

If you’re trying to tone up and focus on a full-body core workout, then pilates is right up your alley.

The problem is that these classes come at a price — typically a monthly subscription — and don’t allow for any flexibility.

If you wanted to take classes at multiple studios, you’d have to sign up for more than one monthly subscription, which could quickly break the bank.

That’s where ClassPass comes into the picture.

ClassPass is a flexible workout subscription that allows you to visit different workout classes while only paying one affordable monthly subscription fee.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have regarding ClassPass and give you the contact details if you ever need to contact ClassPass support.

Getting Started With ClassPass

What Is ClassPass?

ClassPass is your all-in-one fitness solution.

With one ClassPass monthly subscription, you receive access to an abundance of fitness classes and gyms in which you can use your membership.

ClassPass grants its customers the flexibility of trying out new classes without having to pay multiple monthly fees.

It also allows users to schedule their weekly workout routine around their own schedule rather than being restricted to one studio’s weekly class schedule.

To pay for classes that you decide to take, you’ll be given an allotted number of credits to use at ClassPass partner studios each monthly bill cycle.

So how do these credits work exactly?

What Are ClassPass Credits?

ClassPass leverages a credit system that you use to pay for the classes you sign up for.

Each class requires an allotted number of credits which you’ll need to pay for from your credit balance.

Depending on which monthly tier you signed up for, you will be granted a certain amount of credits.

The higher your monthly payment, the more credits you’ll receive, and in turn, the more classes you’ll be able to attend.

The number of credits required for each class will vary from class to class and city to city.

There are also several variables that will factor into how many credits each class requires.

Here are a few of those factors that affect the dynamic class pricing:

  • Class time
  • Studio
  • Location
  • Time of booking
  • Studio drop-in rate
  • Popularity
  • Studio equipment
  • Number of visits in a cycle

Lastly, if you were unable to use all of your credits from the previous month, you can roll over up to 10 credits each month.

Make sure you take advantage of all your credits since you’re unable to carry over more than 10 credits!

Booking Classes With ClassPass

How Can You Find and Reserve Classes?

ClassPass Support: Get Answers to Common ClassPass Questions
ClassPass Support: Answers to Common ClassPass Questions
ClassPass Support: Get Answers to ClassPass Questions

ClassPass seems to have an endless selection of classes in most cities around the United States.

The mobile app provides users with a seamless booking experience, giving users the option of exploring and browsing for new classes or searching for ones you’re specifically looking for.

One way to find a new class is to start exploring from the home tab.

From there you will see personalized class recommendations based on previous classes you’ve taken.

You can also set search filters to find classes that fall in your credit range, preferred time, location, and class style.

Another way to find a specific class you’re looking for is to simply search for available classes in your area.

To do so, you can tap “Find a class” at the bottom of the screen.

From there, you can type in the name of the class you’re looking for.

Once you find your class, the only thing left to do is to reserve your spot.

To reserve your class, just tap on the “Reserve” button.

The tap “Reserve” once more to confirm your reservation.

Many classes are bookable as close to five minutes before class time.

If you’re unable to book the class, you’ll be notified and you’ll need to look for another class or time.

Also, some classes will release open spots at different times and days.

If you don’t see an available spot during your search, make sure to check back later to see if something has opened up.

How Often Can You Visit a Studio?

Typically, you can visit a studio as many times as you want during one credit cycle.

In some cases, if you frequent one studio quite often, the studio may increase the credit rate required to join their class.

If this is the case, you’ll be notified in the app with an explanation of why your rate is increasing.

Depending on which membership plan you signed up for and which class you’re taking, the number of classes taken that causes your credit rate to increase will vary.

How Can You Use ClassPass in Other Cities?

One of the excellent perks of using ClassPass is that you can use your fitness membership in cities around the world.

By simply adjusting location settings within the app, you can easily start working out while you’re away traveling.

In order to change your location settings, you’ll need to tap on the profile icon at the bottom of the screen.

From there you can tap on your home city at the top of the screen.

You can then scroll down and find the city you’re looking for to make your selection.

You’ll then be able to see all of the available classes and gyms in the city you’ll be traveling to.

Don’t forget that you need to switch your home city back to your original selection after you return home from your trip.

You can watch this quick tutorial if you need any more help.

Save Money With ClassPass

How Much Does ClassPass Cost?

ClassPass Support: Answers to ClassPass Questions

ClassPass memberships are dynamically priced across the United States and abroad.

Depending on which city you’re in, you’ll see different prices and credit amounts for multiple membership tiers.

Typically the lowest paying tier is around $35.00 per month.

To give you an idea, here is a snapshot of what the membership tiers look like in New York City.

If we were to look at another city, we would likely see different prices for each tier.

Also, the average number of credits required for each class will vary from city to city.

A more expensive market like San Francisco will likely have higher class rates than a city like Detroit.

Lastly, the higher the cost of your monthly membership, the more classes you’ll be able to attend.

To get a better idea, make sure you take a look at our article that lays out all of the ClassPass costs and fees.

Does Your ClassPass Membership Automatically Renew?

Yes, the monthly ClassPass membership renews every month beginning on your first full day of ClassPass membership.

This is very important to note if you plan on ending your membership at any time.

If you’re planning on discontinuing your membership, you should do so at least 24 hours before your monthly membership renews.

If you miss this deadline, you’ll be required to pay for the next month of service.

If you wish to upgrade your plan you can do so through the member settings within the app.

Sign Up for the Free Trial

The best way to see if ClassPass fits your lifestyle and your workout routine is to sign up for a free trial month.
ClassPass Support
By signing up for the trial month, you can test out the service by receiving up to eight classes absolutely for free.

The nice part is that you can cancel at any time without spending a dime — just make sure you cancel before your membership renews!

If you’re interested in signing up for the free trial, head over to our ClassPass free trial membership article to get all of the details.

Use a Promo Code

Another way to save a couple bucks using ClassPass is to find a promo code you can use for your membership.

Promo codes can be applied to new and existing monthly memberships to receive reduced membership rates.

If you’d like to find a valid promo code to use towards your ClassPass membership, then take a look at our ClassPass promo code guide for 2020.

Contact ClassPass Customer Support

ClassPass customer care is somewhat lacking in the sense that they don’t have a customer service phone number or live chat feature for people to use get ahold of a real human being.

Your best bet is contacting support through the online help portal.

This seems like a big miss for such a large and established company, however, you’ll have to make do with what you have access to.

What you can do is submit a request through ClassPass’ online help desk.

Once you arrive on this page, you can provide a description of your exact issue and then fill out your contact details.

After you fill everything out, you can expect an email response from ClassPass support shortly after.

If you’re having ClassPass customer service issues or if you’d like additional information on common issues, you can check out our guide to getting in touch with ClassPass customer service.

Stay Flexible

The flexibility of ClassPass memberships allows active people like you to enjoy the luxury of setting your own schedule and taking whichever classes you want for only one monthly subscription.

It’s quickly becoming a leading fitness membership giving people access to premium studio fitness solutions all around the world at an affordable price.

Sign up today and start testing the waters of studios in your city!

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