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The Definitive Guide to ClassPass: Perks, Free Trials, Pricing, and More

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Fitness is about motivation.

To be your best and healthiest self, you need to find that inner drive to get up off the couch, put on the shorts and running shoes, and make something happen.

It’s not easy.

Couches are incredibly comfortable.

There has never been more options on TV.

You can get pizza brought to you by tapping on the Seamless app on your phone a few times.

For those seeking motivation to stay in shape, ClassPass may provide just what you are looking for.

In this article, we’ll look at what ClassPass is, highlight some gyms and studios that work with ClassPass, look at some perks of membership and evaluate if it’s a good deal for you.

What Is ClassPass?

ClassPass is a monthly subscription service that allows you to take fitness classes at a wide variety of gyms, yoga studios, and more, all for a set monthly cost.

For people who crave variety, it’s a welcome substitute for a typical gym membership.

ClassPass allows you to try out a multitude of fitness classes at different fitness studios, and because it’s grouped, you get great value as opposed to having to book classes or get monthly memberships at different gyms.

A ClassPass membership allows you to book a certain number of classes per month, depending on the level of membership you want.

The on-demand model lets you book classes you want, when you want them.

Basically, it’s a fitness membership that lets you try a wide variety of activities for less than booking all those individual classes cost.

ClassPass was founded by Payal Kadakia, who served as CEO until she was succeeded by Fritz Lanman in 2017.

The company was originally called Classtivity, and its founding business model was to be a centralized location for information about local workout classes.

It pivoted to the monthly membership model and rebranded as ClassPass, and has been growing since.

Kadakia is still heavily involved with the business as executive chairman, and in an interview on the Business Insider podcast “Success! How I Did It,” she talked about what she wants the lasting legacy of the company to be.

“The impact we have on people’s lives to me is more important than any title anyone can carry,” she said.

“I want little girls to believe that they can be CEOs.

The best thing I could do, though, is be an empowered female and authentically doing what I love.

That’s the message I want to send, not ‘Go and do things you don’t like because that’s what the world needs,’ right?”

The company has also launched ClassPass Live, a new program which gives you unlimited video workouts to try out at home.

That program costs $19 month, but new customers are given a free month to try it out.

What Gyms Work With ClassPass, and Where Are They?

If you have a list of favorite studios, odds are that they are going to be on ClassPass.

The business has been aggressive in partnering with the best fitness studios around the United States and the world, crafting deals with boutique fitness studios and major fitness brands alike.

Whether you’re looking for yoga, Pilates, strength training, martial arts, or ballet, you’re probably going to find an option locally with the service.

If you’re into Flywheel, Crossfit, or Krav Maga, you’ll be set.

ClassPass was founded in New York City, but it quickly expanded across the country to San Francisco, and then beyond.

It’s in many major American cities now, and rapidly growing.

It’s available internationally as well, with locations in places like Toronto, Singapore, and London.

To see a map of classes available, visit the ClassPass.com site.

How Do I Sign Up for ClassPass?

To sign up for the service, either go to their website or download the ClassPass app (available on both Apple Store or for Android).

Online, the sign up is simple, and the mobile app works just the same way.

You select the program you want, give them your credit card information, and you’re all set and ready to go.

(In most cities, they offer a one-week or two-week free trial — more on that shortly — so you will only be billed once the trial ends.)

Each month membership comes with a certain amount of credits, which can be applied to a multitude of classes.

Some gyms and studios charge more credits per class, some less, and it’s up to you to divvy them up as you see fit.

Membership cost varies per city.

In Chicago, memberships start at $45 a month and go to $125 a month, depending on how many classes you want to book.

In San Diego, a monthly membership starts at $35 a month and goes to $100 a month.

What Perks Come With ClassPass?

classpass upcoming classes
classpass refer friends
classpass referral

The main perk that comes with the program is the chance to break out of your fitness routine by signing up for single classes at a multitude of different gyms.

But they do sweeten the pot.

One perk of membership is that it’s easy to share and schedule classes with friends, either those who use the app or those who don’t.

(If your friend is new to the app, they’ll get a free trial by signing up with you.)

To invite a friend, just review the classes you’ve booked and then click the “Bring a Friend” link.


Even better is their referral program, which gives the person referred a discount off their first month and gets the person who made the referral a discount every time they refer new ClassPass members.

To get $40 off your next month by referring someone, click the “Get $40” link on your home screen on the website.

Or If you’re using the app, select the “Get $40” button and refer away.

For people who travel a lot, one of the biggest membership benefits is that you can apply the credits in you ClassPlass Plan to wherever they are located, and they’re located all over the world.

So if you have to spend a week in Boston or Los Angeles for work, your fitness routine is covered — you can simply apply your credits to classes there.

Another nice thing is that if you have a slow month and don’t get to as many classes as you’d like, you can rollover up to 10 credits to the next month to make sure they don’t go to waste.

Is There a Way to Try It Out Without a Major Commitment?

New members are able to sign up for either a one-week or two-week free trial (depending on which city you are in) that lets you start by taking free classes to see how you like the program.

The free trial is available at their website.

Just sign up for the first time and you’ll be automatically given the trial to try it out.

Again, different cities allow different trial periods, so if you’re only offered a one-week free trial, don’t be alarmed…that’s just the promo offered in your city.

If you take the trial and decide not to become a full member, the cancellation policy allows you to cancel at any time within your trial period to avoid an auto-renewal.

Just go to your ClassPass account settings and click “Cancel or hold my membership.”

Any Promo or Coupon Codes to Use?

For people looking to save big with ClassPass promo codes or ClassPass coupon codes, you have to remain vigilant.

They usually just have the standard free trial, described above, as an offer to entice people to join.

There are a few times a year, for a limited time, where they will offer a special price on a 10-class plan or offer new members a set numbers of free classes, but those are rare and limited sales at very special times of the year (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.).

It’s helpful to check sites like Groupon, which usually has a set list of ClassPass coupon codes on their website.

Where to Find Customer Support

If you have issues with ClassPass, the best move is to visit their online help center.

You can get questions answered about pricing, class cancellation policy, and more.

If you’d like phone support, that’s going to be difficult, as the company doesn’t have a publicly listed phone number.

You can reach out via social media channels if you’d like to try to live chat with a person.

Get to Class

Some people can just hop on a Peloton in their living room and get a great workout in, but for those of you who prefer interactive workouts and need that extra bit of motivation, especially those who like variety in their workouts, ClassPass is an excellent option.

While the company may have hundreds of partnerships in LA, NYC, and SF, you’d be surprised how many gyms might be in your city.

(The company expanded into 10 new cities in just the last year, and wants to add eight more international locations in the next year.)

With flexible packages and a free trial, it could work for you as a way to audition new gyms, or just to keep your fitness routine spicy.

And if it helps get you off the couch, then you know it’ll be worth it.

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