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4 Of The Best Assistant Jobs To Apply For In (2024)

Being an assistant doesn’t involve only repetitive administrative tasks anymore.

Today, this role can give you the chance to advance in your professional growth by allowing you to take on more responsibilities as long as you specialize in a certain industry. 

For all the meticulous organizers, tech-savvy multitaskers, and creative problem solvers, we’ve curated a guide of the best 4 assistant jobs you can do in 2023.

You can also find opportunities that cater to various skills and interests, so there’s something for everyone! 

Best 4 Assistant Jobs – Overview

  1. Medical Assistant
  2. Personal Assistant
  3. Administrative Assistant
  4. Virtual Assistant

What is an Assistant Job?

Assistant jobs cover a wide range of responsibilities, all aimed at supporting people or organizations in completing their day-to-day tasks. The ideal candidate for an assistant job should be prepared to ensure smooth operations and efficiency in any workplace.

While becoming an assistant can be an interesting perspective, you usually should meet a range of requirements. These include communication and decision-making skills, customer experience, and efficient typing skills for certain industries.

Becoming an assistant is an excellent entry points into any industry for people with a passion for organizing and communication.

The Best 4 Assistant Jobs

For those ready to embark on careers that empower them to support others and make a meaningful impact, here are the best 4 assistant jobs to consider.

1. Medical Assistant

Those in the field of healthcare who strive to help others would best enjoy a career as a medical assistant.

As a medical assistant, you’ll be responsible for performing various medical and clerical tasks. These tasks play a crucial role in supporting doctors and ensuring smooth clinic-operation.

Your jobs would involve taking the patient’s vital signs, updating medical records, transcribing medical records, scheduling appointments, and assisting health care professionals during examinations.

The median annual wage for medical assistants is $37,119, but these salaries differ depending on the state and city. For instance, medical assistants in California have a higher median annual wage than those in Texas, mainly because of the difference in living expenses.

What You’ll Need to Be a Medical Assistant

To succeed in this role, you’ll need a combination of administrative and clinical skills. Having a diploma or certificate in Medical Assisting or a related field is beneficial. However, many employers offer entry-level positions for candidates with a high-school diploma.


  • Rewarding work: Being part of a healthcare team and helping patients can be emotionally rewarding for some.
  • Job Growth: The demand for medical jobs is projected to grow, so there will be more opportunities for growth in the field.
  • Diverse Work Settings: Medical assistants can work in various healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and private practices.


  • Fast-Paced Environment: The medical assistant role can be fast-paced, which requires multitasking and quick thinking on the daily.
  • Emotionally Challenging: Dealing with patients’ health issues can also be emotionally draining at times, especially if you’re a sensitive person. 

Top Places to Find Medical Assistant Jobs

You can explore medical assistant job opportunities on platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn, and healthcare-specific job websites like Healthcare Jobsite.

2. Personal Assistant

Besides administrative skills, personal assistant jobs require strong communication skills, as these individuals handle phone calls and emails on their client’s behalf.

Personal assistants are required to have exceptional organizational and time-management skills, whether on full-time or part-time basis.

The median annual pay for personal assistants is $39,680. It often comes with benefits like healthcare and retirement plans as well.

What You’ll Need to Be a Personal Assistant

As a personal assistant, you’ll be juggling multiple tasks, managing busy calendars, and dealing with various demands. So, you’ll need strong communication, organizational, and planning skills.

For this position, formal education is not required, but a background in executive support, customer service, or project management can be very helpful.


  • Diverse Responsibilities: Personal assistants often handle tasks that require a varied skill set, ensuring there’s never a dull moment.
  • Networking Opportunities: Working with high-profile clients gives assistants direct communication with valuable connections in various industries.


  • Demanding Hours: Personal assistants may need to be flexible with their working hours to accommodate their employer’s needs, which includes late evenings or weekend work.
  • High Expectations: This role requires the ability to meet high expectations and manage pressure, as you’ll be handling many critical tasks and communications.

Top Places to Find Personal Assistant Jobs

There are many exciting opportunities out there, but you can start your administrative job search for this position on platforms like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and Glassdoor.

3. Administrative Assistant

As an administrative assistant, you’ll ensure a smooth flow of the workload for an organization or business. You’ll perform a variety of services and admin tasks that include managing schedules, organizing meetings, maintaining records, and handling correspondence.

According to the BLS, the median annual wage for administrative assistants is $39,680. The salary can vary on factors like experience, location, industry, and the level of responsibility associated with the position.

What You’ll Need to Become an Administrative Assistant

To land office assistant jobs, you’ll need basic office skills, excellent communication abilities, and attention to detail.

Employers typically seek candidates with a high-school diploma, but some may prefer employees with certifications or administrative experience.

Additionally, having strong organizational skills, the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously, and a professional demeanor will set you apart as an applicant with experience in the field.


  • Transferable Skills: The skills you gain, like communication, organization, and time management, are transferable and valuable in many other professions.
  • Career Advancement: With experience and additional training, administrative assistants can advance to higher positions.


  • Repetitive Tasks: Some administrative tasks may be repetitive, which may not be appealing to those seeking more challenging responsibilities.
  • High Stress: On the flip side, the role of an administrative assistant for some entities can be fast-paced and demanding, which may include stressful situations.

Top Places to Find Administrative Assistant Jobs

If you’re ready to embark on a career in this field, there are frequent alerts for office assistant jobs on platforms like Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and CareerBuilder.

4. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants have the unique opportunity to work remotely and provide administrative support to people or businesses from their homes.

This flexible dynamic allows them to offer a variety of services, including email management, scheduling, data entry, and customer support.

As a remote assistant, your earnings can vary based on experience, the range of services offered, and the number of clients served. According to PayScale, the average annual salary for virtual assistants is $39,915, but experienced virtual assistants have even higher rates.

What You’ll Need to Become a Virtual Assistant

While there are no strict educational requirements for remote assistant jobs, having a background in administration, communication, or customer service can be a plus.

Strong organizational abilities, proficiency in software tools like Microsoft Office and Google Suite, and excellent communication skills are all vital for managing virtual assistant tasks and interacting with clients effectively.


  • Flexible Work Schedule: These roles often allow for flexible working hours, making it ideal for those who want a better work-life balance.
  • Remote Work Opportunities: With the rise of remote work, there is an increasing demand for virtual assistants, providing potential candidates with numerous job opportunities.


  • Multiple Clients: Juggling multiple clients’ needs and deadlines can be challenging.
  • Remote Communication: Most communication with clients is done virtually for VAs, which means you should be ready to adapt to different platforms and communication styles.

Top Places to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

To find virtual assistant jobs, explore platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, and Remote.co, which frequently feature remote work opportunities.

Similar Jobs

If you find the idea of working from home interesting, but you aren’t sure about the assistant job yet, check out the following jobs:

  • Data Entry Jobs from Home: Go for a data entry job if you want to organize and manage information with accuracy and efficiency.
  • Transcription Jobs: As a transcriptionist, you’ll convert audio files into written documents, aiding various industries in keeping accurate records.
  • Freelance Writing Jobs: Explore diverse topics, produce engaging content, and collaborate with different clients for this freelance writing role.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Specialized Certification I Need to Become an Assistant?

No, formal education isn’t always required to be an assistant, but obtaining certain certifications can boost your chances of landing a sweet job. Being a Microsoft Office Specialist or Certified Administrative Professional will certainly strengthen your resume.

Wrapping Up

Assistant jobs offer many opportunities for those seeking versatile careers. Whether you decide to be a medical, personal, administrative, or virtual assistant, the potential for growth and success is appealing.

With dedication, enthusiasm, and the right qualifications, you can land a great job, either as a full-time employee or a part-time worker.

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