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4 Best Personal Assistant Jobs in (2024)

Imagine this: The boss is never late for an appointment, and emails are always replied to promptly. No more frantic searches for that misplaced report or those elusive meeting minutes.

This scenario is every CEO and high-level professional’s dream, all thanks to the magic of a top-notch personal assistant.

Keep scrolling to explore the best personal assistant jobs in 2023 and how you can successfully break into the world of PA.

An Overview of the Best Personal Assistant Jobs

Personal assistant work can be considered an umbrella term that includes a variety of niches and titles. Below, we’ll discuss the most popular PA jobs you can apply for based on what’s more suited to your experience!

  1. Executive Assistants
  2. Celebrity Personal Assistants
  3. Virtual Assistants
  4. Personal Concierge

We’ll also cover some info on the best platforms to look for PA openings.

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Upwork

Why You Should Consider Working as a Personal Assistant

Here are some of the top reasons why you should consider working as a personal assistant:

  • Gain loads of experience: As a personal assistant, you’ll gain transferable experience in organization and time management.
  • Meet new people: Working with big names gives you a chance to rub shoulders with some really interesting people.
  • See how it’s done: You’ll be right in the thick of it, seeing first-hand how major business decisions are made and what goes on behind closed doors.
  • Climb the ladder: Being a personal assistant could be your first step towards bigger and better things. You’ll learn so much it might surprise you where it takes you. This will give you a great handle on managing your company in the future.

Types of Personal Assistant Jobs

Each personal assistant job presents its unique experience and opportunities. Some are trickier than others and require more specific expertise and qualifications.

Identifying the differences helps you pick a role that aligns with your preferences, lifestyle, and current skills.

1. Executive Assistant

Since this is a role centered around efficient business operations, you need solid project management skills to make it as an executive assistant.

Your responsibilities might include organizing meetings, coordinating travel, and managing crucial documents.

2. Celebrity Personal Assistant

As a celebrity personal assistant, you’ll be managing various tasks in an environment full of glitz and glamour. Your day might include managing fan mail, coordinating event appearances, and keeping a busy schedule on track.

Bear in mind that this isn’t only a highly competitive field; it’s also possibly the most stressful work environment.

3. Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you’ll handle traditional administrative tasks like schedule management and email correspondence, all from home. This is what most people think about when they hear the words “personal assistant.”

4. Personal Concierge

If you’re the go-to person for recommendations and enjoy securing hard-to-get reservations, then being a personal concierge might suit you. You’ll use your resourcefulness to make suggestions and arrangements for people or companies with various tasks and requests.

Top 2 Platforms to Find Personal Assistant Jobs

Since the world was forced to work from home for upwards of a year, the number of remote work platforms increased exponentially. However, most only offer low-quality gigs. If you’re aiming for a PA job that pays enough to live comfortably, the two platforms below are your best bets.

1. LinkedIn

screenshot of the LinkedIn homepage

LinkedIn is the most misused professional platform on the internet. What you can do with it far exceeds anything else.

Not only are there millions of jobs posted every week, but you can also connect directly with your favorite companies, recruiters, managers, and more.

That means you get to build a relationship with them weeks before you consider actually applying, essentially securing your acceptance.

Pros of LinkedIn

  • You have a lot of significant people to reach out to and make yourself known as a good candidate whenever an opportunity comes.
  • It has killer SEO, which means your profile can show up in the first 5 results on Google if you use the right keywords in your name and summary.

Cons of LinkedIn

  • Whether it’s in networking or applying to jobs, it can take weeks of consistent effort to land a good job and build a solid network.
  • Job search results aren’t specific to PA, which isn’t necessarily a con, but it does mean you’ll spend quite some time filtering through job ads.

2. Upwork

screenshot of the upwork homepage

Upwork is by far the biggest and most trustworthy freelancing platform today.

This has been simultaneously the best and worst aspect of Upwork since it can be a dependable source of clients but is also pretty hard to break into.

That said, things have started changing for the better in that aspect. Positions such as Upwork hiring specialists and changes in their policies make it a lot more approachable.

Pros of Upwork

  • It’s arguably the most reliable and streamlined freelancing platform on the internet. While that may mean it’s a bit rigid for some, it also means you’ll get what you’re owed.
  • It can have higher-end clients than other platforms, such as Fiverr or PeoplePerHour. This will reflect on your pay and sometimes work dynamics.

Cons of Upwork

  • Accepting your new PA profile without extensive or highly specialized experience can take an impractical amount of time. It can even not get accepted at all.
  • Once your profile is accepted, it’ll take some more time to start landing gigs consistently enough to make a living.

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What You’ll Need to Do Personal Assistant Jobs

A personal assistant serves as an integral aide to individuals, be it high-ranking professionals, celebrities, or those with special needs. Here’s what it takes for you to do the job well:

  • Digital proficiency: This is an important factor, especially if you’re starting as a virtual assistant, to help you manage emails, calendars, and online tasks efficiently.
  • Organizational acumen: You must know how to keep schedules, tasks, and priorities seamlessly in order.
  • Detail-oriented: You are to ensure no detail, big or small, is overlooked.
  • Time management: You’ll efficiently be allocating and managing tasks and appointments.
  • Client understanding: You should know how to grasp their needs, rhythms, and preferences.
  • Harmony creator: You’ll help balance a client’s professional and personal lives.

While these are all essential to the job, no one expects you to be a PA wizard from the get-go. Identify which of these you’re good at and plan your job applications accordingly. That way, you can perform well while working on the skills you lack.

Tips to Succeed at Personal Assistant Jobs

Navigating the job market for personal assistant roles can feel like a daunting task.

Let’s simplify it with these effective strategies:

  • Network effectively: Whether it’s online forums, LinkedIn, or local events, networking is a critical part of the job hunt. Connect with others in the industry to learn about new opportunities.
  • Specialize wisely: Consider the type of personal assistant job you’re interested in. Learn specific skills related to that role and highlight them in your resume and interviews.
  • Show willingness to learn: Demonstrate your ability to adapt, learn, and grow. Employers appreciate team members who can evolve with the job’s changing demands.
  • Keep an eye on top platforms: Regularly check job sites for new openings. Set alerts to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities.
  • Embrace technology: There are heaps of tools out there to make your life easier, from calendar apps to email filters. Learn them, use them, love them, then show off your knowledge of them during interviews.
  • Be proactive: Don’t just react to requests; anticipate them. The more you can foresee and handle issues before they arise, the more valuable you’ll be.

Similar Jobs

Being a personal assistant has become one of these quick and easy jobs you can find online.

But if remote work is what you’re aiming for, you’ll find the following a helpful resource:

  • Best Remote Jobs: You don’t need to become someone’s virtual assistant to work remotely. Listed here are some of the best jobs you can get into today.
  • Work from Home Jobs Without Experience: A lot of people’s main obstacle when looking for a job is lacking experience. We made this article just for them!
  • 25+ Best Gig Jobs for 2023: If the point is to make money without full-time employment, there are plenty of options to choose from today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Make My Resume Stand Out When Applying for Personal Assistant Jobs?

Prove you’re the ideal candidate by showcasing transferable skills like multitasking, organization, and problem-solving. Mention any previous experiences that’ll highlight your relevant skills. Tailor your resume for each application, emphasizing the qualities the employer seeks.

Do I Need a Specific Degree or Certification to Be a Personal Assistant?

No, but a background in business administration or relevant fields can be a plus. The key is to have the right set of skills for your chosen type of PA work.

Wrapping Up

Becoming a personal assistant isn’t just about keeping someone else’s schedule. It’s a ticket to learning, growth, and opportunities.

For most people, it’s nothing more than a stepping stone, but for others, they have a real passion for this career. Either way, you don’t really need a certain diploma or background to be a good assistant.

Ready to hop on the PA train? Let us know in the comments, and join the Gigworker conversation now!

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