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3 Best Remote Administrative Assistant Jobs & Sites for Organized Job Seekers 

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Are you looking for a consistent and reliable remote job but not sure where your skills could be used?

If you thrive at organization and planning, you might consider becoming an administrative assistant. 

With the increase of online businesses, the trend of remote job opportunities follows. Many owners need help running their day-to-day operations and understand they can employ someone remotely for it.

It’s possible to freelance your skills to clients looking for administrative help, find part-time work, or be employed in this type of position full-time. This flexibility makes it worth looking into for anyone that feels they have the right skill set. 

Here’s a deep dive into where to look for this type of work. These are the four best remote administrative assistant jobs. 

What Are Remote Administrative Assistants and Why Should You Consider Being One

Remote administrative assistants work with companies from the comfort of their homes. They ensure a business’ work is organized and everything is executed to a high standard.

Depending on the company, the type of tasks you work on will vary. You correspond directly with customers to book meetings or do tasks that keep them satisfied with the service your company provides.

This involves making phone calls, running people’s calendar management, booking meetings, doing customer relationship management, and fixing any technical issues as they arise.

The job is similar to executive assistants or personal assistants. The difference is that administrative assistants often cover a larger territory within the company rather than just helping one person

Types of Remote Administrative Assistant Jobs

Remote administrative assistant jobs will vary most by the type of contract and the company that hires you.

While the general tasks you do will be similar across the board, the communication with clients and people you work for will be different from company to company. 

All types of companies need someone to do the administrative work; it’s a key part of running a business! It’s worth asking yourself the type of company you want to work for. 

Many will employ freelancers to complete short tasks or contracts rather than bringing on a full-time employee. There just isn’t enough administrative work sometimes. 

Some things to consider here are:

  • Company Size: Do you enjoy being part of a small team and doing a large variety of tasks? Or do you like the security of a larger company? 
  • Industry: If you have experience in a certain industry, you may be extremely valuable to companies in that industry. Or, if you’re interested in checking out a new one, look there. 
  • Freelance or Full-Time Work: Many administrative assistants freelance. They work with multiple clients doing part-time work. Others will work for one company full-time. 

Top 3 Websites to Find Remote Administrative Assistant Jobs

Searching for a remote administrative assistant job may be overwhelming when you first Google it. There are thousands of sites offering a huge variety of jobs. 

It helps to know where to start. These are the best websites to find reliable administrative assistant jobs in the United States. 

1. FlexJobs

A screenshot of the flexjobs homepage

If you’re looking for part-time or full-time remote work, FlexJobs is always a great place to start your search. They’re a job board site for remote work and always have plenty of administrative assistant job listings. 

Pros of FlexJobs

  • Several Options: This may be a good thing if you’re new and looking at what types of offerings there are in this industry. 
  • Simplicity: The website is known for its ease of use. There are no annoying ads. 

Cons of FlexJobs

  • Generalized offerings: There’s a huge variety of jobs posted here. You will spend some time looking through jobs you don’t want to find the ones that you do.
  • Less pay: Since these are mostly part-time and full-time job postings, the pay is often less than if you freelanced.
  • Not free: The site does cost money. It starts at $7 per week. 

2. Delegated

a screenshot of the delegated homepage

If you hate applying to endless jobs and enjoy variety, you might consider joining an agency like Delegated. You apply with them, and if you’re accepted, then they will assign clients for you. 

This can be great for those who enjoy a variety of work but don’t like finding their own clients. 

Pros of Delegated

  • Variety of work: You will get different clients while you work with them. The variety can be refreshing. 
  • Fewer applications: You won’t need to fill out endless proposals like many freelancers. You will be vouched for by Delegated. 
  • Consistent work: There’s a guarantee of consistent work, so you won’t need to worry about having a tough period where you can’t secure jobs. 

Cons of Delegated

  • Don’t pick your own clients: You won’t have the chance to pick the companies you work for. If you end up on a project you don’t like, you may be stuck with them until it’s done.
  • Pay: Delegated will get a cut of the pay that would go to you if it was outside of the agency. 

3. Upwork

a screenshot of the upwork hire administrative assistants homepage

Freelancing administrative work can be a great option for those that enjoy maximum flexibility. Upwork is one of the top-used websites for freelancers to connect with clients. They have an entire section dedicated to this type of work.  

Pros of Upwork

  • Flexibility: You choose when you work. If you want to take a few weeks off, that’s easy to do once you finish up with your last project.
  • Pick your clients: You can only apply for the jobs that interest you. You won’t end up doing work you don’t want to do if you can land the jobs you want. 
  • Higher pay: Typically, freelancers doing short jobs do get paid significantly higher rates than those that work full-time or part-time for a company. 

Cons of Upwork

  • Competitive: You must write specific proposals for each client, which is unpaid time, and you may not be selected. Many people compete on this website with extensive experience. 
  • Based on reviews: Many clients choose their freelancers based on reviews. If you have zero, or ever had a tough client, it can be hard to secure jobs. 
  • Less reliable income: If you depend on this for your main source of income, you may have times when it’s more difficult to secure jobs. You must be prepared for this income instability. 

What You’ll Need for a Remote Administrative Assistant Job

Work-from-home jobs typically require a certain setup and administrative assistant jobs are no exception. You should have these things before you apply for any jobs. 

  • A phone and computer: You will be taking calls and running calendar management, so you need both of these items.
  • Solid internet connection: You may be on frequent video calls that require a solid connection. 
  • Private space: With important phone and video calls with clients, you need a private and quiet space to take these in without interruption. 

Tips to Succeed at Being a Remote Administrative Assistant

The best remote administrative assistants have strong organizational skills, excellent communication skills, standout interpersonal skills, and provide top customer service. 

To succeed at this type of work, make sure you truly enjoy working with people. A massive part of this job is ensuring customers and clients are happy. 

The best way to do this is to communicate clearly with everyone you work with. Misconceptions or miscommunication will create messes that you’re meant to prevent. It helps to double and triple-check everything you do. 

Execution is key in this role. You must be someone that’s great at starting and finishing something. There’s no room for loose ends in this work. Ensure everything you do is done well, and you’re aware that everyone you work with is executing their end as well. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Skills and Programs Do I Need To Know?

Ideal candidates have familiarity with certain programs. It helps to know these or familiarize yourself with them, as they will consistently pop up in the job descriptions. 

How Much Do Remote Administrative Assistants Get Paid?

Freelancers just starting out average around $25 per hour, but you get to set your own rate. It’s not unusual to charge $40+ per hour.

Full-time workers average $22 per hour.

How Do I Stand Out in My Applications?

Research the company and ensure your application is specialized to their services specifically. It may help to reach out and find out exactly the type of tasks they’re looking for help with so you can tune your application to that.


Remote administrative assistant jobs are a great way to make extra income or even a full-time income. If you’re wondering how to use your organizational and execution skills, this may be the perfect thing to pursue. 

The industry will only grow as more businesses go online, so it’s a great career move.  

If this post helped you figure out how to start becoming an administrative assistant, please be sure to comment or share it. Good luck!

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