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What is EasyShift? Pricing, Features & Payments Explained

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Finding work that fills in your free time but isn’t overly complicated can be challenging.

Thankfully, with the gig economy expanding, more opportunities present themselves daily for work and side hustles.

The app EasyShift provides gig workers with options to fill in the gaps financially.

Users of the platform can pick from easy and quick local opportunities that come with a fast turnaround for payment through PayPal.

What Is EasyShift?

EasyShift is a mobile application that allows users to pick up shifts where they monitor the displays at local stores and take photos with their cell phones.

Once the photos and shopping trip are complete, the gig worker can upload the images and information to the application for approval by EasyShift.

Once the workers behind the app approve the photos and the answers to the questions, you will receive payment.

Typically the process is complete within 48 hours, and you will see your earnings in your PayPal account immediately afterward.

What Is EasyShift Used For?

Companies have agreements with grocery stores and retail outlets on how they display their products.

However, it isn’t possible to monitor the setup at every location.

Therefore, they seek the assistance of gig workers to observe the display and check on a few specific elements of the layout while including pictures.

With this information, the company behind the products can approach the store directors to correct any issues with the display.

EasyShift is a form of mystery shopping.

However, there is no communication between the gig worker and the store employees with this work.

How EasyShift Works

For those who have an interest in being part of the EasyShift platform, knowing the inner workings of the program is beneficial to your success.

While we highlight the program’s premise above, there are also various levels you can obtain that will open more opportunities.

Starting out, you can only reserve one shift at a time.

As you rise through the rankings, you can hold more.

For example, reaching the Agent level gives you the advantage of reserving two shifts at once.

Alternatively, attaining the status of General Manager allows you to hold ten shifts at once.

Notable Features of EasyShift

Many benefits come with being a registered member of the EasyShift app and working for yourself.

Once you participate in the program, you will notice the various elements that take place behind the scenes, but we highlight the most notable features below.

Fast Shifts

Most of the shifts available to claim through the EasyShift app comprise 15 minutes or less.

A few will require a more extended period to complete, but the average comes in at a maximum of 15 minutes from start to finish.

Quick Payment

One of the most excellent perks to EasyShift gig work is that you don’t have to wait weeks to receive your earnings.

Instead, once the photos and answers you provide through the app are approved, you will see your payment come through your PayPal account immediately.

This process is typically less than 48 hours.

Self-Assigning Options

When you are a member of EasyShift, you can pick and choose which shifts you want to add to your roster.

While you can only reserve one job at a time when you first start your tenure with the company, you can claim multiple at a time as you complete more shifts.

Simple Tasks

When you pick up a shift from EasyShift, you are required to go to the store depicted in the job description between a range of hours.

Once you arrive at the location, you must proceed to the designated display and answer a series of questions while photographing various elements of the space.

Easy To Use

You can easily download the EasyShift app from the App Store on an Apple or Android device.

Once you log in, you can quickly search for available shifts.

After you complete the job, there is a streamlined process for uploading your photos and information that is user-friendly and simple.

​​How Much Does EasyShift Cost?

Signing up and participating in the opportunities that EasyShift offers comes at no cost to you.

All fees are incurred by the merchants who list the shifts on the platform for completion.

Users are only responsible for performing the work listed in the job description and submitting it for approval.

EasyShift Promotions & Savings

Because EasyShift is free to those who sign up to be a participant, there are no promotional events or savings opportunities associated with the platform.

However, as a gig worker, EasyShift will provide additional perks after you complete various milestones.

These perks include the ability to reserve more than one shift at a time.

Does EasyShift Have a Free Trial?

There is no cost to sign up as a gig worker with EasyShift.

The merchants that list shift opportunities on the platform incur a fee to access the services.

Those that perform mystery shops aren’t responsible for a sign-up cost.

Therefore, there is no need for a free trial.

Does EasyShift Offer Coupon Codes?

Coupon codes are unnecessary for the EasyShift app as there is no charge to get started with the program as a shopper.

Users view EasyShift as an alternative way to find gigs.

Who Are EasyShift’s Main Alternatives?

If you’re looking for different opportunities than what you will find on the EasyShift platform, then a fair amount of alternatives are available for you to check out.

1. Shiftgig

When looking at the differences between EasyShift and Shiftgig, you will notice that the latter gives more opportunities that resemble temporary work.

The company initially began as a gig working site but has evolved to provide temporary staffing for companies across various industries.

2. Field Agent

If you are looking for opportunities that resemble mystery shopping, then you will likely find those through the Field Agent platform.

In addition to mystery shopping, you will find options for audits, ratings, and reviews.

Depending on your certifications, you may also take part in employment verifications.

3. eSchedule

When you are out and about performing your various shifts, mystery shops, and audits, you want to ensure that you are using your time wisely.

eSchedule takes all of your locations and calculates the best route for you to take to optimize your time and mileage.

You can also use this information for mileage requests or tax purposes.

How Does EasyShift Differentiate Itself From Competitors?

One of the most significant differences between EasyShift and its competitors is the lack of face-to-face time with employees.

Typically these types of gigs come with a communication element where you need to pose a question on produce or ask where something is located.

EasyShift takes this element out of the gig altogether.

Who Is EasyShift Best For?

When it comes to the target demographic for EasyShift, the answer boils down to who is in the vicinity of the shifts frequently.

If you have to drive a significant distance to get to any of the retail stores, then the pay won’t cover your work and transportation.

However, if you are within walking distance or frequently visit the stores for your own needs, then EasyShift is an excellent addition to your schedule and routine.

Why Is EasyShift Best for Gig Workers?

When you earn a living as a gig worker, there are times when you have a gap between jobs.

Having quick jobs like EasyShift can fill in the holes and provide a bit more financially.

Additionally, gig workers can take these tasks on as they complete other jobs or fulfill their own shopping needs.

Is EasyShift Easy To Use?

Users who routinely use EasyShift and complete shifts find the application’s layout exceptionally user-friendly.

Additionally, inputting information is a simple process that takes only a few minutes to complete.

Many of the steps come naturally, and the use of the app is intuitive without a steep learning curve.

What Features Do Some Users Love?

While there are many premium features to the EasyShift app, the ones that users love most are the easily searchable shifts and the user-friendly interface.

Both of these elements allow users to find what they need without extra effort and complete the shifts that they reserve without any issues.

What Features Do Some Users Find Frustrating?

Although there are many positives, some downsides to the EasyShift app are the lack of options outside of metro areas and the discrepancy in job pay.

Most shifts take 15 minutes or less, and the payment is $7.

However, longer jobs that take 30 minutes to one hour sometimes don’t come with a pay increase.

How To Sign Up for EasyShift

If you have an interest in being part of the EasyShift app, the sign-up process is quick and easy.

Step 1: Download the App

To begin, you need to locate the correct application on your device’s app store.

There are various options with slight variations in the name, so be sure you find the one that contains the $ money symbol.

Step 2: Create an Account

After you download the app, you must enter identifying information to create your account.

In addition to the specific data like full name, birth date, and address, you will need to input your PayPal account information to get your payments.

Step 3: Search for Shifts

As a new member, you can reserve one shift at a time.

Once you finalize the creation of your account, you can search for available options near you.

After you locate one that works for you and claim it, it will show up in your work queue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Sorting through gig companies comes with a lot of questions.

You want to know that it’s a viable choice before you devote time to the tasks.

Below we list some of the top inquiries about the EasyShift app.

Is EasyShift legit?

While many scam companies online don’t operate as promised, EasyShift is a legitimate app for gig workers.

They work with merchants and retailers in the United States and the United Kingdom to obtain vital information through questions and photos.

How do you get paid on EasyShift?

When you sign up to take on shifts through the EasyShift application, you only receive one option for payment.

The company’s chosen route is PayPal, and you must input your account information during the signup process.

Similar Companies To Check Out

There are many opportunities on the market now for gig workers.

While EasyShift is one of the preferred routes, other companies have an operation similar to theirs.

  • Onsource: Do you ever wonder how insurance companies can get the necessary photos for claims so quickly? They hire freelancers and gig workers through apps like Onsource. You can take the designated pictures and upload them through the portal for payment.
  • PeoplePerHour: When you sign up for the freelancer platform PeoplePerHour, you get to list your credentials and gigs to businesses in need of various services. Interested clients will reach out for work, and you will collect your earnings.
  • Fancy Hands: For those with a fast typing speed, Fancy Hands is an online platform that allows virtual assistants to find clients. You can perform various tasks, from email creation to scheduling and everything in between.

Wrapping Up

When looking for gig economy jobs, you often search for opportunities to fill gaps in the day between appointments.

Finding options like EasyShift allows you to pick and choose what you do and at which location while you manage the other obligations on your schedule.

Between the quick tasks, the fast pay, and the user-friendly interface, many freelancers and gig workers appreciate the opportunities EasyShift provides.

However, there can be a bit of hesitation when it comes to the lengthier jobs that come without a change in pay.

Are you an EasyShift user? What has your experience been so far? Let us know in the comments!

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