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How to Contact Handy Customer Service

Last updated: January 8, 2020
0 is supported by our visitors. When you click through the links on our site, we may earn affiliate commissions. Learn More. is an app that allows you to hire on-demand service professionals to help with home cleaning and handyman services.

In other words, if you happen to wake up one day and realize that you need someone to clean your bathroom, or you need help assembling a new desk, or you need to hang a shelf, You can hire someone from Handy to do it for you!

It’s a simple way to find someone who can help you take care of your home.

They also work with home improvement contractors to handle larger jobs like kitchen remodels.

And they sell their own furniture, too. When you order from the Handy catalog, they’ll deliver it for free and send out a furniture assembly pro out to put it together and install it for you.

Handy is currently available in most major markets, from San Francisco to Dallas to Boston, and everywhere in between.

It’s very convenient, especially for older citizens or people with disabilities.

Plus, the company is super easy to contact (unlike a lot of other on-demand services). Their customer experience team is available 24/7 to answer any questions. Whether you’re a customer or a pro, they usually respond within minutes.

If you need to get in touch with them, this is the resource for you.

Read on to learn how to contact Handy via phone, email, social media, and other channels.

How Do I Contact Handy via Email?

Email is Handy’s preferred method of correspondence. Their customer experience team is always on-the-clock to answer customer inquiries.

If you are a customer, use the Contact Us box in the Help Section of Handy’s website.handy contact form

The customer experience team uses the Contact page to answer questions from both customers and contractors. Enter your email into the box before submitting, and the company should reach out shortly.

Tip: Include a lot of detail in your inquiry. This allows the support team to get a good grasp on the problem which avoids confusion. More details help them answer the question in their first response so that you don’t have to go back and forth.

Contact Handy via Twitter

Twitter is a great place to correspond with Handy.

The company uses this social media platform to show off their services and promote deals. They also Tweet frequently about home-related topics like cleaning, decorating, and decluttering.

They also use the platform to engage with customers. The customer experience team fields questions and respond to complaints. Generally, they quick to respond to customer grievances.

These days, social media is vital to a company’s brand. It doesn’t look good when upset customers post about bad services on Twitter or another platform.

handy twitter help

So, the company tends to answer complaints promptly to show that they care about their customers.

The platform also maintains the twitter handle @HandyCX, their official customer experience user name. Here, they encourage clients to reach out with any issues.

On the @HandyCX page, you’ll find a range of different responses from clients.

There are the angry ones who reach out because a cleaner failed to show up for their appointment:

“The pro did not show up and I did not get service. Why did I not get an advance email with assigned pro’s contact info?” [email protected]

And thrilled customers complimenting the company on their stellar services:

“Today I had my @Wayfair furniture assembled by an awesome @handy pro and he was great! This was my first online furniture thing and it worked out well.” [email protected]

The company clearly takes pride in their product and customer satisfaction. As a result, they engage with all of their customers, both the pleased and upset.

The @HandyCX team is so quick to respond, in fact, that they’re recognized for their customer service efforts. HelpHandles, a customer success analytics firm, has Handy at #2 on a “fastest customer response” list.

In other words, don’t worry about this company ignoring your Tweets. Handy is sure to reach out whenever you contact them via social media.

How to Contact Handy via Snail Mail

If you’re using an app to hire a housecleaner, chances are that you’re pretty tuned-in to technology. You should probably contact customer service via email or Twitter if you want a quick response.

But, we understand that some people are traditionalists. There are still folks out there who enjoy the old pen-and-paper method.

So, Handy lists their address on their website and encourages customers to write them.

If that’s your preferred method of communication, you can reach them at:

Attn: Customer Service, Handy Technologies, Inc.
P.O. Box 1122, New York, NY 10159

They accept questions, comments, complaints, fan mail, etc.

If you’re a true Handy fan, feel free to write them a letter to let them know how much you love them. We’re sure it’ll make their day.

What is Handy’s Phone Number?

Ahhh…the old phone number question.

What is Handy’s phone number and how do I get a real person on the phone?

This is a common question with most app-based companies. They’re notorious for keeping their digits secret. It’s nearly impossible to get Lyft, Upwork, or even Facebook on the phone.

Unfortunately, Handy is no different. They don’t list their number anywhere on their website. If you have urgent issues and want to talk to a customer service rep on the phone, you’ll have a hard time making it happen.

This goes for employees, too. As far as we know, there’s no Handy pro hotline. Contractors are referred to the Contact Us page just like everyone else.

But be assured that Handy will do their best to resolve your issue if you contact them through another channel. There is the Handy Happiness Guarantee, after all.

Handy Customer FAQs

Have a question for the customer service department?

Want to know more about how Handy works?

You may not even need to contact Handy. We might be able to answer your question for you!

Below, we’ve answered some of Handy customers’ most frequently asked questions:

How do I hire a Handy pro?

There are two ways to hire a Handy professional:

  1. Go to the Services page on their website. Search for the service you need. Choose a pro based on price, availability, or rating and Handy takes care of the rest!
  1. Download the Handy app and follow the same instructions. It’s so easy!

How much does Handy charge for cleaning?

Cleaning services range in price. The exact cost depends on the size of the house, the cleaner’s rating, and the nature of the job. The average booking ranges from $60 to $100

Each booking includes a few basic services: dusting, surface cleaning, garbage removal, etc.

For an added fee, customers may request additional services. Pantry cleaning, oven cleaning, and laundry all cost more.

The company encourages subscription bookings (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.). Customers receive discounts for booking more than one cleaning at a time.

Does Handy bring cleaning supplies?

Handy professionals bring all of their own supplies.

When they arrive, the pro should have a multi-purpose cleaner, a tub and tile scrubber, a toilet bowl cleaner, vacuum, and other supplies.

Customers only provide supplies if they have allergies or specific product preferences.

How much do Handy employees make?

Handy cleaners make between $15 and $22 per hour. The exact pay rate depends on their rating and the number of jobs they’ve completed in a given month.

Handy contractors earn up to $45 per hour depending on their rating and the demand for their particular skill.

Do you tip Handy maids?

Yes! Handy pros love tips!

The Bookings page has a Leave a Tip feature that makes it easy to give gratuities. There are no minimums or maximums, but the company recommends between $5 and $15.

Does Handy do background checks?

Yes. The company checks every employee’s background.

During the application process, they use an app called Checkr to ensure that the applicant has a clean record. Checkr searches state, county, and national databases for any trace of the individual.

Employees are disqualified if there are violent, sexual, or property crimes on their record.

Is Handy available in the UK?

Yes. Handy operates in London as well as other, smaller cities in the UK.

How do I cancel my Handy account?

If you want to delete your account, you need to contact the Handy customer experience team. Get in touch via email or social media.

If you simply want to cancel a booking or unsubscribe from a cleaning plan, you can do so on your Account page.

Didn’t find your question? Check out for an exhaustive list.

Handy Professional FAQs

Customers aren’t the only ones with questions. Occasionally, their cleaning professionals have inquiries, too.

If you’re a Handy pro (or want to be one), you might have questions for the company. You can find answers on the ProHelp section of their website.

Or, you can read below. We might already have the answers you need:

How do I become a Handy cleaner?

Wondering how to work for Handy? Want to join in on the fun?

In addition to great cleaners, the Handy team also includes:

  • Handyman
  • Licensed Electrician
  • Licensed Plumber
  • Lawn Care Technician

You can fill out a job application on their website.

Handy Pro Application 1024x631

Enter your name, email address, and zip code. Choose the area you want to work in.

Next, click “Get Started.” Handy will run a background check (it takes a few days). Once that’s done, you’re free to start taking gigs!

For more information, check out this full guide on becoming a Handy pro.

How do I check my application status?

Already applied? Wondering about your application status?

You can see what’s going on by clicking the “Check your application status” button on the Application page. Just enter your email address and Handy will update you.

Check Your Application Status

A customer wants to cancel or reschedule. What do I do?

Customers are allowed to cancel at any time. If they cancel within 24 hours of the appointment, they pay a $15 cancellation fee.

They must cancel the appointment on their own. Don’t cancel it for them, even if they ask you to.

If you cancel it on their behalf, it counts against your rating and affects your pay rate.

What is the pro cancellation policy?

Handy asks that pros give customers at least 48 hours notice in case of cancellation.

As long as you cancel the appointment two days in advance, it won’t affect your rating.

However, if you cancel within two days of the gig, you’re charged a fee:

  • $10 fee for canceling 24-48 hours in advance
  • $20 fee for canceling 4-24 hours in advance
  • $40 fee for canceling within 4 hours of appointment
  • $50 fee for missing an appointment

What do I do if I feel unsafe in a house?

Handy cares deeply about its employees’ safety. If you ever feel unsafe in a situation, the company recommends that you remove yourself ASAP. Contact the authorities if necessary.

They also request that you report the incident to them. It helps prevent similar incidents in the future.

When do I get paid?

Handy issues pro payments on Wednesdays. It takes up to 4 business days for payment to reach your account.

Help! The Handy Pro app isn’t working!

The Pro App is only available for verified contractors. To download it, you must first apply and pass the background check.

After you’re approved, the company reaches out with download instructions. They’ll let you know how to get the App and how to use it.

If you encounter problems afterward, you should contact the company via email.

More Questions? Contact Handy Customer Service Directly

If your questions weren’t answered above, we recommend you contact the company.

As we’ve shown above, they go to great lengths to communicate with their customers and employees.

Whether it’s through email, social media, or good old-fashioned snail mail, there are plenty of ways to reach them.

Contacting Handy’s customer service department is as easy and convenient as the services they offer.

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