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The Ultimate Guide to the Takl App

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Takl is an up-and-coming app in the tasks category of the gig economy — just a few years old — that promises to make it easier than ever before to find qualified, licensed, professional handymen.

While other apps can get you someone to do odd jobs around your house, Takl sets itself apart by working with background-checked professionals who will do an excellent job with small chores around your home or business.

In this article we’ll take a look at Takl, then dive into its mobile app, giving you a tour, and looking at some fun features.

We’ll also give you a brief guide to working for Takl, and answer some frequently asked questions about the service.

What Is Takl?

Takl calls itself a “revolutionary home services platform” and prides itself on being a great place to go and get on-demand help for small jobs, home repairs, lawn care, and more.

Takl Inc. was founded in 2015 and began providing services in Nashville, the company’s hometown, in the summer of 2016.

Takl app users can create their own “custom chore” (more on that in a bit) or select from a preset list of over 400 job types, which include junk removal, furniture assembly, house cleaning, and more.

How It Works

Takl works as a platform to connect people who need work done with qualified professionals who can get that work done.

They have amassed a talent pool of over 60,000 providers who work in 130 metro areas across the United States.

Each of these providers work as their own small businesses — they are self-employed.

And while they must pass a background check performed by Takl, they work for themselves, as most gig economy workers are.

Payment for these services is handled through the Takl platform, which is nice in that rates are set ahead of time and customers don’t have to deal with payment or taking out a lot of cash in person.

Takl lets you book same-day help on demand, or work out a time in advance for a provider to come to your home.

While it won’t be a solution for an entire home remodeling, Takl is a really nice app to find fast help for small jobs.

Using the Takl App

The Takl app is an easy place to get small jobs done quickly.

You can download the app from the App Store, Google Play, or their website, Takl.com.

For the purposes of this article, we’re going to look at how the app looks on an iPhone, but the functionality is the same on Android devices.

The Takl app doesn’t have many frills and lets you get going right away without having to create an account before using it.

The first time you open the app, it welcomes you to a home page that immediately prompts you to describe what you need to get done.

Takl app: the task menu on Takl

As you can see, you have a host of choices to select from when it comes to the type of job you need help with. Don’t see the icon for what you need done?

You can search from the top bar and find help that way.

Let’s say we want to work on a painting project.

Type in “painting” up top and hit return.

You’ll next be taken to a screen with options for you to select from.

It looks like this:

Takl app: the menu to build your own painting job on Takl

As you can see, there are a variety of options to select from here.

Up at the top is a general “build your own job” choice for painting.

If your project requires the painting of a few separate items, or you need extra work done along with the painting, it’s smart to select “build your own job.”

That will let you describe the scope of the work and more fairly price out the entirety of the project.

Getting Your Quote

Let’s say you just need help painting a door.

From your search results, you can select “paint door” from the list, and it will let you get accurate quoted prices much more quickly.

This is a nice thing about the Takl app: It gives you the freedom to build a totally custom job as you see fit, or you can get quick quotes for upfront pricing based on specific tasks.

Before you do get that quote, however, Takl will need to know your location.

It will prompt you to give your zip code, or you can enable location services.

Once the app knows where you are, Takl will be able to provide you with instant pricing for the project that you’re describing.

They’ll also clearly lay out exactly what the provider and customer and responsible for.

Takl app: a job to paint a door, created in the Takl app

You’ve got your project, locked in your price, and know what you’re responsible for.

Now it’s time to create an account with Takl.

Creating an Account

Takl gives you the opportunity to sign up via your Facebook account, your Google account, or by creating an account with your first name, last name, email, and password.

Provide whichever information you feel most comfortable with.

They’ll also ask for your phone number, so they can text you and verify your identity.

Once you provide that information — and agree to the terms and conditions — you’ll have an account created.

They also ask you to enable notifications, which will allow you to get status updates and let you know when a provider has arrived at your home.

Confirming the Job

You’ve detailed the work, locked in a price, created an account, and now are ready to confirm the job.

On that page you’ll confirm your address, and let them know if this project should be done in the future or if you need same-day service.

You’ll have three options:

  • Now – the project needs to be done in an hour
  • Today – at some point that day
  • Future – this one is just as it sounds, in the future

Jobs that need to be done now or even today can incur rush job fees, but if you need something done quickly, the app is very good at finding a provider near you who can get work done fast.

Takl app: the menu to choose the time frame for your task

This section also lets you provide photos of the job.

Do that if you choose, then read and accept the disclaimer at the bottom, and you’ve just requested your first job with the Takl app.

From there you’ll wait on notifications from different providers who want the job, accept one that stands out to you because of user reviews (or any other factor) and a qualified professional will be on the way to get the job done.

Notable Features of the Takl App

We’ve gone over the basics of using the Takl app.

Let’s dive into some fun features of the app, and ways that you can take advantage of those features.

Build Your Own Job

What’s nice about the Takl app is that you aren’t limited by any pre-set projects.

Say you need help replacing light fixtures, someone to give you a hand while you clean out your garage, and a strong person to help you pick up a basketball hoop and mount it.

You can describe the project, give a rough estimate of the amount of time it will take to complete the project, and you’ll get a quote right then.

Takl defines project scopes for you, like this:

Takl app: the menu to create a job by the size of the task

You can take an estimate at the size of the project or choose a price point that you feel comfortable with.

Once you do so, they will provide a clear definition of the amount of work that each project type provides.

Takl app: the selection screen for an XL chore

Once you’ve locked in a price and described the chore, the provider can discuss whether they feel the price is fair and more clearly define the scope of work with you.

Then you’re off and running.

Siri Enabled for Quick Booking

A unique feature of the Takl app is that it is Siri enabled.

If you have a regular chore that you need help with, Siri can work with Takl to quickly create a task and put it out for providers to accept.

Suggest a Chore

Don’t see a chore listed that you think should be a preset option on Takl?

If you tap on “Settings” at the bottom of the app, you can then select “Suggest a Chore” from the menu.

They’ll prompt you to provide a chore title and chore description, and then submit.

If it’s created, they will lock in a set quote for that chore in your area, and you can book it more quickly in the future.

Working for Takl

Don’t mind lifting heavy furniture?

Handy with small repairs around a house?

Find meaning while clearing tree limbs?

Takl is always looking for qualified pros to become providers for their app.

By becoming a Takl provider, you can offer local help and get connected with a new customer pool in your area.

To apply, you’ll need to pass a basic background check, be eligible to work in the United States, and tell Takl the skills you’d like to provide — whether they be household chores, lawn mowing, or carpentry.

It’s also good to let them know if you have experience for a maid service, courier service, office cleaning, or any other relevant experience as it can help you book more jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gone over the app, some fun features of it, and working for Takl.

Let’s get to some frequently asked questions about the app.

1. How do I reach customer support?

For fast help, you can reach customer support any time by tapping on the “Help” button at the bottom of the app.

There you will have the opportunity to chat, email, or review FAQs.

You can also take a video tutorial to truly master the app.

Takl has a Takl Guarantee, which means that they want every customer to have a great experience with their platform.

If you don’t, they want you to reach out.

2. Is there a referral program?


It’s called Takl Royalties, and it allows you to earn a percentage of any jobs that your friends book with the app in the future.

You can review the program under “Settings” in the app.

3. How do I know if Takl is available in my city?

Download the app, provide your zip code, and they’ll let you know right away if there are providers in your area.

Get Stuff Done With the Takl App

Takl is a platform for connecting qualified professionals with people who need help getting small tasks done.

With upfront pricing, the ability to create your own job, and same-day booking, it can be a nice app to use if you need help around the house, no matter what you need done.

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