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6 Ways Drivers Can Contact Uber Support

Are you a driver who needs to get in contact with Uber? Here are the 6 best ways to do it, so you can get the help you need as soon as possible.

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As a driver for a rideshare platform like Uber, it’s imperative to have readily available support that you can access at any time.

It’s inevitable that problems will arise like unruly passengers, account issues, and even reporting vehicle accidents.

For the longest time, Uber’s driver support was a huge pain point as its speedy rise to the top of the ridesharing business caused some considerable growing pains.

At first, Uber prioritized accessible information for drivers rather than 24/7 live support.

As its driver count ballooned to almost three million drivers, increasing driver complaints pushed Uber to overhaul its driver support system.

Uber now has several ways drivers can connect with Uber support.

Depending on the problem you’re trying to solve or the questions you may have, there are a few different ways drivers can contact Uber support.

Below, we listed the six best ways to receive assistance from the Uber support team.

In-App Driver Support

The first step to solving any problem is trying to figure it out yourself using your in-app support options.

Since you’re on the road driving and there’s a good chance you’ll be on your Uber driver app already, the app is a great first option.

To access support through your driver app, tap the menu button at the top of your screen.

Then select “Help” to access all of your support options.

You’ll see that you can address problems like trip issues, fare adjustments, and reporting cleaning fees.

You can also access extensive account and payment options.

Poke around the app to see if you can quickly figure out your problem, but don’t worry if you aren’t able to.

You can always head to Uber’s online support to dig a little deeper before escalating your issue to an Uber support team member.

Online Support at Help.Uber.com

Uber’s online support has significantly ramped up since its inception.

Drivers now have a wealth of information to solve problems on their own, without having to contact Uber support directly.
Screen Shot 2018 11 28 at 2.35.51 PM
Help.uber.com is a one-stop-shop for any questions you may have regarding driving.

Once you arrive on the page, you have the option of using the search function to find answers or you can choose from a list of problem categories.

Below are examples of topics you can find help in:

  • Using the app: Receiving trip requests, navigating to riders, or airport trip details
  • Account and payment: Accessing or changing Uber account settings, getting paid, or fare details
  • Signing up: Driver requirements, creating an account, or downloading the app
  • Accessibility: Driver accessibility or assisting riders with disabilities
  • Safety and security: Share location information with family and friends or track your driving time
  • More: Anything else that isn’t covered above like phone and app issues or legal questions

After you found the question you need to be addressed, in some cases Uber will redirect you to its customer service support team to escalate the issue.

If this is the case then you’ll likely need to briefly describe your problem and wait for Uber to get back to you.

Local Driver Websites

Local driver websites are like gold mines for drivers.

Your city’s website holds a wealth of information, touching on everything you’ll need to know to become a new driver or to perfect your driving skills.
Screen Shot 2018 11 28 at 12.00.04 PM
Your local driver website will contain the latest news regarding Uber in your city as well as any updates that may apply to your area.

It also goes into detail on the following key topics:

Vehicle Requirements

The vehicle requirements page goes over all things vehicle-related.

This includes the basic requirements of an Uber vehicle, the vehicle options that are available in your city, and other information, like how to put an Uber vehicle decal on your windshield.
Screen Shot 2018 11 28 at 11.50.29 AM Screen Shot 2018 11 28 at 11.50.02 AM
Each city will have different vehicle options for you to choose from.

Some cities may only offer UberX, while others may offer more premium options like UberBLACK and discount options like UberPOOL.

To help you make your decision, you can look up eligible vehicle models to see if you’re qualified to drive.

Vehicle Inspections

The vehicle inspection page guides you through your annual vehicle inspection process.

It also provides you with location-specific details regarding your vehicle inspection.
Screen Shot 2018 11 28 at 12.11.51 PM
From here you can download your vehicle inspection form, find the nearest vehicle inspection center, and upload your completed vehicle inspection form.

Where to Drive

Uber’s “Where to Drive” pages are like a secret weapon that you can use to set yourself apart from other drivers.

These pages are home to crucial driver information that you can use to maximize your earnings.
Screen Shot 2018 11 28 at 12.49.43 PM Screen Shot 2018 11 28 at 12.50.13 PM
Each page will hold city-specific information on topics such as:

  • Hot spots
  • Local weekly events
  • Airport information
  • Popular venues

If you use these pages to your advantage you can get a leg up on the competition and bring in higher weekly paychecks.

Local Perks

The local perks pages offer exclusive deals and discounts that you have access to as an Uber driver.

Each market will have its own established partnerships with unique offers as well as nationwide perks that all Uber drivers receive.

For example, if you take a look at Detroit’s perks, drivers are able to receive free tire rotations and flat tire fixes at participating businesses just for being a driver.
Screen Shot 2018 11 28 at 12.48.48 PM
If you scroll down you’ll also see the nationwide benefits that all drivers have access to, which includes discounts on phone plans, reduced rates on financial planning and health insurance policies, and discounted auto maintenance and fuel purchases at participating businesses.

Local Resources

The local resources page gives you additional tips and tricks to become a better driver.

This includes driver and app tutorial videos and links to other partner pages.

For example, you can view the complete official Uber partner guide, which is a 15-minute tutorial that walks you through the driver app.

Contact Uber

Lastly, the Contact Uber selection shows you where you can go to find Uber Greenlight Hubs in your area.

Uber Greenlight Hubs are in-person Uber locations where you can receive guidance, training, and ask experts any other questions you may have.

It also links out Uber’s online help page, help.uber.com, which we explained above.

Phone Support

Uber offers its drivers two phone numbers to reach out for support(800) 593-7069 for general inquiries and (800) 285-6172 for emergencies only.

24/7 Uber Support Helpline

For general inquiries, you’ll be directed to call the 24/7 Uber Support Helpline at (800) 593-7069.

For a while, drivers were not able to call Uber directly.

With the introduction of this helpline in 2016, drivers can now get help from a real person whenever they want.

It’s now one of the fastest ways to receive help and solve driver problems.
Screen Shot 2018 11 28 at 2.57.47 PM
Drivers can also access this helpline by opening their app, navigating to the help section, and tapping the blue phone icon in the top right of the screen to begin their phone call.

Critical Safety Response Line

Uber reserves a line for drivers and riders alike to reach out in case of an emergency.

The Critical Safety Response Line phone number is (800) 285-6172 and should only be used when you absolutely need to.

This would apply if you were involved in an accident, you’re put in an uncomfortable or dangerous situation, or there’s a safety or security issue.

If you ever encounter an emergency, you should always call 911 and make sure that everyone is safe before calling this number.

Twitter and Facebook Support

If you want to ask some general questions but don’t want to go out of your way to call or email support, hopping on Twitter or Facebook may be helpful.

Uber dedicated a Twitter handle — @Uber_support — to help drivers and riders with questions and concerns.

Uber’s Twitter team is pretty responsive so you should expect a quick answer back.

Uber’s Facebook page is another way to receive feedback from an Uber expert.

We recommend using Messenger to send a direct message to ask your question as it will yield the fastest results.

Both of these options will help you answer general issues, but if the question requires more than just a quick answer you’ll likely be passed along to another Uber support member.

Uber Greenlight Locations

If you’ve exhausted all of the resources above or need to talk to an Uber support member in person, you can always go to an Uber Greenlight Location Hub in your area.
Screen Shot 2018 11 28 at 3.34.13 PM
Sometimes it’s just easiest to talk face-to-face with an Uber expert.

Also, when you first sign up to drive you may feel more comfortable asking questions in person rather than trying to figure everything out through tutorials and help forums.

Uber has set up Greenlight Hubs in most major cities.

If you ever feel the need to visit an Uber Greenlight Hub, below are links to the most popular Uber cities in the United States:

  • San Francisco
  • New York City
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Las Vegas
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Boston
  • San Diego
  • Houston
  • Dallas
  • Austin

Once you land on a city guide page, you’ll need to scroll down and tap the “Contact Uber” icon to find the nearest Greenlight Hub.

If your city isn’t listed above you can simply Google “Uber Greenlight Hub” along with your city’s name to find the closest location to you.

Help Is There When You Need It

Although Uber has had a slightly tarnished track record when it comes to providing its drivers with support, it’s definitely making progress and moving in the right direction.

With the ability to contact Uber support in several ways, drivers will begin to feel more comfortable signing up or continuing to drive with Uber.

Now that you know that Uber has your back, it’s time to get back on the road and start making some extra cash.

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