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How to Sell Used Rims in (2024) [And Make the Most Out of It]

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Individuals looking for a more affordable option in replacing or enhancing the appearance of their car’s wheels purchase aftermarket rims.

In particular, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) rims are worth significantly more than replica wheels due to their high quality and fit.

This makes the market for used, custom, or aftermarket rims a high-demand one.

That’s why if you know where and how to start, you can make a decent amount of money selling used rims online or locally.

However, due to the nature of the gig, you’ll usually deal with petrolheads, local used tire shops, and scrap metal yards. Negotiating with and selling to them can be overwhelming to those who aren’t experienced in this field.

If that’s you, continue reading. Our article will be your best guide to ensuring you learn the best practices to sell used rims effectively.

Why You Should Consider Selling Used Rims

Used car rims sell well for many reasons. Let’s outline them for you.

1. Extra Cash

Selling your used rims is a quick way to make extra cash. Original rims for OEM wheels will net you the most, but you can also sell third-party rims to local buyers for a good payout if they’re in good condition.

2. Convenience

You’ll have no trouble selling used rims because they’re in high demand. You can sell OEM or steel rims to online companies such as Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions or to local buyers looking to upgrade their cars.

If that’s not an option, you can sell rims locally at tire retread shops, automobile salvage yards, and recycling centers.

3. Networking

Selling locally will help you get acquainted with other car enthusiasts and your nearby car parts store. They may offer valuable assistance or discounts if you need any service later.

4. Decluttering

Used rims take up space. Selling them is a way to declutter your garage or storage unit.

5. Environmental Benefits

Used car rims may end up in landfills if not recycled or sold to another person. This can be dangerous to the environment since some car rims contain toxic substances.

6. Upgrading

Selling your used car rims will help finance your future upgrade if you want to change your car’s style or enhance its performance or aesthetics.

Problems With Selling Used Car Rims

While many people are ready to purchase second-hand rims to save money, there are several caveats you must pay attention to ensure you make the most out of this gig.

  • Resale Value: Resale value matters the most, and almost all buyers will only buy good-condition used rims. If your rims are in poor condition, you’ll have to sell them for scrap metal value at your local scrap metal yard. You also may not get the full value of your used rims in the first place.
  • Competition: The market for used rims is saturated with individuals looking to upgrade their cars or let go of unused car parts. You may struggle to sell yours since they offer higher-quality rims at lower prices.
  • Condition: You must clean, repair, and polish your rims to make them more attractive to buyers before selling them. This may require some know-how, which makes this gig better suited for car enthusiasts.
  • Shipping Costs: You’ll have to factor in the shipping costs if you sell your used rims online. This will constrain your profit margins, especially if you sell low-quality rims.

It’s a good idea to learn how to sell on Facebook Marketplace and how to sell on eBay before getting started!

What You’ll Need to Sell Used Rims

There isn’t much to selling used rims; you’ll only need the following:

  • Used Rims: Good-condition OEM rims are worth the most. If you have a third-party set of rims, polish and repair them well before looking for potential buyers.
  • An Online Marketplace Account: If you opt for the online route, you’ll need a marketplace account on websites like eBay to sell your used rims.
  • A Payment Method: Automobile salvage yards will buy your rims for cash, but online websites will offer to pay you in check, deposit, or PayPal.
  • A Device With Internet Access: You’ll need a device with Internet access to operate on digital marketplaces.

Where to Sell Used Rims

These are the best places to sell your used rims.

1. eBay Motors

A screenshot of the eBay Motors screenshot

eBay Motors might be the best place to sell your used rims if you have a good idea of their worth because it allows you to set your prices.

Also, most buyers are looking for parts for their use, not for reselling, so you don’t have to worry about getting low offers.

However, like any other online marketplace, eBay can be competitive, and the shipping costs and selling fees can be a concern if you sell for little.

What Makes This Option Great

You have access to millions of buyers looking for parts for personal use, and you can set your prices.

  • Fees/Commission: Varies depending on item type, plus $0.30 per order
  • Payment Methods: Credit/Debit Card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more

2. Facebook Marketplace

A screenshot of the facebook marketplace homepage

Facebook Marketplace allows you access to local car enthusiasts looking for parts for personal use or reselling, but you need a Facebook account to sell on it.

Similar to eBay, you can set your prices, but the difference is that you’ll usually arrange for a local pickup instead of shipping.

However, the issue with Facebook Marketplace is that it’s notorious for hosting buyers who offer low prices and negotiate heavily.

What Makes This Option Great

It’s fast, you get paid cash, you can arrange local pickups, and it’s a quick way to connect with car enthusiasts and find more spots to sell your used car parts.

  • Fees/Commission:
  • Payment Methods: Cash or deposit

3. Auto Rim Shop

a screenshot of the autorim shop homepage

Auto Rim Shop is an online retailer that sells and buys used auto parts. However, they only buy original equipment manufacturer parts with no structural damage, making selling your used rims difficult if worn.

You have to email “[email protected]with a high-quality picture of your used rims accompanied by your car’s make, year, and model.

They’ll respond with an offer that you can accept or decline. Of course, your rims’ quality and demand influence this offer.

If you’re okay with the offer, you’ll then ship the rims to them.

What Makes This Option Great

You don’t have to be concerned with negotiating with buyers or meeting with strangers; you’ll receive a decent amount of money for your used rims without hassle.

  • Fees/Commission:
  • Payment Methods: Check

4. Local Scrap Yards

Scrap metal yards should be your last resort. They weigh your rims and offer the going rate for their scrap metal weight, making them an option if you have low-quality or poor-condition rims.

The metal type, weight, and rim size are also a factor. Truck rims, for example, will be worth more because they’re heavier, but their low demand may bring their value down depending on your location.

You can find automobile salvage yards by asking around or looking them up online.

What Makes This Option Great

They’re a good option for poor-condition and low-quality rims you struggle to sell to people or companies.

  • Fees/Commission:
  • Payment Methods: Cash

How to Sell Used Rims: Step-By-Step Instructions

Here’s what you need to do to sell your used rims:

Step 1: Get Used Rims

If you plan on upgrading your car’s rims, you can store the old ones until you decide to sell them.

If you don’t have a car and still plan on selling rims, finding some good deals on the Facebook Marketplace or at local tire retread shops is an option. However, this complicates the selling process, so expect more negotiating and a smaller profit margin if you go this route.

Make sure your rims are in the best possible condition, and store them safely.

Step 2: Repair and Polish Rims

We can’t stress enough the importance of having your rims in the best condition possible before selling them.

Polished, structurally-intact rims are more attractive to buyers, so invest in a good-quality alloy brightener, polish, and finish and put your DIY skills into use!

Make sure you use a soft cloth and thoroughly clean your alloys before polishing them.

Step 3: Choose a Marketplace

We’ve listed the best places to sell used rims, but other viable options exist, such as Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions, OfferUp, and Mercari.

To reiterate: directly selling to buyers for personal use is the most profitable.

Resellers, such as tire shops local to your area, will never offer you the full value of your rims because they also have to make a profit. Salvage yards will give you the going rate of scrap metal weight for your rims, so save your poorest condition ones for them.

Step 4: List or Display Your Used Rims

You must make a persuasive listing of your rims when selling online. Use high-quality pictures, honest product descriptions, and competitive prices to stand out.

You should also consider phenomenal customer service to establish your presence for future sales. Advertising will also help you attract buyers, so do it!

Selling locally is less tedious, however. Companies and scrap yards will usually make a “take it or leave it” offer for your used rims, and bargaining skills will come in handy when dealing with tire shops.

Step 5: Ship or Deliver Your Used Rims

You’ll need to ship your rims if you sell them to buyers. Some companies, such as Wheels America, will help you with shipping.

However, you’re on your own when selling on online marketplaces.
If you sell locally, consider arranging local pickups and bargaining as much as possible with tire shops for better deals.

Step 6: Receive Your Payment

You’ll be paid in check or deposit unless you’re selling locally. This means having a bank account ready is necessary. Local sellers will pay on hand, though.

Things to Consider When Selling Used Rims

There are several things you must know before you start selling used rims.

1. Quality Over Quantity

Poor quality and condition rims don’t sell well. To make the most out of this gig, sell good-condition or OEM rims.

Some companies are also picky about what they buy. Blackburn Wheels only buy OEM alloy and steel rims, for example.

2. Bargain

Although many individuals buy rims for personal use, some are resellers looking to make a profit. You must learn how to bargain effectively to make the most out of your sales.

3. Advertisement

Advertise yourself well. Whether you’re selling on the Facebook Marketplace or eBay Motors, share pictures of your product with car enthusiast communities and on social media.

Don’t forget to take high-quality pictures and write persuasive yet honest product descriptions. Also, remember that the car building scene is competitive, so offer attractive prices and phenomenal service.

4. Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction should be your priority. Use high-quality shipping services, package your tapes well, and be friendly and attentive to your customers online or in person.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Used Rims Are Worth the Most?

OEM rims in mint condition are worth the most because they’re made by the original car manufacturer and fit perfectly on the wheel. However, good-condition third-party rims are also worth selling.

How Much Can I Sell My Used Rims For?

It depends, but you can expect anywhere from $5 to $400.
Companies such as Wheels America offer from $5 to $85 for your used rims; salvage yards offer the going rate for scrap metal; and tire shops factor in your rims’ condition, weight, and demand.

Can I Sell My Disney Used Rims?

Yes. You can sell them in online marketplaces or to salvage yards, companies, or local car shops.

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Wrapping Up

Selling used rims is a great way to make extra cash and get acquainted with local car enthusiasts.

They can also fund your future car upgrade and free up space in your garage.

There are many places to sell used rims. Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, Mercari, and eBay Motors are all viable options for online sales. But you can also take your used rims to local scrapyards and tire shops for an offer.

We outlined all the critical steps and considerations to ensure you face no frustration while starting this gig. Your feedback is important to us. Let us know what you think of our guide, and share it if you like it!

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