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Can You Resell Disney Tickets? The Ultimate 2023 Guide

Do you have extra Disney World or Disneyland tickets you want to sell? 

If you’re like most resellers, who bought tickets in bulk only to realize you can’t use everything before the expiration date, then reselling Disney tickets is the quickest way to get your money back. 

While it’s possible you won’t get back the total purchase price of those tickets, there remains a high demand for Disney-related items, including the limited park passes.

This article will show you where to sell Disneyland and Disney World tickets and how to ensure you get paid right.   

Is It Possible to Resell Disney Tickets?

Disney’s terms and conditions says you can’t resell their tickets. This rule is put in place primarily to prevent anyone from taking advantage of last-minute buyers who didn’t have the chance to book, but are willing to pay extra to get their Disneyland or Disney World tickets.

In reality, though, a direct agreement to resell tickets between sellers and buyers is permitted and practiced on several online platforms. 

That means it is possible to resell Disney tickets, but whether or not you should requires a bit more knowledge on the legalities implemented in your area – more on this later in the article.

Reselling Disney World one-day park tickets is among the most profitable, with its whole-day access to any chosen location. Multi-day theme park tickets are also popular for gifting to kids and adults going on vacation to explore Disney World for several days.  

What Is the Value of Disney Tickets?

It depends on the ticket type, but you can only resell, transfer, or gift Disney World tickets if unused.  

For example, if you have a Multi-day Theme Park ticket and have used the first day, you can no longer resell or transfer the remaining day passes to someone else. Disney will invalidate the ticket if any person other than yourself attempts to use it for entry. 

A new ticket, on the other hand, can be priced the same as your purchase value. To give you an idea, a standard one-day Theme Park ticket in Disney World Florida costs about $109 a day, with options to book up to a 10-day package. If you book a three-day pass or longer, you save $20 off each day. 

If you’re reselling, you can price the ticket at $327 ($109 x 3 days), giving you $60 profit from your original purchase of $267 ($109 – $20 discount x 3 days). 

It’s also important to note that Disney’s ticket pricing often fluctuates throughout the year, and they offer promos and sales that sell at lightning speed. If you’re lucky to book bargain-priced tickets but realize later that you don’t have time to enjoy the full package, reselling them at standard rates (post-sale season) can be profitable.

Do Disney Tickets Lose Value Over Time?

Most of them do. 

Disney World tickets hold real value as actual passes, so they won’t have any practical use to other buyers when they reach the expiration date. 

That’s why reselling has to happen fast. Otherwise, you can tag those invalid tickets as part of your collectibles. Yes, there’s a potential to earn, however, tickets as mementos aren’t precisely the best items to resell, both demand and income-wise.  

Things to Consider When Reselling Disney Tickets

Reselling Disneyland tickets isn’t for everyone, and while there are a lot of potential buyers online, it’s not a guarantee for an immediate sale.

Here are factors to consider before making your tickets available for purchase:

State Laws

Different states have various legal stipulations about reselling tickets. California and Alabama, for example, only allow reselling if you have the owner’s permission. Given how Disney prohibits ticket reselling, it means it’s illegal to do so when you’re within these states.

It’s different in Colorado or Connecticut, which allows it provided you fully disclose the face value price of the ticket, and don’t misrepresent yourself as an official Disney ticket reseller. 

Ticket Type

Ticket types vary in price. A two-day Disneyland resort ticket can cost $270 for child admission and $285 for adults. Price increases if you opt for Park Hopper tickets, allowing access to multiple theme parks in a day. 

Your ticket type dictates its marketability. The more popular the inclusions are, the higher the chances of selling it fast.      

Expiry Date

Disney World tickets follow a date-based ticketing system, which tells you when those passes are valid. 

Expiration depends on the ticket, number of days you purchased, and whether it’s a current-issue or package plan purchase. Here’s an overview of the Walt Disney World Resort expiry guide.   

Reselling Method

The reselling method matters because it affects the final sum you’ll receive after platform fees, like management, transaction, and taxes are taken off a successful resale. 

If you’re hesitant to sign up for a platform due to the nondisclosure of associated fees, it’s essential to tap their customer support and get an estimate breakdown. 

Return Policy

This is your safety net against buyers who change their minds after purchasing and ask for a full refund. Having this in place ensures you’re protected from scams and unnecessary hassle. 

Where to Resell Disney Tickets

Ready to sell Disney World Tickets online? Here are three recommended platforms you can try: 


eBay is a global e-commerce platform facilitating efficient buy-and-sell between sellers, consumers, and big businesses.

It boasts a high trust rating from shoppers and sellers and lets you set up an account quickly. eBay is open to all seller types, and you’re not required to have a minimum product inventory to start publicizing your goods.

What Makes This Option Great 

eBay account setup is free. It has a user-friendly platform and a global customer base, perfect for attracting more buyers.

It’s also a household name in online shopping, allowing you to tap on buyers’ familiarity with the platform when reselling Disney World tickets. 

  • Fees / Commissions: Percentage of the final sale value + $0.30 per order. Here’s eBay’s selling fee guide for reference. 
  • Payment Methods: Checking account, Visa or Mastercard debit cards


TicketSwap is a popular e-ticket buy-and-sell platform that helps you list tickets for festivals, sports, concerts, etc.

The platform employs strict quality checks, ensuring tickets are legit and valid for a specific duration. Sellers can decide on their ticket’s selling price but are limited to up to 20% mark-up cost to protect buyers from scalpers.

What Makes This Option Great

Reselling on TicketSwap is straightforward as they handle all the back-end ticket listing processes. Prices are fair, and sellers and buyers are verified to ensure transaction safety. 

  • Fees / Commissions: 5% service fee off your ticket sale price
  • Payment Methods: Visa or Mastercard 


StubHub is a leading marketplace for buying and selling tickets for fan-favorite events like concerts, sports, circus tours, and theater.

What Makes This Option Great

StubHub is great if your Disneyland Tickets feature live shows. An example is Cirque du Soleil tickets at Walt Disney World Resort. 

Creating an account and selling tickets can be done via mobile and is entirely free. It caters to physical and digital tickets, including those transferrable ones, like Disneyland tickets. 

  • Fees / Commissions: No fixed fee, but historically charges sellers between 10 to 15% of the selling price. 
  • Payment Methods:  PayPal, Payoneer prepaid card, linked bank account

What You’ll Need to Resell Disney Tickets

Selling Disneyland tickets is straightforward if you have all the basics covered. Here are the things you need to get started:

  • Valid Disney Tickets: It’s worth reiterating that they must be unused. The farther they are from expiring, the better.  
  • Seller’s Account: Details like your email address, mobile, and address may be required to create an account, depending on your chosen platform. 
  • Payment Method: Prepare your bank details or any online payment method like PayPal or Payoneer, whichever is acceptable by the selling platform. 
  • Disneyland App Account: You’ll need this when transferring or gifting Disney World tickets to family, friends, or anyone in your contact list. Its ‘Reassign Ticket’ feature lets you transfer ticket ownership directly to another Disneyland app account holder. 
  • Ticket Specifics for Listing: This includes the ticket type, number of days, expiry details, price, and critical descriptions to give buyers an idea of its inclusions. 

How to Resell Disney Tickets: Step-by-step Instructions

Now that you know which platforms can help you find buyers for your extra Disney World tickets, it’s time to get a step-by-step overview of reselling them.  

Step 1: Confirm If Your State Allows Reselling of Disneyland Tickets

Always keep in mind that Disney prohibits the reselling of its tickets. While it’s easy to dismiss online resale as a safe method to get your money back, it’s recommended to check what your local state says about it. 

Ticket reselling has been tied to scalping issues, is considered a misdemeanor in some states, and can cost you a $1,000 fine plus potential jail time of up to a year. You’re safe in most cases, though, as long as your state doesn’t ban reselling.   

Step 2: Select an Online Reselling Option

Consider the pros and cons of each platform. If you’re targeting more people, then eBay can be a great place to start for its global reach. If you want to sell on a niche-focused platform, StubHub helps you target buyers ready to purchase. 

Another vital factor to consider is the refund policy set by platforms. It must protect you from any losses after the tickets are sold. As a rule, go for platforms with great reviews and high ratings. 

Step 3: Set Up Your Account and Provide Ticket Info

Write down the details of your ticket, including name, inclusions, validity, and price. Once you’ve registered for a platform, follow the prompts to list your product. If you’re prompted to provide a description, make it concise and enticing enough to convince buyers to purchase.  

Step 4: Set Appropriate Pricing

The general rule is to avoid overpricing. Trusted ticket platforms consider this, so they’ve specified the maximum mark-up percentage you can use to price your tickets. 

Appropriate pricing also factors in what your state considers legal. For example, in New Jersey, reselling beyond 20% of the ticket’s original price is illegal. On the other hand, New York only allows up to 10% mark-up price. 

States like Hawaii, Wisconsin, and Alaska permit reselling tickets only at the same price as the purchase value. 

Step 5: Provide Payment Details

Choose your preferred payment method and link it to your chosen platform. Consider associated costs like transaction and processing fees to maximize your earnings. 

Payment methods also vary in turnaround time. Banks often take three to five business days to send you cash, while digital methods like Payoneer and PayPal can complete it as fast as 24 hours. 

Step 6: Spread the Word

Don’t underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing. Tell your family and friends about it.

Share links of your product listing to social media platforms like Instagram, and approach your social circles for help in resharing. Forums like Reddit and Quora are also great platforms to find people looking for Disney tickets you might be selling.  

Can You Make Money Flipping Disney Tickets?

There’s an earning potential in flipping Disney tickets, but you must approach cautiously to avoid any legal issues. 

What Is a Disney Resale Business?

Disney resale business is a form of retail arbitrage that earns you profit by selling Disney tickets or other items at marked-up prices. 

In theory, you do this by keeping an eye out on ticket sales and promos and buying discounted passes in bulk. Once the sale season ends, you can resell the tickets at their original price, taking home the discount value as profit.

It’s important to remember that Disney limits one-time online purchases to up to 10 tickets for adults and 10 for children only. Buying beyond this will require you to contact their Disney Expert. 

Reselling Disney tickets is better done as a one-off or casual thing if you do it individually. Otherwise, you can consider becoming a Disney travel agent or joining affiliate marketing programs to earn commissions for each ticket sold.   

Is Reselling Disney Tickets a Good Way to Make Money?

Reselling Disney tickets can be profitable, especially if you’ve booked some in-demand tickets like Park Hopper. You can put them up for sale hassle-free using online selling platforms. 

Despite its popularity, it’s hardly a sustainable side hustle if you do it as an individual. Unless you start a discount ticket brokerage company, it’ll be impractical to keep buying and reselling tickets without a solid marketing strategy to funnel buyers regularly.

There’s also the issue of the tickets’ expiration date. Even the best e-commerce platforms don’t guarantee sales before expiry, so if you can’t find a buyer, you lose the chance to get your money’s worth.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Disney Refund Unused Tickets?

Unfortunately, Disney doesn’t offer refunds for their theme park tickets, including Universal Studios passes. An exception is when there’s a hurricane warning issued at your location. 
You can get a refund if you process the cancellation within seven days of your scheduled visit. 

Is Disney Cracking Down on Resellers?

Disney’s been transparent in prohibiting the resale of their items, but there aren’t any concrete legal moves to stop it immediately. 
One thing that came close was a lawsuit filed against a Florida-based online retailer for selling counterfeit goods of Disney’s trademarked items.

Similar Tutorials to Check Out

Is reselling Disney tickets too complex? Here are other ticket options you can sell for a profit:

  • Resell Broadway Tickets: Convert your spare Broadway tickets to cash by selling them online! Learn where and how to do this from scratch.  
  • Resell Taylor Swift Tickets: Swifties are running out of tickets to her massive tours! Sell yours online and get your money back plus profit! 
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Wrapping Up 

Disney ticket demand remains strong, especially with fans’ post-pandemic interest in seeing the beautiful attractions of the happiest place on Earth.

Consider reselling spare tickets to earn a profit and advertise your items on our listed platforms. Know someone who needs to sell their Disneyland ticket fast? Feel free to share this guide with them, and let us know if you learned something new in the comments below!

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