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Podia vs Kajabi

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Building successful and visually appealing digital content can be tricky. Luckily, some platforms assist in your content creation: Podia and Kajabi. Which one is better? We took a look at them so you don’t have to.

Can’t Wait? Here’s Our Verdict…

Kajabi racks up more points based on the different categories. Therefore, Kajabi is our winner. However, I still think Podia is the better choice if you’re a beginner. 

Product Backgrounds

Podia is an online service that allows you to create and share course content in addition to selling any products you may offer. It helps with promoting your business online with website creation, email marketing, and more.

Kajabi is similar to Podia in that you can create course content and keep all your company’s information in one database. Kajabi can also help with email marketing, payment plans, and data analysis for your business.

Both course creators are for business owners who need assistance in content creation and a place to store information and data in one interface. Even if you don’t have much experience with creating content online, both sites lay out the simple steps needed to structure and display content like courses, memberships, and digital downloads.

Podia and Kajabi offer services for business owners who want to sell course content. Moreover, their business models are centered around conducting business online. Though you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use either, these platforms are best for business owners focusing on the web.

Course Creation

One of the main offerings of both Podia and Kajabi is their course creation feature. Create, share, and sell your knowledge with other educators. However, these particular content creators are not the same, so we break it down for you by:

  • How to make courses
  • Template options
  • Customization
  • Course structure options
  • Course delivery options
  • Limitations


Podia’s interface for creating a course is straightforward to navigate. You start by choosing the product. In this case, it’s an online course. From there, you can upload files and downloads to help create your course.

There really aren’t any templates with Podia, so there is plenty of freedom for customization in the design, structure, and delivery. Although the platform gives options and examples, there is free-range to set up the content how you want- and you can set up as much as you want. With a subscription, you have unlimited access to how much material you create.


Kajabi starts just like Podia: letting you select the digital product. However, there are more options so that you can create the perfect plan for your business. There’s more than just online course creation, but also coaching programs, evergreen training, and even mini-courses. There is also the option to start from scratch. Therefore, there are plenty of customization opportunities along with tools with recommendations.

You can add product posts, videos, membership emails, and more to your course. On the downside, though, with whichever subscription plan you choose, you can only create so many products.

Winner: This round goes to Podia. Though Kajabi puts up a fight with its extensive customization and template options, Podia gives you few limits as to what you can create and how much you can create.

Build Your Course With Podia

Ease of Use

Creating content for your business is just another thing to add to your list. You want a fast, reliable, and simple platform to create visually appealing content that reflects the quality of your products. For this, ease of use is critical in finding a platform for course creation.


Podia’s substance is organized and straight to the point. Everything is clear and easy to follow.

With easy to follow steps, you can set up your course content in no time.


Kajabi’s interface is self-explanatory and easy to use. When creating content, there are symbols- like plus signs and check marks, that make things even more apparent.

Also, some videos can assist you in your creation. That way, you can speed things along without getting stuck with confusion.

Winner: Podia takes the cake in this one, again. Both content creators have a similar ease of use, but Kajabi can have a pretty steep learning curve for some.

Build Your Course With Podia

Integrations and Features

Course content creation can involve a lot of aspects, and since your business is unique, you want to find a plan that works well. The features offered vary based on the price plan; however, both platforms have unique ways of aiding in your content production.


Podia has a lot to offer for the growth of your business. Not only do they aid in creating your storefront, online courses, and digital downloads, but they also can help with webinars and transferring data to the platform seamlessly. Podia also assists in communications with your audience. Email marketing and a live chat tool enhance your customer interaction.


Kajabi has a lot of offerings to promote your business. With its platform, you can create product pages, websites, pipelines, and assessments- such as quizzes and surveys. You can also set up webinars and events with a subscription.

Winner: This round goes to Kajabi. Both platforms offer a lot of tools needed for your business to succeed digitally, but Kajabi has more.

Build Your Course With Kajabi

Educational Benefits

When considering the educational aspect of Kajabi and Podia, there are a few things to investigate:

  • Quizzes, assessments, and surveys
  • Student forums
  • Drip content


Podia has all you need to set up courses, add quizzes, and keep track of your members’ progress. With the live chat tool, you can communicate easily with your audience or send emails.

Podia allows you to set up quizzes to test the knowledge of students after they complete a task or video.

However, this feature is what counts as one of Podia’s downfalls. In creating assessments, you have very little freedom in how to ask questions. You can only use multiple choice. When it comes to open-ended responses, Podia cannot deliver.

On the plus side, Podia tracks and stores data about your members’ activity. You can see how well they do on quizzes and how popular specific lessons are.


Kajabi’s educational tools and data analytics create a fantastic teaching experience.

The data analysis of member activity shows an in-depth look at their assessment results, where they tend to do well, and where they start to fail to process the information correctly.

Plus, the assessment tools allow you to make customizable evaluations that include multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and free-response.

Winner: When it comes down to it, Kajabi outperforms Podia in the educational category. Both platforms offer the same content, but Kajabi goes above and beyond.

Build Your Course With Kajabi

Marketing Tools

You need the proper devices to get your product out there and into the public. Podia and Kajabi both advertise themselves as platforms that can get your business off the ground running.


Podia allows you to create a storefront for your business. Websites, product pages, and email marketing are just some of the tools they offer to promote your products. Plus, certain subscriptions to the platform can get you access to blog posts- just another way to interact with members and customers.

For Podia, the idea of a sales funnel is their email marketing tool. After purchasing something or interacting with your business, they can receive drip emails with information and links about your business.


Kajabi also has the tools needed to interact with customers on a marketing level. However, its marketing pipeline is more detailed with more options. You can choose the blueprint of the emails and how often to send them. Additionally, everything is automated. It’s another thing that you don’t have to worry about later on.

Winner: Kajabi wins this round. They offer the same marketing tools that Podia offers, but theirs just has a bit more detail.


Creating digital content can be stressful. Moreover, if you need help with the setup of either platform, you need to know which has excellent customer support.


Podia’s customer service support is up and running. There is constant email contact available 24/7 and video tutorials that help you with any issues. Additionally, they offer live chats Monday through Friday and a live training Q&A once every week.


Kajabi also offers 24/7 email support, video tutorials, and live chats Monday through Friday- or 24/7 for upgraded versions.

Winner: This round is a draw. Both platforms offer plenty of ways to get into contact with them for support.



Podia has two subscription plans that charge you monthly, or you can save money by purchasing annually. You pay around $40 or $80 per month.


Kajabi has three subscriptions that charge you annually.

You can buy Basic for $119 per month, Growth for $159 per month, or Pro for $319 per month.

Winner: Podia seems to be the cheaper option, but some extra fees may get added to your $40 or $80 monthly charge. With that, this round is a draw on pricing. A lot depends on how big your course is going to be. If you have a smaller course, then Podia wins straight out. If you have a massive course with thousands of students, then Kajabi is the cheaper option.

Final Verdict

Podia- 1
Kajabi- 3
Tie- 3

Based on the tallied-up scores, Kajabi may be better suited for content creation. Both platforms have their advantages, but Kajabi just stacks up better.

If you’re a beginner though, Kajabi is probably a bit too expensive. So Podia is easily the better of the two if you’re just starting out.

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