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The Best Online Course Evaluation Questions

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When you’re teaching your online course, your assessments and learning tasks can solidify student learning.

However, setting good tasks is a lot easier said than done.

In this article, we’ll give you the best online course evaluation questions, and how you can use them.

The Best Online Course Evaluation Questions

Here, we’ll look at question stems that you can use for your online course evaluation.

For these questions, we’re going to focus on the Ladder Approach to designing online courses. So the questions will follow that method. 

However, if you’re not using this

Step One: Remember

Keywords: who, what, why, when, omit, where, which, choose, find, how, define, label, show, spell, list, match, name, relate, tell, recall, select


  • What is…?
  • Can you select?
  • Where is…?
  • When did ____ happen?
  • Who were the main…?
  • Which one…?
  • Why did…?
  • How would you describe…?
  • When did…?
  • Can you recall…?
  • Who was…?
  • How would you explain…?
  • How did ___happen…?
  • Can you list the three..?
  • How is…?
  • How would you show…?

Step Two: Understand

Keywords: compare, contrast, demonstrate, interpret, explain, extend, illustrate, infer, outline, relate, rephrase, translate, summarize, show, classify


  • How would you classify the type of…?
  • How would you compare…?
  • contrast…?
  • Will you state or interpret in your own words…?
  • How would you rephrase the meaning?
  • What facts or ideas show…?
  • What is the main idea of ……?
  • Which statements support…?
  • Which is the best answer…?
  • What can you say about …?
  • How would you summarize… ?
  • Can you explain what is happening…?
  • What is meant by…?

Step Three: Apply

Keywords: apply. build, choose, construct, develop, interview, make use of, organize, experiment with, plan, select, solve, utilize, model, identify


  • How would you use…?
  • How would you solve ___ using what you’ve learned…?
  • What examples can you find to…?
  • How would you show your understanding of…?
  • How would you organize _______ to show…?
  • How would you apply what you learned to develop…?
  • What approach would you use to…?
  • What other way would you plan to…?
  • What would result if…?
  • Can you make use of the facts to…?
  • What elements would you use to change…?
  • What facts would you select to show…?
  • What questions would you ask during an interview?

Step Four: Analysis

Keywords: analyze, categorize, classify, compare, contrast, discover, dissect, divide, examine, inspect, simplify, survey, test for, distinguish, list, distinction, theme, relationships, function, motive, inference, assumption, conclusion, take part in


  • What are the parts or features of . . . ?
  • How is _______ related to . . . ?
  • Why do you think . . . ?
  • What is the theme . . . ?
  • What motive is there . . . ?
  • Can you list the parts . . . ?
  • What inference can you make . . . ?
  • What conclusions can you draw . . . ?
  • How would you classify . . . ?
  • How would you categorize . . . ?
  • Can you identify the different parts . . . ?
  • What evidence can you find . . . ?
  • What is the relationship between . . . ?
  • Can you make a distinction between . . . ?
  • What is the function of . . . ?
  • What ideas justify . . . ?

Step Five: Evaluate

Keywords: award, choose, conclude, criticize, decide, defend, determine, dispute, evaluate, judge, justify, measure, compare, mark, rate, recommend, rule on, select, agree, appraise, prioritize, opinion, interpret, explain, support importance, criteria, prove, disprove, assess, influence, perceive, value, estimate, deduct


  • Do you agree with the actions/outcome…?
  • What is your opinion of…?
  • How would you prove/ disprove…?
  • Can you assess the value or importance of…?
  • Would it be better if…?
  • Why did they (the character) choose…?
  • What would you recommend…?
  • How would you rate the…?
  • How would you evaluate…?
  • How would you compare the ideas…? the people…?
  • How could you determine…?
  • What choice would you have made…?
  • What would you select…?
  • How would you prioritize…?
  • How would you justify…?
  • What judgment would you make about…?
  • Why was it better that…?
  • How would you prioritize the facts…?
  • What would you cite to defend the actions…?
  • What data was used to make the conclusion…?
  • What information would you use to support the view…?
  • Based on what you know, how would you explain…?

Step Six: Create

Keywords: build, choose, combine, compile, compose, construct, create, design, develop, estimate, formulate, imagine, invent, make up, originate, plan, predict, propose, solve, solution, suppose, discuss, modify, change, original, improve, adapt, minimize, maximize, theorize, elaborate, test, happen, delete


  • What changes would you make to solve…?
  • How would you improve…?
  • What would happen if…?
  • Can you elaborate on the reason…?
  • Can you propose an alternative…?
  • Can you invent…?
  • How would you adapt ____________ to create a different…?
  • How could you change (modify) the plot (plan)…?
  • What facts can you compile…?
  • What way would you design…?
  • What could be combined to improve (change)…?
  • Suppose you could _____what would you do…?
  • How would you test…?
  • Can you formulate a theory for…?
  • Can you predict the outcome if…?
  • How would you estimate the results for…?
  • What could be done to minimize (maximize)…?
  • Can you construct a model that would change…?
  • How is _____ related to…?
  • Can you think for an original way for the…?
  • What are the parts or features of…?
  • Why do you think…?
  • What is the theme…?
  • What motive is there…?
  • Can you list the parts…?
  • What inference can you make…?
  • What ideas justify…?
  • What conclusions can you draw…?
  • How would you classify…?
  • How would you categorize…?
  • Can you identify the different parts…?
  • What evidence can you find…?
  • What is the relationship between…?
  • Can you make the distinction between…?
  • What is the function of

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot of possible questions that you can ask your students in an online class evaluation. Use these question steps as a way to start your brainstorming.

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