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7 Best Jobs That Pay Weekly [& Why They’re Great]

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Weekly paid jobs are becoming more popular each year. According to the BLS, 31.8% of all employees are paid weekly, and 44.5% are paid biweekly.

A job that pays weekly is more sustainable and financially profitable, provides better opportunities for employees, and builds a healthier saving environment.

That’s why we’ve gathered the seven best jobs that pay weekly and where to find them.

Best 7 Jobs That Pay Weekly – An Overview

  1. Online Tutoring– Best Overall
  2. Data Entry– Best for Remote Work
  3. House Cleaner – Best for Tips
  4. Copywriter– Best for Creative Thinkers
  5. Babysitter– Best for People Great with Kids
  6. Virtual Assistant– Best for Travelers
  7. Pet Sitting– Best for Animal Lovers

Why Should You Consider a Job That Pays Weekly?

Considering jobs that pay weekly can offer several advantages, depending on your financial situation and personal preferences.

The rapid cash flow is one of the most important reasons to be paid weekly. Rather than waiting for an entire month, weekly pay ensures a steady income stream, allowing you to meet your immediate financial needs.

Receiving weekly pay can significantly aid in budgeting and financial management. With smaller, more frequent payments, it becomes easier to track expenses, making it simpler to stay on top of financial responsibilities.

Lastly, paychecks paid weekly can contribute to building a healthy savings habit. The more frequent pay schedule allows individuals to set aside a portion of their earnings regularly, fostering a disciplined approach toward saving and investing for the future.

The Top 7 Jobs That Pay Weekly

Here are the best jobs that pay weekly from various points of view. We’ve described each so you can choose according to your interests and priorities.

1. Online Tutoring

The best part about online tutoring jobs is that you’re not bound to a specific topic. You can choose whatever subject you like or are proficient in.

If you’re a native English speaker, you can find customers from Europe or Asia and teach them English. If you were an expert mathematician in high school, you could take on a small group of middle school students and make them understand maths.

Online tutoring jobs that pay weekly can make your bank account more attractive. According to Salary.com, online tutors earn up to $25 per hour, or approximately $46,000 annually.


  • Flexibility: You don’t have a schedule for online tutoring. You can choose your hours and set the classes whenever you’re free.
  • Responsibility: Compared to other jobs where you have to meet certain standards or numbers by the end of a month or quarter, online teaching doesn’t have that. Your only goal is to teach to the best of your ability.
  • Remuneration: While the average online teacher earns up to $25 per hour, this is not a set price. If you have a specific background, such as thermodynamics or nuclear physics, you can charge much more money for one hour of your time.


  • Boring: Teaching the same lesson over and over again might make you feel like you’re on Groundhog Day. There are no challenges or new tasks you’ll have to complete. Just routine work every single day.
  • Off-Clock Work: Besides the classes you’ll be paid to teach, you’ll have to do some off-clock work to keep the quality at its highest. You’ll have to prepare briefs, tasks and review the topic beforehand. After the class, you must grade homework and correct silly mistakes.

Best Place To Find The Job

The biggest organization to hire teachers is Accel. There, you can find different job levels and a wide range of topics and classes you can teach.

If you want to be an independent teacher, you can make your own website and start gathering clients with marketing and ads.

2. Data Entry

If you have great keyboard skills and much free time, a data entry job is the best option.

At its core, data entry clerks use computers and specialized software to input information into data servers or computer systems.

However, while most data entry professionals work electronically, some jobs require paper documentation. This means that you’ll need to write all the data on a physical ledger manually.

Regarding their salary, data entry and processing clerks can get up to $888 paid weekly. This means that the hourly pay can get up to $22.


  • Simplicity: Data entry is not the hardest job you can take on. It requires a minimal set of skills and gives you great starting pay. This is the best choice for a home job in your free time.
  • Varied Opportunities: This type of job is available across multiple industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, and more. Hence, you can find a job that aligns with your interest and future career development.
  • Entry Point: Data entry jobs are great for entering a big organization. You get an entry-level position like this, gain experience, and become familiar with the organization’s systems and processes. Then, you can use this experience to apply to higher positions.


  • Deadline-Based: All jobs related to data are deadline based. Hence, you won’t have the same flexibility as other jobs do, and you’ll be constantly pushed to complete your short tasks faster than before.
  • Monotonous: This type of job often includes repetitive short tasks that never change. You’ll have to enter the same data as the previous week and use your creative thinking, which can lead to boredom and reduced job satisfaction.

Best Place To Find The Job

FlexJobs is the best place to find a data entry job that pays weekly. They have an extensive portfolio of clients and companies searching for employees, which makes your chances of getting hired higher.

3. House Cleaner

House cleaning is not a job for all. It requires a lot of dedication, time, and financial investments in tools and equipment. Also, finding clients can be significantly harder than normal jobs that pay weekly, as house cleaning is a different breed of occupation.

However, the payment can even out those drawbacks. On average, a house cleaning professional can earn up to $25 per hour. If you take on premium clients, you can earn up to $100 per hour.

But, this depends on the approach. If you invest more money in better equipment and tools, you’ll probably go on as a better cleaner, and you’ll be able to charge higher prices.

Either way, house cleaning is among the best jobs that pay weekly when it comes to money.


  • High Demand: There is a constant demand for great house cleaners. Many homeowners and landlords are ready to pay weekly for professionals that will make their property look better now and then.
  • Immediate Impact: House cleaning offers tangible and immediate results. This can motivate the employer to raise your weekly pay or help you get new customers.
  • Flexible: You can either work full-time or part-time, you can choose the hours and clients you want to work for, and you can get paid instantly right after you end your shift. Home cleaning is all about flexibility and adjustments.


  • Dangerous: You’ll be exposed to various health risks, from physical to chemical damage. However, the great part about it is that you can mitigate most of them by following the safety measures and being cautious.
  • Lack of Benefits: House cleaners are usually independent contractors with limited or zero benefits or bonuses. You won’t be able to access health insurance, 401(k) funds, or anything like it. However, if it is a part-time job you’re taking in your free time, you can mitigate those risks easily.

Best Place To Find The Job

There are a lot of different places where you can find a house cleaning job. However, it would be a great idea to start by roaming the neighborhood and talking to real people about the opportunity to clear their houses.

4. Copywriter

Are you passionate about writing but can’t write your book? Then look no further than copywriting, the art of writing interesting articles for websites like the one you’re on.

While there are no big requirements for a copywriter, you should be able to write concise and grammatically correct articles to take on this job. What about the payment?

Usually, freelance writers aren’t paid by the hour. They are paid weekly or by the word. According to Salary.com, freelance writers can get up to $80,000 per year, or $1,000 of weekly pay.

This can be a direct deposit or a wire transfer to your bank account.


  • Online Job: Most copywriters or freelance writers have never seen the inside of their office. Usually, companies treat copywriter positions as a home job and don’t even propose a place at the office.
  • High Demand: Most companies need to hire writers. Copywriters are responsible not only for blogs and social media posts but also for slogans and ad content. Nike’s “Just Do It” was written by a clever copywriter.
  • Career Opportunities: Unlike other jobs that pay weekly, copywriters have many opportunities to boost their careers. You can become a senior copywriter or an editor that’s responsible for a team of 10 freelance writers. You can also transfer to bigger companies and be a part of powerful marketing campaigns.


  • Tight Deadlines: Copywriters often work under tight deadlines, especially in the advertising and marketing industries. The pressure to produce high-quality content quickly can be stressful and may lead to burnout.
  • Rejection and Criticism: Copywriters’ work is subject to feedback, revisions, and approval by clients, creative directors, or managers. Dealing with rejection and criticism of your creative work can be emotionally challenging.

Best Place To Find The Job

Contena is one of the biggest sites that works with freelance writers and professional copywriters. Also, you can find writing gigs on LinkedIn and Upwork.

5. Babysitter

Babysitting is one of the most popular jobs that pay weekly. If you’re good with kids and have steel nerves, this job might be the best gig for you, especially in high school or college.

You won’t even need equipment or investments to take on this job. You need to show up and get paid weekly for staying with the kids you’ve been asked to watch.

In terms of salary expectations, the payment varies from town to town. On average, you can get up to $150 per night or approximately $20 per hour.


  • Nothing to Do: In some cases, babysitters aren’t hired to care for the children. They are hired to be there in case something happens. So, if you are lucky enough to stay with great kids, you won’t have to lift a finger. Easy money!
  • No Qualification Required: While some parents may prefer candidates with previous experience or certifications, babysitting generally does not require formal qualifications or extensive training. You won’t have to learn anything additional to what you already know. Hence, there will be few investments.
  • Feeling Appreciated: Many parents appreciate the support and care provided by babysitters, making you feel valued for your contributions. The kids will also make you feel more appreciated, as they will perceive you as a part of their family.


  • Kids Can Be Loud: The biggest drawback of this job is, of course, the situation when you can’t reason with a kid. They are loud and noisy at every level of their development. Prepare for a sleepless night if you aren’t lucky enough to babysit a quiet child.
  • Responsibility: If you take on babysitting, you’ll be responsible and liable for everything that happens to that kid while you’re there. This responsibility can be overwhelming, especially in emergencies or when dealing with children who have special needs or medical conditions.

Best Place To Find The Job

The biggest company that provides babysitting jobs is Care.com. They have over 4 million clients that use their services in the United States. It’s guaranteed that you won’t leave their website without a gig or two.

6. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant, or a VA, is a remote administrative assistant responsible for an extensive range of duties, from taking inbound and outbound calls to tackling marketing-related tasks and editing gigs.

This is an online job for people who are not afraid of completing multiple short tasks per day and working under pressure.

In terms of payment, virtual assistants can earn up to $50,000 per year or $910 paid weekly. However, the weekly pay can also depend on how many tasks you complete and your overall qualification for the job.


  • Flexible Job: As long as you complete all your tasks and have a great internet connection, you can work from anywhere you want. Virtual assistance is one of the best and most flexible home jobs in the world. Therefore, you can travel almost all the time while still completing your work as required.
  • Diverse Opportunities: Virtual assistants can work for clients across various industries and businesses. This is also a great opportunity to gain experience in different fields and develop a wide range of skills, from cold calling to online shopping and completing online surveys.
  • Global Collaboration: Virtual assistants often collaborate with clients and teams from diverse cultural backgrounds, providing exposure to international perspectives and fostering cultural understanding. This can also become a huge economic advantage as you can work for a US-based company and live in Eastern Europe, cutting the living costs in half.


  • Health Issues: As a virtual assistant, you’ll need to sit at the computer all day long. This can result in different health problems, from back pains to sight loss.
  • Time Zone Differences: Virtual assistants working with clients or teams in different time zones may have to adjust their schedules to accommodate communication and collaboration, which can disrupt the work-life balance. You might find yourself forced to wake up at 2 AM and go to sleep at 5 PM.

Best Place To Find The Job

Upwork and Fiverr are the best places to find this type of gig. You’ll be able to find multiple clients and work with them on different terms and conditions while being protected by these freelance companies.

7. Pet Sitting

Are you in love with animals and don’t know how to monetize that love? Pet sitting is the best way to earn money while doing what you love the most – playing and grooming cats, dogs, and other friendly little monsters.

These types of jobs pay weekly because animal owners usually leave their pets when they go on an extensive vacation or a work trip; that’s why you have to be prepared to stay with their pets for a long time.

In terms of money, pet sitters are paid $300-350 weekly. However, the secret is that you can stay with more than one pet at once, doubling or tripling your weekly pay. This is, of course, as long as you are not staying in the home of a client.


  • Animals: The biggest pro here is that you get to sit with cute dogs and cats. If you love animals, this job will feel like passive income. This is one of those home opportunities that make you rethink your full-time job.
  • Networking Opportunities: Pet sitters have the chance to network with pet owners, veterinarians, and other professionals in the pet care industry, which can lead to potential referrals and future job opportunities.
  • Reduced Stress: Working with animals can have a calming and stress-reducing effect on pet sitters, benefiting their mental well-being. So, if you’re fed up with your full-time job and want to reduce the stress you’re going through, you know what to do.


  • Physical Demands: Pet sitting can be physically demanding, especially when dealing with large or energetic animals. Dog walking, in particular, may involve prolonged periods of walking or handling strong dogs like German Shepards and Bulldogs.
  • Allergies: While you might think you are not allergic to dogs, there might be some breeds you’ve never encountered before that will cause an allergic reaction. That’s why you should be cautious when taking on a new gig with a breed you’ve never seen before.

Best Place To Find The Job

Rover is the best website to find pet-sitting gigs. It has over 1 million regular pet owners that need high-quality pet-sitting services now and then.

Similar Jobs

Here are some other jobs that pay weekly that you might also find interesting.

  • Video Game Tester: Video game testing is the best gig for those who love playing them. If you choose this gig, you’ll collaborate with big video game companies and their developers, finding bugs and glitches. The average pay for this job is $750 per week.
  • Delivery Drivers: If you choose to work as a delivery driver, there are a lot of different opportunities ahead of you. You can work for Uber, Lyft, or any other transportation company. You can deliver packages for Amazon, food, or groceries. The average pay for this job is $850 per week.
  • Assistants: You’ll have to greet visitors, walk them through the building, answer phone calls, and receive $750 per week for doing so.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Choose Weekly Pay?

Weekly pay is better from a financial point of view. When you have a steadier cash inflow, it is easier to manage your budget, save and be more stress-free.

Can Better Business Bureau Help Me Find A Job?

No, they can’t do that. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is primarily known for its role in investigating and categorizing businesses based on their ethical practices.

You can use their valuable resources and information in your job search, but you can’t directly find a job with them.

Wrapping Up

Getting paid weekly is great. It provides better financial stability and makes you feel more stable.

If you want to get started with one of our home jobs that pay weekly, you might want to choose online tutoring. It is the best option regarding hiring, security, and remuneration.

You can also go for a job at a transcription company. There, you’ll be able to work as a virtual assistant or a copywriter, following the career path and growing your competence as a professional.

No matter your chosen job, you can start getting weekly earnings right now!

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