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11 Best Jobs That Pay 20 An Hour [& Why They’re Great]

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If you’ve just graduated or looking for some extra cash, adding another job to your schedule may be a bit daunting.

Jobs may always be available, but they often have some hefty requirements to be accepted.

Fortunately, there are many jobs that will gladly accept you even if your official education doesn’t qualify you to work such jobs.

And don’t worry, all of them are jobs that pay 20 an hour.

What Are Jobs That Pay 20 Per Hour and Why Should You Consider Such Jobs?

Jobs that pay $20 per hour are ones that put you well above the national minimum wage of $7.5 per hour. Typically, it’s difficult to find an entry-level job that can yield $20 per hour.

It’s always good to consider such jobs as another source of income besides your main job. This will help you keep up with the increased prices we’re dealing with lately.

Fortunately, we’ve gathered quite a few for you to have a look at.

Top Jobs That Pay 20 Dollars an Hour:

Here are our 11 picks for the best jobs that pay $20 an hour:

1. Bookkeeper

As a bookkeeper, you’ll be responsible for handling and managing important paperwork in a certain business.

You don’t need to have a certain degree to apply for this job, but a high school diploma, along with some certifications and courses, will always improve your chances of nailing that interview.

The average hourly wage of bookkeeping is around $21.


  • Having a degree isn’t a must.
  • The profession is often in high demand.


  • Errors could cascade into larger mistakes.
  • It requires a considerable amount of focus and is time-consuming.

Top Places/Platforms to Find This Job

The two best places to start are LinkedIn and Indeed.

2. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing requires intensive language knowledge, excellent time management skills, and the ability to thoroughly research a topic.

A freelance writer usually writes articles, blogs, or any other written materials. The job also provides flexibility to choose projects and work independently.

The average pay for freelance writing is $29 per hour.


  • Flexibility to handle projects in your schedule
  • The ability to work from virtually anywhere


  • Requires constant searching for clients to land jobs
  • Unstable income (the pay may rise or drop depending on the amount of available work)

Top Places/Platforms to Find This Job

Upwork is among the best places to land freelance writing jobs, followed closely by Freelancer.com.

3. Proofreader

Proofreaders are meticulous professionals who review and correct written content. Typically, they look for grammatical errors, awkward phrases, incorrect vocabulary, broken word flow, and fragmented sentences.

Proofreading and writing usually go hand in hand. If you’ve been writing for a considerable amount of time, chances are that you’ve already developed the sense of a proofreader.

The average pay of average proofreading jobs is $27 per hour.


  • Proofreading is often faster than writing, which translates into less amount of work.
  • Just like writers, proofreaders can work from anywhere.


  • Requires extreme attention to detail
  • Proofreaders often have large documents to check.

Top Places/Platforms to Find This Job

Flexjobs is a great place to start if you want to become a proofreader; you may also try Upwork and Fiverr.

4. Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives are often the frontline of large companies. They bridge the gap between the company and its customers, as well as address the issues and complaints that customers may bring up.

The job may require you to go to work in an office. In many cases, you can work from home as well if the company allows it. You should expect an average pay of $23 per hour.


  • The more you work as a CS agent, the better your communication and problem-solving skills will be.
  • The job is in high demand, so you won’t struggle to land the role.


  • It can be stressful, as you’ll occasionally deal with angry and unreasonable clients.
  • CS jobs usually have rotational shifts, which means your work hours won’t be fixed.

Top Places/Platforms to Find This Job

Indeed is an excellent place to start if you want to become a CS agent. You may also browse the websites of various companies and apply there.

5. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers need decent computer skills, as well as extensive knowledge of at least one graphic designing program like Photoshop and Illustrator. The artistic touch is also needed, as it’s the personal touch that distinguishes graphical arts from each other.

Graphic designers are often required to make logos, advertisements, art, cards, brochures, and more. The average pay for this job is around $27 per hour.


  • Limitless potential for creativity
  • Every large company needs graphic designers.


  • Steep learning curve, especially with the graphic design applications being constantly updated
  • The competition is often fierce.

Top Places/Platforms to Find This Job

Behance.com is a top choice when it comes to freelance graphic design jobs. You may also check out Dribble and Upwork.

6. Virtual Assistant

Many people mix between virtual assistants and customer service agents. It’s true that a virtual assistant will be handling customer complaints, but they would also be responsible for handling emails, data entry, scheduling meetings, and more.

Once again, you don’t need a degree to land this job opportunity, which makes it a good choice for those who have time management skills but lack a bachelor’s degree.

Virtual assistants typically earn an average of $34 per hour. However, this number can shoot up to be a lot higher if the assistant is handling many important tasks.


  • Because they’re “virtual” assistants, the bulk of their work can often be done from home.
  • Provides extensive knowledge in business administration and management


  • As a virtual assistant, information may be misinterpreted sometimes.
  • The job has a lot to cater to, which makes it stressful and energy-consuming. Virtual assistants are often on call as well, which can sometimes mess up your plans.

Top Places/Platforms to Find This Job

You can always trust Upwork to find you virtual jobs, but if you want a more specialized platform for this field, go for the source: Remote.co.

7. Electrician

As an electrician, you’ll diagnose, repair, and upgrade anything circulatory-related.

Electricians may work full-time or become freelance electricians, and they typically operate in all sorts of establishments like residential buildings, office buildings, hospitals, schools, etc.

Electricians in the United States earn around $28 per hour.


  • You don’t need a college degree to work as an electrician.
  • Whether freelance or employed, electricians are in high demand.


  • You may not need a diploma, but you’ll need some serious skills to work as an electrician.
  • Unfortunately, there’s always a safety risk when working with electricity.

Top Places/Platforms to Find This Job

Most electricians find work through their local contractors or employers. However, you may explore Indeed for further opportunities.

8. Web Developer

Web development is a hidden gold mine that goes under the radar. As a web developer, you’re responsible for changing the layouts of websites, improving their security, optimizing them, and even creating them from scratch.

Web development doesn’t need a degree (although having one will give you an advantage). However, the learning curve is theoretically endless, especially if you’re aiming to become a full-stack developer.

The rate per hour can vary greatly depending on the skill of the developer and the difficulty of their projects. However, the current average is $42 per hour, which is the highest on our list so far.


  • It’s one of the most demanded jobs since everything today runs on websites.
  • The payment is more than decent, and it’s from the comfort of your home.


  • Learning coding isn’t easy, especially when you hit the wall of Javascript.
  • Meeting deadlines is often difficult with this job, as coding errors may take a long time to find and address.

Top Places/Platforms to Find This Job

There’s no limit to the places you can find web development opportunities in. Upwork, Indeed, Freelancer, Dribble… the possibilities are endless.

9. Carpenter

Carpenters are masters of wood craftsmanship. They can create anything from small wooden structures to fantastic furniture pieces.

The good thing about being a carpenter is that you can learn it on your own. Nobody will ask a carpenter if they’re “qualified” to work as a carpenter.

However, you’ll need to have some already done projects to show your potential clients, so make sure to take good-quality photos of your previous projects.

Carpenters in the US earn around $25 per hour.


  • Woodworking projects are always in demand, so your chances of finding jobs are always good.
  • The learning curve isn’t frustratingly steep.


  • Carpenters are often subjected to physical fatigue, as their work requires both precision and physical strength.
  • Carpenters work with many sharp tools, which means injuries can happen if you’re not careful.

Top Places/Platforms to Find This Job

Many carpenters can find job opportunities through local construction companies that perform various building and renovation projects. If not, you may browse job search websites like Indeed.

10. Fitness Instructor

Fitness instructors train individuals in various physical exercises like running, pilates, yoga, etc. These instructors may work in community centers, health clubs, schools, and sometimes as personal trainers in people’s homes.

As a fitness instructor, you can earn around $25 per hour.


  • You get to stay in shape so you can help others stay in shape.
  • If you’re a sports lover, then this job will be the definition of “doing what you love.”


  • It’s physically demanding, as you must stay in shape all the time.
  • Everyone who works in the fitness industry is subjected to physical injuries, so do your best to minimize those.

Top Places/Platforms to Find This Job

Local gyms and fitness centers are the best places to start looking. If you want to search from home, go for the trusty Indeed.

11. Video Editor

Video editing is one of those jobs that reward you for creativity. You’ll receive one or more videos from your clients, and you’ll be expected to create one or more final product(s) according to the client’s instructions.

There are many free video editors that you can use to start, so there’s no need to worry about setting aside some money for those professional video editing programs. Video editors earn around $29 per hour.


  • You don’t need any certifications or diplomas. If you were video editing as a hobby, you could convert that into a job.
  • All you need is a working laptop, and you’re set to go.


  • Video editing may take a considerable chunk of your time, especially if your skills aren’t there yet.
  • At one point, you’ll have to rely on harder, more professional paid programs, which will cost you and take some of your time to learn.

Top Places/Platforms to Find This Job

If you’d like a full-time job, local production companies can be a good place to start. If you want the flexibility of being a freelancer, Upwork and Indeed will get the job done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Live Off $20 Per Hour?

$20 per hour is almost twice the minimum wage, which is supposed to be enough to provide a decent life for young adults. However, with the increased prices in recent years, $20 per hour may not be enough to sustain a family.

What Is the Annual Income if I Make $20 per Hour?

Your yearly salary will be around $41,600 if you make $20 per hour.

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Wrapping Up

There you have it: 11 jobs that will pay you well above the minimum wage, and most of them can be done without even leaving your home!

Do let us know if you found this article useful in the comments. Also, if you think someone else might find it useful, why not share it?

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