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Is TeePublic Legit? Here’s What You Need to Know

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Do you want to start selling your artwork on TeePublic but need to know if it’s a safe platform? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

Today, you’ll find an extensive article that will give you an answer to the most crucial question: “Is TeePublic Legit or Not?”

You’ll also learn what it is and how TeePublic works, what customers and other designers say about TeePublic, how their customer service team is, and much more.

What Is TeePublic?

screenshot showing teepublic trustpilot reviews

TeePublic is an online store selling a wide array of unique merchandise predominantly centered around art, design, and pop culture.

Launched in 2013 by Adam Schwartz and Josh Abramson, who had previously co-founded Vimeo and CollegeHumor, the company has quickly gained popularity among teenagers and different types of designers.

Initially, the business model built by Adam and Josh required a design to have at least thirty people committing to buying it before a shirt went into production. However, the model changed, and today, designs are immediately manufactured and sold without a long period of waiting.

As of 2018, the company is a part of Redbubble, a publicly-traded Australian-based company that allows its customers to sell their artwork as prints on various products. Redbubble acquired TeePublic for $41 million and has since changed so much about the company, taking it to another level in revenue and quality.

How Does TeePublic Work?

The workflow is straightforward. It all starts with independent artists who upload original designs on the TeePublic website. If a customer purchases the design and wants a t-shirt, TeePublic prints it on demand and ships the shirt directly to the customer.

Artists don’t have to worry about print quality, inventory, or shipments. The only thing a designer should do is provide unique designs that would interest the buyer and get an cut of the profit from each sale.

Common Questions to Understand

Here are the answers to some of the most popular questions about TeePublic and its policies:

How Much Money Can I Earn With TeePublic?

If you want to become a graphic designer and earn money with TeePublic, the final sum can fluctuate greatly. However, it is true that you can earn a lot of money with this company.

You get 11% of each purchase made on your TeePublic store and designers earn a royalty earnings from each sale, too. The profit is calculated by subtracting the cost of printing and shipping from the sale price.

Can I Set My Prices on TeePublic?

No, you cannot set your prices on TeePublic. The company sets the prices for all products, and you earn a royalty percentage from each sale.

This is because TeePublic wants to ensure that all the products are priced competitively. If all the independent artists could set their prices, the price variation would’ve killed the number of sales and the market share of TeePublic.

However, you can still influence the income you earn on TeePublic by choosing popular products with higher prices, promoting your designs on social media, or creating high-quality prints that would sell much faster.

What is The Parent Company of TeePublic?

TeePublic is currently owned by Redbubble. The Australian company bought TeePublic for $41 million in September 2018 and has controlled it since.

Redbubble is one of the biggest marketplaces in the world, with a much broader range of products than TeePublic or any other company selling unique tank tops and phone cases.

Is TeePublic Legit?

Yes, TeePublic is a legit company with a huge customer base gathered in 10 years of activity. Here’s why you should consider TeePublic a safe and legit company:

  • Years in Business: TeePublic has been in business since 2013, working for more than ten years with thousands of artists and millions of various customers in more than 100 countries.
  • Number of Customers: The company has over 1.2 million designs from hundreds of thousands of independent artists. Meanwhile, TeePublic’s website receives over 10 million visits per month.
  • Secure Transactions: All transactions are processed through Stripe, a PCI DSS Level 1 compliant payment processor recognized worldwide. On top of that, TeePublic uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to protect all the traffic on its website.
  • Positive Customer Reviews: In the ten years since they activate, TeePublic has gathered more than 324,000 reviews on Trustpilot alone, where the company has a 4.5-star rating. They also have a great review rating on the Better Business Bureau and Google.
  • Part of a Bigger Brand: In 2018, TeePublic was bought by Rebubble, a Nasdaq-traded company with more than $483 million in annual revenue. The company is also recognized among top designers and design services providers for its reliability and safety.

Is TeePublic Reliable?

Yes, TeePublic is a reliable company where you can securely create different types of print-on-demand t-shirts and accessories without the fear of losing them. Here’s why:

  • Data Safety: TeePublic will ensure that all the data you upload on their website is securely stored on one of their servers. They encrypt all the data about you, starting with your name and ending with your credit card number and shipping address.
  • Reputable Partners: TeePublic has extensive partnerships with the biggest brands. Netflix, Ubistoft, CBS, and Alfred Hitchcock are just some of the most popular ones of them. You can safely use their work in your designs and sell them on TeePublic.
  • Global Reach: The platform caters to an international audience, allowing designers to sell clothes online and reach a wide range of customers. This can help independent artists make a name for themselves in countries they have never heard of.

Is TeePublic Safe?

In its ten years of being in the business of retail sales, TeePublic has grown into one of the safest marketplaces on the Internet. They use a suite of tools to prevent finance crimes on their website.

  • Encryption: All traffic on TeePublic’s website is encrypted using SSL – a secure protocol that protects your personal information from unauthorized access. All the data you introduce on TeePublic’s website is encrypted and stored on a secure server.
  • Fraud Protection: The company has also employed a fraud protection tactic that helps prevent unauthorized transactions. The website will know if you didn’t withdraw your money or if the artwork uploaded is not yours.
  • Privacy Policy: TeePublic has a clear privacy policy that explains how your personal information is collected and used. You will know how and when your data will be used with 100% certainty, and if you disagree with the policy, your data will remain private.

These measures work for both sellers and buyers on the site. If you trust TeePublic with your data, you can be sure it will be safely stored on one of their servers.

What Are Users Saying About TeePublic?

Users are happy about the company, and more than 85% of all TeePublic reviews are positive, from independent creators and the people directly buying the TeePublic shirts.

What Google Reviewers Liked About TeePublic

screenshot showing teepublic trustpilot  reviews
  • Easy-to-Use: TeePublic’s designers are happy about how easy it is to upload a design and get it monetized. The site has a super user-friendly layout, which makes creating a product much easier than other marketplaces. Starting a clothing business from home is simple with TeePublic.
  • Large Community: Designers appreciate the exposure and visibility their work can gain through this community. Additionally, TeePublic’s social features allow designers to interact with fans, receive feedback, and build a following around their art.
  • Fair Prices: The designers are in favor of the prices on TeePublic. The company delivers excellent products at a fair price, which makes people want to buy more, increasing the artists’ income.

What Trustpilot Reviewers Liked About TeePublic

  • Design Selection: Designers are happy about the huge selection TeePublic offers. Trustpilot reviewers have stated that the company has a place for any artwork, from God of War-inspired paintings to stickman memes.
  • Quality: Designers are not only happy with the quality of the print itself but also with the quality of the materials used to craft the t-shirts. They last well through washings and drying and don’t shrink, while the artwork doesn’t flake off, which makes them a more credible micro-entrepreneur.
  • Excellent Customer Support: People are pleased by the quality of TeePublic’s contacted customer service. They have only great things to say about how helpful, ingenious, and valuable the customer service team is in helping independent artists regulate their problems with payments and content delivery.

Why Are People Worried About Using TeePublic?

While the majority of the customers that bought a t-shirt from TeePublic are happy with the purchase, there are people who don’t think of TeePublic as a legit company with great items sold.

Let’s see some of the customer complaints and what points they make there.

What Google Reviewers Worried About TeePublic

  • Limited Control: Some designers aren’t happy that they can’t choose the final retail prices of their products. The designers are only allowed to set their profit margins.
  • High Competition: With many designers and artists on TeePublic, it can be challenging to stand out and gain visibility amidst the competition. Some designers aren’t happy that TeePublic lets anyone publish their designs, setting a very high supply of art.
  • Wrong Sizes: The artists are unhappy about the sizing policy at TeePublic. Most of them talk about how hard it is to create a design that would fit a certain product. The problem is especially observable when it comes to T-shirts and other clothes.

What Trustpilot Reviewers Worried About TeePublic

  • Limited Customization: While TeePublic offers some basic customization options for designers’ storefronts, many creators are unhappy about the limited possibility of the website letting them make their storefronts stand out among others.
  • Wrong Colors: Designers aren’t happy about TeePublic using the wrong colors for some products, deliberately changing the whole point of some creations. Some of them use colors to create unique and meaningful graphic tees.
  • Missing Payments: Some independent artists who have uploaded their designs on TeePublic have stated that the company has missed some deadlines on their royalty payments. This happens rarely, but if you encounter it, you should call them or leave an email.

TeePublic Quality & Guarantees

TeePublic takes great pride in the quality of its products and strives to provide customers with a satisfying shopping experience.

As an online marketplace and print-on-demand platform, TeePublic maintains a severe quality control process to ensure that all the products meet the highest standards.

The company offers several guarantees, including a guarantee against damaged products, counterfeit products, and a guarantee against incorrect orders. They also offer an exchange and money-back guarantee a customer can use in case they don’t like the product they got.

Regarding quality, TeePublic uses the best materials and printing methods to ensure that every t-shirt meets the market’s highest standards.

The TeePublic shirts, and other merchandise, are covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This means that if a customer is unsatisfied with the purchase, they can return it and get a full refund.

Overall, TeePublic’s commitment to maintaining high-quality products and its dedication to customer satisfaction has established the platform as a reputable destination for digital printing enthusiasts and those seeking unique merchandise.

Does TeePublic Offer Customer Service?

Yes, TeePublic does offer customer services. The company has a dedicated customer service team that can help you with any request.

The team is responsive and accommodating, doesn’t waste time on bureaucracy, and can help you with order issues, product questions, and account issues.

Overall, TeePublic offers a good customer service team that will guide you through the whole process of buying or selling a design without any problem.

What Customer Service Options Are Available?

TeePublic offers several customer support options you can access. The first and most reliable one is a contact form. TeePublic’s website features a contact form that allows customers to submit their questions, concerns, or feedback directly to the support team.

You can also email your questions or contact them on social media.

However, you can receive an answer fastest using their live chat support. This feature enables users to engage in real-time conversations with customer support representatives. If you have something urgent, this feature is the best.

Conclusion: Is TeePublic Legit?

To sum everything up, TeePublic has always been a legit company delivering only high-quality, custom apparel to hundreds of thousands of people.

The standalone marketplace is great for buyers and artists, creating a healthy ecosystem where everyone gets what he wants.

If you want to buy or sell a unique t-shirt, you should look into it now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Anyone Make Money on TeePublic?

Yes, absolutely. Designers are earning a high percentage of the total profit from every item sold on the marketplace.

You’ll be able earn much more if you make popular designs since your percentage rises with number of items sold.

How Long Does TeePublic Take to Ship?

TeePublic can deliver your items in six to eight business days max. However, you can choose the expedited type of shipping, and you’ll get the item in up to four business days.

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Wrapping Up

TeePublic is a great way of earning a lot of money if you are a creative designer with tons of artwork lying around. You must register, upload your art and wait for clients to order products with your print. So don’t hesitate, you can start right now!

What do you think about TeePublic? Let us know in the comments. And if you find this article helpful, don’t forget to share it!

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