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Creative Space or Creative Scam: Is Redbubble Legit?

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Wondering if it’s a good idea to sell your art on Redbubble and have it printed on a mug, t-shirt, or office supplies?

Or is this your first time buying custom art from the virtual marketplace?

It’s natural to be cautious of the platform’s reliability, especially if you don’t know anyone who can give you an honest review.

Is Redbubble legit?

This article answers your question by explaining how Redbubble works and if it’s safe to publish your designs or shop.

We’ll also go through its positive and negative aspects based on user experience, the site’s guarantees, and the quality of its customer service.

What Is Redbubble?

Redbubble is an online marketplace that caters to a global audience, with its headquarters in Australia. The platform went live back in 2006.

It specializes in printable or print-on-demand pieces, allowing artists to upload their designs so that buyers can pick their favorite designs to be printed on numerous products.

screenshot of the Redbubble homepage - header graphic for the "is Redbubble legit" post on gigworker.com

Such products have a huge variety; from travel mugs to wall art, duvet covers, accessories, pet supplies, and more.

Today, Redbubble hosts the virtual shops of over 70,000 artists across the globe, connecting them with customers through a seamless shopping experience!

How Does Redbubble Work?

Redbubble has made the ordering and shipping processes as smooth as possible, both for the seller and the buyer. It’s one of the most straightforward places for selling art online.

All sellers have to do is create a Redbubble account, customize their profile, add payment details, then upload their artwork.

By using interesting details in their listings and effectively promoting their online stores, potential buyers can find their designs with ease.

As for buying products on Redbubble, you can browse different product categories on the official website or shop by theme.

Then, once you place your order for the art and the product you want it printed on, the site contacts a third-party manufacturer to create your physical design.

The choice of the third-party fulfiller, which can be anywhere in the world, depends on two things.

These two points are the final destination of the package and the type of item you’ve purchased.

When your order has been completed, this fulfiller ships the product to you. Finally, the independent artist gets their money at the beginning of each month.

Common Questions to Understand

Before using Redbubble, it’s important to have the answers to two questions that people often wonder about the POD platform.

Is Redbubble Like Etsy?

Redbubble is like Etsy in one way, which is both of them being platforms where buyers can shop for artist-made designs. However, this is where their similarities come to an end.

Etsy requires sellers to be more active in the ordering and shipping process, as it doesn’t have third parties that do the printing job for you.

You may still sell print-on-demand products on your Etsy shop, but you’ll have to hire a separate supplier to handle this task.

Alternatively, selling on Redbubble doesn’t need you to go through all the hassle of searching for someone to print your designs for you.

The site handles the entire shipping and printing process from start to finish, leaving you to only promote your artwork and earn money!

Why Is Redbubble So Expensive?

While you’ll find that prices on Redbubble tend to vary from one artist’s design to another, most of them lean toward the pricier end.

The main reason for this wide range of prices is that the website allows each artist to determine their artwork’s value.

Of course, custom designs are more expensive than mass-produced ones. This is why sellers price their products at higher numbers than regular market options.

Plus, Redbubble shipping tends to be pricier the farther the shipping destination is from the third party that makes and prints the products.

Add the cost of the taxes to all this, and you’ll understand why Redbubble sometimes charges so much for its orders.

Is Redbubble Legit?

Yes. Redbubble is a legitimate e-commerce marketplace for both buyers and sellers. It’s regarded as the market leader in its industry, providing a safe space for artists to sell their merchandise without leaving their homes.

It also helps buyers find attractive and unique designs with only a few clicks.

While it’s understandable that first-time buyers and sellers may be reluctant to use this platform, many factors show this business’s legitimacy:

  • Supports local economy: Unlike Amazon, Redbubble doesn’t have warehouses where products are stored. Since it prints and ships products from a location usually inside the buyer’s home country, it helps the local economy and reduces taxes.
  • High standards for third-party fulfillers: Redbubble has strict policies and criteria when partnering with its third-party providers across the planet. It only deals with businesses that follow ethical approaches and use high-quality materials.
  • Countless templates for all products: One of the website’s key selling points is that it offers artists several templates or mockups on which they can test the appearance of their designs. This way, they’ll know whether or not the prints will look good in real life!
  • Secure payment methods: Redbubble grants buyers and sellers trusted ways to pay and receive money by linking all payments to a single billing address. It leaves no room for scammers to ruin your shopping or selling experience.

Is Redbubble Reliable?

Yes, Redbubble is a reliable source of income for those looking for a suitable side hustle with their full-time jobs.

You can also depend on it as a buyer to shop for gifts, office supplies, clothes, and more.

Here are a few points that contribute to Redbubble’s reliability as an e-commerce site:

  • The company has been in business since 2006, which means years of experience in the industry.
  • Redbubble’s reputation is backed by numerous positive reviews on different online platforms, increasing its credibility.
  • Its revenue grows significantly with each passing year, climbing over 40% in 2021 alone.

Is Redbubble Safe?

Redbubble is one of the safest online platforms for both customers and independent artists.

Several points make it the ideal, no-risk option for ordering and selling merchandise, including:

  • A team of experts that monitor the activity of the website’s users to detect suspicious listings or accounts and deal with them
  • Using SSL encryption, which helps protect top-secret data like your payment details from hackers
  • Getting back to the concerns and inquiries of customers in typically a few hours
  • An admirable dedication to consumer satisfaction thanks to the website’s hassle-free return policy
  • A watertight strategy that reduces the chances of copyright infringement using a strict IP/Publicity Rights policy

What Are Users Saying About Redbubble?

A tried-and-true method to find where Redbubble stands on the customer satisfaction spectrum is to look up customer reviews.

By understanding what Google and Trustpilot users enjoyed about Redbubble, you can form your idea about the site’s trustworthiness.

What Google Reviewers Liked About Redbubble

Redbubble has a positive Google rating of 3.4 stars made by around 14,900 voters. This general overview sounds promising, but let’s dig deeper into the recurrent points that these reviews have made.

  • Great passive income potential: Many sellers on Redbubble admire it as an effortless place to make easy money without getting into the nitty-gritty of the printing and shipping process.
  • Well-presented interface for buyers: Most Redbubble shoppers find it a breeze to browse the site and the app, finishing their order in a heartbeat. This is more notable when clicking on the category pages instead of using the search function.
  • Impressive number of designs: The vast majority of Google reviewers were fans of the high variety and thousands of original design options on Redbubble. They compared it to other e-commerce sites, like TeePublic, emphasizing that Redbubble is the superior choice!

What Trustpilot Reviewers Liked About Redbubble

On Trustpilot, Redbubble has a current review score of “Average.” It garnered more than 24,300 reviews that led to a 3.7-star rating.

Here are all the great aspects that Trustpilot reviewers noticed while using Redbubble:

  • Fast delivery: Many users were blown away by the quick shipping service, claiming that their order reached them earlier than they thought!
  • Awesome product quality: In most cases, the products that you get from Redbubble have a top-tier quality that justifies the high price.
  • Secure packaging: Most Redbubble buyers faced no issues with products that were creased or damaged during shipping.

Why Are People Worried About Using Redbubble?

Because no online or offline service is 100% free of downsides, here’s a quick overview of the concerns that people over the web associate with Redbubble.

What Google Reviewers Are Worried About

While the majority of Google reviewers like Redbubble, there were still some negative reviews:

  • Mobile version is hard to use for sellers: The Redbubble app could include more functions to help sellers list their products more easily.
  • App doesn’t update tracking information correctly: Several users had to switch to a separate tracking app to monitor the shipping of their packages.
  • Difficult to reach out to sellers on the app: A common complaint was that Redbubble buyers had to use the web version of the platform to communicate with sellers. The app seems to be lacking in this area.

What Trustpilot Reviewers Are Worried About

Here are a few not-so-good aspects of using Redbubble that Trustpilot reviewers had to point out:

  • Irrelevant search results: Some users had to go through many unrelated website suggestions until they found the product in mind.
  • Inconsistent quality: While most items on Redbubble are of high quality, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a premium-grade product with each purchase.
  • Over-the-top prices: According to a few reviewers, some designs were far more expensive than what you’d get at a retail store. The addition of taxes and shipping costs made the total price “crazy” to some people.

Redbubble Quality & Guarantees

An admirable fact about Redbubble is that it uses the direct-to-garment printing technique, which ensures the print falls seamlessly onto the clothes.

It also utilizes TATT™ when printing phone case designs, ingraining the colors into the material of the case to increase durability.

These two points showcase the lengths that this service goes to offer its customers top-notch quality.

Plus, Redbubble has a collection of policies that help you get what you pay for and protect your work as an artist, including:

Does Redbubble Offer Customer Service?

Yes. One of Redbubble’s greatest aspects is its active customer support, which promises a trouble-free all-around experience.

If you have any questions about your order’s details, where it’s shipping from, and more, heading to the Help Center can give you answers.

As a seller, you can also benefit from Redbubble’s customer service to complete any task you’re unsure how to do.

What Customer Service Options Are Available?

Redbubble has several ways to help you as a customer or talented artist. The simplest one is the extensive FAQ page you’ll find once you open the Help Center.

On that page, you’ll come upon different categories like Returns, Order Changes & Cancellation, Product Information, and more.

Chances are, you’ll get the answer to your inquiry by searching for it on one of those pages if it’s a common question.

For more specific inquiries or concerns, you may use the live chat option at the bottom right corner of the page. If the 24/7 bot isn’t able to assist you, a human agent will get in touch with you.

As for the response speed, it tends to vary from one time of the day to another.

However, most users were glad to get their responses within a couple of hours. Some were lucky to receive a reply in a matter of minutes!

You may also reach out to Redbubble on DM via its social media handles:

Finally, Redbubble has this form that you can fill if you’re an investor or analyst. On the same page, you’ll find the three addresses of the company’s global offices, too.

Conclusion: Is Redbubble Legit?

Redbubble is a legit business with a head office in Victoria, Australia and two more offices in New York City and San Francisco.

The platform is completely safe and reliable for both sellers and digital artists to use without fear of scammers.

Some factors that have boosted Redbubble’s reputation are its increasing revenue, high number of users, and great return policy.

You’ll also like that Redbubble hires some of the best third-party manufacturers in different locations.

Those locations are scattered across the U.S., Europe, Australia, etc.

The bottom line is that you can depend on the website to help your designs reach a global audience.

Similarly, you may rely on it to find state-of-the-art prints and themes that fit your style and make for memorable gifts!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have more inquiries about Redbubble, here are the answers to questions people often have about the platform.

Does Redbubble Give Refunds?

Yes. Redbubble gives refunds that usually hit your bank account within five to ten days, depending on the system of your bank.

However, you have to submit your return request within 90 days of the latest estimated delivery date for a product.

Where Is Redbubble Shipping From?

There isn’t a specific location that Redbubble ships from. Orders are printed and shipped from third-party manufacturers all over the world.

The ordering and shipping process goes like this:
A Redbubble buyer places their order, then it goes to one or more third-party fulfillers chosen based on where the package will be delivered.

After the manufacturer finishes the order, they’ll ship it to the customer’s location.

Similar Gigs to Check Out

Besides Redbubble, several other popular platforms give you the chance to make money online. It’s time to find out if they’re legitimate, too!

  • Is Etsy Legit?: Etsy is a well-known handmade product selling venue that has a wide base of users. If you’re into jewelry making, crafts, or reselling vintage pieces, Etsy is the place to be!
  • Is Social Rebel Legit?: Testing out apps and writing your reviews can now be a good source of income with Social Rebel. Find out what users like or dislike about it today.
  • Is Carvertise Legit?: Carvertise pays you money in exchange for advertising on your car. Learn about this gig’s reliability right now.

Wrapping Up

After knowing that Redbubble is legit, using it as a side hustle to get some cash should be easy through the site’s intuitive interface.

You can also order countless designs from the marketplace, whether they’re fan art, canvas prints, etc.

Was the information in this article helpful? If it was, tell us your opinion in the comments section and share this guide with your social media friends!

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