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Is SSENSE Legit? An In-Depth Look into the Fashion Giant

Is SSENSE legit? Yes! User reviews show that this site is 100% trustworthy. Give it a try for an exciting and unforgettable shopping experience.

The online luxury fashion store SSENSE is currently trending as the go-to destination for fashion lovers around the globe where they can find designer items and brand names.

Yet, many customers are hesitant to purchase products from this site. So, if you’re one of the people wondering ‘Is SSENSE legit?’ then this post is for you.

The short answer is yes, SSENSE is totally legit.

In this review post, we answer this question in more detail. We’ll also talk about the benefits and drawbacks of shopping on this popular fashion platform.


SSENSE, pronounced es-ENSE, is an online fashion store that offers a wide variety of high-end designer clothing, handbags, jewelry, and shoes.

They also feature streetwear from more than 700 designers including Gucci, Burberry, Prada Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino, and many more!

screenshot of the SSENSE homepage - header graphic for the "is SSENSE legit" post on gigworker.com

Over the years, it’s grown beyond being a generic online platform selling luxury brands. Now, customers regard it as a huge brand name in its own right.

Founded in 2003 in Montreal, the fashion platform started out as a humble online clothing business.

The website is still based in Canada but has grown exponentially since its small beginnings. Now, SSENSE ships to nearly 120 countries and receives over 30 million views per month.

In fact, SSENSE markets itself to provide super-fast shipping, which is a definite advantage in this hustle and bustle day and age.

The site has over 1 million Instagram followers, nearly 74k Twitter followers, and more than 800k followers on Facebook.

How Does SSENSE Work?

Similar to other online retailers, SSENSE sells a wide range of popular apparel and shoes. Yet, what makes this site stand out is its wide assortment of products in stock.

The site has a vast selection of trendy clothes in all styles from streetwear and casual to elegant and formal, and everything in between.

It also offers a large selection of brands in a wide range of colors and sizes to satisfy everyone’s style and personal taste.

Below are the four main categories sold on SSENSE:

  • Clothing: jeans, pants, shorts, shirts, blazers and suits, sweaters, tops, swimwear, jackets, coats, loungewear, and underwear
  • Shoes: boots, lace-ups, sandals, sneakers, loafers, moccasins, espadrilles
  • Bags: duffle bags, pouches, messenger bags, backpacks, briefcases, pouches, travel bags, and tote bags
  • Accessories: eyewear, gloves, jewelry, hats, keychains, socks, scarves, ties, towels, wallets, watches, umbrellas, and pocket squares

Common Questions to Understand

Selling a wide selection of luxury and streetwear items from numerous designers and fashion houses, SSENSE is now the go-to place to find top-tier fashion at relatively affordable prices.

Check out these common questions to find out more about this fashion platform.

Are Items on SSENSE Authentic?

All items sold on the SSENSE site are 100% authentic because the company receives the products directly from the designers and brands themselves.

Also, before shipping out items, the staff inspects each product for quality assurance. Plus, all the products come with proof of authenticity, which includes the original box, certificate of authenticity, and sometimes even a dust bag.

Is SSENSE a Resale Site?

No, SSENSE doesn’t allow customers to buy or sell items to each other like Offerup or Craigslist.

Instead, they sell authentic products directly from the designer so buyers have the peace of mind of knowing that what they’re buying isn’t fake or used.

How Long Does It Take for SSENSE Items to Ship?

If you order only one item, SSENSE will ship it to you in 3–5 days. The site works over the weekend, which is extremely convenient and ensures that there are no delays in shipping.

Yet, if you order several items at once, the shipping process may take longer. Depending on where you are and how many items you’ve ordered, it can take 10–14 days.

Is SSENSE Legit?

Yes, SSENSE is completely legit! Since its launch, this retailer has matured into one of the most reliable and functional international fashion online platforms.

We scoured the internet for the features that make SSENSE stand out from other fashion websites. Take a look.

1. Authentic Packaging

All items come in their original designer boxes. They also feature their authenticity paperwork. Some even come with dust covers to protect them during storage.

2. Easy and Fast Return Policy

It’s also free for customers in Canada, the US, and Japan. Make sure the item is returned within 30 days from the date of receiving it. It should be returned with all the tags and packaging in its original condition.

In other words, it shouldn’t be used, washed, or altered in any way.

3. Global Niche

The site appeals to well-educated, Gen Z and millennials who have money and a good sense of fashion.

Taking that almost 80% of their audience is between 18 and 34 years old, the website focuses primarily on what SSENSE’s Director of Brand Marketing Strategy, Fanny Damiette, calls a ‘global niche’ because of how this generation relies on digital media that makes their world almost without borders

4. Thoughtful Editorial Content

The blurbs on all the items featured on the site are one of the reasons behind its success.

Sometimes the writing doesn’t directly discuss fashion but rather makes connections to fashion through pop culture, art, and architecture.

Written by creative content writers, the writing is exciting, illuminating, and interesting compared to the standard self-promotional articles currently flooding the web.

5. A Remarkable Team of Collaborators

Starting with the three brothers who founded the platform in 2003 in their parents’ basement to the multiple hard-working, dedicated employees, writers, and tech engineers they’ve acquired over the years, SSENSE is renowned for its strong foundation.

In addition, the brothers appointed Joerg Koch, founder of the highly successful Berlin-based magazine 032c, to be their editor-in-chief.

Koch offers an amazing level of credibility to the site’s logistics and technology as well as a compelling reason for talented writers to join the SSENSE team.

Considering that this platform has no actual product, all these factors combined have helped give it a voice and an identity uniquely its own.

Is SSENSE Reliable?

Yes! All items ordered via SSENSE come with their original packaging as well as their authentic paperwork. Depending on the product, some also come with a dust cover for added protection.

The one feature where reliability may be an issue is the shoes.

It can be a challenge to order any type of footwear online because you never know if the size will run big or small.

With SSENSE, most customers agree that their sandals can run a bit small, while their sneakers run slightly larger than the size you ordered.

In other words, when ordering classic footwear, such as sandals, dress shoes, or high heels, try ordering half a size up than your normal size.

Alternatively, if you’re buying sneakers, go down about half a size.


Given that SSENSE has been around for a decade, it’s safe to say that this fashion platform can be trusted.

Another reason why millions of customers consider this site safe is the increasing number of talented staff, writers, coders, and engineers who have become part of the SSENSE powerhouse.

The site oversees more than 1,300 employees across North America and Europe.

Recently in 2021, SSENSE received a significant investment from Sequoia Capital, a tech-focused venture capital firm.

While neither company wishes to disclose the exact amount, having such a renowned firm backing up the $4.1 billion fashion platform is evidence that it’s reliable.

What Are Users Saying about SSENSE?

Probably the first thing that catches every buyer’s eye is the free shipping option.

This offer applies to full-priced items shipped to the US. keep in mind that this policy differs if you’re buying items on sale.

For orders under $300, there’s a $12 shipping fee for orders in the US. In other countries, shipping fees start from $20.

For orders in the UK, you get free shipping on orders over £200, while in New Zealand, free shipping applies on orders over $350.

As for European countries, free shipping applies to orders above €250 or $500.

For domestic shipping inside Canada, priority shipping costs between $7–$10, depending on your province. Any order under $100 requires a standard charge of $5–$8.

What Social Media Users Liked about SSENSE

Here’s what SSENSE customers are saying about the site on social media.

  • Fast shipping: When ordering one item, shipping usually takes around 3–5 days even on weekends.
  • Items are almost always available: In many cases, the designer’s website runs out of the size or color of the item you’re ordering. Yet, that doesn’t seem to ever happen on SSENSE because it has more items in stock.
  • A good relationship with designers: SSENSE has established an excellent relationship with designers and their brands. As such, the site will often sell exclusive online designer items that you’ll only find on SSENSE.
  • Easy returns: SSENSE has a no-paper policy, so you won’t find a return slip inside your package. So, if you wish to return any of your purchases, start by submitting an online request. You can do this via your SSENSE account or on the phone with a customer support agent. Then, you’ll receive an email with step-by-step instructions on how to send back your purchased item, like the following:
    1. Place the items you wish to return in a box.
    2. Attach the shipping label provided by the site.
    3. Next, write on the box ‘Return of Canadian Merchandise.’
    4. Finally, drop the box off at your nearest UPS branch. That’s it! After that, you have to wait for a few days until the bank clears your returned payment, and everything is back to normal.

That’s quite impressive if you consider that this is an international return. However, there are certain points you need to keep in mind:

  • Final sale products can’t be returned
  • Swimwear and intimate apparel must have the hygienic strip attached.
  • Footwear has to be placed in its original box.
  • All merchandise must be in its original condition with all its tags still attached.
  • Refunds are credited to the initial form of payment.
  • Original shipping fees aren’t included in the refund.

What Trustpilot Reviewers Liked about SSENSE

There are nearly 39k reviews on SSENSE with an average rating of 4.4 stars.

Most customers state they’re happy with the customer service and fast shipping. They’re also satisfied with the wide range of products, which ensures that every shopper will find what they’re looking for.

In addition, many customers agree that SSENSE products cost less than the brand itself and other retailers.

Check out these other positive reviews on Trustpilot:

  • Loyalty program: The SSENSE loyalty program is a feature that makes SSENSE unique is its loyalty program. Through this program, customers can earn points every time they make a purchase. Then, they can use these points to redeem special offers and discounts.
  • A variety of payment options: Customers can pay using all major credit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and Apple Pay.
  • Discount codes and sales: SSENSE regularly runs a couple of discounted sales that offer up to 70%–80% off the original price. They also offer promotional codes, which buyers can receive ahead of time by subscribing to the newsletter.
  • Privacy Policy: SSENSE is transparent when it comes to data transfers through its Privacy Policy. So, there’s no risk of scams of any kind and buyers are guaranteed that their data is safe from hackers.

Why Are People Worried about Using SSENSE?

Fortunately, there are no reported claims of malware or viruses in connection with SSENSE. Plus, the site isn’t known to steal or abuse sensitive data from its customers.

However, while there’s certainly a heap of good reviews, we can’t deny that some customers also left negative reviews.

Take a look at some of the complaints they had about a few issues at SSENSE.

What Trustpilot Reviewers Worried About

  • Prices are the same as on designer websites or slightly less, but cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean affordable.
  • Sizes can be limited, making it difficult to find an ideal fit.

What Social Media Users Worried About

  • Slow customer service
  • The fact that you can’t try on products to check for size or fabric quality

SSENSE Quality & Guarantees

The most favorable review is the site’s quality of the products. Coming from a wide selection of designer names, all the products on the site are shipped directly from the brand’s collection.

Each item passes through a thorough quality check before shipping. In addition, certain items may include proof of authenticity, which includes an authenticity card, original packaging, and a dust bag.

The site also offers general instructions for garment care depending on the fabric type.

Does SSENSE Offer Customer Service?

Like any other online operation, SSENSE offers customer service to its clients. Yet, some people have mentioned that they were slow to respond to their inquiries.

That can be frustrating if you’re picking out a gift and are pressed for time, or if you’re looking for a specific color or size and need to act before the item is sold out.

What Customer Service Options Are Available?

The customer service at SSENSE runs 24 hours a day, all week long. There’s a toll-free customer care number with options in English and French.

Buyers can also use the site’s email if they prefer physical correspondence. Yet, according to various reviews, calling in has a higher success rate than sending an email.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that most user complaints come from slow, or sometimes even non-existent, replies from the customer service department.

When there is a reply, the staff are genuinely happy to help. So, it may not be a lack of professional care, but rather that SSENSE has a short supply of customer service representatives.

Conclusion: Is SSENSE Legit?

Yes, SSENSE is a legit fashion platform. It’s been offering high-end luxury items from over 700 designers since the early 2000s.

The majority of customer reviews are positive. Most people are happy with the quality and authenticity of the products. They’re also satisfied with the free returns and exchanges, as well as the loyalty program that rewards customers for each purchase.

However, as with everything in life, SSENSE does have a few drawbacks. The most common complaint is the inconsistent shipping times when ordering several items at once.

Some customers also don’t like the fact that SSENSE has no in-store pickup, which can be a  convenient feature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is the Owner of SSENSE?

SSENSE was launched in 2003 by three brothers: Rami, Firas, and Bassel. It was originally intended to be a college thesis for Rami who was a computer engineering student at the time.

Yet, it’s managed to grow in size and rake in more profits over the years even without the help of outside investors.

Can You Return an Item from SSENSE?

Yes, the return policy at SSENSE is quick, easy, and free of charge.

Customers have up to 30 days from the delivery date to request a return if they’re not satisfied with their purchase.

In our case, the items took a couple of days to be shipped back to Canada. Then, it took another 3–5 days for SSENSE to process the returned items and issue our refund.

Similar Gigs to Check Out

Worried if other fashion platforms are also legit and trustworthy? Here’s a quick look at three popular websites you may have heard of.

Is Shein Legit?

Shein is a reputable China-based clothing brand that controls nearly 30% of the fast fashion online market. It made its name offering low-priced items geared at social-media-savvy millennials.

Is Cider Legit?

The legit online retailer Cider provides customers with low-cost high-quality apparel. It operates via a drop shipping business model.

This means that it only acts as the supplier for a boutique business. In other words, it doesn’t keep any products in stock but works with a third-supplier company that ships orders to buyers.

Is KicksCrew Legit?

KicksCrew is a reputable online marketplace that sells apparel and sneakers. It’s a legit business-to-business-to-consumer (B2C) company, but many customers have reported high shipping fees and a complicated return policy.

Wrapping Up

Is SSENSE legit? Definitely!

It may not be 100% when it comes to shipping or featuring in-store pickup. Yet, there are plenty of other features that make this fashion platform in-demand and trending, especially among Gen Z and millennials.

So, why not give the website a try? Then, let us know what you think, and don’t forget to share.

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