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Is Eneba Legit? Gaming Gratification or Gimmick

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Gaming can be an excellent way to enjoy your free time. Not only that, but it can also be a great gig to make a living.

The only downside to this is that gaming can be quite expensive, with some AAA titles costing anywhere from $60 to $100 a piece!

Luckily there are some websites out there, such as Eneba, that sell these games for a fraction of the price. But is Eneba legit?

In today’s guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about this platform and what others think of it to decide whether it’s suitable for you.

What Is Eneba?

Eneba is an online marketplace that specializes in reselling video games, Amazon gift cards, and other digital items related to gaming.

This also includes DLC packs, season passes, Game Pass subscriptions, PlayStation Plus subscriptions, and much more.

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Although we don’t know much about the origin of the website, Eneba’s “About Us” page offers some background information.

According to the official website, Eneba was founded by two Lithuanian entrepreneurs: Vytis (the current CEO of the company) and Zygis Uogintas.

The two co-founders were avid gamers throughout their college years and developed a passion for video games. They decided to establish the website in 2018, and despite being new to the game, the platform skyrocketed in popularity.

Fast forward a few years, and the website is currently one of the fastest-growing gaming markets.

In fact, Eneba currently has over 5 million active users and the number of users is continuously on the rise.

While the company didn’t disclose the number of employees it has, a quick search on its LinkedIn shows that Eneba has around 50 to 200 employees. This goes in line with other reputable sources like Glassdoor.

How Does Eneba Work?

Eneba belongs to a category of gaming marketplaces known as “key resellers”, such as G2A, Fanatical, and Green Man Gaming.

As the name suggests, when you make a purchase on the website, Eneba sends you an activation key through the email you provided.

You then use this key code to activate the game or service you’ve bought the same way you activate a game you buy directly from an official store, such as:

  • Steam
  • Epic Games
  • Xbox/PlayStation (PSN/Game Pass) stores
  • Nintendo Switch store
  • Humble Bundle
  • GOG

The main advantage of buying from key reselling websites is that they offer popular games at a much cheaper price.

However, the main downside of these websites is that you rarely know the source of the game, and there’s no way to verify the key except after making a purchase.

Ideally, reputable websites often get affordable game keys through methods like bundle purchases from developers at heavily discounted prices.

However, some shady websites might use illegal methods to buy keys from official marketplaces. These include stolen credit cards, hacked accounts, etc.

Common Questions to Understand

In the following sections, we’ll dive into more details about Eneba’s legitimacy and whether you should trust its products.

But first, here are some common questions that many gamers ask before buying from Eneba.

Why is Eneba So Cheap?

One of the biggest advantages that Eneba has against its competitors is the affordable cost of the games it offers.

Like other third-party resellers, it uses various methods to get the games at heavily discounted prices.

This allows them to sell the game for as little as a couple of dollars and still turn a profit.

Additionally, you can buy that game for even cheaper through discounts by entering a discount code during checkout.

Among the most popular strategies Eneba uses to achieve are:

  • Buying bundles that include a wide range of games at a discounted price for the individual game. Eneba then sells each game separately.
  • Buying games from countries where the rates are cheaper and then selling them globally.
  • Buying cd keys from a PC game developer directly. Since the company is buying in bulk, it usually gets a heavily discounted price.

How Fast Does Eneba Deliver?

Eneba’s delivery speed relies heavily on the type of product in question. For example, if you’re buying a digital game key, you should expect it to reach your email inbox almost instantly.

In some cases, the game key might take around 5 to 15 minutes to reach your inbox, especially if you’re buying during rush hours.

As for physical copies and shipments, they can take around 2 to 5 working days to reach the customer.

According to Eneba’s FAQs section, the website provides you with a tracking number. You can then use it to estimate the exact arrival time of the package.

Is Eneba Legit?

Different users have mixed views about Eneba. Yet, generally speaking, it’s a perfectly legit business.

You can use the website to buy working video game keys for a relatively cheap price. You can also use it to buy gift cards that you can redeem on your console.

The game keys you buy from Eneba are also safe. This means that you won’t have to worry about getting banned from buying them.

Buying games from Eneba is legal in the US, so you won’t have to worry about any legal troubles. This, however, might vary depending on the rules where you live.

You should also keep in mind that there’s always a small chance of running into problems while buying some keys. In fact, this is common among all third-party key resellers.

These problems include keys that aren’t working, already activated, or activates the wrong game.

To sum things up, here are four main reasons why we find Eneba a legit business:

  • Working Game Codes: Most gamers who buy game keys from Eneba reported that they work perfectly. You can check out multiple test purchases on youtube as well.
  • Dedicated Support Team: If the key you purchased doesn’t work properly, you can contact Eneba support to get a refund or a replacement. The team replies within minutes and resolves issues on Eneba’s end as quickly as possible (might take up to 5 business days).
  • Positive User Experience: The vast majority of gamers who used Eneba reported a generally satisfying experience. The website has remarkably positive reception on multiple review websites.
  • Uses Secure Payment Options: Although Eneba accepts payments in various methods, the website only deals in secure payments. In other words, it keeps your billing information secure and encrypted

Is Eneba Reliable?

Like other game key sellers, you might encounter some minor issues while using Eneba. However, for the most part, it’s a perfectly reliable platform.

Here are some of the reasons that establish its reliability.

  • Sells a Variety of Digital Products: Eneba has thousands of games in its library and updates them regularly. You can also find games for multiple platforms, including PC and console games
  • Simple User Interface: While browsing the website, you’ll notice how easy it is to find what you’re looking for. The platform displays plenty of information on every game and offers features like filtered searches, categories, and much more.
  • Delivers Game Codes Instantly: After buying games from Eneba, you should expect the game codes in your inbox right away. If you encounter problems, the support team usually solves them quickly as well.
  • Has a Smartphone App: Eneba announced a new app (available for iOS and Android). This allows you to browse and purchase games smoothly.

Is Eneba Safe?

Eneba is a perfectly safe website that uses secure connection methods to protect the information of its users.

The website uses reliable cybersecurity measures to protect its database and stored billing information.

Additionally, if you’re buying with a bank card, the websites redirect the users to reliable payment portals with high-end security.

In addition to that, Eneba uses an SSL certificate to establish a secure and private connection while browsing the website.

What Are Users Saying About Eneba?

While researching a website, it’s essential that you keep other users’ experiences in mind. This gives you a better overview of the platform’s services and all the expected issues.

In this section, we’ll take a quick look at what users are saying about Eneba.

What Trustpilot Reviewers Liked About Eneba

Trustpilot is one of the most reliable sources when it comes to user experiences and reviews.

As of June 2023, Eneba has an average rating of 4.6, based on more than 122,000 reviews. In fact, 5-star ratings make up around 84% of all reviews on the website.

While different users enjoyed various aspects of the website, here’s a quick look at the most common ones:

  • Affordable Prices: Almost all users who left a positive review of the website mentioned its excellent deals and cheap prices. Gamers also liked that Eneba offers plenty of game copies so they don’t sell out quickly.
  • Instant Delivery: Many users enjoyed how fast the game codes hit their inbox after completing the purchase. Even those who didn’t receive them instantly still got them within the first 10 minutes most of the time.
  • Easy to Navigate: Another aspect that users often noted is the simple user interface of the website and app. Gamers were able to locate the games and complete purchases easily and quickly with no hiccups.
  • Various Payment Methods: Gamers also noted that Eneba is quite versatile when it comes to payment options. Besides credit cards, PayPal, and Eneba Wallet, you can buy games using a variety of payment methods available at checkout.

What Reddit Users Liked About Eneba

Many gamers shared their experiences after using Eneba on Reddit. Of course, different users had unique impressions of Eneba’s legitimacy.

Here’s what Reddit users like about the website:

  • Affordability: Like TrustPilot, most users mainly praised the website’s prices and how cheap some games on the website can be. Redditors also liked that the website always had high-demand games in stock.
  • Smoothness of Operation: Many users often commented about the simplicity of the website and how rare it is to encounter problems while buying from Eneba, especially if you follow the website’s recommendations.
  • Helpful Customer Support: Some Reddit users also mentioned that even after bumping into issues, the support team was able to solve them fairly quickly.

Why Are People Worried About Using Eneba?

There are various reasons for people to avoid using Eneba and other third-party key sellers. The main aspect here is that many find these websites a bit shady for offering games this cheap.

Additionally, many gamers have a bad impression of key seller websites due to a previous unpleasant experience. This includes key codes that didn’t work or stolen credit card information.

However, as things stand, Eneba is a reputable key seller website that helps you save a lot of money on games without using shady methods to stock up its inventory.

What Trustpilot Reviewers Worried are About

While most Trustpilot reviews were fairly positive, their 1 and 2-start ratings still make up to 8% of the total reviews.

Here are some of the aspects that Trustpilot reviewers didn’t like:

  • Discrepancies in Key Codes: Some users reported receiving keys that didn’t work or for different games. Alternatively, a few users mentioned that the keys never reached their inbox
  • Problematic Refunds: Although Eneba offers an instant refund policy for most of its products, some users mentioned that refunds took a lot of time or never happened.
  • Lack of Response: Some users also mentioned that Eneba never responded to their complaints.

However, this could also result from not following Eneba’s guidelines properly, as it’s quite easy to create a customer support ticket.

Additionally, Eneba replies to almost all reviewers on Trustpilot and mentioned that they didn’t hear from them.

What Reddit Reviewers Worried are About

Negative Reddit reviews and experiences share a lot of similarities with Trustpilot. These include:

  • Problems Activating Codes: These are mostly codes for incorrect games, used codes, or codes for trial/limited versions.
  • Poor Refunding Policy: Some Reddit users also advised against using Eneba for expensive purchases because they can be a hit or miss. This can result in a tedious and lengthy refunding process.

Eneba Quality & Guarantees

Although Eneba generally offers a relatively smooth experience, its quality and guarantees department still needs some work.

According to the website’s terms and regulations, the website denies responsibility for the quality of the products it offers.

However, Eneba all has a clear refund policy, which allows you to get your money back almost immediately if you didn’t display the key.

You can still request compensation if the code you bought doesn’t match the description by following this guide by Eneba.

Eneba Customer Service

While all key reseller websites have a customer service department, not all of them offer real support to help their customers. In this section, we’ll take a close look at Eneba’s customer support to see if they’re helpful.

What Customer Service Options Are Available?

Eneba offers customer service through email and direct chat. However, if your issue is about a problem with a purchase, support chat is the only available option.

If you have any issues or inquiries about Eneba, you should head to the Contact Us page on the official website.

There, you click on the “Create a ticket now” button. The website will navigate you to the FAQs section where you might find an answer to your inquiry.

To chat with a representative directly, you should head for the resolution center.

Conclusion: Is Eneba Legit?

The simple answer to this question is yes. All in All, Eneba is an excellent marketplace for cheap games and software.

You can use the website to browse through thousands of games and gift cards. The prices are quite affordable and you shouldn’t expect any major hiccups while purchasing any items.

However, like other key sellers, Eneba is not perfect, and you could still run into some issues sometimes.

Luckily, Eneba’s customer support is quite helpful for simple issues but might need some improvements for discrepancy refunds.

Similar Gigs to Research

If you’re interested in finding out more about marketplace websites that allow you to buy items for cheap, here are some other gigs that you might want to take a quick look at:

  • Is G2A Legit?: G2A is also a key reseller marketplace that specializes in selling video games and software. The website uses similar strategies to Eneba and sells items at competitive prices.
  • Is DHgate.com Legit?: DHgate is a Chinese B2B marketplace that allows you to buy products from a variety of suppliers. The website specializes in wholesale and dropshipping at affordable prices.
  • Is COIN Legit?: COIN is a mining app that runs in your phone’s background. The app claims to make you money passively that you can redeem after reaching the payout threshold.

Wrapping Up

There you have it! A brief guide that shows you how to save a lot of money by using Eneba, which is a fairly legit platform.

Buying from Eneba is usually a hit or miss, and while you might still run into some issues, the chances are still quite slim.

However, compared to other key resellers, Eneba is one of the most reliable websites that offer a user-friendly experience and accepts a wide range of payment methods.

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