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HotelTonight Customer Service and Phone Numbers for Every Country

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If you’re not travel hacking in this day and age, you’re doing it all wrong.

Traveling on the cheap has never been easier.

With all of the travel planning resources out there, you’d be wasteful to not search for the latest and greatest deals to cut costs and maximize your travel experience.

That’s where HotelTonight comes in.

HotelTonight is a last-minute hotel booking travel app that gives you great deals on hotels for tonight and more.

The service takes unsold rooms from its partners, slaps a deal on them, and provides travelers with an entirely new way to find hotel deals.

But this isn’t your first time around the block.

We’re sure you already know this by now.

You’re here to solve issues that you’ve come across while using HotelTonight.

Let’s dive right in.

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Customer Service Contact Information

There are several ways you can reach out to HotelTonight customer service.

There are also a range of reasons why you’d need help, with each unique problem having a different channel that may be the best choice.

Let’s cut to the chase and give you every way you can contact customer service, and then we’ll go over which one fits the problem you’re facing.

Here is the HotelTonight customer service contact information:

  • General questions: [email protected]
  • Feedback: [email protected]
  • Support from a desktop: [email protected]
  • U.S. phone numbers:
    • +1-800-995-6698
    • +1-877-522-3344
    • +1-800-208-2949
  • Global customer support phone numbers: For support in other regions, head to the list of global phone numbers below.
  • In-app support: Explained below

It’s important to use discretion when considering the nature of your problem.

Many issues can be resolved directly with the hotel you’re booking with, but others may require the assistance of HotelTonight.

Also, before going off and reaching out to customer service, it might not hurt to try to solve your problems on your own.

This may be the quickest way to find what you’re looking for and then you can carry on with your day.

If you want to troubleshoot on your own, then you can head to the HotelTonight Support page or the HotelTonight FAQ page to begin your journey.

For now, let’s help you figure out which avenue will help you with the problem at hand.

How Should You Contact HotelTonight?

Depending on the problem or issue you’re facing with HotelTonight, there are a few different ways you can reach out.

If you have a current booking, typically the best way to solve your issue is through the HotelTonight app.

If you have a less pressing issue, there are a range of email contacts you can use to direct your questions.

In-App Live Chat

As mentioned above, if you already have a current booking with HotelTonight, the best way to solve your issue is to do so through the mobile app.

Through the app you can access a live chat feature that is only available to those with current bookings.

In order to access the live chat feature, first you’ll need to open the app and navigate to your personal account information.

To access your account information, you simply tap on the person icon at the bottom right side of the screen.

Once you see your account information, scroll down to the section that says “We’re Here To Help” and tap the “Customer Support” link.

HotelTonight Customer Service and Phone Numbers for Every Country

From there you’ll be given a series of options to describe your problem.

Decide which option is the best fit for you and then you’ll be connected with a customer support specialist through the live chat feature.

The live chat feature will likely have the shortest waiting times and is usually the quickest way to address your issues.

If you aren’t having any luck or would just rather talk to someone on the phone, then there are also a few phone numbers you can utilize.

HotelTonight Phone Number

HotelTonight has many phone numbers you can use to reach out for customer support.

In many cases, these phone numbers will have long wait times, so we would definitely use this as a backup plan compared to the in-app live chat feature.

If you have general inquiries, trouble making a payment, difficulties with the app, or pretty much anything else regarding HotelTonight, then you can call these customer support numbers if you’re located in the United States.

  • +1-800-995-6698
  • +1-877-522-3344
  • +1-800-208-2949

We aren’t entirely sure what the differences are with each, but we figured we’d give them all to you and you can give each a shot.

Regardless, you’ll get a real person on the phone who can give you a helping hand.

If you’re located outside of the United States, then there are also unique call center numbers you can use depending on which country you’re in.

Here is a list of global phone numbers you can use to contact HotelTonight:

  • Argentina: +54 11 5984-2726
  • Australia: +61 2 8294 7181
  • Austria: +43 720 115794
  • Bahamas: +1-855-484-4967
  • Belgium: +32 2 588 73 65
  • Canada: +1 844-660-0959
  • Colombia: +57 1 5088876
  • Costa Rica: +506-40015397
  • Czech Republic: +420 228 883 191
  • Denmark: +45 78 76 19 12
  • Dominican Republic: +1 829-947-1144
  • France: +33 9 77 55 22 98
  • Germany: +49 30 56839067
  • Greece: +30 21 1198 1962
  • Hungary: +36 1 808 8733
  • Iceland: +354-497-1206
  • Ireland: +353 1 437 0130
  • Israel: +972 2-372-3835
  • Italy: +39 02 9475 2744
  • Mexico: +52 55 4170 9329
  • Morocco: +33-1-73-44-32-27
  • New Zealand: +64 9-886 2326
  • Norway: +47 815 03 179
  • Panama: +507 836-5251
  • Poland: +48 22 307 10 82
  • Portugal: +351 308 802 675
  • Puerto Rico: +1 844-660-0959
  • Russia: +7 499 350-39-82
  • Saudi Arabia: +966-8-111-017570
  • Spain: +34 932 20 17 54
  • Sweden: +46 8 446 811 62
  • Switzerland: +41 43 508 53 22
  • The Netherlands: +31 85 208 1104
  • Turkey: +90 850 390 2864
  • United Kingdom: +44 20 3389 6615

Email HotelTonight

If you’d prefer to just email HotelTonight for less urgent issues, there are also a few emails you can use.

[email protected]

If you don’t have a current or upcoming booking and your issue is much less urgent, then this email may be what you’re looking for.

General inquiries and questions can be sent to this address if you’re unable to figure out your problems independently.

This is also an appropriate place to file any claims regarding HotelTonight and your booking.

[email protected]

If you think you can make the HotelTonight service better in any way, then this address is for you.

By all means, HotelTonight would love to hear your feedback, suggestions, and ideas regarding their service.

This is also a vehicle for you to report app problems, bugs, or digital issues that you’ve encountered.

Pretty much anything to make HotelTonight a better service is appreciated.

[email protected]

It’s unclear what exactly this email is for, but we dug it up during our search so we decided to give you the heads up.

Judging by the “Desktop” indicator, we assume that it’s specifically for those who are having troubles using the desktop version of HotelTonight.

This address is quite specific and isn’t our first choice, but do with it as you please.

Customer Support Contact Form

If you need one more way to reach out to and all of the above just weren’t cutting it, then you can opt to fill out the contact form that’s located on the HotelTonight Support page.

After clicking on the link above, scroll to the bottom of the page to the very last item that says “I need help with something else.”

Screen Shot 2019 01 02 at 12.57.50 PM

Tap on the “Email us” link and you’ll be presented with the contact form.

Then fill out your name, email address, and what you need help with to receive support.

A customer service specialist will get back to you as soon as possible after you file your request.

HotelTonight Customer Service and Phone Number for Every Country

HotelTonight Customer Service Reputation

After going through all the ways you can reach out to HotelTonight customer support, we should probably address the elephant in the room.

HotelTonight doesn’t have a squeaky clean record when it comes to customer service and an overall positive booking experience.

You won’t have to look far to find complaints and problems that customers have faced when dealing with customer service.

While yes, many “complainers” that you come across on forums are bound to be polarized and extreme cases, but you can’t ignore all of the noise that’s out there.

Our suggestion is to take these complaints with a grain of salt and come to your own conclusion after using the service.

Who knows, maybe you’ll give it a try and have a great customer experience.

It’s important to note that one of the most common problems that people report is the fact that all bookings are non-refundable.

This is clearly stated by HotelTonight, but those who fall victim would at least like a little leniency or understanding, but this isn’t the case.

On that note, let’s look at few frequently asked questions that may give you a little insight into HotelTonight.

Customer Support FAQ

Here are a few commonly asked questions that may help you out.

Hopefully, we have what you’re looking for!

Are Bookings Refundable?

Unfortunately, all bookings are non-refundable.

As mentioned above, this is one of the biggest complaints people have regarding the HotelTonight service.

As long as you know this before making your booking you should be fine.

But understand, HotelTonight will show no mercy if you mistakenly choose the wrong dates, use the wrong credit card, change your itinerary, or forget to add a HotelTonight promo code.

Make sure your plans are set in stone before pulling the trigger!

When Should I Book?

Since HotelTonight features last-minute deals that are constantly changing, it’s a gamble as to when you should book.

In a way, it’s part of the thrill trying to lock in the best hotel prices and lower rates, which in many cases change the same day of your booking.

To get more specific, you can book a hotel for up to five nights as far as one week in advance.

You can also book a room for 14 nights as far as 100 days in advance.

Lastly, if you’re feeling super last-minute, you can book your room and check in as late as 2:00 a.m. for same-day bookings.

Can I Book Multiple Rooms?

You’re able to book multiple rooms, however, you’re unable to do it all at once.

If you’ve found a great deal, then go through the process and confirm your booking.

After that, you can start over and book the same deal, but for your additional room.

Make sure there are multiple rooms available because you don’t want to get burned by a shortage of inventory if you’re trying to lock in deals on multiple rooms.

The app will make a note if there are less than three rooms left in inventory.

Can I Choose My Own Room?

In some cases, you’ll be able to choose your hotel room type, but in other cases, you won’t.

It’s up to each hotel to decide if you can choose which type of room you’ll be staying in.

When booking, if it says “Selected by hotel,” then this means that the hotel will assign your room type upon check-in.

If your booking says “Room type,” then you’re able to pick the type of room you prefer.

If you’d prefer to choose, make sure you set a “Room type” filter while searching to pull up deals that allow you to choose your room.

Where Can I Download the App?

If you have an iPhone you can head to the App Store to download the iOS app.

If you have an Android phone, you can head over to the Google Play store to download your version of HotelTonight.

Book the Best in Town

HotelTonight offers great benefits to customers and in many cases, the best rates you’ll find in town.

Whether you’re planning a weekend trip to New York City or an extended week in San Francisco, HotelTonight has your back.

And if you ever have any problems, make sure to check in with us for help beforehand.

Safe travels!

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