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Find a Last-Minute Booking With This HotelTonight Promo Code

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There are all sorts of situations that can result in someone needing a last-minute hotel booking.

A weary driver who’s worried that he’s falling asleep on the road pulls over to stop and rest his eyes.

An impromptu decision to stay the extra night in a city and grab dinner with a friend.

A sudden and irrepressible urge to drive to Baltimore.

It happens. And if you suddenly find yourself with a last-minute need for a hotel room, of course there’s an app for that.

HotelTonight finds you hotel deals on last-second bookings by giving hotels a place to list unused rooms.

And with a promo code available here, we can help you get $25 off your first booking — plus find you other ways to save.

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A HotelTonight Promo Code to Get You Started

First-time users can save $25 off their first booking with the app by using the promo code “LIVETHENIGHT.”

Note: HotelTonight notes that a minimum spend applies, and ask you to see their Terms & Conditions and Campaign Terms for details.

This code only works for new accounts, so if you have already signed up for HotelTonight, and you try using this code, you’re most likely going to get an “invalid” message.


But if you keep reading on, you’ll see how you can save big and get bonuses by referring your friends.

There are other promotions, but the website itself asks that you avoid using “sketchy” HotelTonight coupon codes which might not work, or were intended as a rate for someone else.

If you feel like braving it, there are plenty of websites that list coupon codes you can try.

But for new customers, use code “LIVETHENIGHT” and rest easy knowing it will work.

How to Use Your HotelTonight Promo Code

To use your promo code, you must first sign up for an account at HotelTonight.com or by downloading the HotelTonight app.

The sign up is easy — all you need to provide is your first name, last name, email address, and a password.

From there, you’ll instantly get a list of hotels that you can browse in your area.

Choose the hotel, lock in the rate that is listed, and then when checking out, simply enter the promo code in the space allotted.

Here’s how it looks on the iOS app:

where to use hotel tonight promo code

Again, this is only good for your first hotel booking with the app.

Are There Any Other Ways to Save Money With HotelTonight?

One nice way of saving with HotelTonight is by spreading the gospel.

Any time you refer the app and someone uses it to book his or her first stay, you will instantly get a $25 credit toward your next stay.

To find your personal referral code, open the app and then look for the little gift box in the lower menu area.

It looks like this:

hotel tonight invite a friend

From there, you can send that to anyone so that they can get a $25 off code for their first HotelTonight booking, and you’ll get $25 off orders for everyone you refer.

Reminder: It’s not just for people who open up a HotelTonight account.
They must also book a room (with a minimum spend of $135) for you to get that $25 referral bonus.

Don’t Worry With Late-Breaking Travel Changes

If you had travel plans change and are looking for last-minute hotel deals, it’s wise to look at HotelTonight before you wander into a hotel and hope that they have a room.

Odds are you’re going to save by booking using the app.

You’ll also know that you have a room reserved without hoping that there’s space by walking into the first hotel you see.

While some people do use the app whenever they travel, people who like to plan might be better off using Airbnb or a traditional hotel booking site which lets you lock in where you’re staying and the rate you are paying ahead of time.

The app gives you amazing deals on unused rooms, and with the promo code “LIVETHENIGHT” you’ll be guaranteed $25 off your first booking.

From there, keep saving by referring friends to use the app using your own personalized referral code.

Late changes happen when you’re traveling.

And you can be prepared, and save some money, by having HotelTonight at your disposal.

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