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The Best Ways to Reach HotelTonight Customer Service

There are plenty of people who have never had the chance to use HotelTonight, and never known that, when stranded traveling or needing to extend a stay, there is an app specifically built to help you lock in low hotel prices for last-minute hotel booking.

That’s the app’s whole model, and how it began — helping hotels fill rooms with people looking to book same-day hotel rooms.

They’ve since expanded their repertoire, and now let people book up to a week ahead, though that has made things even more complicated from a logistics perspective.

Linking all those hotels and people looking for last-minute deals requires a robust customer support team.

In this article we’ll let bookers know how to reach out to HotelTonight’s customer service, but also look at who provides that customer support, and how this is one of those work-from-home jobs that can be really great for someone looking for flexibility with their career.

What Is HotelTonight?

HotelTonight is a company that was launched in 2010 by entrepreneurs Sam Shank, Jared Simon, and Chris Bailey.

Its headquarters are in San Francisco, and while at launch it was only available in the United States and on iOS products, it soon expanded both to the Android platform and beyond California to the rest of the world.

The app took off when it started connecting people to last-minute hotel deals and worked well for both sides — it helped hotels attract last-minute customers when they needed to fill empty rooms, and it allowed travelers in a pinch to have some control over where they stayed and how much they paid, as opposed to just calling up hotel after hotel trying to find a vacancy.

The HotelTonight app grew so popular that people now use the app for impromptu staycations — finding a nice hotel room in their city at a discounted rate and getting out of the house for an evening.

Some frequent business travelers only use HotelTonight, as the app gives them a spontaneity and a chance to try new hotels at prices they can justify.

The app is a well-designed experience that works on iOS devices like iPhone or iPad, and Android devices as well, or you can book on your computer at www.HotelTonight.com.

You can search geographically and hotels are listed by one of the following criteria — Hip (trendier, new hotels with style), Solid (think 3-star and 4-star hotels with nice amenities), Basic (3-star hotels that match a price point) and Luxe (4-star and 5-star hotels with very nice amenities).

It looks like this:

HotelTonight Customer Service

When you’ve found a hotel you like, you select, lock in a rate, and then book.

You book directly through HotelTonight, and then it’s just about heading to the hotel.

Show them an ID, give them a credit card for incidentals, and you’re in.

The Best Ways to Reach HotelTonight Customer Service

The best way to reach customer support, according to the company, is to shoot them an email at [email protected].

It’s a good option for questions about your account, if you need help with a password, if you’re having issues with the app, etc.

If you are at a hotel and they can’t find your reservation, however, it’s probably not a time that you’d like to sit around and wait for an email response.

HotelTonight has phone numbers to reach out to, no matter where you are traveling in the world, to get instant support and with an actual person.

Here are a list of the HotelTonight phone numbers in each country:

United States: +1-877-522-3344

Argentina: +54 11 5984-2726

Australia: +61 2 8294 7181

Austria: +43 720 115794

Bahamas: +1-855-484-4967

Belgium: +32 2 588 73 65

Canada: +1 844-660-0959

Colombia: +57 1 5088876

Costa Rica: +506-40015397

Czech Republic: +420 228 883 191

Denmark: +45 78 76 19 12

Dominican Republic: +1 829-947-1144

France: +33 9 77 55 22 98

Germany: +49 30 56839067

Greece: +30 21 1198 1962

Hungary: +36 1 808 8733

Iceland: +354-497-1206

Ireland: +353 1 437 0130

Israel: +972 2-372-3835

Italy: +39 02 9475 2744

Mexico: +52 55 4170 9329

Morocco: +33-1-73-44-32-27

New Zealand: +64 9-886 2326

Norway: +47 815 03 179

Panama: +507 836-5251

Poland: +48 22 307 10 82

Portugal: +351 308 802 675

Puerto Rico: +1 844-660-0959

Russia: +7 499 350-39-82

Saudi Arabia: +966-8-111-017570

Spain: +34 932 20 17 54

Sweden: +46 8 446 811 62

Switzerland: +41 43 508 53 22

The Netherlands: +31 85 208 1104

Turkey: +90 850 390 2864

United Kingdom: +44 20 3389 6615

If you’d prefer an online live chat, HotelTonight is very responsive on their Twitter account.

Just tweet at their handle @HotelTonight with your issue and they will respond quickly.

You can also start a live chat via the app.

To do so, first head down to the bottom right-hand corner of the app, there’s a little icon that looks like a person.

Then you’ll be taken to an account page, and you can find an option for “Customer Support.”

Best Ways to Reach HotelTonight Customer Service

From there you will be taken to a long list of frequently asked questions.

Scroll through them, and if you aren’t seeing your question listed there, go all the way to the bottom.

There, you will see an option to select “I need help with something else.” Tap that.

All the Ways to Reach HotelTonight Customer Service

From there, you will be taken to a screen where you can either send an email or start a live chat with a service representative.

Tap live chat, and you’re off and running.

How to Reach HotelTonight Customer Service

Common HotelTonight Questions, Answered

Is there a promo code to get me started?

First-time users can save $25 off their first booking with the promo code “LIVETHENIGHT”.

That code comes directly from the company and is an evergreen code for new users, so no worries about it expiring.

Is there a referral program?


When you open the app, you can see a small gift box icon in the lower right-hand corner.

Reaching HotelTonight Customer Service

Click on it, and there you will see a code you can use to give your friends a $25 discount on their first order, which will also give you $25 in HT credits.

Just make sure your friends use the code when signing up for the app, then as soon as they make their first booking, you will be credited with your $25 on a future booking.

Work for HotelTonight Customer Service

HotelTonight is expanding rapidly, but a career that may appeal to people who wish to work at home is as one of their Customer Escalations Specialists.

This is a job for people who have excellent people skills and experience in customer support.

It’s a full-time job, and the company advertises great benefits, including healthcare, a matching 401(k) program, stock options, a $50 stipend to offset the cost of high-speed internet (what they consider a requirement for the job), paid vacation, and — again — a chance to work at a great company from the comfort of your home.

The job is described as being on the front lines of customer support, and in the job listing HotelTonight stresses that they are looking for confident, tech-savvy people who can handle sometimes complex situations and make strong decisions in the moment, only escalating the customer service ticket if a matter truly cannot be resolved.

People with a hospitality background are encouraged to look into the job, as well as strong empathy, as they are looking for people to represent the brand in high pressure situations.

While it is a remote job, HotelTonight is looking for candidates who live in the United States, and (as of January 2020) requires that the candidates live in one of the following states:

  • Oregon
  • Washington State
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • Wisconsin
  • Illinois

To learn more about working for HotelTonight, visit the job listing or their careers page.

Get the Support You Need, Wherever You Are

HotelTonight provides a great experience for people looking to land a last-minute hotel deal, or even those looking to explore their own city and get out of the house for a night.

For spontaneous travelers, it can also be a fun way to mix things up and explore new hotels wherever you go.

With so many moving parts, customer service is a vital part of what HotelTonight wants to provide its users.

With live chat, phone support, and email options, you can be sure you’ll get questions answered, no matter where you’re traveling around the world.

And someone has to provide that support.

If you have excellent customer service skills and a strong ability to handle high pressure hospitality situations, plus want the flexibility of a full-time job with strong benefits that lets you work from home, you should consider working for HotelTonight’s customer support team.

With stock options, paid vacation, a high-speed internet stipend, and other perks, it’s one of the better jobs we’ve seen for people who want to work from home and thrive in customer relations.

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