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How to Save on Your Next New York Trip With HotelTonight NYC

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New York, New York.

The City That Never Sleeps, The City of Dreams, The Big Apple…take your pick.

New York City is on every traveler’s bucket list.

It’s a must-see city that people travel to from far and wide just to get a taste of its magical aura in person.

Unfortunately, New York City can be one of the most expensive places on earth to find accommodation.

Cheap digs may be hard to come by, especially at the type of hotel you want in an ideal location.

That’s where HotelTonight swoops in and saves the day.

HotelTonight is the secret weapon you can keep in your back pocket to lock in cheap hotel rates when you need them the most.

We want to show you how to use HotelTonight and teach you to leverage the app to cut costs on your next trip to New York City.

What Is HotelTonight?

HotelTonight is a last-minute hotel booking app that gives you access to nice hotels at affordable rates.

By partnering with hotels in cities like New York, HotelTonight takes unsold hotel rooms, discounts them, and gives customers daily deals on hotels around the city.

There are many hotel rooms in New York City that are often left vacant night after night.

For hotels, that’s like throwing money out the window.

Why leave a room empty when you could make at least some money from it?
How to Save on Your Next New York Trip With HotelTonight NYC
That’s why hotel establishments partner with HotelTonight and notify them when they have empty rooms.

HotelTonight will take those rooms and slap a last-minute hotel deal on them for all its customers to shop through.

Sometimes the deals that HotelTonight offers won’t be available anywhere else.

In other cases, you may be able to find comparable prices if you book directly or through a different third party.

So how does it work exactly?

How Does HotelTonight Work?

There are a few things you need to know about how HotelTonight works, like how far in advance you can book, how long you can stay, and what the refund policy is.

To start, just because the company is called HotelTonight doesn’t mean you need to book your room the same day.

You can actually book up to five nights at a hotel as far as one week in advance.

You could also book up to 14 nights as far as 100 days in advance.

If you decide that a same-day booking is what you’re looking for, then you can book your room and check-in as late as 2:00 a.m.

hat’s great for you, especially if you landed at JFK or LaGuardia late on a Thursday night and need a place to crash as soon as possible.

Also, it’s important to understand that all bookings made on HotelTonight are non-refundable.

If you end up changing your plans, cancel your trip, or make any other itinerary changes, you’re out of luck when it comes to getting reimbursed.

HotelTonight is notorious for not budging on its refund policy.

That means that you need to be absolutely sure when you lock in your reduced rate, because you won’t see a dime back if you change your mind.

Benefits of Using HotelTonight in NYC

On a trip to New York City, HotelTonight allows you to be flexible and get the biggest bang for your buck.

One benefit of using HotelTonight is that it allows you to stay flexible with your travel plans.

Since you’re booking last-minute rooms, you won’t be locked into any specific plans until you’re absolutely sure.

For example, you could show up and explore Times Square and absolutely love it.

You can book a room for that night in the area.

But if you aren’t feeling Times Square and would rather be in Brooklyn, you can flip the script and book your room in the neighboring borough instead.

Another benefit of using HotelTonight is that you can find nice hotels at cheaper rates.

By receiving a steep discount, you can even end up staying in a nicer hotel than you initially planned.

Who knows, maybe you can stumble across a deal that you’d never usually be able to afford, but now you can splurge and stay in a luxurious downtown suite.

That leads us to the types of rooms you can book.

HotelTonight lets you choose between several different room options depending on what type of trip you want to take to New York.

Here are your options:

  • Luxe: Upscale hotel with excellent service for when you want something a little bit nicer.
  • Hip: These rooms are Instagram perfect and stylish to boot.
  • Solid: Comfortable and reliable rooms that have everything you need.
  • Basic: These rooms are modest but they get the job done if you need a place to sleep.
  • Charming: These are more quaint and boutique hotel options that’ll surely put a smile on your face.
  • Crashpad: For when you really don’t need a room at all since you’ll be hitting the town all night.
  • High Roller: Top-of-the-line accommodations for when you want to splurge like a VIP.

HotelTonight New York: Room options
What it all comes down to is what type of trip you want to take when you visit New York.

Are you heading there to have some rest and relaxation, or are you planning on hitting the town hard and not coming back to your place until the wee hours of the morning?

Once you have that figured out, you can start looking at which part of New York you want to stay in.

Where in NYC Is HotelTonight Available?

Lucky for you, HotelTonight has options all throughout New York City.

You have the pick of the litter when it comes to where you want to stay, however, you’ll be limited to which offers are currently available on the app.
HotelTonight New York: Map
HotelTonight has options all over New York, including Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Here are a few neighborhoods you can find accommodation in with HotelTonight:

  • Times Square
  • SoHo
  • Midtown
  • Chelsea
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • Central Park
  • Financial District
  • Long Island City
  • Theater District
  • Broadway

Once you figure out which area you want to stay in, you can move on to booking your room.

How to Book Your Room in NYC

Booking your room on HotelTonight is a quick and easy process.

You simply download the app, find daily deals that fit what you’re looking for, and book your room.

If it’s your first time and you don’t already have HotelTonight, you can head to the App Store or Google Play to download the app.

Once you have downloaded and signed up for HotelTonight, you can start browsing available deals in New York City.

As you are browsing through all of your options, you can start filtering based on your personal preferences.

You can set filters like dates, location, and room preferences.

There are times when you’re able to pick which room type you’d like, but in some cases you can only accept the rooms that are available at that time.

After you’ve browsed through all of the New York neighborhoods and are set on a room, you can take the leap and book your accommodation.

Note that you can only book one room at a time, but you can book one room for multiple nights.

There are also a few more things you need to keep an eye out for when making your next reservations in the Big Apple.

Things to Look Out For

When finalizing your booking, you need to make sure you checked the final pricing, ensure your booking details are correct, and you compare prices.

One common frustration that users are confronted with when using HotelTonight is misleading pricing.

The prices that you see when searching through the booking tool are not indicative of the final price you’ll pay.

The price that you’re seeing upfront does not include taxes, fees, and any other surcharges that may be included.

If you want the detailed rundown of HotelTonight fees, head over to this article we wrote up specifically on the platform’s fees.

Make sure you go through to the end of checkout to see the final pricing so that you don’t get frustrated while searching for your room.

Also, make sure that your travel dates and all of your booking details are correct.

If you have any slip-ups during this step and then confirm your booking, you won’t be able to go back and change anything.

If there’s an error in your booking, you won’t be able to receive a refund.

Lastly, just because you’re using HotelTonight doesn’t mean you’re getting the lowest price on earth.

You should always be cross-checking your room rates with other third-party booking sites, like Priceline, Expedia, Hotels.com, or even Airbnb.

In some cases, HotelTonight could be posting the same deals or even charge more.

Checking directly with the hotel is also a good idea if you want to be sure you aren’t overpaying.

Sometimes booking directly with the hotel is your best bet.

It doesn’t hurt to do your due diligence!

Where to Next?

You can have the time of your life in New York City, but it’s not going to be cheap.

To cut costs here and there, finding New York hotels on HotelTonight can help you save money for all the other activities in town.

With so much to do and see, you likely will only need a place to crash before continuing to explore the city.

With this last-minute booking tool, you can sneak away with a great deal or just find a place to rest your head for the night.

Whether it’s staying one night in a luxury hotel or doing it on the cheap in a Hilton or Holiday Inn, HotelTonight is a helpful tool for finding great deals.

After you tear up the town in NYC, it’s on to the next big city.

Will it be Boston, Miami, or San Francisco?

HotelTonight is available all over the United States, so start planning your next trip now!

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