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A Handy Guide to the Grubhub App for 2023

The convenience of the gig economy has spoiled us.

We’re able to order a car to our door, have someone else do our grocery shopping, and have food delivered without having to pick up a phone and speak to a person.

We can do it all from our laptops or our phones, as more and more gig economy companies roll out mobile apps that are faster than their websites, and even easier to navigate.

Grubhub is no exception, offering a clean and easy-to-use mobile app for its customers so we can happily order our food delivery on our commute home, while bored on a conference call at work, or even while staring at our empty kitchen cupboards.

Whether you’re new to Grubhub or just the Grubhub app, keep reading.

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about using the Grubhub app to get hot, delicious food from your favorite restaurants delivered to your door today or several days from now.

This article will cover what Grubhub is, how to install and use the Grubhub app, and what Grubhub costs.

We’ll also tell you about the Grubhub app special offers, as well as cover the most frequently asked questions about Grubhub and the app.

What Is Grubhub?

Grubhub is one of the most popular ways to order from a restaurant to your home in the United States.

Long gone are the days when people would call the restaurant and speak to a real human being.

Now you can use your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone to place your food delivery order from just about anywhere.

You can even use Grubhub to place your delivery order up to four days in advance.

In 2004, Grubhub was founded to be a local restaurant menu resource site.

However, it rapidly morphed into a food delivery service and dominated the food delivery space.

Grubhub Inc. now owns a portfolio of food delivery services including MenuPages, Seamless, AllMenus, OrderUp, Delivered Dish, LAbite, Eat24, Restaurants on the Run, and DiningIn.

Grubhub has 17.7 million active users who are placing 467,600 daily delivery food orders with their 105,000 restaurant partners.

How to Use the Grubhub App

restaurants in the grubhub app
grubhub app restaurant menu
grubhub app food cart
grubhub app order and tip amount
grubhub app confirm delivery address
grubhub app method of payment
grubhub app order review

When Grubhub first started, it didn’t have any mobile apps, so if you wanted to order some dinner through Grubhub, you had to do it using the website.

Now Grubhub has both an iOS app and an Android app, so you can use a Grubhub mobile app to order your next meal.

You can either click the links above or visit the app store on your phone and search for “Grubhub” to download the Grubhub mobile app you need.

Once you have the Grubhub app downloaded, you can check if your local favorite restaurants offer delivery through Grubhub by entering your address.

Scroll through your options and pick a restaurant.

Choose your food items and add them to your cart.

Confirm your order and make sure the subtotal looks okay.

Double check your item quantities and select a tip amount.

The Grubhub app will default to a 15 percent tip on your card, but you can choose a different percentage, enter a custom tip amount, or choose to tip in cash.

Confirm your address, including any special instructions you have for the delivery driver or restaurant.

This can include everything from “no plastic cutlery” to “Doorbell is broken.

Please call.”

Choose your method of payment.

Take one last look to make sure everything is right, from your phone number to your address.

You can now choose to donate the change from your order to “No Kid Hungry” by toggling the button over to the right.

Once you’ve clicked on the green “Place your order” button, Grubhub will send your food delivery order to the restaurant and you’ll be able to track your order in the app.

If you have push notifications enabled, order tracking will also notify you once the order has been picked up by a delivery person and is en route to your home, so keep your phone handy if you’d like to see when that happens.

What Does Grubhub Cost?

Grubhub doesn’t charge its customers any fees, but the restaurant partners do.

You can expect to pay a nominal delivery fee.

A restaurant will often charge a delivery fee of $1 to $10 to help them pay the hourly wage of their delivery people and to help cover the cost of takeout containers, utensils, and sauces.

Most delivery fees tend to be less than $7.

The restaurant may also have a minimum order amount you’ll need to meet and it’s customary to tip your delivery driver for bringing you your food.

None of the delivery fees go directly to the delivery drivers, so these tips are an important part of the delivery driver’s income.

Grubhub App Special Savings

Many people prefer to order food in an app on their phone over using a website.

This is partially because using our phones is usually faster and feels like less of a process than doing something at our laptops, but Grubhub users have another good reason for preferring the Grubhub app to Grubhub.com: special savings.

Most Grubhub coupon codes work on both the website and the mobile app but every so often, Grubhub has an offer (like free delivery from a specific restaurant chain) that is exclusive to the Grubhub app.

You can learn more about Grubhub discount codes here.

Grubhub FAQ

Whether you use Grubhub.com or the Grubhub app, some details about the order process will never change, so if you have questions about those, keep reading.

We’ll address the most frequently asked questions about Grubhub below.

Paying for Your Grubhub App Order

Grubhub offers a range of payment options including Apple Pay (for those on iOS devices), credit cards, PayPal, cash, Amex Express Checkout, and Venmo.

Grubhub also offers Grubhub gift cards which you can use to pay for your food delivery orders.

The Types of Food You Can Order on the Grubhub App

Like Grubhub.com, the Grubhub app offers a wide range of culinary options from local restaurants.

Some of the most popular cuisines for food delivery are Italian, Chinese, Indian, and Thai.

In some cities, Grubhub also offers food delivery from chain restaurants such as Taco Bell, Denny’s, and Arby’s.

Where Grubhub Operates

While Grubhub operates in over 2,000 cities across the United States, these are some of the cities where Grubhub is most popular and offers a great range of food delivery options:
– Atlanta
– Austin
– Baltimore
– Boston
– Chicago
– Denver
– Los Angeles
– New York City
– Philadelphia
– Phoenix
– Portland
– San Francisco
– Seattle
– Washington, D.C.

How to Check the Status of an Order

To check the status of a recent delivery order, log into your Grubhub account and navigate to “Your Orders.”

If it’s easier, you can also click on “Track Your Order” from your email confirmation or the “Contact Us” page.

If you need to speak to the restaurant directly, you can call them using the phone number listed in your order or you can contact Grubhub’s customer support for help.

How to Check the Status of an Order

To check the status of a recent delivery order, log into your Grubhub account and navigate to “Your Orders.”

If it’s easier, you can also click on “Track Your Order” from your email confirmation or the “Contact Us” page.

If you need to speak to the restaurant directly, you can call them using the phone number listed in your order or you can contact Grubhub’s customer support for help.

How to Contact Customer Support

If you need to contact customer support, you can do so by clicking here or by calling 1 (877) 585-1085.

There is currently no way to contact customer support through the Grubhub app.

Placing a Future Order

grubhub app order settings
grubhub app choose delivery time
In order to place a Grubhub order hours or even days in advance, it’s just one extra step.

While you’re checking out and it says “Delivery, ASAP” click on the blue word “Change.”

This will load a new screen, with the question “When do you want your food?”

Tap on the blue word “Change” again.

You will now be able to pick a day and time up to four days from now.

Choose the date and time when you’d like your food to arrive.

You’ll have up to four hours before the delivery time you choose to change or cancel your scheduled delivery order.

Food Delivery Made Even More Convenient

While ordering on Grubhub.com isn’t hard, being able to place your phone with a speedy mobile app is generally faster and easier.

The convenience of being able to order one-handed and while on the go instead of being tied to the desk where your computer lives shouldn’t be underestimated.

Place an order on your commute home or schedule a delivery for later so your food can be at your house, piping hot and delicious, right when you’re ready to eat it.

If you haven’t given the Grubhub app a try yet, do so for your next meal.

You may be converted forever.

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