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How to Get Paid to Move to Georgia: Who Pays and How to Earn It

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Have you ever dreamt of getting paid for leaving your hometown? Well, this dream can become a reality. If you meet eligibility requirements, certain U.S. states can offer you relocation fees.

Georgia’s natural state parks and vibrant life make it one of the best places to move to. You can get paid to move to Georgia if you work in the tech industry, or if you own a small business that creates new job opportunities.

Do you want to find out more? In this article, we’ll guide you through everything regarding moving to the empire state of the South and the highest-earning jobs there. Let’s dive in!

Can You Get Paid to Move to Georgia?

Though there aren’t many U.S. states that’ll fund your moving expenses, Georgia is one of the few paying people to move there for work.

Since Georgia is looking to develop by increasing its population, some counties and cities can pay certain talents to relocate there. Even if you don’t work in Georgia, the state will pay you if you’re self-employed.

The empire state of the South is ideal for business owners. It facilitates the relocation process of your business entity, extends grants and financial aid, and works on retaining and supporting small businesses.

How Much Can You Make By Moving to Georgia?

Currently, the state of Georgia doesn’t offer any relocation incentives for individuals.

That said, most companies based in Georgia offer competitive relocation benefits. This depends on your occupation, as well as the city you’re moving to within the state.

You can make anywhere between $2,000 to $20,000 by moving to Savannah. This one-time grant can greatly aid you while relocating.

The real benefit of moving to Georgia is the cheap cost of living, the affordable housing and rent, and the tax rebates.

So, if your occupation doesn’t qualify you for relocation assistance, you’ll still be able to save plenty of cash by living in the Peach State.

Are There Tax Benefits to Moving to Georgia?

You’ll enjoy substantial tax benefits when you move to Georgia. Income taxes might be higher than the U.S. average, particularly when you compare it to nearby states which exempt you from income taxation.

However, Georgia’s tax rebates average at about $3,000, ranking at the 16th highest refund rate across the U.S.

You won’t have to pay much for accommodation in Georgia. Not only is housing and rent incredibly cheap but Georgia’s property tax stands at only 0.92%. In contrast, the U.S. average is 1.1%.

Places in Georgia That Pay You to Move

Deciding on relocating to Georgia is easy. After all, it’s a gorgeous state with plenty of career advancement options. Still, the hardest part is choosing your new hometown.

Georgia is a vast state with heavily populated metropolitan and suburban areas. Here are a few cities in Georgia that’ll pay you to move:

1. Savannah

Savannah is one of the most popular U.S. cities that can pay you for relocation. That’s because the Savannah Economic Development Authority (SEDA) is continuously looking for development opportunities in the technology sector.

Accordingly, they offer high incentives to anyone working in tech and looking to move to Savannah.

How Much You Can Make

If you’re a qualified technology worker or a business owner relocating to Savannah, Georgia, you can earn anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 in relocation fees from the state.

Everyone knows how expensive moving states can be, so any small sum of cash can significantly help. So, while two grand might not seem like a lot, Savannah is the only city in the state that offers relocation fees.

The best part is that local companies in Savannah are supporting this development plan in various ways. This includes opening new positions in the tech industry and offering extra relocation incentives to candidates.

What Makes This Option Great

Savannah is the only city in Georgia that’ll pay you to relocate. The best part is that the Savannah Economic Development Authority can assist you with all your needs and documents. This way, the process will be a breeze.

2. Augusta

Augusta is a historic site in the heart of Georgia. Despite the small town’s rich history, it’s still a less populated area, where you can enjoy a serene life, affordable living, and a successful career.

How Much You Can Make

Unfortunately, the city of Augusta doesn’t pay workers to move. Still, Augusta is a medium-sized city in need of professionals in many fields, not just tech.

You’ll be able to find various jobs with exceptional relocation packages, from engineering to customer service.

However, the amount of money that you’ll get from relocating depends on the company and the position you’re applying for.

Moving to Augusta can have numerous financial benefits, regardless of the relocation grant you might get. For instance, living expenses, housing, rent, and utilities in Augusta are cheaper than in other big cities in Georgia.

As if that wasn’t enough to help you increase your net income, you can easily become a homeowner due to Augusta’s affordable housing. Typically, houses in this city are 32% cheaper than the national average.

What Makes This Option Great

Augusta is the perfect community for families. You won’t just gain financially from this move. It’s an age-friendly city with numerous cultural events.

The Augusta City office is also welcoming to new residents, offering up-to-date information and assisting with the settling process.

3. Atlanta

Atlanta is one of the fastest-growing cities in the U.S. By 2050, the city hopes to be home to eight million people, increasing in population by about two million.

So, you’ll find plenty of companies that aim to support the city’s growth by offering job openings with relocation benefits.

How Much You Can Make

Atlanta might not offer financial incentives for moving, but the growth opportunities in this city are unparalleled. The jobs in this metropolitan area are expected to grow by 3.2%, and the GDP might see a 3.3% growth.

The cost of living in Atlanta might be higher than in other cities in Georgia. Yet, the median salary is higher. You’ll also be able to quickly rise through the ranks since plenty of new jobs are constantly opening up.

Everyone is welcome on Atlanta’s job market. While the city is highly populated, if you stand out among candidates, you might be able to land an excellent job with relocation assistance.

What Makes This Option Great

Atlanta offers a fast-paced environment with plenty of office professions. It’s one of the most popular cities for culture and nightlife in Georgia.

Jobs That Pay You to Relocate to Georgia

Georgia is, undoubtedly, a lucrative place with job openings and chances for career advancement.

Regardless of your skills, experience, or current position, you’ll find a suitable job in one of Georgia’s buzzing metropolitan cities.

If you’re looking to earn some money to cover your relocation expenses, or if you’re wondering about the highest-paying positions in Georgia, check out the following:

1. Remote Tech Positions

More and more tech workers are moving to Georgia, particularly Savannah. As the city is developing its technology workforce, it’s becoming a dream spot for every digital nomad.

If you’re a qualified technology worker moving to Savannah, Georgia for business reasons, the city will reimburse you a huge sum of your relocation fees.

How Much You Can Make

Savannah offers about $2,000 for professionals working in the tech industry who are relocating to the city. You only need the following:

  • Three years of proven experience in the tech industry
  • Willingness to live in Savannah, Georgia for at least two years
  • A one-year lease for a property located in Chatham County
  • Have physically moved to Savannah.

While the city offered 50 tech workers this grant in 2020 only, it can still re-open anytime.

The effects of this financial incentive made Savannah one of the best places in the U.S. for tech professionals. As a remote tech employee, you can expect to make about $95,000 annually.

What Makes This Option Great

Not only is Savannah a relatively cheap city, but this incentive is perfect for remote employees working from home. This includes employees hired at Forbes 500 companies, international employees, and any tech company with headquarters in the region.

You won’t have to quit your old job to start a new one near Savannah. Instead, you can simply relocate, file all the necessary documents, and earn the grant.

For example, working for Amazon from home is perfect due to the fulfillment center recently built in Savannah.

2. Self-Employed Tech Position

Similar to remote tech work, self-employed individuals in the tech sector have amazing growth options in Georgia.

How Much You Can Make

You can benefit from SEDA’s tech grants, even if you’re self-employed. If you can prove your eligibility and experience in the tech industry, as well as be willing to live in Chatham County, you might be able to earn two grand.

Georgia is booming with possibilities in the tech field. You might believe moving to Silicon Valley would be good for your career. However, Business Facilities magazine ranked Atlanta, Georgia as the number one Tech Hub Spot.

For this reason, you’ll find plenty of job openings in this state. Thus, you’ll be able to earn more money. The more niche your skillset is, the more income you’ll get.

What Makes This Option Great

Self-employed people can use any financial incentives they can get their hands on. So, moving to one of the most prosperous tech spots in the U.S. and getting relocation reimbursement would be an ideal situation.

Georgia is also home to plenty of professional development opportunities. As a self-employed tech professional, living in this state will open plenty of doors, helping you advance your career.

3. Business Owner

Starting a business in Georgia is financially advantageous in numerous ways. Business owners aren’t only given hefty relocation assistance, but retaining and expanding businesses is one of Georgia’s leading missions.

How Much You Can Make

If you’re a private, tech business owner, you might earn hefty incentives by basing your business in Savannah. There are two business tiers in Savannah, granting $10,000 and $20,000 each.

To become eligible for this sponsorship, you need to do the following:

  • Create employment opportunities for at least five high-ranking tech jobs
  • Retain the created job opportunities for at least a year
  • Provide wages about 25% above the city’s average wage

What Makes This Option Great

Georgia is one of the best states to start a business in for good reason. Relocating, renting a space, and finding qualified workers can be a hassle for any business owner.

You won’t face these problems when basing your tech business in Savannah, though. That’s because of SEDA’s encouraging incentives for both new and existing businesses.

4. Healthcare Workers

Generally, working in healthcare is profitable. Georgia, specifically, requires better healthcare. So, healthcare workers are extremely sought after.

How Much You Can Make

Most healthcare positions don’t offer a relocation package. Yet, a healthcare worker’s salary in Georgia is well above the national average. Combined with the Peach State’s affordable living expenses, healthcare workers can quickly grow their bank.

Geriatric staff in nursing will find plenty of job opportunities in this state, as it’s a perfect location for retirees and seniors.

On average, healthcare professionals in Georgia make $18 an hour. This figure can reach as high as $24, or as low as $9, depending on the following:

  • The city or county where the job is located
  • The skill level and years of experience of the candidate
  • The scarcity of the healthcare profession

What Makes This Option Great

The healthcare sector in Georgia is slowly but consistently improving. You can be a part of this change by working in one of the hospitals in Georgia.

This doesn’t mean your career will remain stagnant, though. Georgia has great teaching hospitals with thousands of employees. There are also plenty of specialized facilities and clinics, so you can pursue a certain profession.

Why You Should Consider Moving to Georgia

Georgia is an ideal place to advance your career and grow professionally, but there’s more to life than work!

The Peach State is still a phenomenal place to live. Even if you don’t find relocating to Georgia to be financially fruitful, the following benefits might change your mind:

1. Affordable Housing

If you dream of becoming a homeowner, but can’t seem to realize that dream in big cities like Los Angeles or New York, moving to Georgia might be your answer.

Not only are home and rental prices significantly lower than in other states, but property taxes are almost insignificant.

You might find property prices to be higher in cities like Atlanta. Luckily, Georgia Dream Homeownership Program can help you finance your home at a low-interest rate. As a Georgia resident, you might also be eligible for rental assistance.

2. Education

If you have a family, or you want to further your education, Georgia might just help you. The southern state has great private and public schools.

High schools and colleges are particularly high-ranking in Georgia. The best part is that, much like everything in Georgia, education is pretty affordable. You might even get one of the numerous state scholarships.

3. Booming Economy

With thriving cities such as Atlanta and Savannah, it’s only natural that Georgia’s economy is one of the largest in the U.S.

Therefore, the economically-powerful state offers a high living standard at a relatively low cost. Since the job market in Georgia is continuously expanding, you should expect the quality of living to increase as well.

4. Community

Whether you’re single, married, on the verge of retiring, or recently graduated, you’ll find your place among Georgia residents. Everyone can fit in due to the state having one of the most diverse populations and cultures.

The empire state of the South caters to all lifestyles. It has quiet, family-oriented suburban areas with perfect education benefits. In contrast, urban cities have the best vibrant nightlife.

5. Excellent Weather and Scenery

Georgia has an exceptionally beautiful landscape. The Peach State has it all, from mesmerizing beaches to the magnificent Appalachian mountains.

The state also enjoys pleasant weather most of the year. The summer might have a couple of tropical thunderstorms, but the winter is mild, and the spring is fair and bright.

This means you can live in the southern state all year long. You don’t need to go out of state to vacation on the beach or go on a hiking adventure.

Instead, Georgia allows you to take some time off in nature, recharging you for your prosperous career back in its cities.

Is It Cheap to Live in Georgia?

Though inflation is hitting everyone hard, Georgia still maintains its cheap living costs. This depends on the city you live in. Naturally, metropolitan areas have a higher cost of living.

For example, the living costs in Atlanta are 2% higher than the national average, while Statesboro’s living costs are 17% lower. Overall, the cost of living in Georgia is 11% below the national average.

Housing is, undeniably, pretty cheap, averaging 23% lower than the national average. As for utilities, they’re 13% lower than the U.S. average.

What Is a Livable Salary in Georgia?

The living expenses in Georgia are about $32,000 annually for a single adult. The figure might change according to different cities and counties in Georgia.

If you’re married, you might be eligible for an extra tax return. This also means you’ll split most living expenses and bills, so your livable salary would average $28,000.

In contrast, most annual salaries in Georgia range between $36,000 to $65,000. The average salary you should expect to make when moving to Georgia is $51,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are people moving to Georgia?

Georgia’s population is consistently increasing, with over 100,000 people moving to the state in just 2022. Not all these individuals work in the tech industry.

Yet, the state has a booming economy, a great education system, and an ideal lifestyle that suits everyone.

Where is the safest place to live in Georgia?

Though Georgia has a reputation for being unsafe, it’s pretty standard in reality. The state has a crime rate of 3.94%, which is equal to the U.S. median crime rate.

Like all states, crime rates are significantly higher in urban areas, such as Atlanta. The safest living place in Georgia would be Howard, followed by Manor and Andersonville.

Similar Locations to Consider

If Georgia’s benefits, living expenses, and tech professions don’t seem to impress you, other relocation options are available all over the U.S. and worldwide. Here are some similar locations that might pay you to move:

  • Get paid to move to Vermont: Vermont’s Worker Relocation Incentive provides superb grants to both new and remote workers. The program involves all occupations, not just the tech sector.
  • Get paid to move to Montana: If you’re not a fan of Georgia’s southern charm, Montana might be for you. While there aren’t any relocation programs in the state, the substantial tax cuts are enough to convince you to move.
  • Get paid to move to New Zealand: New Zealand is one of the few countries that pays you to move and work there. The country is in need of various professionals in both healthcare and the tech industry.

Wrapping Up

Georgia is one of the few states that can pay you to relocate. The Savannah Technology Workforce Incentive is constantly opening doors within the tech industry. While the state no longer grants incentives for moving, tech companies still do!

Small businesses will also get paid to move to Georgia. The Peach State greatly supports the growth of small businesses by helping them with relocation fees and other financial aid.

If you’re not a business owner or a digital nomad, you can still enjoy affordable living, low tax rates, and a diverse community of Georgia residents.

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