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Tips for Applying to Amazon Work From Home Jobs

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If you are looking for a career that gives you the flexibility to work from home, it may be worth checking out the long list of virtual Amazon jobs.

With Amazon hiring work-from-home positions at a rapid rate in a host of fields and specialties, you may find a career working for one of the biggest companies in the world from the comfort of your own home.

With jobs available in customer service, client solutions, advertising, marketing, human resources, and more — all available for remote work — Amazon has plenty of jobs listed that will give you the chance to make money.

In this article we’ll talk about different jobs that are available at Amazon, walk through the application process, discuss job requirements and things to remember when applying, and more.

Amazon Work From Home Jobs

It’s hard to imagine someone not knowing about Amazon.

The e-commerce and cloud computing site started as a way to buy books online when it was founded by Jeff Bezos back in 1994.

The company now brings in the most revenue of any internet company in the world.

It is also the second largest employer in the United States, trailing only Walmart.

Bezos has become one of the wealthiest men alive, with an estimated net worth of over $150 billion.

He’s channeled that wealth into investing in many different companies, and became the majority owner of the Washington Post.

Amazon’s headquarters are located in Seattle, and they are building a second headquarters in Virginia (a plan for a third in New York no longer looks like it’s happening).

Yet for all the employees that work together on Amazon campuses, there is a big part of that workforce that serves in work-at-home jobs.

Amazon is a believer in virtual employment and many of its 566,000 employees work remotely.

These remote employees can serve as anything from customer service reps all the way up to management positions.

Types of Jobs Available

Amazon has a host of open positions for people looking for virtual opportunities with the company.

When we talk about these positions, we are referring to employees directly employed by Amazon, not the host of others that are available for hire on their task-based platform, Mechanical Turk.

On their frequently updated job listing site, Amazon allows you to filter your search so that you can only review virtual jobs.

They’re all listed on a special website, which also allows you to filter jobs by part-time and full-time, job category, business category, and more.

The site is available here and looks like this:
Amazon Work From Home: Job website
Here is a brief description of some of the job categories available for people looking to work a remote job for Amazon.

Customer Service Jobs

Amazon is always looking for qualified customer service agents.

To work as a call center agent for Amazon, you typically need at least a year of experience working in customer service, though more experience is always a bonus.

A high school diploma is required, though they do like candidates with some college experience.

A high-speed internet connection and dedicated phone line are required.

This is a typical requirement of most other remote customer service employers too, as maintaining a connection with customers in need is essential in helping them with their problems.

If you are a part-time employee for Amazon, you do need to be available for full-time work in November and December.

(Black Friday and the Christmas rush get crazy.)

Last note: For people applying in the United States, customer service applicants must live in Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, or Wisconsin.

Solutions Architect

“Solutions architect” is a favored term of Amazon to describe people who get things done.

The jobs that can fall under this title run the gamut, but can apply to consultants, people in software development, project managers, and more.

Experience ranges run widely, depending on the jobs listed.

To learn more about what it takes to become a solutions architect at Amazon, visit their website.

Product Management

Product and project managers at Amazon are task-oriented, strong people managers who can understand business problems and then guide a team to smart solutions.

These jobs can apply both to the e-commerce side and Amazon Web Services, the cloud-computing service that is quickly becoming a major source of revenue for the company.

There is a special AWS certification, just for this job, that employees should strongly consider before applying.

Most jobs listed require a college degree, though education and experience ranges vary widely depending on the position.

Review virtual product management jobs at Amazon on their jobs site.

Sales, Advertising, and Account Management

Amazon is a major company and has a robust sales and advertising team, one that is always looking for people who can serve as an able account manager.

These jobs tend to require outgoing, intelligent problem solvers who can navigate relationships with Amazon business partners and help grow their business.

The education requirement for most jobs in this field is at least a college degree.

At least a few years of experience are usually needed, though it varies by position.

However, applicants should have a strong understanding of marketing objectives, making this a great position for current freelance marketers.

Review jobs in this category.

How to Apply

Amazon Work From Home: Create account

The first thing to do before applying is make sure that the job is what you are looking for.

Using their jobs site, efficiently conduct your job search, filtering by full-time or part-time and salary or hourly pay. Look at jobs that match your experience and education level.

To apply for a job, click on “Apply” and you will be taken to a prompt screen that will ask you to sign up for an Amazon jobs account.

If you haven’t made one already, click on “Create account.”

From there you will be taken to a page where you can enter an email address and choose a password.

Do that, and then you’ll be taken to a landing page that tells you that an email has been sent to your account to confirm your identity.

Head on over to your email and confirm that you are, in fact, the one opening an account.

Once verified, you’ll be redirected back to the login page to sign in again.

Do that, and now you’ll be cooking.

The application process looks like this:
Amazon Work From Home: Job application home screen
The first thing to do is upload your resume.

You can do that by uploading a PDF or document from your computer, OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox, or you can simply link to your LinkedIn page and let the system glean your resume from your LinkedIn account.

If you do choose this option, make sure to review what is brought over as occasionally the transition from LinkedIn to jobs sites can be a bit hairy.

After that you provide contact information, and then on to general questions.

These are simple boilerplate questions asking if you’d be willing to relocate for the job, then ask how you heard about it.

Your resume has to do the work for you when applying to Amazon.

Your last items to provide are your education, work eligibility, and your signature on a few agreements.

Amazon’s initial screening process is just a chance for them to review a resume and make sure a candidate is qualified for the job.

There aren’t places to include professional references, or write a long cover letter.

Once you’ve reviewed and submitted your application, you’re all set.

You’ve applied.

Things to Remember

Be Patient

Didn’t find what you’re looking for?

Check back often for new job listings.

Their demand for customer service positions varies by the time of year and demand.

Around the holidays, Amazon is desperate for smart people who can navigate the world of customer service.

Perfect Your Resume

Make sure you have an error-free resume that stands out.

Amazon gets a lot of candidates and their initial application process is extremely boilerplate.

Your resume is your place to shine.

Consider In-Person Work

In an area where Amazon has a campus or fulfillment center?

Clear the “Virtual Jobs” filter and review jobs that you may be able to do in person.

Take Advantage of LinkedIn

Enable the LinkedIn feature when you sign up for your Amazon jobs account and your profile will be quickly set up for you.

Work From Home for One of the Largest Companies in the World

Amazon provides great work-from-home opportunities, with a host of virtual positions available that will give you the chance to work at one of the biggest companies in the world, right from your home office.

With an easy-to-navigate job listings site and a simple application process, starting your journey to remote employment with Amazon is a few clicks away.

Get after it.

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