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How to Get Paid to Move to Tulsa In 2023

Ever thought about packing your bags and relocating to a new place for a fresh start? What if you can get paid to relocate? Sounds good to be true, right?

Tulsa, the second largest city in Oklahoma, now offers remote workers up to $10,000 to move in and buy houses there. The city of Tulsa is putting its money where it can attract young talented remote workers to live in the city.

In this guide, we’ll explain how you can get paid to move to Tulsa. Let’s dive straight into it.

Can You Get Paid to Move to Tulsa?

Yes, you can. Through the Tulsa Remote program, the city offers remote workers up to $10,000, free desk space, and exclusive perks to join the Tulsa community.

The program has been operating since 2018, and it used to pay remote workers a hefty cash bonus over their first year in Tulsa.

To sweeten the deal, the program now provides $10,000 in one cash grant to help newcomers purchase their first house.

You can get paid and relocate to Tulsa if you meet the program’s four eligibility requirements. These requirements include:

  • Ability to move to Tulsa within the next year
  • Be over 18 years old
  • Having a full-time remote job or being self-employed outside of the state
  • Eligible to work in the U.S

How Much Can You Make by Moving to Tulsa?

Funded by the George Kaiser Family Foundation, the Tulsa Remote program pays individuals up to $10,000 in monthly installments to move to the city for at least one year.

If you have a full-time remote job or are self-employed from outside Oklahoma, you can apply for the program and get $10,000 to purchase your house in Tulsa. The program grants this cash bonus to help newcomers with their moving expenses.

On top of that, the Tulsa Remote program provides individuals with a lot of perks, such as free memberships to co-working spaces and access to networking events.

So, technically speaking, you can earn $10,000 by moving to Tulsa through the Tulsa Remote program. What you make by living in Tulsa depends on your job, experience, skills, and other factors.

Are There Tax Benefits to Moving to Tulsa?

If you’re looking to relocate to a place that’s tax-friendly and encourages business growth, then Tulsa should be on your list.

Oklahoma offers generous tax policies to attract new business investors and create more job opportunities to enrich the city’s workforce.

The state also provides a wide range of tax credits for new businesses and free employee training to help small businesses grow to multi-million companies.

According to Wallethub, Oklahoma ranks 10th among the lowest tax-burden states. The state doesn’t tax Social Security and has a wide range of incentive programs such as:

  • Quality Jobs Program
  • 21st Century Jobs Program
  • Business Expansion Incentive Program
  • Engineer Workforce Tax Credit for Aerospace
  • Cybersecurity Software Workforce Tax Credit

Places in Oklahoma That Pay You To Move

Oklahoma is a diverse state that’s home to millions of residents from various ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. Thus, it’s an ideal place for people willing to relocate for a fresh start.

Fortunately, multiple places in Oklahoma pay people to move there. Most of these programs are directed toward remote workers, but you can still find local jobs at companies that offer generous relocation packages.

1. Tulsa

a screenshot of the tulsa remote homepage

Tulsa is one of the best places to relocate to in Oklahoma state. With its diverse population, natural beauty, and affordable cost of living, Tulsa is a dream destination for individuals and families.

From 2018 until now, the Tulsa Remote program has helped thousands of young remote workers relocate to the city. The program is an ideal chance for people who want to get paid to relocate.

The Tulsa Remote program has an acceptance rate of only 3% and received over 10,000 applications in its first year and more than 20,000 applications in 2021.

  • How much you can make: If accepted into the Tulsa Remote program, you’ll be granted $10,000 over your first year in the city.
  • What makes this option great: Besides the cash bonus that helps you with moving expenses, you’ll get access to other perks, such as free desk space, exclusive events, and a collaborative community.

2. Stillwater

Located between Tulsa and Oklahoma City, Stillwater is a small city looking to attract remote workers to move there for a cash bonus.

Stillwater is offering a $5,000 cash bonus for remote workers to move and buy homes in the city. If that’s not enough, the program offers more perks for remote workers, such as:

  • Free coffee from Aspen Coffee for one year ($2,000 tab)
  • Free concert tickets
  • Martial art classes
  • Gifts from local restaurants, cafes, and stores
  • $300 for closing costs

On top of that, you’ll get a free music tour around the city with the legendary musician John Cooper.

  • What makes this option great: Stillwater is ideal for families looking to live in a small city away from the busy city life. The program offers much more than a cash bonus, making it an attractive and affordable relocation package.
  • How much you can make: By moving to Stillwater as a remote worker, you can earn around $9,000 in total through the city’s relocation program. You’ll also get free access to multiple musical concerts and festivals in addition to gifts from the city’s restaurants and cafes.

Jobs That Pay You to Relocate to Tulsa

Tulsa’s economy and job market have been booming in the last few years.

In 2022, Tulsa had over 20,000 new job opportunities and a gross product value of $58.7 billion, which is around 34.4% of Oklahoma’s economy.

Since 2018, the Tulsa region has shown rapid growth in a wide range of industries, such as transportation, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, tech, and healthcare.

The Tulsa Remote program targets remote workers or self-employers from outside the state. Still, there are other jobs in Tulsa with generous relocation packages for people willing to relocate.

1. Remote Jobs

With the rise of remote jobs and digital nomads, millions of employees in various fields have shifted to working from home.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has shown that around 27% of American workers worked remotely or hybrid in 2022.

The numbers are only expected to grow; according to Forbes Advisor, 32.6 million Americans are expected to work remotely by 2025.

Tulsa, alongside many other cities in the U.S., is looking to attract young and talented remote workers to boost the city’s population.

To make it easier for remote workers, the Tulsa Remote Program offers $10,000 over one year to help newcomers cover their moving and housing expenses. Other perks offered by this program include the following:

  1. Free office space so you can get out of the house and work with like-minded people
  2. A collaborative and supporting community of remote workers from various backgrounds and cultures
  3. Access to networking events to make new connections
  4. Deals on some of the best local apartments in the city

The Tulsa Remote program has helped over 2,500 remote workers move to Tulsa and become a part of its thriving community. Interested?

  • How much you can make: As a remote worker, the sky’s the limit for how much you can make depending on your job, position, industry, skills, and experience. Generally speaking, remote workers in Tulsa make anywhere between $29,998 and $107,641 per year, according to ZipRecruiter.
  • What makes this option great: Tulsa has a supportive community of remote workers from various backgrounds and ethnic groups. You’ll also get free access to remote workspaces so you can make connections with fellow remote workers and entrepreneurs. All that is needed is a laptop!

2. Registered Nurse

Looking at job search websites, it’s clear that Oklahoma’s hospitals and healthcare companies consistently need registered nurses.

Most healthcare centers and hospitals also offer decent relocation packages for registered nurses from outside the state to help them cover their moving expenses.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the demand for registered nurses in the U.S. to grow by 6% from 2021 to 2031, faster than most other occupations.

  • How much you can make: Glassdoor states that the average salary for a registered nurse in Tulsa is around $103,727 per year. Salaries fluctuate based on experience, skills, and other factors, but you can expect to earn at least $75,000 and up to $158,000 annually as a nurse in Tulsa.
  • What makes this option great is: The demand for registered nurses is consistently growing nationwide. It’s also a decent career with tremendous growth and variety.

3. Tech Jobs

With over 480 open job opportunities and 300 hiring companies, Tulsa’s tech industry is booming. Some companies offer generous relocation packages for new employees to help them relocate to Tulsa.

In Tulsa’s fast-growing tech scene, web developers, cybersecurity engineers, and IT engineers are in high demand.

  • How much you can make: According to Indeed, software engineers in Tulsa make around $93,285 annually. Depending on your specialty, experience, and skills, you can make much higher or lower than these numbers.
  • What makes this option great: Tulsa is home to hundreds of tech companies such as BOK, Williams, SageNet, and more. Tech companies usually offer decent relocation bonuses and perks to attract tech enthusiasts to move and work in Tulsa.

Why You Should Consider Moving to Tulsa

Tulsa might not be the first place that comes to your mind when considering relocating, but it’s arguably one of the most underrated cities in the Midwest.

With over 400,000 residents from various ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds, Tulsa has a friendly and welcoming community, which is perfect for newcomers.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Tulsa an ideal place for people willing to relocate.

1. Affordable Cost of Living

Tulsa is the second largest city in the state, and the Tulsa metropolitan area is home to more than one million residents.

Despite that, the cost of living in Tulsa is around 13% lower than the national average. That means you have access to the modern city’s amenities and services at a lower price than in other states.

2. Supportive Community

Tulsa is notorious for its diversity; the city is home to thousands of Hispanic, English, British, African American, French, and Italian people.

This makes it much easier for newcomers to get along with the rest of the community. The Tusla Remote program also organizes community-building events and meetups to help residents make new connections.

3. Great Education

Since Tusla is a densely populated city, it comes with a plethora of excellent public schools. There are over 130 schools, and most of them have excellent grades.

This makes Tusla a desirable place for families with school-aged children, as the quality of education is crucial to them. With numerous top-notch schools around you, you can rest assured your kids will get proper education in Tusla.

4. Plenty of Activities

In Tusla, you will never struggle to find entertainment options. Whether you’re after outdoor recreational activities like hiking and fishing or prefer music and arts, you’ll find something that fits your preferences.

Tusla is home to plenty of museums, galleries, botanical gardens, and aquariums.

The city also features picturesque mountains, lakes, and parks that offer various outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking, boating, and camping.

5. Strong Job Market

Tusla has a strong and diverse economy with various thriving industries like tech, aerospace, healthcare, energy, and more. The unemployment rate is around 4.6% lower than the national average.

Is it Cheap to Live in Tulsa?

While the cost of living varies depending on one’s needs and lifestyle choices, living in Tulsa is considered cheap compared to other states.

Reports suggest that the cost of living in Tulsa is about 13% lower than the national average. That means you’ll pay less in Tulsa for housing expenses, transportation, groceries, and healthcare.

For instance, according to Bestplaces, the median home cost in Tulsa is $179,100, which is significantly lower than the nation’s average ($338,100). 

If you’re thinking about relocating to Tulsa, applying for the Tulsa Remote program can help you find more affordable housing options.

The program also grants you $10,000 to help you with your moving and housing expenses.

What is a Livable Salary in Tulsa?

Tulsa is quite affordable compared to other states. Reports show that homeowners can comfortably live on an income of less than $80,000. Meanwhile, renters can do well with less than $49,474.

Tight on budget? Check out our article on how to start quickly making money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are people moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma?

In 2021, more than 7,000 people moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma. According to the U.S. Census, the city’s population is growing faster than most other states.

Most people relocated through the Tulsa Remote program, which grants remote workers up to $10,000 to live in Tulsa for at least one year.

Others learned about the city from their families and friends and decided to relocate there for a fresh start.

What is the Tulsa fund?

The Tulsa Real Estate Fund is a real estate crowdfunding that aims to develop underserved communities across the United States.

The program utilizes the funds raised to develop properties in urban and underserved areas to create more economic opportunities and increase affordable housing stock.

Similar Locations to Consider

Despite all the pros of living in Tulsa, some drawbacks might make it an unfavorable option for some people. That includes the above-average crime rates and the absence of fancy shopping opportunities.

So why not consider getting paid to move to other places?

  • Get Paid to Move to Arkansas: Arkansas state offers up to $10,000 to full-time workers to move there.
  • Get Paid to Move to Georgia: Self-employers and remote workers can be granted up to $2,000 to move to Georgia and live there for two years at least.
  • Get Paid to Move to Vermont: The Green Mountain State is looking to attract young talent to enrich its workforce by offering them up to $7,500 to move to the state.

Wrapping Up

Getting paid to move to a beautiful and economically strong city like Tulsa sounds too good to be true, right?

Well, it’s possible!

Through the Tulsa Remote program, Tulsa offers generous relocation packages to remote workers to attract them to the city.

If you’re a remote worker and eligible to work in the United States, you can earn up to a $10,000 cash bonus and many other benefits and perks to relocate to Tulsa.

We hope you now understand how to get paid to move to Tulsa. If you have any questions, make sure to drop them in the comments section below.

Kindly share the post with your friends and family if you enjoyed reading it.

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