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How to Get Paid To Move to Montana in (2024)

Have you ever considered moving to another state but don’t know where to start or how much it costs?

You’re not alone. Many people think about relocating, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Some states have taken notice of that and started offering great relocation packages for eligible workers. Consequently, you can get paid to move to Montana.

Montana’s got a lot of land with a small population. It also has a low crime rate, affordable living costs, and a fantastic job market.

You can find many job opportunities with attractive relocation packages. They help with the moving process expenses and offer additional benefits as well.

In this article, you get an idea about moving to Montana, what jobs pay you to relocate, and why you should consider moving there.

Can You Get Paid To Move to Montana?

Montana is one of the best and most welcoming states to consider moving to. As many U.S. states do, some sectors in the Treasure State offer intriguing packages for job relocation.

The state isn’t that heavily populated, ranking 8th among the U.S. states with the smallest populations. That’s why it’s always easy to find places looking to hire over there.

The relocation decision isn’t simple. This leads many companies to offer amazing incentives for eligible employees. Although Montana isn’t one of the major states paying people to move there, there are still great opportunities to make money doing so.

How Much Can You Make by Moving to Montana?

Montana is known as the Treasure State because of its abundance of mineral and natural resources. The state is rich in gold, silver, coal, copper, zinc, and oil.

With a population of over one million, Montana’s economy depends on industries such as mining, agriculture, and energy production.

Montana has an unemployment rate of 2.3, meaning it has many career opportunities to consider. Landing a job over there, you can earn an average salary of over $55,000 per year or a bit under $27 per hour.

Most salaries in Montana range between about $38,000 and a bit over $72,000 per year. It depends on the type of occupation, your experience, and many other factors. It also depends on which area of the state you’re residing in.

Among the top-paying jobs over there are Gastroenterologists, Neuroradiologists, and Anesthesiologists. Similarly, the three cities with the highest average salary in Montana are Amsterdam, Roy, and Crow Agency.

Are There Tax Benefits To Moving to Montana?

Montana is among the most attractive states for people who consider relocating because of the tax benefits.

The state ranks fifth on the Tax Foundation’s 2023 state business tax climate index. This index indicates how well a certain state structures its taxing systems.

Luckily, Montana doesn’t impose any type of state or local sales taxes. Plus, the income tax is progressive, ranging between 1% and 6.9%.

As for the property tax, it depends on the area you live in. However, the average rate is 0.87%, which is lower than the national average.

It helps to know that the gas tax in Montana is 32 cents per regular gasoline gallon and 29.45 cents per gallon of diesel. All in all, Montana can be an amazing taxpayer-friendly state to live in, depending on where you move from.

Industries in Montana That Pay You To Move

With a quick online search, you can find hundreds of vacancies in Montana that provide a decent relocation package for employees.

Some industries even offer paying to help people move through the help of relocation assistance programs.

A relocation package should cover the moving expenses to help ease the financial burden. This package includes packing, unpacking, transportation, temporary lodging, and other costs.

Check out these three best industries that pay you to relocate to Montana.

1. Technical and Computer Services

The computer industry is a thriving area that isn’t disappearing or dying anytime soon. It offers a global marketplace for employees to work with each other. Plus, you can always find legitimate work-at-home jobs in such an industry.

So, if you’re tech-savvy, you can search for computer jobs in Montana and see what relocation packages they provide.

2. Office and Admin. Support

Administrative support jobs are perfect for those who are good with people. It’s always a good place to start that allows for room to grow. Plus, many of these jobs don’t require a degree.

If you consider moving to Montana, finding administrative vacancies with relocation packages shouldn’t be hard.

3. Healthcare

This is another constantly growing field where they’re always in need of new employees to hire. The healthcare industry offers the best jobs in the country and is one of the best fields to work in.

Of course, it requires proper education and training. Nonetheless, if you’re a healthcare professional wanting to move to Montana, you can find a lot of spectacular options.

The CARE Program

a screenshot of the care in Montana homepage

As a part of Montana’s innovative healthcare workforce recruitment program, its governor launched CareInMontana.com. It’s a website that invites qualified healthcare professionals to relocate and work in Montana.

As Governor Greg Gianforte expressed, the state always struggled to attract healthcare providers. He also stated that the pandemic has only made such a task tougher. That’s why the program aims to reduce the burden on existing workers by providing more employees.

The website gives information to qualified healthcare providers across the country about how to take part in the program. It also helps employers attract qualified potential employees.

Through this program, participating employers can offer potential applicants up to $12,500 reimbursement for moving costs. Plus, they can also give an extra 35% to offset any taxes associated.

Employees get qualified for such reimbursement after accepting an employment offer for a healthcare job. All they need to do is move to Montana and work in the job you accepted for over 12 consecutive months.

Jobs That Pay You To Relocate to Montana

Getting paid to relocate isn’t something far-fetched. You can find some decent jobs in Montana willing to pay you to move, whether you’re flying solo or have a family.

With a bit of search, landing such a job offer with attractive incentives isn’t impossible. Here are a few Montana companies that pay you to relocate.

1. BioLife Plasma Services

a screenshot of the biolifeplasma homepage

Located in Missoula, Montana, BioLife Plasma Services is a leader in the plasma collection industry. The company offers great relocation benefits for eligible employees.

Aside from the comprehensive benefits program, working there also provides the opportunity for career growth and a friendly work environment.

Landing a senior leader position at BioLife Plasma Services, you can earn a starting annual salary of $77,000. You may also be eligible for some incentive benefits besides medical, dental, and vision insurance.

As a BioLife Plasma Services employee, you’re also eligible for life insurance and a 401(k) retirement savings plan. You also get to benefit from the charitable contribution match, company holidays, vacation days, paid volunteer time off, and tuition reimbursement program.

Here are some other reasons for making working at BioLife Plasma Services a fantastic opportunity.

  • Mentorship opportunity for career development and continuous learning.
  • Hands-on experience covering all aspects of management.
  • Travel opportunity to work with various teams around the country.

2. Papa John’s Franchise Management Group

a screenshot of the 
papajohns homepage

Papa John’s is America’s fourth-largest pizza delivery restaurant chain, with over 3,000 places around the country. The franchise management group has more than 80 locations nationwide and is always seeking employees to join the team.

For a highly qualified general manager, the company is willing to pay a competitive salary plus attractive bonuses. Additionally, it offers great relocation packages depending on the applicant’s experience.

The average salary for working in a full-time managerial position at Papa John’s ranges between $40,000 to $60,000 per year. Here are some of the job’s additional perks.

  • Opportunity for advancement (you can become a franchisee at some point)
  • Fun and friendly working environment
  • Attractive relocation packages
  • Health, Dental, and Vision insurance
  • Performance-based bonuses
  • Learning valuable skills
  • Great food discounts
  • Various training programs and continuing education opportunities.

3. Resodyn

a screenshot of the resodyn homepage

Resodyn is a research and development company focusing on engineering innovative solutions to solve technical problems. Located in Butte, Montana, the corporation offers appealing pay and relocation reimbursement.

For example, as an engineer, you can earn between $90,000 and $120,000 Yearly working over there. Additionally, Resodyn offers medical, vision, dental, life insurance, and a 401(k) pension plan.

Take a look at what you get from working at Resodyn.

  • Competitive wage and benefit packages
  • Short and long-term disability insurance
  • Paid vacation and holidays
  • Excellent career and lifestyle opportunity to work in state-of-the-art research and development facility
  • Relocation assistance

Why You Should Consider Moving to Montana

Every place on earth has its own set of pros and cons. Montana isn’t an exception. Many people choose to call Montana home. Not only because it’s known for the low costs of living or low taxes but also because it’s a beautiful state with various recreational activities.

Here are nine reasons why you should consider moving to Montana.

1. The Gorgeous Nature and Scenery

Although it’s far down the list of America’s most populous states, the Treasure State is a wonderful place to live. It’s packed with great mountains, rolling prairies, and green forests. Thus, people usually refer to Montana as “Big Sky Country.”

One of the top qualities that attract people to Montana is the opportunity to escape the noise of city life. That’s because Montana is home to the famous Rocky Mountains, containing the well-known Glacier National Park.

Montana is also home to expansive forests covering most of the state’s area. Containing widely diverse wildlife, the Treasure State is the best destination for nature lovers.

2. The Endless Outdoor Activities

Montana offers the opportunity to enjoy countless outdoor activities. No matter how old you are or what skills you have, you can always find something fun to do.

In total, Montana’s national parks receive millions of visitors every year. The majority of these visitors are divided between Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park.

With forests covering about a quarter of the state’s size, people enjoy hiking, rock climbing, camping, and biking. During such trips, they can observe nature, wildlife, and amazing scenery.

Besides, there are many other popular outdoor activities in Montana, such as fishing and hunting. In fact, the state offers both rifle and archery hunting seasons for everyone to enjoy.

During winter, Montana’s vast open spaces and high mountains turn into extraordinary white plains. With an average snowfall of 49 inches per year, you can discover some of the finest ski resorts in the country.

3. The Low Population

For those who don’t prefer crowded cities, Montana is the perfect choice. The state has a fairly low population density (about seven persons per square mile) compared to other states. On top of that, it’s one of America’s largest states.

Not only does this give you the freedom to explore the outdoors without feeling annoyed, but it also gives you a great sense of privacy.

Whether you want to find a suitable camping spot, a peaceful hiking trail, or a quiet place to relax, Montana’s got you covered.

4. The Compelling Employment Opportunities

As previously clarified, Montana’s economy depends on multiple types of industries. Thus, finding a working opportunity isn’t tough in such a state.

One of Montana’s essential industries is agriculture, as it’s famous for wheat and barley production. So, finding a vacancy related to such a field shouldn’t be challenging, whether you’re a farmer, rancher, engineer, etc.

Energy production is also a huge and thriving industry in Montana, from renewable energy to coal and natural gas production. That’s why many companies choose to invest in the production and distribution of such energy sources.

Having said that, Montana is also known for providing employment in both the tourism and tech sectors.

5. The Tax Benefits

As previously mentioned, Montana offers great tax benefits for its residents. It has one of the most progressive tax systems in the country, ranging from 1% to 6.9%. This means that people earning low incomes get to pay less taxes than those who earn high incomes.

The state imposes no sales taxes (despite some local governments requiring local option sales taxes). Not only is this good for living there, but it also makes Montana a popular shopping destination.

Montana also has lower property taxes than the national average. So, as a resident, you pay less than homeowners in many other states do. For low-income homeowners, veterans, and seniors, the state provides several programs to help with the taxes.

6. The Educational Opportunities

For families exploring their educational options after moving, Montana has quite a lot to offer. From public and private schools to universities, the state is rich in educational opportunities.

The state has over 680 public schools serving more than 300 school districts. The schools also offer many extracurricular activities, such as music, theater, and sports.

In terms of higher education, Montana is home to many colleges and universities, with hundreds of undergraduate and graduate programs. The state’s top university options include the University of Montana and Montana State University.

Overall, the Treasure State ranks 25 in education and 20 in higher education across the country.

7. The Delicious Food and Drinks

Because of Montana’s natural resources and thriving agriculture industry, it has a vibrant culinary presence. With many ranches across the state, it produces some of the best high-quality beef.

The state is also known for its amazing products, such as wheat, beer, cheese, and honey. You can try many of these products at local farmers’ markets or one of the state’s top-notch international restaurants.

8. The Healthy and Happy Living Atmosphere

Montana is one of the country’s healthiest states. Its residents enjoy a healthy lifestyle, fresh air, and physical activities all year round. The state even has a city that ranks among Livabiliy.com’s 2023 top 100 best places to live in the U.S.

Choosing to retire in the Big Sky Country is a wonderful decision. Not only is this true because of the healthy lifestyle of its people but also because of the abundance of natural scenes and peacefulness.

9. The Friendly People

Montana is known for its welcoming residents that are always happy to help you feel at home. It’s common for you to receive a friendly greeting or engage in a conversation with a stranger.

That hospitality is especially evident in Montana’s tourism industry. Over there, it feels that residents are super proud of their state and are constantly eager to recommend a good restaurant or an enjoyable hiking spot.

Is It Cheap To Live in Montana?

Despite the low tax rates, Montana isn’t one of the cheapest states to live in. In fact, the cost of living in the Treasure State is higher than over half of the U.S. states. So, it may not pass as a cheap state to live in.

For example, housing in Montana is limited to a bit over 520,000 units, which doesn’t give you many options to pick from.

What’s more, the real estate in Montana can be much higher in value than in other states, especially near national parks. However, you can also find some affordable housing options across many rural or suburban areas.

Depending on your living arrangements, you need to pay anywhere between $600 to $1,700 monthly for a house. Thus, the cost of living varies depending on the part of the state you reside in.

The monthly average of utility expenses in Montana is a bit under $300 a month. As for food and groceries, it costs a person an average of about $330 per month, not to mention the cost of transportation, healthcare, childcare, etc.

What Is a Livable Salary in Montana?

According to World Population Review, a liveable wage in Montana is about $34,000. It’s not hard to achieve such a number, as the average per capita income in the Treasure State is around the same value.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a good idea to move to Montana?

If you’re considering moving to Montana, keep the finances in mind. While you can save a lot in the absence of sales taxes, finding affordable houses isn’t an easy task.
Either way, Montana is the perfect option for those who prioritize nature, recreational activities, and the slow pace of life.

What is Montana’s home rule?

Montana consists of 56 counties and 129 municipal governments (sub-county general-purpose governments). The counties are divided into seven classes and can operate as charter governments under home rule powers.

Similar Locations To Consider

If you think Montana isn’t the right state for your lifestyle, there are a few other places to consider. Take a look at the following states and check if you can get paid to move there.

  • Get Paid To Move to Georgia: Known for its southern hospitality and laid-back mood, Georgia is an affordable place to live with lower-than-average property taxes.
  • Get Paid To Move to West Virginia: It can be an attractive deal to move to West Virginia because of the lower costs of living, reasonable utility costs, and affordable housing.
  • Get Paid To Move to Alaska: Besides the beautiful scenery and wildlife you get to enjoy, Alaska also doesn’t have sales or state income taxes.

Wrapping Up

Accepting a new job offer that requires relocation can be tough mentally and financially. Thankfully, many states offer great relocation packages that help you with the big move. For example, you can get paid to move to Montana.

Montana can be an amazing state to live in, whether for its natural beauty, calm atmosphere, or great job opportunities. In such a state, it’s possible to find some helpful government programs that provide super attractive incentives to move there.

All you need to do is study your financial situation and assess the opportunity you have. Plus, asking a few experienced individuals can be useful too.

Leave a comment below to tell us your opinion about this article and share it if you think the information it provides is helpful.

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