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How to Get Paid To Move to Another State

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Have you ever considered moving to another state? You’re not alone. Whether looking for a more affordable location to live or a change of scenery, many United States citizens think about relocating every day.

Over 25% of U.S. employees now work remotely. This has opened up many opportunities for individuals to live and work wherever they want. With more states offering attractive incentives, you can even get paid to move to another state.

In this article, you learn everything you need about getting paid to relocate, whether it’s worth it, and why you should consider such an option.

Can You Get Paid To Move to Another State?

With a quick search over the internet, you can find hundreds of programs offering money in exchange for moving to certain states. It’s a great idea to consider, especially if you’re a remote worker.

Even if you’re not a remote worker, you can even land a job offer with a decent relocation package. Such money can help you with moving expenses. Whether you live alone or have a family, finding a suitable program isn’t impossible.

Keep in mind that there’s always a chance to find someone out there looking to scam people. However, many of these programs are actually legit.

How Much Can You Make by Moving to Another State?

Many U.S. cities are willing to give thousands of dollars in cash for people to move there. On top of that, you can find states offering gifts, a stipend, land, tax credit, and much more incentives.

Moving to another state also gives you the opportunity to save on living expenses. After all, the United States is a huge country. So, if you’re looking to reduce your spending by moving to a more affordable state, you have multiple options to choose from.

Before you pack your luggage, you can even calculate a rough estimate of how much you can save by moving to a specific state.

It’s easy to do by having a look at each state’s cost of living index. With the national average set to 100, any state with a less score is more affordable to live in. For example, a state with a score of 80 is 20% cheaper than the national average, and so forth.

Comparing your current state’s score with the state you plan to move to also gives you an overall idea about the money you get to save too.

Are There Tax Benefits To Moving to Another State?

Moving to another state can be quite beneficial in terms of taxes. Across the U.S., you can find states that are more tax-friendly than others. Living in one of these states can save you a lot of money.

States such as Nevada, Florida, and Alaska don’t impose income tax. Similarly, some states that don’t have sales taxes include Montana, Oregon, and Delaware.

Overall, some of the most tax-friendly states are North Dakota, Wyoming, and Tennessee, among many others. In comparison with the residents’ median household income, the percent of income spent on taxes in these states is under 5%.

Places in Another State That Pay You To Move

You can find many states willing to pay you to move because they benefit from increasing their tax base. That’s why local governments work on creating financial incentive programs for remote workers to relocate.

Some states even pay you for moving there if you accept a local job offer. So, those who don’t work remotely can benefit from a few of these programs as well.

To help you with your decision, we gathered a list of a few states that can pay you to move. Take a look at it.

1. Alaska

Although far away, Alaska can be a great state to move to. Not only because it’s a beautiful state with gorgeous landscapes but also because it needs people. So much so that the state may pay an annual dividend for those who live there for a full year.

Living in Alaska, you don’t have to pay income or sales taxes, as there’s no state tax imposed. So, you get to save a decent sum of money. Plus, the houses are much more affordable than other states (with lower prices than the national average).

How To Apply

To be eligible to apply for Alaska’s permanent fund dividend, you have to live in the state for a whole calendar year. After applying, you should also plan to continue living there indefinitely.

Depending on the Alaskan city you choose to live in, the paid dividend varies. For example, Juneau offers its citizens a yearly sum of $1,000 in cash (awarded by the Department of Revenue Permanent Fund Dividend Division).

Similarly, Ketchikan offers an annual payment of up to $2,000 per person for new residents. The city also provides a free gigabit fiber optic home internet three-month subscription for accepted applicants.

2. West Virginia

Another state willing to pay people to move, West Virginia offers some of the most attractive incentive programs. It’s an amazing state for enjoying outdoor activities. It also has many small towns with a relaxed lifestyle.

Even if you don’t receive money to live there, houses in West Virginia are quite affordable. Compared to the national average, the median house price in West Virginia is about 31% cheaper.

How To Apply

To qualify for such an incentive program, you need to be over 18 years with a full-time job. You also need to be working remotely for a company outside West Virginia and able to relocate within six months of acceptance.

The state offers many incentive packages for various cities with a total value of up to $20,000.

For example, the Eastern Panhandle, Greenbrier Valley, and Morgantown give accepted applicants $12,000 in cash. They also provide free coworking spaces and other attractive gifts.

3. Oklahoma

Oklahoma is another fantastic option for relocation. The state has top-quality schools, affordable houses, and low crime rates. With a robust economy and a thriving job market, Oklahoma can be a suitable place for you to relocate.

Over there, you can easily find both remote and in-office job opportunities. You also get to enjoy the state’s diverse culture, friendly residents, and delicious food.

How To Apply

Oklahoma offers quite a few great incentive programs, especially in the city of Tulsa. Whether self-employed or remote workers, eligible applicants can get up to $10,000 in cash.

As an applicant, you need to be older than 18 and employed in a full-time job to be accepted. You must also be ready to move within 12 months of acceptance.

Besides the money, new residents get access to perks, such as career guidance, experienced hiring managers, free desk spaces, and other exclusive deals.

Jobs That Pay You To Relocate to Another State

Accepting a new job can be a fantastic opportunity for your professional growth. However, jobs outside your home state can be tough to consider, especially from a financial point of view.

Moving to another state involves many expenses, from travel costs to professional relocation assistance services. On average, it can cost you over $4,000 to relocate, depending on the distance and the amount of belongings you take with you.

Luckily, many job opportunities offer decent relocation packages. Even if the job you found doesn’t, you can always negotiate such terms during recruitment.

Check out the following companies that can pay you to relocate.

1. Apple

screenshot of the apple student discount homepage

One of the U.S. top tech companies, Apple offers fascinating relocation packages for its new employees. In fact, most major companies do the same to attract talented workers.

Apple’s standard relocation package covers all the basic costs. It’s enough to pay for airfare, transportation, temporary housing, food arrangement, etc.

Among the perks working at Apple guarantees are the following:

  • Employee discount of 25% when buying one of their products.
  • Exemptions of $250 on iPad tablets or $500 on Mac computers every three years.
  • Family and friends discounts (depending on the product).
  • Days off for expecting parents (four weeks paid leave before delivery and 14 weeks after delivery).
  • Paid maternity leave for new non-birthing parents (up to six weeks).
  • Paid holidays for new hires (up to 12 days).
  • Compensations for gyms and other health facilities.
  • Free dental treatment services.
  • Egg-freezing opportunities for female workers.

2. 3M

a screenshot of the 3M homepage

The Multinational group, 3M, offers valuable relocation benefits and services for new employees. With the help of a relocation consultant and the moving company, SIRVA Relocation, you and your family can get the needed guidance.

Take a look at some of the benefits you get when you accept a job offer at 3M:

  • Home-finding assistance, including a paid home-finding trip for you and another family member (whether you’re looking to rent or buy a new home).
  • Assistance with finding and securing temporary accommodation for you for up to one month.
  • Weekly grocery allowance of $50 to single employees in temporary accommodation ($100 if you come with family members).
  • Assistance with marketing your current home for sale.
  • Up to 14 days car rental (or until your moved car arrives).
  • Help with moving your household goods, including partial unpacking.
  • An extra $5,000 to assist you with any incidental expenses not mentioned in their policy.
  • Trip expenses reimbursement to the destination location.

3. Amazon

a screenshot of the Amazon homepage

One of the companies offering many amazing perks and benefits for employees to relocate is Amazon. The company provides the needed relocation assistance for new hires to settle and move freely in Seattle.

Once at your destination, Amazon’s relocation package can cover all moving costs. Whether paid upfront or as fixed installments, the company compensation packages range between $20,000 and $40,000.

Other perks Amazon provides to make the relocation process easier include.

  • Three months’ worth of temporary housing.
  • Partial assistance with relocation expenses and selling the employee’s current house.
  • The company can also pay for international moves.
  • Paid airfare and transportation.
  • Additional cash allowance for incidental fees (for senior-level positions).

Why You Should Consider Moving to Another State

People move all the time from one state to the other, whether to pursue a dream or cut back on their living costs. It can be a scary step for some, but it’s not a change to regret.

Here are six reasons why you should consider moving to another state.

1. A Better Career Opportunity

One of the top reasons people move to another state is to follow a career progress opportunity. Whether it’s a higher position, better pay, becoming closer to achieving your dreams, or more flexible arrangements, moving can be highly beneficial.

In all cases, you should always consider relocating for a better job as a stepping stone to a more advanced position.

Of course, assessing the benefits of moving against the costs when you think about a job offer is a must. After all, if the presented opportunity isn’t good enough, it’s not worth the move.

2. More Affordable Living

Depending on where you currently live and where you consider moving to, it can be much cheaper to relocate. When you move to a more affordable state, you notice the incredible difference in gas prices, house value, and everyday groceries.

Moving to a state with lower living costs can open up many possibilities for you to do much more with your money (even saving it). You can especially feel that if you have a big family and need to have a larger space to live in.

3. A Change of Scenery

Although it’s not that huge of a deal for some, others could use the change of scenery. After all, living a fast-paced life in a big city isn’t for everyone. That’s why some people consider relocating to a more relaxed environment with enjoyable outdoor activities.

Similarly, moving to a more appealing climate is also one of the reasons people want a change of scenery. While some individuals don’t enjoy long, cold winters, others can’t stand the heat and humidity of summer.

Thus, if you don’t like where you are, you should definitely consider moving to another state that fits your needs.

4. Better Education for Your Children

Moving to a higher-rated state in terms of education quality can benefit your kids greatly. This is especially vital for older kids who are exploring their higher education options. That’s why education is the number one priority for many families.

While there are many schools across the country to choose from, some states have better institutions than others. Thus, many people consider relocating just to be closer to a more prestigious high school or a well-reputed university.

So, if you’re not happy with the level of education your kids are receiving, relocating can be your best option.

5. Retirement

If you’re close to retirement, relocating can be a great option to consider. Many people plan their retirement ahead of time to settle down in a more favorable environment.

As people get older, they deserve to find a location with minimum stress, even if that means living in a completely different state.

By doing so, you can benefit from a combination of various perks, such as affordable living, downsizing your house, accessing better healthcare, or becoming closer to your family.

6. A Fresh Start

For lonely or depressed people, relocating can mean a new beginning. You can seize the opportunity to do activities you always wished to do but never had the time. You even get to make new friends and share unique memories with them.

Through such an experience, you also get to know new neighbors and work colleagues.

A fresh start isn’t something only individuals benefit from. It can be a great option for families who have gone through unpleasant events as well. Relocating can be great for those who want to forget a tragic accident or overcome the sadness caused by losing a loved one.

Is It Cheap To Live in Another State?

Depending on the state you move to, it can be much cheaper to live there than your current home.

Yet, living affordably involves many factors, from real estate prices to imposed taxes. So, before you decide to look for a new state, it’s essential to understand the costs involved.

While the cost of living index can give you an indication of how cheap living in a specific state is, it’s not the only aspect to consider.

The average salaries in a particular state can also play a huge role because lower living costs are usually associated with lower wages.

Some other vital factors to consider include the poverty rate, unemployment, and housing availability.

Among the cheapest states to consider moving to are:

  • Mississippi
  • Kansas
  • Alabama
  • Missouri
  • Iowa

What Is a Livable Salary in Another State?

In general, a livable salary is the amount of money that enables a person or a family to afford basic needs. In short, it’s the pay that’s enough for you to live without relying on other external assistance.

States With the Highest Living Wage

Every state has its set liveable wage that’s different (and commonly higher) than the minimum wage. According to World Population Review, states with the highest livable wage for an individual are:

  • Columbia ($20.80 per hour / $43,258 per year)
  • New York ($20.05 per hour / $41,700 per year)
  • Massachusetts ($19.91 per hour / $41,416 per year)
  • Hawaii ($19.68 per hour / $40,944 per year)
  • California ($19.41 per hour / $40,371 per year)

States With the Lowest Living Wage

Some other states require a lower amount of money to cover basic living needs. The states sitting at the top of the list of the lowest living wage for individuals are:

  • South Dakota ($13.87 per hour / $28,853 per year)
  • Kentucky ($14.16 per hour / $29,459 per year)
  • Arkansas ($14.18 per hour / $29,491 per year)
  • Mississippi ($14.20 per hour / $29,542 per year)
  • Tennessee ($14.38 per hour / $29,905 per year)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which state pays the most to move there?

Many states offer attractive relocation packages in cash, gifts, and other benefits.

For example, West Virginia grants you $12,000 to move to some of its cities. With access to free coworking spaces, recreational experiences, and other assistance programs, the total incentive can reach up to $20,000.

What is the easiest state to move to?

How easy it is to move to another state depends on many factors, such as your current location and the package offered to you. So, there’s no specific answer to this question.

In all cases, you should assess such a step in terms of financial and professional progress before deciding.

Similar Locations To Consider

Do you fancy the idea of getting paid to move to another state but don’t know where to start?

Take a look at the following locations and why you should consider moving there.

  • Get Paid To Move to West Virginia: Known for its affordable living, low tax rates, and decent utility costs, West Virginia is one of the best options to consider moving to.
  • Get Paid to Move to Arkansas: Moving to Arkansas, you get to enjoy the perks the state’s got to offer, from the reasonable cost of living to the low taxes.
  • Get Paid to Move to Georgia: From affordable homes to low property taxes, Georgia is the perfect choice, especially for those who enjoy being outdoors.

Wrapping Up

Moving to a different region can be a huge step forward for your professional and personal life. As a person looking for a better job opportunity or a remote worker wanting to change scenery, you can even get paid to move to another state.

Many states have incentive programs to encourage people to move there because they can benefit from the population increase. With a bit of search, you can find many attractive opportunities offering cash and facilitating the relocation process.

Before you make up your mind, it’s essential to consider all the aspects of relocating. Weighing up the advantages against the disadvantages can help you make the right decision.

Tell us what your thoughts are in the comments below, and share this article with your friends if you think it was helpful.

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