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9 Best Apps That Pay Instantly to PayPal: Ranked & Reviewed [2023]

Do you want to earn extra cash using your mobile phone?

If you’re looking for other means to make a few bucks, you likely saw countless apps that claim to pay real money. 

Some help you earn money by playing games, taking surveys, or shopping online. However, it can be difficult to determine which ones pay and which one doesn’t.

If you want to try legit game apps and rewards platforms, this guide lists our top nine apps that pay instantly to PayPal.

Plus, get insights on what features you need to find the best rewards app.

The Best Apps That Pay Instantly to PayPal (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Swagbucks: Our Pick
  2. InboxDollars: Runner-Up
  3. Money Well: Also Great
  4. FeaturePoints: Best Points-Based Rewards App
  5. Toluna Influencers: Best for Surveys
  6. Mistplay: Best for Gaming
  7. Gamehag: Best Game Selection
  8. Solitaire Cube: Best Card Game Rewards App
  9. Blackout Bingo: Best Bingo Rewards App

An Overview of Apps That Pay Instantly to PayPal

What Is an App That Pays Instantly to PayPal?

Rewards apps pay real money when you play games, take surveys, complete micro-tasks, shop online, and more. Some apps often pay instantly or withdraw earnings through a PayPal account.

Note that these rewards apps pay little money per task. As a result, using these apps can’t replace or completely support your main source of income.

Why Are Apps That Pay Instantly to PayPal Important?

Rewards and game apps that pay users real cash offer a great opportunity for anyone to earn money.

Some apps also allow you to convert your points or money into gift cards for various stores, including Amazon, Google Play Store, Starbucks, and more.

Do I Need an App That Pays Instantly to PayPal?

Consider using rewards or game apps that pay real money to earn some spare change in your free time.

Ideally, using the app daily will help you earn a decent amount monthly. You can also avail of coupons, discounts, and gift cards on some apps.

The Best Apps That Pay Instantly to PayPal at a Glance

Do you need help deciding which app to use? We consider the following apps to be the best ones you can try.

What Is the Best App That Pays Instantly to PayPal?

Swagbucks provides one of the best apps that pay real money to PayPal.

The platform offers various ways to earn points, including watching videos, playing games, and shopping online.

Also, besides converting the points into PayPal cash, you can redeem gift cards from Walmart, Amazon, and more.

What Is the Best Game App That Pays Instantly to PayPal?

Money Well offers one of the best game apps in the market.

With over 10 million downloads on Google Play, Money Well lets you earn and accumulate points by playing online games on your smartphone.

It’s one of the most fun PayPal games since they provide several categories, from arcades to strategy games.

Features to Look For in Apps That Pay Instantly to PayPal

When looking at the best gig apps, what factors should you consider? Check if an app includes the following features:

1. Mode of Payment

What payment channels does an app use? If you prefer getting PayPal cash, ensure that a platform lets you transfer your earnings into your PayPal account.

Also, consider how frequently you can withdraw your earnings and how fast the platform sends payments. Always confirm the payment terms before signing up for a rewards app.

2. Type of Rewards

These apps usually pay real money via PayPal or Visa, but most platforms offer gift cards for various partners, from online shops to gaming.

Also, platforms with a point system require you to convert your points into a PayPal gift card to transfer your earnings into your PayPal account.

Check if an app lets you transfer to PayPal if you prefer this type of reward.

3. Task Types

How do you earn rewards or points? See if you like how you can earn money on the platform.

Common task types include playing mobile and trivia games, answering surveys, purchasing items, and completing micro-tasks.

4. Commission Fee

A few apps or PayPal games may request a small commission or transfer fee, which can reduce your total earnings.

In some apps, you may need to pay first to play games or enter cash tournaments. Be prepared to shell out money on some platforms.

5. User-friendliness

Does the app run smoothly and rarely have glitches? Save yourself from headaches, and look for an app with a smooth user experience and an interface that’s easy to navigate.

Also, check the reviews if an app’s time-tracking feature glitches, as many users report this as a common technical issue.

Best Apps That Pay Instantly to PayPal: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

1. Swagbucks: Our Pick

screenshot of the swagbucks homepage

Swagbucks provides one of the best apps to make money. This popular loyalty and rewards app lets you earn points by playing games, watching videos, shopping online, and more.

In exchange, you earn cash via PayPal or receive free gift cards from Target, Walmart, and over 1,500 retailers.

Swagbucks requires users to withdraw a minimum payout of $3, one of the lowest payouts on the list.

Key Features of Swagbucks

How does Swagbucks operate? Learn more about its key features.

  • SB Point: Earn points called SB points whenever you play games, browse online, answer surveys, or shop online. 
  • Gift Cards: Besides converting your points into cash rewards, you can redeem exclusive deals and coupons from popular shops, including Amazon and Steam.
  • Survey: Answer surveys about various products and services. The surveys pay 100 to 300 SB points, which you can convert to cash to PayPal.
  • Shop: Swagbucks also offers cashback shopping at over 1,500 stores. Every dollar you spend will convert into SB points.
  • Games: Playing original free games or making in-game purchases also allows you to earn SB points. Enjoy Swagbucks’ wide selection of online games.

Pros of Swagbucks

If you’re not convinced you should try Swagbucks, consider the following pros of signing up today.

  • Many Ways to Earn: Swagbucks offers various methods to help you earn points and accumulate enough money monthly.
  • Easy-to-Use App and Extension: The app features an intuitive user interface ideal for beginners. Plus, the browser extension works well if you want to use your computer.
  • Established Rewards Program: Since 2008, Swagbucks established itself as a reliable loyalty and consumer rewards program.

Cons of Swagbucks

Although Swagbucks tops our list, be mindful of the app’s downsides.

  • Low Rate Per Task: You earn a small amount per task, making it challenging to earn a sizable income. 
  • Need to Wait for Accumulated Pay: Since you get low rates per task, you’ll need to wait until you collect enough money to earn a significant amount.
  • Too much work: Some tasks can take too much work compared to the amount you’ll receive.

Swagbucks Income

The total amount you receive depends on the type and number of tasks you complete.

For example, you earn 100 to 300 SB for surveys or $1 to $3 in cash. Meanwhile, answering surveys pay you $0.50 to $5.

Should You Choose Swagbucks?

Swagbucks offers a legitimate platform to help anyone earn money in their free time.

Choose this app if you want to transfer your earnings immediately into your PayPal account since the platform only requires a minimum payout of $3.

2. InboxDollars: Runner-Up

screenshot of the Inbox Dollars homepage

Founded in 2000 in Minnesota, InboxDollars connects consumers to brands who need a large market to test products, answer surveys, watch videos, and more. 

In return, the app provides members with cash rewards, plus extra cash from contests.

With over five million downloads on Google Play, InboxDollars offers one of the best gig apps to earn money online for people with little time.

Key Features of InboxDollars

These features define InboxDollars from other rewards apps. 

  • Surveys: Earn cash by sharing your opinion. Unlike other platforms, InboxDollars’ surveys come from brands conducting market research to improve their products and services. The app offers thousands of surveys, and you’ll receive ones that match your profile and interests.
  • PaidEmail®: Get paid to read emails and accomplish some tasks. This unique feature exclusive to InboxDollar lets you earn money right from your inbox.
  • Shopping: Shop for groceries, and earn cash by trying featured deals or scanning your receipts. You also get access to cashback deals while shopping.
  • Videos: Earn money or gift cards by watching videos, including your favorite movies and TV shows.
  • Games: Playing games like Monkey Bubble Shooter, Candy Jam, and Mahjong Solitaire gives you an 18% cashback for every dollar spent on games.

Pros of InboxDollars

Consider the following perks of joining InboxDollars.

  • Various Earning Methods: The app gives you more opportunities to earn cash by taking surveys, playing games, shopping, and watching videos.
  • Different Cash-Out Options: Besides withdrawing your money to PayPal, you can transfer to a Visa debit card or redeem gift cards.
  • Earn Real Money Instead of Points: Most online rewards apps and survey sites implement a point system, but InboxDollars shows instantly pays in dollars, showing you your real earnings.

Cons of InboxDollars

Learn some of the challenges of using this app.

  • High Minimum Payout: The app requires a minimum withdrawal of $15 for first-time payment requests and $30 for succeeding payouts. As a result, collecting and withdrawing your earnings can take a while, especially if you’re inactive. 
  • Can Cost Money: The highest rewards usually require you to shell out money. For example, donating to the ASPCA pays $25.
  • Third-Party Sites: Some surveys lead to third-party sites with lax privacy policies.

InboxDollars Income

According to InboxDollars, gold members usually make over $30 monthly by completing one to three surveys daily. The amount you earn depends on the tasks you take and the number of tasks you complete.

For example, an online survey pays $0.50 to $5 and takes three to 25 minutes to complete. Some pay up to $20 or more for surveys that need a specific demographic.

Should You Choose InboxDollars?

Consider signing up for InboxDollars if you want to earn money mainly through answering surveys but still have other opportunities to earn, like playing games and watching videos.

Also, try this app if you prefer seeing how much you make instantly and dislike point systems.

3. Money Well: Also Great

screenshot of the Money Well homepage

With over 10 million downloads on Google Play, Money Well offers one of the best game apps to win real money, especially for Android users.

Its main earning opportunity includes playing mobile games, but it also lets you earn extra by inviting others to join the platform.

When you play games or refer other users, you earn tickets, which you can exchange for PayPal cash or gift cards.

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Key Features of Money Well

Check out the features that make Money Well different from other game apps.

  • Games: Money Well offers one of the most fun PayPal games, from scratch cards to arcade games. Try new games regularly, and find popular ones, like Farm Heroes Saga and Pet Master. 
  • Referrals: Invite others to join Money Well and earn 250 tickets for each referral. You and your friend also get a 25% commission bonus of each other’s earned points, allowing both parties to earn tickets faster.
  • App-Tracking Feature: Money Well tracks the time you play, especially for sponsored games. The longer you play, the more money you can make.
  • Tickets: The app uses tickets as its currency. Use these tickets to convert them into PayPal cash or redeem gift cards.
  • Cash and Gift Card Payout: The primary rewards you can redeem on the app include transferring cash into your PayPal account and converting tickets into gift cards. You can redeem gift cards for various shops, including BestBuy, Nintendo, Steam, and Google Play Store. 

Pros of Money Well

Explore some of the advantages of joining the platform.

  • Free to Join: Money Well offers a free app with no in-app purchases and ads. As a result, you don’t need to deposit money into the app.
  • User-friendly Interface: The app has intuitive controls suitable for non-tech-savvy people.
  • Available Worldwide: You can download the app in most countries and earn cash anywhere and anytime.

Cons of Money Well

Bear in mind the following challenges of using these PayPal games.

  • Glitchy: While the app may have a good user interface, many users report a glitchy user experience, specifically with tracking tickets and verification.
  • Small Earnings: The app has low earning potential, as the number of tickets you receive decreases over time. Also, it takes at least 10,000 tickets to redeem a $5 gift card.
  • Not Available on iOS: iPhone users can’t download the app since it’s only available for Android phones.

Money Well Income

The game pays using tickets, and playing a game lets you earn around 40 to 50 tickets. Meanwhile, some games pay 100 to 150 tickets per minute. You’d need 19,000 tickets to withdraw $1 to PayPal.

If you get 50 tickets per minute, then you earn around $0.002 per minute.

Should You Choose Money Well?

Explore Money Well, if you prefer joining a free app with various mobile games. It’s available worldwide, making it accessible to most people. 

Also, if you don’t mind investing too much time to earn a lot, consider using Money Well.

Notable Mentions: Other Apps That Pay Instantly to PayPal

4. FeaturePoints: Best Points-Based Rewards App

screenshot of the FeaturePoints homepage

FeaturePoints offers one of the best mobile Internet gigs, allowing you to earn rewards and cash via various methods through a point-based system.

With FeaturePoints, you can collect points by entering scratch-to-win instant contests, taking surveys, downloading apps, trying free games, and referring the app to others.

Why is FeaturePoints a Great Option?

Join FeaturePoints for free on an Android or iOS phone. You can find and download the app worldwide.

Also, you can get your earnings when you reach $5 and redeem them via various payout methods, including PayPal, Amazon, Xbox, App Store, PlayStation, Bitcoin, Starbucks, and more.

Drawbacks to FeaturePoints

Unfortunately, some countries don’t have access to specific earning methods, limiting your chances to earn faster. 

The platform also takes up to five business days to process your reward, which proves inconvenient for people who need the money urgently.

Also, note that this platform won’t make you rich since you’ll earn little money for each task.

FeaturePoints Income

Users earn points when completing tasks; collecting 600 points equals $1. Doing surveys, downloading apps, and accomplishing other tasks can make you around $20 to $30 monthly.

Withdrawing via PayPal requires a minimum payout of $5, making it one of the lowest payout thresholds on the list.

5. Toluna Influencers: Best for Surveys

screenshot of the Toluna Influencers homepage

Toluna Influencers provides one of the best survey apps globally. With over 21 million users in 50 countries, this app allows users to earn rewards by sharing their opinion with the world’s leading brands.

The platform also includes community polls, forums, and fun games to engage users.

Why is Toluna Influencers a Great Option?

Toluna Influencers offers a free and easy way to sign up. The app will also never require you to pay for any in-app service.

Also, if you indicate your mobile number in your profile, you can receive mobile surveys, adding to the number of points you can collect.

The app offers extra points for filling out your profile surveys, participating in contests and games, and inviting others to join the platform.

Drawbacks to Toluna Influencers

Upon registration, the app will ask for personal details, including your name, address, birthday, and employment status, to help you find suitable market research projects.

If you’re uncomfortable giving this information, consider trying another app.

Besides this, note that you’ll only receive your points after the survey closes, which can take a few days to weeks.

Toluna Influencers Income

A survey offers between 15 to 50,000 points depending on the length and type of the survey. On average, a survey pays 2,000 to 4,000 points.

To withdraw £1 or $1.28, you’ll need to collect 5,500 points. The platform requires a minimum payout of $10, meaning you don’t have to wait long to withdraw.

6. Mistplay: Best for Gaming

screenshot of the Mistplay homepage

You can get paid to play games at Mistplay. It is one of the best game apps to earn rewards and win cash prizes. Playing games lets you earn points and exchange them for gift cards, including PayPal cash.

Free games include FarmVille 2, Toon Blast, Coin Master, Rise of Kingdoms, and more.

Why is Mistplay a Great Option?

Mistplay provides legit PayPal games, as the platform already paid $20 million in rewards since launching.

Users can also experience customized gaming as the app handpicks a selection of old and new games based on their preferences.

Besides playing free games, users can chat with other players and check offers within their area.

Overall, Mistplay offers an ideal platform for gaming, earning money, and interacting with other players.

Drawbacks to Mistplay

Although you can win cash prizes, you earn low rates.

Also, having three different point systems may be confusing for some people. These points include:

  • GXP (Game Experience Points): Earned points when playing a game
  • PXP (Player Experience Points): Earned points when you achieve a Checkpoint level up
  • Units: In-app currency to redeem rewards

Finally, you can’t find Mistplay on iOS.

Mistplay Income

Redeeming 3,000 units will earn you $10 in PayPal cash. Besides PayPal, you can redeem an Amazon gift card, Prepaid Virtual Visa, Google Play, PlayStation Store Card, and more.

7. Gamehag: Best Game Selection

screenshot of the Gamehag homepage

Get paid to play video games on your phone with Gamehag. This platform offers users rewards for playing games.

Gamehag works similarly to Mistplay, but this app offers popular online games in its library, including Grand Theft Auto V, Star Trek Online, Rift, Fallout 3, and more.

When you play games, you earn Soul Gems that you can exchange for PayPal cash, gift cards, free games, and other prizes.

Why is Gamehag a Great Option?

Gamehag offers one of the best game apps with a good selection of games, including popular and fun titles. The app also has an excellent user experience, making it extra fun to play games.

Besides using your mobile phone, you can also use Gamehag on a computer for a more immersive gaming experience.

Finally, you have various ways to earn Soul Gems, including engaging in forums, rating articles, and becoming a VIP member.

Drawbacks to Gamehag

Being inactive for the past seven days results in losing your earning potential. This game app rule encourages users to be active on the platform, but it can come at a cost, especially for those who don’t play often.

Gamehag Income 

The amount you earn depends on how many Soul Gems you collect. A dollar equals 1,399 Soul Gems, while $50 equals 28,999 Soul Gems.

You can cash out up to $100 on PayPal, which costs 57,699 Soul Gems.

However, most active users earn around $5 to $10 monthly.

8. Solitaire Cube: Best Card Game Rewards App

screenshot of the solitaire Cube homepage

One of the Android apps that pay you includes Solitaire Cube, one of the card game apps powered by Skillz. 

It includes four basic game modes: a practice mode, head-to-head competitions, multiplayer mode, and limited-time events.

Playing games in the pro league competition allows you to win higher earnings.

Why is Solitaire Cube a Great Option?

It’s one of the most popular and legitimate cash games since you can find it on Android and iOS. Plus, it has over 100,000 downloads on Google Play Store alone.

Regarding gameplay, the multiplayer and competition features allow you to compete with other global players to earn better prizes.

Drawbacks to Solitaire Cube

Unfortunately, joining cash tournaments can cost $1 to thousands per entry.

And players from the following states can’t join these cash tournaments to win money: Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, and South Dakota.

Solitaire Cube Income

When joining cash tournaments, your cash prize depends on how much you pay for your entry.

For example, paying as low as 25 cents results in a cash prize of 42 cents. Meanwhile, paying a $120 entry fee can produce a $200 cash prize.

9. Blackout Bingo: Best Bingo Rewards App

screenshot blackout bingo homepage

Blackout Bingo offers one of the best passive income apps for those who want to make money using game apps.

This two-minute game requires you to match five cards or numbers to win and earn tickets. For fair gameplay, you compete with other players at the same level.

Why is Blackout Bingo a Great Option?

This game app includes boosts, like bonus time and free square, to help you win a round and earn more. Plus, it has games to help you practice and win real money during the real game.

And the app sports a colorful and appealing user interface, providing a fun gaming experience.

Drawbacks to Blackout Bingo

Although the game app offers big PayPal cash prizes and rewards, you must earn many tickets to withdraw your earnings.

For example, $1 equals 20,000 tickets, and the platform requires a minimum payout of $100.

Also, you can’t play the app in Arkansas, Connecticut, Louisiana, Delaware, Indiana, Maine, and South Dakota.

Blackout Bingo Income

Generally, your earnings depend on your entry fee. If you win money, you double what you wagered. For example, winning with a $0.50 entry fee means you’ll receive $1 as a cash prize.

Other Options Relevant to Apps That Pay Instantly to PayPal

If you don’t find playing games or taking surveys appealing, why not try the following alternatives? These platforms offer various ways to earn money on the side:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions in mind? Check out these popular questions, and get the answers you might want:

How Much Can You Earn from Apps that Pay to PayPal?

How much you earn depends on the app you choose, the task type, and the number of tasks you complete. For example, playing games or taking surveys on Swagbucks lets you earn $1 to $5 daily.

It all depends on the time and effort you’ll give on your chosen platforms.

What Are Other Ways to Claim Your Reward?

Besides withdrawing cash via PayPal, many platforms pay real money via Visa or buy gift cards for Amazon, PlayStation, Google Play Store, Starbucks, and more.

Wrapping Up

Thanks to technology, you can now earn real cash prizes by playing games, completing surveys, or accomplishing micro-tasks on your smartphone.

Among the apps above, consider signing up for Swagbucks if you’re looking for an all-in-one platform for earning money easily.

As an established rewards app, Swagbucks ensures you receive your payments promptly with less hassle.

Regardless of your chosen app, each platform offers a fun and unique way to earn extra cash via your smartphone, anywhere and anytime.

Try any of the apps above, and let us know which one you like best!

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