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Tesla Ride Sharing 2023: How The Service Works For Riders

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It’s no secret that Tesla wants to break into the ridesharing industry with its electric cars. With its autonomous driving technology, Tesla seems like a good fit for a robotic taxi service.

But, some of us want to know what the current news is for Tesla.

When will Tesla ride sharing become an actual service? What options do we have right now for electric vehicle ridesharing as riders and drivers?

It turns out there are plenty of exciting developments going on while Tesla perfects its craft.  

Does Tesla Offer Ridesharing?

Right now, there’s isn’t a service from Tesla that does ridesharing.

Updates to the Tesla app back in 2021 have code that would help enable endpoints for a rideshare-like service, but nothing has been made official yet.

However, that doesn’t mean there haven’t been any other developments from Tesla.

Around the same time as the update, Tesla CEO Elon Musk mentioned that the design behind the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y was meant to facilitate a change to an electric vehicle ridesharing service operated by Tesla.

Even design choices like using your smartphone as a key are part of this plan.

Tesla Ride Sharing: Network App

Part of the ongoing expansion of Tesla’s services is their work on the Tesla Network app. And with the recent push of their revamped referral program, we anticipate their network of users to grow even larger.

Here’s some info about this soon-to-be ride share platform:

Very little news has come out about the Tesla Network app in the last two years.

We know that it’s meant to be part of Tesla’s taxi and rideshare plans for the future, though.

The idea would be to take the autonomous driving from Tesla vehicles and use them to create an automated ride-hailing service.

Still, there’s been little news outside of some patch notes for the Tesla app on occasion.

Possible Release Date

Given that endpoints just came out in December, it’s easy to assume that ridesharing could be coming to Tesla soon.

Still, there are no official updates or information about the release of this service to the masses.

In the meantime, folks will want to look towards the Revel service for their electric vehicle rideshare needs.


Pro Tip: Also check out Tesla Waze, a unique way to display Waze on your Tesla’s console screen!


What is Revel? An Alternative to Tesla Ride Sharing

Revel is a company looking to bring electric cars and other electric vehicle options to the marketplace faster through public transportation.

Rather than waiting for individuals to buy electric cars for themselves, Revel instead has set up infrastructure in various parts of North America to make using electric vehicles easier.

They started with electric mopeds and electric vehicle charging stations in places like San Francisco, Miami, and Washington, D.C.

Users could connect to and pay for charging and transportation services using the Revel app, making the process fast and automatic.

However, Revel is currently in the works to develop an all Tesla car ridesharing service.

The service hasn’t launched yet, but their website is currently taking applications for drivers in their operating areas.

How Does Revel Work?

Revel acts as a platform for users to request electric vehicle infrastructure or rides using the mobile app.

Their goal is to create an electric vehicle ecosystem that can be called on when users need access to it, rather than waiting for electric vehicle infrastructure to be built at the individual level.

For example, Revel users can request access to electric mopeds and fast-charging stations in Revel’s operating areas through the app.

The user pays for the time they use these services by connecting a payment method like a credit card or debit card.

Also, Revel has an electric bike subscription service, which comes with a monthly fee and access to Revel’s network of electrically charged bikes.

Users can ride these bikes between stations and access them through the app.

All-Tesla Rideshare Fleet

The big addition developing at Revel right now is their all-Tesla rideshare fleet.

With this addition, Revel hopes to bring more rideshare options to its platform by partnering with Tesla to bring their cars to the ridesharing world.

This service isn’t up yet but promises to work similarly to any other ridesharing app for the riders.

Drivers, however, would instead be paid for their time behind the wheel, rather than per ride.

In addition, to keep all tips, Revel drivers could stand to make more money under Revel, so long as they drive a Tesla vehicle.

Driving For Revel

If you want to drive for Revel, their website is still taking applications for new drivers.

Still, here’s a summary of what you’ll need to do to get started with Revel:

Revel Driver Requirements

Drivers for Revel have to meet their strict requirements no matter which part of the country they work.

This is to ensure that drivers meet New York’s guidelines, which are stricter than in other areas.

Drivers have to be at least 25 years old, have a valid TLC driver’s license, and have no outstanding vehicle fees.

A low number of moving violations and the ability to pass a background check are important, too.

Revel Vehicle Requirements

While Tesla owners are welcome to apply, you don’t have to have your own Tesla vehicle to drive for Revel.

They plan to roll out Tesla vehicles as part of their ridesharing service, essentially setting up an electric car taxi service.

All of the Teslas will have insurance that meets local requirements.

Also, the Teslas will have both front and back dash cameras to ensure the safety of the driver and any passengers riding during the trip.

Revel Driver Application Process

To begin, a driver has to apply via the Revel website.

In addition to your preferred phone number, you’ll have to provide personal information such as your name and address so that Revel can verify that you are who you claim to be.

Revel also needs this info to run a pre-employment background check on you.

In general, the application process shouldn’t take more than 15 to 20 minutes.

Once you apply, you’ll generally have to wait about a week or two to hear back from Revel, mostly due to how long it takes to get the background check back.

Pay for Revel Drivers

According to Revel, starting pay for new drivers can be as much as $23 per hour.

In addition, drivers will be able to receive 100% of all tips given to them from riders, meaning that a Revel driver has a guaranteed income no matter how many rides they do per hour.

In addition, Revel offers their drivers benefits such as healthcare options and stipends to cover things like gas, tolls, and car insurance.

Revel vs. Other Rideshare Companies

Revel wants to move away from the gig economy present for so many other ridesharing platforms.

Rather than forcing drivers to take a large number of rides per hour to get paid well, Revel instead pays a base salary and offers benefits like a regular employer.

Since the service hasn’t been launched yet, it’s hard to say if these perks outweigh the novelty of the electric car ridesharing service.

But, given the perks laid out, it’s hard not to get excited as a driver!

Wrapping Up

While Tesla has talked about starting a rideshare or taxi service for a while now, there’s been no sign of one coming out soon.

To fill in that gap, established rideshare services offer electric vehicles as part of their fleet.

Revel wants to do this n a way that not only expands on electric car infrastructure in cities but also makes the drivers feel important.

Rather than forcing drivers to cover all their expenses, Revel wants to give drivers a salary, benefits, and other support.

Revel seems to be a ridesharing service to keep an eye on if you drive a Tesla!

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