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2023 Tesla Referral Program & Link: What You Get, How It Works & How to Claim

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If you haven’t heard of Tesla or Elon Musk by now, we’d be very surprised. The company is creating the future of personal transportation and energy.

You’ve probably seen videos of their ridiculously fast, all-electric cars, or maybe even a video of their electric semi-truck. In addition to vehicles, Tesla also makes solar energy systems for home use.

If you’re curious about buying a Tesla, you may be looking for a discount. After all, Tesla products aren’t cheap. That’s where the Tesla referral program come in.

The Tesla referral link (or Tesla referral code) is your best bet for saving on the cost of Tesla products, whether that’s a car or a solar energy system.

Read on to find out our favorite code, how the code works, and what it gets you when you purchase a Tesla product using one.

2023 Tesla Referral Code & Link

Already know about the program and don’t want to read the post? We’ll make things simple – grab your referral link or code from below.

Featured Promotion

Unlock Special Tesla Promotions Using Tesla Referral Code brett89841

When you use my referral link (or referral code "brett89841") to purchase a Tesla product, you unlock special promotions.

These can include product discounts, cash bonuses, and/or get free credits you can redeem for awards like Supercharging miles, merchandise, and accessories.

Current amounts include:

  • Model S/X: $1,000 off, 3 months of Full Self-Driving
  • Model 3/Y: $500 off, 3 months of Full Self-Driving
  • Solar Roof: $500 off
  • Solar Panels: $500 off

For more information on specific incentives, visit this link.

What Is the Tesla Referral Program?

screenshot of the landing page of a tesla referral code link for the tesla referral program

Unlike most car companies, Tesla doesn’t spend a lot of money on advertising. You won’t see TV commercials or online ads for their products, and they have far fewer dealerships than other car manufacturers.

This is an intentional move, as it allows them to save money and pass those savings on to their customers.

Still, Tesla has to do some marketing. They rely primarily on word of mouth, so they decided to incentivize their huge number of existing customers to talk about their vehicles an extension of this program.

In short, the program lets current owners of Tesla products get special rewards in exchange for referring people to make a purchase from Tesla.

The program includes is a simple referral link or referral code that people can click or share. When they click the link, it directs them to a special page on the Tesla website.

When someone makes a purchase through this page, they get an incentive such as a discount or credit they can use towards Loot Box purchases, and the referring Tesla owner gets some type of reward in return for that referral.

In this case, if you use my link in the box above, you’ll get a different benefit depending on which product you purchase.

How Does the Tesla Referral Code Work for Customers?

So what exactly are the specifics of the Tesla referral code? What do Tesla customers get when they click it?

Before I get to the step-by-step tutorial on how to apply the promotion to your next purchase, what do you get when you use a Tesla referral link?

Tesla Referral Program Benefits For New Customers

First, let’s start with what first-time customers get when they purchase a Tesla using one of these codes.

As of June 16, 2023, customers get the following benefit for using a referral link at the time of purchase:

  • Model S/X: $1,000 off, 3 months of Full Self-Driving
  • Model 3/Y: $500 off, 3 months of Full Self-Driving
  • Solar Roof: $500 off
  • Solar Panels: $500 off

But you don’t have to be a new customer to get in on the action. Existing customers are also eligible for promotions.

Tesla Referral Program Benefits For Existing Customers

If you are an existing Tesla owner, you are also eligible for promotions through what Tesla considers “Loyalty”.

The Loyalty program works in a somewhat similar manner to the promotions offered to new customers. However, the amounts are just a bit different.

  • Model S/X: $1,000 off, 3 months of Full Self-Driving
  • Model 3/Y: $500 off, 3 months of Full Self-Driving
  • Solar Roof: $500 off
  • Solar Panel: $500 off

As you can see, these are still pretty good incentives that Tesla doesn’t have to offer. If you are an existing Tesla owner and purchasing another vehicle, make sure to claim these promotions while they are still available.

While these promotions do change every now and then, they’ve been pretty steady the past couple of months. If the benefit does happen to change, however, the new details will be listed within the referral link page.

How Do I Use the Tesla Referral Code?

Using the Tesla referral code is very simple. You don’t even have to type in a code. Just click the link from any current Tesla owner.

If you’re looking for a code to use, feel free to use ours. Or, if you know someone who owns a Tesla, ask if they can send you theirs.

Once you’ve clicked the link, you’ll see a page like the one below:

screenshot of the landing page of a tesla referral code link

This page will give you more info about the Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model 3, and Tesla solar products (such as a solar roof and other solar panels).

You’ll see two separate types of promotions on the page – referral promotions for vehicles and referral promotions for solar products.

As you can see, these are the promotions offered on vehicles at the time of this writing:

And these are the promotions offered on solar products at the time of this writing:

Tesla Referral Link and Code Discounts on Solar Products

When you click on one of the links that say “Order Now” you’ll be redirected to a page that will start the order process:

image showing the screen a customer gets when they visit a tesla referral code

You don’t have to take any additional steps to make sure the promo code is applied.

The special link you clicked will automatically ensure that you get the promotion that was advertised on the landing page from the referral link.

There are two ways to tell if your referral link has worked correctly and the promotion is being applied to your account.

tesla referral link successfully aplied

As you can see from the screenshot above, when I started the process of building a Tesla – by first visiting my referral link – the website recognized the referral code in the URL, and then also promoted me with a very helpful confirmation of exactly what the promotion I claimed was.

After that, there’s nothing else left to do other than order your vehicle or solar product.

Once you claim delivery of your vehicle, or your solar roof/panels are installed, you should see the credit added to your account, if your purchase was eligible for Loot Box credits.

How Does the Tesla Referral Program Work for Referrers?

Now, let’s talk about the owners, which Tesla refers to as “Referrers”.

If you already own a Tesla vehicle or Tesla solar system and want to take advantage of sharing your own code, here are the rewards you’ll receive when you refer someone to Tesla:

  • Model S/X: 20,000 Loot Box credits
  • Model 3/Y: 10,000 Loot Box credits
  • Solar Roof: 9,000 Loot Box credits
  • Solar Panels: 9,000 Loot Box credits

As you can see, by referring somebody to buy a product, you can easily start stacking points with these types of point values available. It is well worth your time to refer customers, if you can find creative ways to do so.

An Overview of the Tesla Loot Box

To access the referral program, you need to navigate to the “Loot Box” tab within the Tesla app.

Once there, you will see a fairly simple, yet comprehensive, view of your involvement with the program.

screenshot of the tesla loot box within the tesla app

Next, you’ll see an overview of the program terms. This is where you will find specific details for buyers, referrer, and loyalty incentives.

screenshot of the tesla loot box within the tesla app

By tapping into the “History” link at the top righthand side of that page, you’ll also be able to view your referral history.

This includes when the referral was made, the type of product that was purchased, and the status of that order.

This section gives a great idea of how many outstanding credits you can expect, on top of what are already loaded into your account.

screenshot of the tesla loot box within the tesla app

What to Expect With Referrals

Once you refer a customer to Tesla, you will see the referral within the History link in the Loot Box. Additionally, you will receive an email from Tesla confirming the referral.

screenshot of notification of tesla referral program successful referral confirmation

In my experience, it will likely take some time of the company to actually make, ship, and delivery the car.

Once they do deliver it though, you will receive another email from Tesla confirming that the credits have been added to your account.

screenshot of notification of tesla referral credits added to account

Once you see this email, the credits will probably appear in your account and be ready to redeem.

Tesla Loot Box Rewards: What Can I Redeem Credits For?

Once you have Loot Box credits added to your account, you can then redeem them for various items within the Tesla app’s Loot Box tab inside the Tesla app.

There are a handful of items that you can claim. Most, if not all of these items are publicly available in the Tesla store:

  • Wall Connector: 5,500 credits
  • J1772 Wall Connector: 11,000 credits
  • Wall Connector Color Matched Faceplate: 1,400 credits
  • Tesla Sipping Glasses: 1,400 credits
  • CSS Combo 1 Adapter: 4,000 credits
  • Supercharger Miles: 1,500 – 4,800 credits
  • Men’s Raven Lightweight Hoodie: 2,000 credits
  • Men’s Let the Sun Shine Tee: 700 credits
  • Kid’s Let the Sun Shine Tee: 700 credits
  • Men’s Solar Roof Tee: 700 credits
  • Men’s Powerwall Tee: 500 credits
  • Women’s Powerwall Tee: 700 credits
  • Tesla Short Shorts: 1,469 credits
  • Model X Pet Liner: 2,500 credits
  • Model S/3/Y Pet Liner: 2,500 credits
  • Cybertruck Raffle: 500 credits

Many of these items appear to be randomly priced. I was not able to work out an average point value, as some items are worth far more than others in terms of monetary value, yet are not priced drastically different in terms of points.

Additionally, these items seem to change randomly with no warning. Something that may have been there today might not be there tomorrow.

I haven’t gotten a ton of credits, but I have gotten enough to redeem a few different items in the store.

When redeeming credits, I am very careful about what I purchase. After all, I only need so many t-shirts, I have no use for an additional wall charger, and some other items don’t apply to me.

With a limited amount of items to purchase though, it is a bit hard to be picky.

The items I ordered shipped the next day, and arrived via what appeared to be standard ground shipping with UPS. I was actually pretty impressed by how smooth the redemption process was and how efficiently it worked.

Now that I have the t-shirts and hoodie, my focus is on the Cybertruck raffle. This is hands-down the most valuable thing in this entire Loot Box – however, only if you win.

screenshot of the cybertruck raffle from within the tesla app

Surprisingly, there is a very limited amount of information about the raffle. I read the terms and conditions, and there doesn’t appear to be a raffle date, or really any specific information about how the company draws a name or what that will look like.

Regardless, I would LOVE to drive a Cybertruck, so I have entered multiple times. Even a chance at winning one is worth it to me.

Previous Promotions Offered By Tesla

While the referral program is still alive and kicking, it’s not quite as lucrative as it was in the past.

The promotions below have recently been phased out, but as you can see, Tesla has rewarded referrals in the past very handily.

A few examples of previous rewards included:

  1. For your first qualifying referral, you got to launch your photo into deep space orbit. As Tesla put it on their website, “We’ll laser-etch any image onto glass and send it into deep space orbit for millions of years. Refer more friends while you wait for an alien race to discover your payload.”
  2. For your second successful referral, you could choose one of the following:
    1. Signature Black Wall Connector for your car. It included an etching of Elon Musk’s signature.
    2. Or, you got a Tesla Model S for Kids. This is a miniature, drivable Tesla that includes working headlights, a sound system, and a charge port. You could either keep it for your children to enjoy or donate it to a local children’s charity.
  3. Your third qualifying referral started to get into the bling territory. You could choose one of the following rewards:
    1. 21” Arachnid Wheels for Model S or 22” Turbine Wheels for Model X
    2. One week test drive of a new Tesla Model X or Tesla Model S. If you didn’t want to use this yourself, you could also gift it to a friend.
  4. For your fourth qualifying referral, you had the option of receiving priority access to Tesla vehicle software updates, making you one of the first people to experience new features.
  5. For your fifth qualifying referral, you got a VIP invitation for you and one guest to attend a future Tesla unveiling event.

We know the above aren’t exactly discounts on the purchase price of the products themselves, which can be a bit frustrating to learn.

But remember, purchases from Tesla will likely save you money in the long run since you won’t have to buy gas or pay for electricity for your home.

Not to mention, using electric vehicles and solar power will reduce CO2 emissions and help save the planet.

Related: Interested in using your vehicle to make money? Check out Tesla ride sharing!

Tesla Referral Code FAQ

To conclude this guide, here are answers to some common questions about the Tesla referral program:

What is the best Tesla referral code to use?

A great Tesla referral code to use is brett89841. Use this referral link to purchase a Tesla product and get free credits you can redeem for awards like Supercharging miles, merchandise and accessories.

Where is the Tesla referral code valid?

The code is valid for purchases in any country where you can buy a new Tesla vehicle or solar energy system (not just the United States and Canada).

How do I find my Tesla owner referral code?

Your personal referral code is available in your Tesla account, directly below the image of your car on your account page. Log into your account here to find it.

Can I receive/send both Tesla Motors and Tesla Solar referrals?

Yes, you can. In fact, you can even refer someone to Tesla Solar if you own a Tesla vehicle (and vice versa).

The referrals apply to all Tesla products, regardless of which one you own.

Use the Tesla Referral Code to Get Rewards

We hope this guide has helped you understand how the Tesla referral code works. While it won’t get you discounts on Tesla products, it will help you save on related services.

And, in the end, the greatest satisfaction comes from hitting 60 mph in 4.2s or having the utility company pay you for all the power your new solar system generates

Any other referral rewards are just a nice bonus.

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