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Temp Agency Gig Work Pays By The Week: 9 Best Choices [Ranked & Reviewed For 2023]

Searching for temporary gigs can be a daunting expedition in your side income journey, despite no shortage of part-time jobs in the gig economy.

If you’re searching for temporary job opportunities for quick income, consider temp job listings that pay per hour or weekly.

Side income enthusiasts can earn extra money on their schedule and win competitive pay when working as independent contractors.

Since temp agency gig work pays by the week, you, too, can excel in the gig economy by helping individuals make money from tutoring gigs, working as delivery drivers, or creating content as freelance writers.

Here’s a list of the 9 best gig economy jobs offering more than a minimum wage for extra income.

Best Gig Economy Jobs with Weekly Payments at a Glance

We’ve shortlisted nine jobs in the gig economy that offer a competitive hourly wage with weekly and per-project payouts:

  1. DoorDash: Our Pick
  2. Chegg: Runner-up
  3. Instacart: Also Great
  4. Wag: Best for Dog Sitters
  5. Skipcart: Best for Deliver Service Gigs
  6. Wonolo: Best for On-demand Staffing Gigs
  7. Thumbtack: Best Platform for Odd Jobs
  8. Care.com: Best for Child or Pet Care Gigs
  9. HelloTech: Best for Technology Support Jobs

An Overview of Temporary Gig Jobs

Here’s an overview of temporary jobs that pay for day-to-day tasks offering flexible schedules:

What is a Temporary Agency Offering Weekly Payments?

Marketing, tutoring, delivery, and other service-based agencies offering temporary employment for gig workers with weekly payments come under this category of jobs.

Whether as pet sitters or virtual assistants, your accumulated hourly wages are released as weekly payouts.

These online and offline gigs suit you best if you have a reliable internet connection and bank account.

Why are Temporary Agency Gig Jobs Important?

Temporary agency gig jobs are essential for side-income earners looking to do part-time work to pay their bills.

Your duties are simpler than traditional jobs, wherein employees dip their feet in more than just their department.

This employment category offers an ocean full of earning opportunities, ranging from taking online surveys to providing graphic design expertise.

Do I Need a Temporary Gig Job With Weekly Payments?

Yes, if your full-time job spares you extra hours occasionally, becoming a temporary gig worker can supplement your side income.

Their optional weekly payout infrastructure may lead to earning an additional $100-$500 a week.

Renowned part-time jobs such as data entry, food delivery, or running errands for occupied individuals also offer instant pay.

The Best Gig Economy Jobs with Temporary Employment Offering Weekly Payouts

Discover the best gig jobs offered by a leading temporary employment provider in the gig economy:

What is the Best Temp Gig Job with Weekly Payments?

DoorDash stands ahead of its competitors in the gig economy by creating high-profit employment paths for side income earners.

You can indulge in side-income deliveries and assist convenience stores, restaurants, and multiple retail businesses in completing orders.

The platform’s intuitive and freelancer-friendly interface provides a flexible payment method, ensuring you get paid as per your desired payout frequency.

What is DoorDash?

DoorDash is a service connecting local customers to restaurants and businesses through the efforts of well-paid independent contractors.

The on-demand delivery platform offers temporary gig workers a flexible schedule to earn money through side gigs.

You only need a smartphone and vehicle since Dasher continuously updates its guides to teach gig workers how to earn through completed deliveries for stores offering wellness products, pet supplies, sports equipment, and food and beverages (FnB).

Features to Look for In Temporary Jobs In the Gig Economy

Research whether your chosen company offering temporary gigs prioritizes the following features:

1. Flexible Payment Methods

Choose a platform with provisions for payment schedules ranging from daily to weekly.

Your payment process can help calculate estimated earnings for managing your house bills and added expenses.

Be it an instant payment or direct weekly transfers to your PayPal account, stay vigilant during the sign-up process and register for platforms releasing funds through your preferred payment method.

2. Multiple Gig Repository

Since temporary employment providers typically post side gigs, ensure sufficient diversity in the job types. Some platforms have minimal limitations with their category of jobs on display.

Look for a platform catering to amateur and highly skilled freelancers in digital marketing or other streams.

For example, Thumbtack provides an ever-expanding gig category with jobs like roofing, cleaning, plumbing, transcription, etc.

3. Fully Functional Applications

Identify a temporary gig provider promoting their smartphone application for identifying and applying for jobs.

While some applications may limit the number of job proposals you submit, other platforms post a constant stream of freelance jobs to keep the gig economy flourishing.

Prioritize an intuitive user interface with payment integrations and third-party analytics support to understand what gigs pay you best.

4. Automatic Tax Calculations

You may have to handle your taxes as an independent contractor, as only a handful of agencies offer support for tax management.

The tax filing and calculation process can eat up time otherwise used for doing more side gigs.

Check the terms of conditions, terms of service, or terms of employment page to confirm whether the company handles temp employee taxes.

5. Compensation for Expenses

Some temp jobs like delivery agents or pet sitting may pay for travel expenses and offer discounts for meals, parking, and other unavoidable costs.

Look for a platform where the costs are minimal or prioritize one that compensates for the extra money you spend on the job.

Best Temporary Gig Economy Jobs With Weekly Payouts: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

Gig economy workers seeking weekly payouts can benefit from local gigs for a delivery service or market research company.

Since the work ethic and reputation when managing side income earners varies from company to company, it’ll help to decode their noteworthy features, pros, and cons.

We’ve shortlisted three reputed temp employment agencies:

DoorDash: Our Pick

screenshot of the doordash homepage

Though labeled as a food delivery service, DoorDash now offers delivery driver gigs for industries like wellness, pet care, and sports gear.

You can maximize earnings by completing orders during peak demand phases.

Most gig jobs at DoorDash pay between $15-$20 per hour with increments as per your efficiency, and you also pocket tips from satisfied customers.

Part-timers at DoorDash, proudly called Dashers, have many gateways to earn money as incentives.

Either complete time-bound challenges and win bonuses for finishing more deliveries, or enjoy tips without commissions.

Choose your area of service based on the red flames the map highlights. These hotspots are active territories with the most order requests.

Users can quicken their payment process through DoorDash’s Fast Pay system after completing at least 25 successful deliveries.

Key Features of DoorDash

  • Supportive Reward System: 2% cash back on gas purchases and deals on Take 5 oil, Hertz car rental, and more.
  • Intuitive Activity Dashboard: Study analytics of order frequencies, deliveries, distance traveled, finances, and working time.
  • Earn Extra Cash: Take home a guaranteed base pay with 100% customer tips and the opportunity for promotions through time-sensitive deliveries.
  • Access to DoorDash Store: Purchase physical marketing gear such as bags, apparel, and accessories.
  • Location-Sensitive Dash Bookings: Schedule your Dashes beforehand to conquer areas with more order activity.

Pros of DoorDash

  • Simple Background Check Process: A valid driver’s license, government ID proof, and if you don’t have a checking account, you need a DasherDirect Business Prepaid Visa Card.
  • More Delivery, No Obligatory Conversations: DoorDash’s business model saves part-time food delivery drivers from customer inquiry chats.
  • Gas Rewards: Selected Dashers get 10% reimbursement on gas fees. When stacked with gas apps that pay you back, the rewards add up.

Cons of DoorDash

  • Occasional Unavailability of Visible Orders: You may have to restart the application in low-network zones for new orders.
  • Complaints on Free Gear: Some Dashers complain of poor quality insulating bags and zippers.
  • Long Distance Deliveries: Dashers typically pay significant gas fees because of visiting distant locations.

DoorDash Income

A delivery driver at DoorDash can earn $150-$250 a week by working approximately 10 hours.

Conclusion: Should You Choose DoorDash?

If you’re looking for gig platforms to find local gigs, DoorDash’s smart-order-acquisition architecture promises extra income per hour, which is slightly more than the minimum wage of other part-time jobs.

Chegg: Runner-up

screenshot of the chegg homepage

Offer tutoring services to high school, middle school, or senior students with Chegg‘s high-reward business model.

Be your boss and interact with students in real-time face-to-face video chat boxes with engaging whiteboard software to increase interactions and teaching scope.

You can teach niche subjects and provide students with expert coursework support as freelance work with more social value than many gig jobs.

If not directly educate students, partner with Chegg as a freelance Question and Answer (Q/A) expert and resolve student queries for basic or high-level topics on subjects like Business, Economics, Mathematics, Science, Engineering, etc.

Since Chegg aims to modernize education systems for students globally, you’ll be working with a proactive team of experts relying on technological mastery for better software functionality to enable streamlined online education services.

Chegg’s remote work culture for subject matter experts looking to decorate their portfolio with international academic exposure makes it a strong competitor for a side-income gig economy job in the teaching industry.

Key Features of Chegg

  • Payouts for Every Question Answered: Increase your potential earnings by pocketing money for every solution you provide.
  • Multiple On-demand Subjects: Teach astronomy, environmental science, statistics, psychology, or more scientific subjects like physics, chemistry, or maths (PCM).
  • Use Your Pricing Strategy: Freelance educators at Chegg have the freedom to quote pricing variations based on their experience.
  • Attend Meet-ups Organized by Chegg: Grow your network by interacting with peers to find new student-acquisition techniques.
  • Huge Resource Repository: Explore Chegg’s extended money-making streams through their opportunistic products and services.

Pros of Chegg

  • Solve Questions From Global Students: Get paid to solve queries from students across the globe.
  • Timely Payments with Documentation: Enjoy timely monthly payouts with salary slips for simpler tax filing procedures.
  • Earn Double During Exam Phases: Pocket up to $40 per hour when students’ exams are around the corner and questions keep pouring.

Cons of Chegg

  • No Health Insurance: Freelancers at Chegg are not eligible for company-provided health insurance.
  • Strict Answering Guidelines: Chegg’s guidelines for answering questions includes many quality parameters requiring close attention to detail.
  • Subject-relevant Qualifications: Gig workers at Chegg need relevant educational qualifications to teach preferred subjects.

Chegg Income

Side gig workers can earn $10 to $55 hourly according to their preferred subjects and the complexity of the questions.

Multiply your income for answering questions through video, text, or live chat features.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Chegg?

If you hold teaching experience online or at an educational institute, Chegg offers the best gig jobs for educating students.

For those who’d rather teach than deliver groceries, Chegg’s a reliable source of upskilling and earning during your free time.

Instacart: Also Great

screenshot of the instacart homepage

Instacart serves the gig economy with a unique proposition via its dual-employment offerings for side gig workers.

You can either acknowledge customer orders and visit Instacart’s partner chains to become a personal shopper for grocery shopping or play delivery driver without scanning through product shelves in person.

While delivering groceries may pay less, part-timers with spare time can become full-service shoppers. Full-service shoppers enjoy payouts as quickly as 2 hours after delivering a batch.

View the prospective earnings from multiple batch requests upfront and only choose those appealing to your location and hourly wage demands.

If you already do temporary work as a delivery agent, Instacart’s flexible, high-value gig app is ideal for finding gig jobs paying well for your time.

What’s best is you can earn from delivering anything from groceries, pet supplies, gifts, and more.

To kickstart your side income journey, you need a reliable internet connection and a bank account for payments.

Key Features of Instacart

  • Pay for Groceries Through Payment Card: Instacart delivers a payment card so shoppers don’t pay for customer groceries with personal cash.
  • Insightful Order Data to Make Delivery Decisions: View expected payout, store name, delivery distance, item quantity, and added trip details.
  • Queue Batches for Continuous Work: Accept multiple orders and queue them as per locations for delivering and earning more efficiently.
  • Extra Money for Heavy Pay Tags: If the heavy items’ collective weight is 50 lbs, the application displays a heavy pay tag on the evaluation screen.
  • Peak Earning Days Page: Study ready projected customer-demand reports to schedule your working days in advance.

Pros of Instacart

  • Earn Referral Bonuses: Invite friends and family and earn additional income through commissions.
  • In-store Shoppers Don’t Pay Transportation Fees: Save extra money since you don’t need a car or fuel for in-store shopping.
  • Availability in 50 States: Became an Instacart shopper across multiple cities in 50 states in the USA.

Cons of Instacart

  • In-store Shoppers Can Work Max 29 Hours Weekly: Though sufficient, the 29-hour weekly employment limit reduces earning potential.
  • Increase Hourly Wage with Boosts: Low supply of shoppers in an area offers payment boosts to meet rising customer demand.
  • Batches Can Include Orders from Multiple Stores: Specific batches may require picking up items from multiple stores.

Instacart Income

Expect to earn $300 for 20 hours of weekly work.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Instacart?

Besides their noteworthy mix of shopping-only, delivery-only, and full-service shopping gig economy jobs, Instacart simplifies earnings accessibility through two solutions to get paid. Either request instant pay or direct deposit to your savings account.

Notable Mentions: Other Well-Paid Temp Gig Jobs with Weekly Payments

A gig economy job typically offers work-life balance owing to its part-time employment nature. But it’s the diversity in projects that makes such jobs enthralling.

We’ve gathered a list of 6 additional gig apps to support your goal of getting paid a few extra bucks in your idle time.

Wag: Best for Dog Sitters

screenshot of the wag homepage

If pet-sitting for a living appeals to your money-making pallet, Wag, the Airbnb for part-time dog walkers and dog care lovers, makes for the easiest gig economy jobs.

With dog-sitting gigs available across all 50 USA states, it’s clear that many canine owners are looking to take a breather and can benefit from the services of a dog sitter.

Wag’s canine-care business establishes an emotionally and financially rewarding temporary gig pathway by catering to a countrywide clan of pet parents.

Feel free to offer pet training or overnight boarding services for extra income.

Why Is Wag a Great Option?

Either take dogs on a 20, 30, or 60-minute pre-planned or on-demand stroll or earn through an overnight pet care project at your or your client’s home.

Leverage GPS-traced strolls, auto-generated report cards, and personalized lockboxes to eliminate all worries for your temporary canine companion.

Owners can also interact with their pet friends digitally during the caregiving excursion.

Drawbacks to Wag

Side income earners living in smaller regions may find it challenging to find pet parents.

Since some pet parents don’t clearly state their dog’s allergies, health conditions, and fluctuating behavioral patterns, caregivers may face rough interactions leading to pet concerns.

Wag Income

Wag pays $13-$18 for 20-minute walks, $17-$27 for 30-minute walks, and $26-$37 for 60-minute walks.

As pet parents typically tip well, expect to get paid a reasonable sum for a temporary side gig. However, Wag charges 40% of the base pay.

Skipcart: Best for Deliver Service Gigs

screenshot of the skipcart homepage

Skipcart is another delivery business bridging the gap between companies and drivers.

Their operations spread far beyond food-delivery channels, allowing part-timers to deliver products in eCommerce, electronics, pharmaceutical, retail, automotive, and more.

From caterings with large product quantities to last-mile deliveries for scores of industries, Skipcart is the one gig offering consistent side income.

Why Is Skipcart a Great Option?

Skipcart assigns orders highly dependent on active hotspots and idle drivers in the vicinity.

If you’re free during the time-tested peak order periods of 11 AM to 2 PM and 4:30 PM to 8 PM, Skipcart is a reliable side income choice.

The mass volumes of work and popular tipping culture from users are other noteworthy additions.

Users can withdraw earnings at any time through the get paid now feature, at a $1.99 fee for transactions below $200 and a 1% fee for payouts above $200.

Drawbacks to Skipcart

Their pay scale isn’t as competitive as other delivery services, and since they don’t pay per mile, users have complained of unfair payment breakdowns.

The application also occasionally crashes and presents discrepancies with GPS miles, leading to a loss in prospective earnings.

Skipcart Income

Skipcart delivery agents can earn $6-$9 per order, which includes customer tips. If customers don’t pay tips, Skipcart adds the average order tip amount in your area.

Considering you make $18 per hour and work 10-hour weeks, expect $180-$220 weekly.

Wonolo: Best for On-demand Staffing Gigs

screenshot of the wonolo homepage

Wonolo, an on-demand staffing agency, serves 1000+ companies with streamlined staffing solutions through part-time gig workers.

Navigate across an ever-growing database of industry-specific jobs and work for merchandising or manufacturing projects or enroll in warehouse operations.

They provide entry and intermediate jobs for beverage servers, food runners, media production teams, and more.

Why Is Wonolo a Great Option?

If you’re looking for a transitional worker job, Wonolo ensures listings from companies hoping to promote part-time employees to full-time positions.

Their niche focus on staffing gigs creates high-volume employment opportunities.

Since they allow users to filter job listings to limit their radar of service, you can reduce travel time and save transportation costs.

Drawbacks to Wonolo

Wonolo’s customer service takes a periodic hit due to slow response times for support matters.

Users dislike the lack of access to better communication with employers and customer agents.

A handful of users have also complained of payout delays, which usually take 1-5 business days after completing the gig.

Wonolo Income

Wonoloers can earn $9 to $50 an hour based on the job complexity.

Thumbtack: Best Platform for Odd Jobs

screenshot of the thumbtack homepage

Thumbtack primarily aimed to offer home improvement services through third-party independent contractors assisting in cleaning, DIY projects, equipment repair, and more.

Over time, the platform provides location-specific projects to added freelancers working as photographers, event planners, etc.

Why Is Thumbtack a Great Option?

The platform does well by presenting a reduced-effort route to identifying and sourcing leads on the fly.

If you’re a freelancer looking to beat past the conventional path of Upwork and Fiverr, Thumbtack’s constantly evolving employer database makes for an appropriate choice.

Try registering with a pre-planned lead-to-client conversion strategy to maximize your return on investments (ROI).

Drawbacks to Thumbtack

Thumbtack charges professional temporary employees a commission from every lead generated.

Their paid-lead operational model makes it an unsuitable option if you don’t wish to shell out $10-$50/lead depending on the service offered.

Everything considered, if a prospective client has the potential to pay you $100, it’s worth paying for the lead.

Thumbtack Income

Pros at Thumbtack can make $15-$25 an hour for pet care or staffing gigs and $50-$100 per hour for media work or more technical projects.

Care: Best for Child or Pet-care Gigs

screenshot of the care homepage

Care takes rightful pride in servicing communities with caregiving services like senior, child, or pet care. While gigs include housekeeping and tutoring, users enjoy the availability of under-the-table employment work.

Their partnerships and facilities create extra benefits such as 24/7 access to expert caregivers and a Care membership privilege to communicate with short and long-term caregiving experts.

Why Is Care a Great Option?

Gender equality and worldwide access to a network of specialized caregivers are a given with this platform.

Work by the pillars of safety and advocacy and shine a positive impact on families from all backgrounds.

Side income earners with a specialized degree or social service experience get the edge when promoting their capability to be a Care Specialist.

Drawbacks to Care

The paid membership is staged to get all users onto the recurring payment bandwagon eventually.

Since not every user opts for it, there’s compromised communication between prospective babysitters and worried clients.

Care also lacks a strong vetting and testing process to check whether applicants possess the caregiving expertise they mentioned.

Care Pricing

Care’s free membership package allows you to post no-cost job ads and use in-house resources to search and close deals in your area.

But the Family Premium membership costs $12.99-$38.99 a month, allowing users to communicate with incoming inquiries.

HelloTech: Best for Technology Support Jobs

screenshot of the hellotech homepage

Barely any gig apps keep their primary focus on promoting technical support job opportunities.

HelloTech’s business employs temporary workers for home technology improvement to support customers in canceling the guesswork from technical setup procedures.

Candidates with an engineering degree or significant DIY expertise in tech setups are generally in the hot seat for securing projects. If you’re a technical writer, plan to extend your services on-site with this website.

Why Is HelloTech a Great Option?

HelloTech allows experienced tech support experts to earn money by mounting large and small television sets.

If you’ve spent hours at home installing cable connections and troubleshooting computer setups, monetize the skill by helping customers with an in-wall cable running, installing security cameras, or setting up smart thermostats.

Drawbacks to HelloTech

Candidates struggle with the detailed application process that takes even longer for approval.

Once approved, you’ll be charged $25 for a background check, which is deducted from your first successful project as a technician.

Also, regardless of on-field experience and a decorated portfolio, advanced jobs paying around $100/hour require certifications for qualifying.

HelloTech Income

Beginner-level jobs at HelloTech pay in the range of $50-$75/hour.

Other Options Relevant to Temporary Gig Workers

There are more pathways to earning money through temporary jobs than you can imagine.

We’ve gathered three relevant opportunities to meet your side income goals:

  • Get Paid to Play Video Games: You can register for game apps and play action or intellectual games for rewarding returns in the long haul or opt for crypto gaming or game streaming. This part-time gig can be more entertaining than delivery or staffing jobs requiring manual labor.
  • Get Paid to be a Foster Parent: Since fostering gig jobs offer benefits like free housing and meals, consider signing up for organizations like Kidsave, TFI, Casey Family Programs, and more. Though this gig job requires training and an income statement to prove your financial capacity, there may be more prerequisites for their higher-income offerings.
  • Get Paid to Complete Surveys: Survey gig apps like Survey Junkie and Swagbucks offer a weekly deposit into your personal debit card for completing market research surveys or watching videos and testing games. You can invest 30 minutes to 1 hour daily and make approximately $150 weekly without leaving home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are common question side income earners may ask about temporary employment gigs:

How Long Does it Take to Get a Temp Agency Job?

Temp agencies typically have a low entry bar, including basic qualification requirements such as education till the 12th grade, a legal bank account, and an ability to communicate clearly. It can take 24 to 96 hours to approve your application and get your first gig.

How Do Temporary Employment Agencies Work?

Temporary hiring agencies suggest employment per project or hourly instead of enrolling employees full-time. If you choose temp-to-hire positions, expect longer probation periods to understand whether your employee-employer relationship can translate to full-time jobs.

Wrapping Up

DoorDash’s number 1 position on our roundup is credited to their supercharged earning potential for drivers.

Their customers not only typically give tips for friendly delivery agents and orders received on time, but you have the liberty to choose work hours and serve multiple local areas, making the platform an excellent choice.

We also recommend Chegg and Instacart as suitable alternatives for their applauded per-hour wages.

Their reputation for timely payouts and zero application charges makes them a trusted temporary employment provider.

If you’re hungry to ditch your day job, consider the plausibility of earning income through temporary gigs that pay weekly.

Drop your opinions below, and feel free to share resources helping fellow side income earners.

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