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7 Best Remote Medical Assistant Jobs For Extra Side Income

Learn about the best remote medical assistant jobs to join healthcare teams. Offer your medical expertise in exchange for extra side income.

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If you’ve always wanted to work in healthcare but lack the diplomas and training, then consider becoming a medical assistant. Unlike nurses and other staff in a clinic, as a medical assistant, you’re more concerned with streamlining the scheduling and administrative tasks of the practice.

Even better, there are lots of remote medical assistant jobs you could get to earn money from home. Check out the seven best medical assistant gigs that hire remote workers below.

Best Remote Medical Assistant Jobs (Overview)

Based on our research, these are the best remote medical assistant jobs to consider applying for:

  1. Clinical Research Assistant
  2. Administrative Medical Support
  3. Medical Scribe
  4. Multilingual Medical Assistant
  5. Medical Insurance Assistant
  6. Telehealth Medical Expert
  7. Patient Care Coordinator

7 Top Remote Medical Assistant Jobs

Remote medical assistants and virtual assistants have similar roles, so if you have experience with the latter, you may get any of the following remote gigs:

1. Clinical Research Assistant

These gigs look for people to help with medical research, such as note-taking during meetings, documenting the trials, and keeping all the records organized.

Many employers look for people with medical degrees, but some research companies can hire a medical assistant solely for their organizational skills and then train them in specific trial protocols.

Education-wise, you should have at least a high school diploma, though some companies prefer hiring people with medical or science background.


  • Get to work on studies that could lead to groundbreaking medical discoveries;
  • Employers offer room for career advancement in clinical research;
  • Many gigs don’t need previous experience and offer on-site training;


  • You don’t get to work with patients in a traditional sense.

2. Administrative Support

With the rise in Software as a Service (SaaS) products for medical services, clinics are now looking for better-trained administrative support to manage scheduling, vendor partnerships, and even payments.

And thanks to the above-mentioned tools, you can do many of these tasks successfully from home. If you want this kind of job, good organizational skills are mandatory, while medical background or diplomas aren’t. The clinic needs to know you can use their software and support their needs. 


  • All tasks are easily done from home and even from a phone;
  • You support both the clinic’s and patients’ needs;
  • You can land this gig even without a medical background;


  • Some tasks can be repetitive.

3. Medical Scribe

As a medical scribe, you may review pre-recorded e-meetings and transcribe healthcare data to maintain them as electronic records. For this gig, you’ll need great typing skills and some experience in the medical sector to prove you’re familiar with the concepts and terminology.

Medical scribes can’t afford to make any mistakes, as this could lead to inaccuracies in the patient’s health information. You’ll need great attention to detail and to be highly organized and meet tight deadlines when updating patient records.


  • You can do this both full-time or part-time;
  • Slightly less stressful since you’re not dealing with medical emergencies or patients directly.


  • It needs previous experience as a scribe or another role in the medical field to ensure you keep the electronic medical records accurate.

4. Multilingual Medical Assistant

Linguistics plays a massive role in the medical sector, especially when helping patients who don’t speak English understand key aspects of their health.

If you are multilingual, your job as a medical assistant could include anything from translating documents to patients, facilitating the communication between doctors and their patients, and even helping interpret medical records.

Any experience working as a transcriptionist may help you land such a gig, but some knowledge of medical terms and concepts is also a big plus, such as if you’ve done medical translations in the past.


  • Become a provider of bridging language and cultural gaps in medicine;
  • Enhance multilingual proficiency during your remote job;
  • A high school diploma is sufficient for multilingual medical assistants.


  • It can be stressful to be the only bridge between a doctor and a patient;
  • You’ll need to translate complex medical terminology. 

5. Medical Insurance Assistant

As a medical insurance assistant, you can help people navigate the complexity of medical insurance and the nuances involved in filing claims.

The most important thing you need to do here is translate complex medical and legal terminology to patients so that they can fully understand their coverage. You may need to coordinate with other medical assistants in your team when verifying health problems or claims.

Some math knowledge could also be required here. You may need to resolve billing discrepancies and do some basic accounting to resolve claims or spot errors.


  • Remote flexibility when assisting the financial health of patients;
  • Pocket extra side income through commissions;
  • Learn about in-clinic factors and insurance services specific to companies.


  • Some conversations with patients about their claims can become heated.

6. Telehealth Medical Assistant

Telehealth clinics conduct their business exclusively online, so they’re the primary place to find medical assistant opportunities if you want to work from home.

The role itself isn’t all the different from in-office medical assistant positions. But, since you’re working remotely, you will need to showcase stronger communication skills and be more organized to face the classic hurdles of remote work:

  • Keeping everyone on the remote team updated at all times;
  • Communicating through the right channels;
  • Learning to be independent and not need the assistance of others, etc.

The perks of this remote job spread beyond delivering timely care to ill patients. You extend medical care in remote areas or underprivileged communities or help provide constant care to chronically ill people. As a telehealth medical assistant, you can feel like you’re making a difference. 


  • An increasing number of job opportunities as telehealth’s popularity grows;
  • You can work full-time, part-time, or even freelance.


  • You may need to work odd hours if your clinic has international patients.

7. Patient Care Coordinator

If you want to work solely on the clinic’s tasks involving the patient, you should look up patient care coordinator positions.

Your duties could include:

  • Closing appointments
  • Monitoring stages of health evaluation
  • Developing ways to improve a clinic’s services and increase patient satisfaction

It’s a highly rewarding job that requires a communication-oriented individual who can also demonstrate strong organizational skills.

This gig is ideal for someone with previous experience in the medical field since it can offer unique insights into patient needs and the common hurdles practices face in providing care.


  • Help a clinic improve patient management, treatment outcomes, and more;
  • You can work full time or as a consultant to help even more clinics.


  • Balancing patient expectations and addressing concerns remotely can be painstaking.

Similar Jobs

Here are some other great jobs you can consider:

  • Virtual assistant jobs: If being a medical assistant isn’t the best path for you, check out these great virtual assisting opportunities instead;
  • Work from home jobs, no experience: Worried you lack the background to land a good gig? Then consider one of these great jobs where previous work experience doesn’t even matter;
  • Remote administrative assistant jobs: Still thinking about these medical assistant gigs but lack the healthcare background many of them ask for? These administrative jobs are the next best thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Role Do Virtual Medical Assistants Have?

A medical assistant is typically responsible for handling patient inquiries and scheduling appointments. Expect tasks like running billing or coordinating with laboratories for health assessment services.

What Can Medical Assistants Do When Working From Home?

At-home medical assistant tasks often involve using project management tools like patient database software to handle scheduling, patient reminders, updating medical records, and more. Your role is to assist the clinic with all its administrative duties.

How Much Do Remote Medical Assistants Earn?

A remote medical assistant can earn an hourly salary of approximately $20/hour when working from home.

Wrapping Up

Being a medical assistant can be rewarding, and luckily these seven opportunities allow you to get started from home. Even better, some of them don’t need previous experiences in the healthcare sector. Yet, they can help you generate a steady income.

What do you think about these at-home medical assistant gigs? Do drop your comments below and share this piece with family or friends looking for their next remote opportunity!

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