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9 Best Places That Deliver On Base: Ranked and Reviewed (2024)

Military installations have several protocols that limit movements to and from the base.

While this helps keep security tight, it also means that military personnel can barely order some french fries from their favorite vendors outside. 

But irrespective of these restrictions, there are places that deliver on base. They have clearance and the necessary documentation needed for this. 

If you’ve got a thing for boots and rifles and love delivering good food, we’ve reviewed the nine best on-base delivery services. They often need delivery drivers/riders, so check them out and start applying. 

An Overview of On-Base Delivery Services 

Before going through our review, here are a few things you should know about the places that deliver on base. 

What is an On-Base Delivery Service?

On-base delivery services cater specifically to the needs of individuals residing or working on the military base by providing convenient delivery of goods and services directly to their location.

These services include food, groceries, packages, and even dry cleaning or prescription medication delivery. 

The goal is to provide convenience and accessibility to individuals on the military base who may have limited time or transportation options to access these goods and services outside.

Why are On-Base Delivery Services Important?

On-base delivery services are vital for individuals residing or working on military bases. Here’s why:

  • Convenience: Living on base often means busy schedules and limited time for errands. But with a delivery service on the base, military personnel and their families can focus on their responsibilities without the extra stress of leaving the base for basic needs.
  • Access to Goods and Services: Military bases are self-contained communities, likely without amenities available in nearby cities. On-base delivery services bridge this gap by providing access to several goods and services on the base. 
  • Support for Local Businesses: On-base delivery services often partner with local businesses, like eateries in nearby towns or cities. By offering delivery options, these services extend the reach of local businesses and help them tap into a significant customer base. 
  • Enhanced Security: Strict security measures on military bases exist for everyone’s safety. With an on-base delivery service, there’s controlled access that helps maintain the security integrity of the base while still providing convenient access to essentials.
  • Improved Quality of Life: Access to on-base delivery services alleviates the stress and challenges associated with running errands and obtaining necessities. This added convenience contributes to a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle on the military base.

Do I Need an On-Base Delivery Company?

While we’ve outlined the benefits of on-base delivery companies for military personnel, you might wonder what you’ll enjoy as a gig worker. Well, here they are: 

  • Access to a Targeted Customer Base: An on-base delivery company provides you with direct access to the personnel on the military base. This focused customer pool can lead to a more consistent flow of delivery requests, ensuring you have a steady stream of potential customers and income opportunities.
  • Reduced Travel Time: Working with an on-base delivery company allows you to operate within a confined area. This helps you minimize the time spent traveling between delivery locations.
  • Familiarity with Base Layout: An on-base delivery company provides valuable knowledge of the military base’s layout, rules, and procedures. This familiarity can streamline the delivery as you become well-acquainted with entry points, security checkpoints, and any specific requirements or restrictions.
  • Enhanced Security: You can benefit from the heightened security measures on the base, including access controls, identification checks, and possibly even background checks.
  • Collaboration and Support: Joining an on-base delivery company allows you to become part of a network or team. This collaborative environment can provide support, guidance, and a sense of community among others who share the same work environment. 

The Best On-Base Delivery Companies at a Glance

Here’s a brief summary if you can’t go through the entire roundup. 

What is the Best Place That Delivers On Base?

The best place that delivers on base is DoorDash.

It offers several delivery services tailored specifically for military bases, ensuring convenience and accessibility for on-base residents and personnel. 

With its dedicated focus on serving military communities, DoorDash creates an opportunity for you to make money with your truck, car, or bike as they meet the demands of the military lifestyle.

What is the Fastest On-Base Delivery Service?

DoorDash is known for its efficient and timely delivery of services on military bases. 

While the speed of delivery can vary depending on factors such as location, traffic conditions, and order volume, DoorDash utilizes a vast network of drivers and advanced logistics technology to optimize delivery routes. 

This ensures a fast and reliable service to on-base residents and personnel.

Features to Look for In On-Base Delivery Companies 

Here are five elements to consider when working with a company that delivers on base. 

  • Base Access and Authorization: Ensure that the on-base delivery company has the necessary authorizations and permits to operate within the military base. This ensures compliance with base regulations and provides you with access.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Look for a company that allows you to choose your preferred working hours and adjust your availability. This enables you to balance the delivery work with other commitments and responsibilities.
  • Competitive Earning Opportunities: Look for transparent and competitive compensation structures that offer fair rates for deliveries, tips, and additional incentives. Higher earnings can make a significant difference in your overall income.
  • Efficient Technology and Support: Evaluate the company’s technology platform, including user-friendly delivery apps or websites, efficient order management systems, and real-time support channels. A company with these can streamline operations and address issues promptly.
  • Security Measures: Prioritize companies implementing appropriate security measures for their workers. This may include safety training, clear guidelines for customer interaction, and procedures to ensure their well-being during deliveries.

Best Places That Deliver On Base: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

In ranking order, here’s a roundup of the top three places that deliver on base. 

1. DoorDash: Our Pick

screenshot of the DoorDash homepage


DoorDash is an on-base delivery service that offers unparalleled opportunities and benefits within the military community. 

With its seamless integration, flexible scheduling options, and competitive earning potential, DoorDash empowers gig workers to thrive in the on-base delivery industry. 

The company’s focus on base access, efficient technology, and dedicated support ensures a streamlined and rewarding experience for gig workers, making DoorDash the top choice.

Key Features of DoorDash 

  • Flexible Scheduling: Provides the freedom to set your schedules, allowing you to work when it’s suitable. 
  • Competitive Earnings: Offers competitive earning opportunities, ensuring fair compensation for your time and effort. You can maximize your earnings potential with transparent compensation structures, including base pay, tips, and potential bonuses.
  • Dedicated Support: Whether it’s assistance with technical issues, order inquiries, or general questions, you can rely on DoorDash’s support team to promptly address these concerns and provide guidance.
  • Efficient Technology Platform: DoorDash’s user-friendly app or website streamlines the entire delivery process, making it easy to accept orders, navigate delivery routes, and communicate with customers. 
  • Access to Military Bases: DoorDash has the authorization and permits to operate within military bases. This grants you the advantage of accessing the military community.

Pros of DoorDash 

  • A large and diverse customer base increases the potential for a high volume of delivery orders.
  • It provides in-app navigation tools that guide you through the most efficient routes to delivery destinations. This feature saves time and helps you complete deliveries more efficiently.
  • It offers an Instant Pay feature that allows access to your earnings instantly. Instead of waiting for a weekly payout, you can cash out your earnings immediately after completing deliveries.
  • It doesn’t require you to have a car; you can start making money with your bike.

Cons of DoorDash 

  • There can be high competition among delivery workers for available delivery opportunities, which may impact the frequency of order assignments.
  • Earnings as a gig worker on DoorDash can be unpredictable and may fluctuate based on factors such as order volume, tips, and market conditions. 
  • DoorDash considers customer ratings when assigning orders, and low ratings can affect access to higher-paying or preferred deliveries. Maintaining positive ratings is necessary for better earning potential.

DoorDash Income

Depending on delivery distance and other factors, you can earn between $2 to $10 in base pay. This doesn’t include tips or bonuses you might enjoy. 

Conclusion: Should You Choose DoorDash?

DoorDash offers a wide customer base, which provides the potential for more delivery orders. By joining DoorDash, you can access this vast customer base, increasing your opportunities and eventually boosting your income.

2. Grubhub: Runner Up

screenshot of the Grubhub homepage


With its extensive network of partner restaurants and user-friendly interface, Grubhub ensures efficient delivery experiences for gig workers on military bases. 

While DoorDash takes the top spot, Grubhub’s commitment to base access, flexible scheduling, competitive earnings, and reliable support positions it as a compelling second choice for delivery riders seeking gig opportunities within military communities.

Key Features of Grubhub 

  • Extensive Restaurant Network: An extensive network of partner restaurants, providing you with several food delivery options. 
  • User-Friendly Platform: Offers a user-friendly platform, making navigating and managing delivery activities a breeze. From accepting orders to tracking deliveries, the intuitive interface streamlines the process and enhances efficiency.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Choose your preferred working hours and adjust availability as needed.
  • Transparent Earnings Structure: Provides an earnings structure that indicates how much you can earn from each delivery.
  • Customer Support: Offers reliable customer support to ensure a positive experience.

Pros of Grubhub 

  • Operates on a cashless system, allowing you to complete transactions through the app. This eliminates the need to handle cash, making the delivery process more secure and convenient.
  • Provides customers with the option to tip gig workers directly through the app.
  • It offers the possibility of order stacking, which allows you to accept multiple delivery orders for simultaneous or consecutive deliveries. 

Cons of Grubhub 

  • Fewer available delivery gigs due to the high number of delivery riders.
  • Delivery radius can vary, and you may travel long distances to reach some delivery locations. This can result in increased fuel costs and time spent on the road.
  • Low ratings can affect your access to higher-paying deliveries.

Grubhub Income

On an hourly pay scale, Grubhub pays between $8.65 and $31.35.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Grubhub?

Grubhub’s extensive restaurant network offers better gig opportunities for food delivery riders, even within military installations. If you want to deliver on base, joining Grubhub might be an excellent choice.

3. Amazon: Also Great

screenshot of the Amazon homepage


Amazon’s services extend to on-base delivery to meet the unique needs of military communities.

With its extensive logistics infrastructure and established customer base, Amazon provides gig workers with steady delivery opportunities within military bases.

Key Features of Amazon

  • Vast Product Selection: Offers several products, from everyday essentials to specialty items. This extensive inventory provides several delivery opportunities, catering to various customer needs.
  • Prime Membership Benefits: Access to Prime-eligible products and free two-day shipping. This can enhance the efficiency of deliveries and provide added convenience for you and the customers.
  • Delivery Flexibility: Flexible delivery options allow you to choose preferred delivery blocks based on availability.
  • In-App Navigation: Offers in-app navigation tools that guide you through the most efficient routes to delivery destinations. This feature helps optimize delivery routes, save time, and increase overall efficiency for gig workers.
  • Reliable Support: If you have questions about deliveries, encounter issues with orders, or need assistance, Amazon’s support team provides guidance and resolves any concerns.

Pros of Amazon

  • Amazon allows customers to provide tips, which can significantly boost earnings. You can occasionally receive bonuses or incentives from Amazon for completing a certain number of deliveries or during peak periods.
  • You enjoy comprehensive training materials and resources, which equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in your delivery role. 
  • Amazon is a globally recognized brand known for its reliability and customer service. You can benefit from this positive reputation and enjoy repeat customers.

Cons of Amazon

  • Amazon is known for its fast and efficient deliveries, which can create time pressure for you. The need to meet strict delivery windows and customer expectations may lead to added stress and potential challenges in managing time effectively.
  • The requirements to become an Amazon Flex driver might not be suitable if you’re new and probably don’t have a car.
  • You have limited control over the routes you take since Amazon controls this. 

Amazon Income

As an Amazon Flex driver, you can earn between $18 and $25 per hour, depending on the difficulty of the delivery. 

Conclusion: Should You Choose Amazon?

Joining Amazon as a delivery driver has several benefits, from consistent gigs to regular training. If you ask us, this is a promising opportunity. 

Notable Mentions: Other On-Base Delivery Services To Check Out

That’s not all. Here are other places that deliver on base. 

4. Uber Eats: Best for Food Deliveries 

screenshot of the Uber Uber Eats homepage


Uber Eats provides delivery drivers a seamless platform to connect with customers and deliver food, even within military bases. It’s a convenient and rewarding opportunity to earn money in the gig economy.

Why is Uber Eats a Great Option?

  • An extensive network of restaurant partners with several cuisine options to cater to diverse customer preferences. This broad selection provides gig workers with delivery opportunities, allowing them to tap into various food genres and meet the specific cravings of military personnel.
  • It offers flexible delivery options allowing you to choose your working hours and accept deliveries based on availability.
  • Customers can tip a driver directly through the app, providing an opportunity for additional earnings. 

Drawbacks to Uber Eats

  • While Uber Eats may have a strong presence in general markets, it doesn’t have extensive coverage within military bases like DoorDash and Amazon.
  • Uber Eats operates in a highly competitive market; you may face significant competition from other delivery drivers. 
  • You may not fit in with Uber Eats requirements if you don’t own a car.

Uber Eats Income

According to ZipRecruiter, Uber Eats drivers make at least $19 per hour.

5. Instacart: Best Grocery Shopping Option

screenshot of the Instacart homepage


Instacart offers a seamless platform for delivery drivers to connect with customers and fulfill their grocery shopping needs within military bases. From eggs and cheese to vegetables, a driver can deliver them and get paid instantly.

Why is Instacart a Great Option?

  • It offers a user-friendly app interface for delivery drivers and customers, making navigating and placing grocery orders easy. 
  • A wide range of partner grocery stores translates into high-potential orders for you. 
  • Positive customer ratings and tips can significantly impact your reputation and earnings potential.

Drawbacks to Instacart

  • Limited availability of partner grocery stores within military bases. This can result in a narrower selection of products and fewer opportunities for delivery drivers.
  • Instacart charges higher service fees and commissions on drivers’ earnings during withdrawals, which can impact their overall income. 
  • It’s not as widely used as other services like DoorDash, Amazon, and Grubhub, so there are fewer delivery gigs to go around. 

Instacart Income

As a driver on Instacart, you can earn at least $13 per hour

6. Postmates: Best Option for Newbies 

screenshot of the postmates homepage


Postmates, also owned by Uber Eats, offers the best platform for newbie delivery drivers. It provides them with a user-friendly app to kickstart the gig economy journey. With its intuitive app interface and straightforward delivery process, new drivers can quickly start accepting delivery requests.

Why is Postmates a Great Option?

  • It offers a user-friendly registration and verification process, and simple requirements, making it accessible for a new driver to join the platform. 
  • It offers the freedom to set your work schedule and balance your gig work with other commitments or personal obligations.
  • The app displays the expected earnings for each delivery upfront, and drivers can keep 100% of the tips they receive.

Drawbacks to Postmates

  • It may have limited availability in certain areas, which means that you might not have access to as many delivery opportunities compared to other platforms. 
  • Postmates’ base pay is lower than some of its competitors. This lower base pay can impact your earnings.
  • It provides relatively less support and resources for drivers, making it challenging to resolve issues.

Postmates Income

You can earn an average of $19 per hour as a driver on Postmates 

7. Shipt: Best Local Delivery Option

screenshot of the Shipt homepage


With its focus on grocery and household item deliveries, Shipt offers a seamless experience for on-base residents looking for a convenient local shopping solution.

Gig workers benefit from flexible scheduling, competitive compensation, and the opportunity to serve their local community.

Why is Shipt a Great Option?

  • Offers a wide range of grocery and household items, allowing customers to conveniently shop for their everyday needs while you can fulfill several orders.
  • Shipt emphasizes serving local communities, including on-base residents. This focus enables you to establish a strong customer relationship, providing a personalized and reliable delivery experience. 
  • Offers competitive compensation, ensuring that you get rewarded for your efforts.

Drawbacks to Shipt 

  • Shipt is limited to certain regions or cities; delivery drivers in other locations may not have access to opportunities on the platform. This limited availability can restrict the ability to find consistent work and earn income.
  • Customers require a membership, costing $99 per year, to use the platform for grocery deliveries. This membership fee may deter some potential customers, resulting in a smaller customer base and potentially fewer delivery opportunities.
  • Those who prefer delivering from a broader range of merchants or handling different orders may find their options limited on Shipt, impacting their earning potential and job satisfaction.

Shipt Income

The average annual salary for Shipt delivery drivers in the US is around $44,000. This works out to about $21 per hour. 

8. DHL: Best Highest Paying Option

screenshot of the DHL homepage


DHL sets itself apart as the highest-paying on-base delivery service, with an average pay that surpasses the national average by an impressive 38%. This compensation structure makes it an attractive option for gig workers seeking substantial earnings in the delivery industry.

Why is DHL a Great Option?

  • DHL ensures that you can earn a significant income. The above-average pay rates offered by DHL enable delivery drivers to enjoy higher earnings and financial stability than other platforms.
  • Joining DHL as a delivery driver means you’ll be associated with a reputable brand, which can enhance your professional image and provide a sense of job security and stability.
  • There are opportunities for career advancement within the organization, such as managerial or supervisory positions. This allows you to build a long-term career in the delivery industry with the possibility of professional growth and development.

Drawbacks to DHL

  • DHL primarily specializes in package delivery rather than offering several delivery options. 
  • Strict requirements and a rigorous screening process to sign up as a delivery driver. This could include background checks, driving record evaluations, and other qualifications that might be overwhelming.
  • Delivery operations often require drivers to adhere to specific schedules and time slots, which may limit the flexibility that you seek. 

DHL Income

As a driver with DHL, you can earn an average of $24.64 per hour.

9. Walmart Grocery Delivery: Best Option for Everyday Supplies

screenshot of the Walmart Grocery Delivery homepage


Walmart Grocery Delivery is the best on-base delivery service for everyday supplies, providing convenience and accessibility to gig workers and customers alike.

It ensures that essentials are easily accessible to those living within military installations.

The seamless ordering process and competitive prices make Walmart Grocery Delivery the desirable choice for drivers looking for regular gigs.

Why is Walmart Grocery Delivery a Great Option?

  • Offers a vast selection of everyday supplies, making it convenient to fulfill various customer orders and providing more gigs for drivers.
  • Walmart is a well-established and trusted brand, so there’s a constant flow of orders and goods needing delivery. 
  • Walmart Grocery Delivery has a user-friendly online platform and mobile app for seamless ordering. This convenience streamlines the entire process, making it efficient for delivery drivers to manage orders.

Drawbacks to Walmart Grocery Delivery 

  • You can only deliver items available within Walmart’s inventory. This restriction can be a drawback for gig workers who prefer a wider variety of products. 
  • Walmart Grocery Delivery operates alongside in-store shoppers who fulfill online orders. This competition for orders might lead to fewer delivery opportunities for gig workers, particularly during peak times when they prioritize in-store shoppers.
  • You may face challenges in scheduling and availability due to Walmart’s specific delivery windows and demand fluctuations.

Walmart Grocery Delivery Income

As a driver on Walmart Grocery Delivery, you can earn between $16 and $21 per hour.

Other Options Relevant to On-Base Delivery Companies 

If nothing in this review fits your taste, here are some other gig options we think you’ll find relevant. 

  • Driving App Jobs: If you have good driving skills, here’s an opportunity. Like delivering on base, you can earn cash using these delivery apps.
  • Microtask Websites: Can you do simple tasks like answering surveys online? These websites pay instantly, like on-base delivery companies, to do microtasks. 
  • Temp Agency Gig Work: Like delivering food on military bases, you can earn cash weekly from these part-time gigs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to frequently asked questions we didn’t discuss in the article. 

Can DoorDash deliver on military bases?

Yes, DoorDash can deliver on military bases, depending on the specific base and its policies. 

However, access and delivery regulations may vary for each military installation. 

It’s best to check with the base authorities or DoorDash support for more information regarding specific base delivery options.

How do you deliver on a military base?

To deliver on a military base, you need to follow specific protocols. 

These may include obtaining proper identification, registering your vehicle, and complying with security procedures at the base entrance. 

It’s crucial to coordinate with the base authorities and adhere to any specific guidelines they provide for making deliveries on the base.

Wrapping Up

As a gig worker looking to deliver on base, signing up with a renowned company that offers authorization, regular training, support, and a reasonable commission is best. 

From our research, DoorDash ticks all these boxes, followed by Grubhub and Amazon. 

These three delivery services do not only offer authorization; they align their features to ensure you earn through base pay, bonuses, and tips. Thanks to their good reputation, with these platforms, there’s always a constant flow of gigs.

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