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12 Online Tutoring Jobs That Are Always Hiring

Online tutoring jobs are an excellent opportunity for teachers, college students, and nearly anyone else to find flexible employment.

With so many tutoring companies and different options out there, it’s hard to know where to start.

When you do a quick search you’ll find that there are different types of online tutoring jobs, several subjects at varying student levels, a range of teaching requirements, and different pay rates.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the most popular online tutoring jobs out there — what the requirements are to teach, how much they pay, and which subjects you can teach.

If you think you have a knack for teaching, then keep reading and find your next online teaching job below.

Overview of Online Tutoring Jobs

Becoming an online tutor will afford you with plenty of benefits, however, there are several things you need to consider before applying.

First, let’s go over some of the benefits of being an online tutor.

Benefits of Tutoring Online

Tutoring online has similar benefits of other online jobs, including the ability to work from home and follow your own schedule.

Typically, the only requirements are reliable internet access, a well-lit quiet place to teach, and occasionally some props to use while teaching.

Whether you work in your home or in a quiet room halfway around the world, in many cases the choice of when and where you tutor is yours.

Online tutoring also enables you to interact with students all over the world.

You won’t be limited to the traditional confines of a brick-and-mortar classroom.

This opens opportunities to teach and meet students from every corner of the world.

Students from China, the United Kingdom, and the United States are all hungry to learn every single day.

As an online tutor, you’ll also be able to perfect the subject you’re teaching.

As the saying goes, you only master a subject once you can effectively teach it to others.

If you’ve been a teacher for years, you might be thinking “How much more could I possibly learn about my subject?”

You may be right.

But if you’re a college student seeking online gig work, then this is a bit more enticing.

Not only can you teach students and get paid for it, but you can also master your tutoring subject and become an expert in your area.

Tips for Success

Teaching online may sound like a breeze, but there are some tips you can take along before applying and starting your first gig.

1. Make It Fun for Students

Hopefully, you remember grade school and how boring some classes and subjects could be.

Try to make your sessions fun for students and keep them actively engaged.

The more fun and engaging a tutor can be, the more students will learn and tutoring sessions will seem to fly by for you. It’s a win-win for everyone.

2. Have a Flexible Schedule

It’s important to keep your schedule flexible.

Some online tutoring jobs will have varying hours and often change every month.

Others will have hours set in stone for longer periods.

The point is that if you can show a little flexibility, you’ll be able to pick up more hours, tutor more classes, and in the end yield a bigger paycheck.

3. Be Reliable

Once you find a tutoring gig, it’s important to be a responsible and reliable employee.

Self-discipline is an essential trait that you MUST have for this gig.

No-call no-shows are a big no-no and won’t be accepted by many tutoring platforms.

Other platforms have a more flexible cancellation policy, but the point is that you should treat it like any other job.

If you commit to a tutoring window, then make sure you fulfill your obligations.

4. Check Requirements Before Applying

Before going too far into the application process, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

There’s no point wasting time filling out applications if you’re not qualified — or overqualified — for a specific tutoring position.

Some tutoring jobs will have very few requirements, others might require that you’re a current student at university or have a four-year degree.

And some may require you have a teaching degree or teaching certificate with several years of experience.

Regardless, you should be able to find a tutoring platform that will match your experience.

5. Nail Your Interview

It’s important to nail your freelance interview, as it will not only secure your employment but in many cases will determine your pay rate.

The more experience you have and the better you present yourself in your interview, the more money you’ll be able to make.

We recommend that you’re plenty prepared for your interview by reviewing potential interview questions and rehearsing your responses.

After the interview, don’t forget to send a thank-you email to your interviewer after you are done.

Believe it or not, this is a very effective way to gain a leg up on other interviewees.

You should also make sure that you’re in a quiet place where you have a reliable internet connection so you can showcase exactly what your teaching environment will be like.

Lastly, you should dress the part.

Don’t just wear a raggedy T-shirt.

Spruce it up a bit with something a little nicer.

It will go a long way.

Criteria for Online Tutor Jobs

There are many different types of online tutoring jobs out there.

Some are geared towards grade school students trying to learn a specific subject, and others are focused on teaching students English as their second language.

As we go through and compare each tutoring platform, we’ll use the following criteria to help you decide which platform is right for you:

  • Subjects
  • Student Level
  • Requirements
  • Pay

Also, to make it easier on you, we’ll split our list into two sets of jobs — those that require a college degree and those that don’t require additional education.

Without further ado, let’s jump into our list of the best online tutoring gigs out there.

Online Tutoring Jobs: No Degree Required

Online Tutoring Jobs: Woman smiling and working on laptop in coffee shop
To start, we’ll go over the online tutoring platforms on which most people are able to begin teaching.

For the most part, the requirements for teaching on one of these platforms is being an enrolled student at a college or university.

Magic Ears

Magic Ears is an online English learning platform for students ages 4–12.

  • Subjects: ESL (English as a Second Language)
  • Student Level: Ages 4 to 12
  • Requirements: Some instructional experience
  • Pay: $22 to $26 per hour


Tutor.com offers 24/7 tutors for nearly every subject.

  • Subjects: Business, humanities, languages, math, science, technology, test prep
  • Student Level: Kindergarten through adult learners
  • Requirements: College sophomore or higher
  • Pay: Hourly rate dictated by the subject you teach

Chegg Tutors

At Chegg Tutors, college students tutor other students.

  • Subjects: All subjects
  • Student Level: Middle school through adult education
  • Requirements: Currently enrolled in a 4-year university program
  • Pay: Starts at $20 per hour, top 5 percent of earners make $1,000 per month


TutorMe is an online tutoring platform that runs the gamut of subjects.

  • Subjects: All subjects, including test prep
  • Student Level: Elementary through adult education
  • Requirements: Enrolled in or graduated from a university and have previous tutoring or teaching experience
  • Pay: $18 per hour


Yup is a mobile tutoring app focused on solving math problems.

  • Subjects: Math up to calculus
  • Student Level: Elementary through high school
  • Requirements: Attend college and specialize in mathematics
  • Pay: Based on experience, communication skills, and content mastery


Studypool is an innovative way to make money by answering questions and giving homework help.

  • Subjects: Over 30 subjects
  • Student Level: All ages
  • Requirements: College student or above
  • Pay: Up to $5,000 per month, depending on how many questions answered

Online Tutoring Jobs: Degree Required

Online Tutoring Jobs: Man writing on chalkboard in classroom
If you’re a little more qualified with a bachelor’s degree, teaching certificate, or both, these jobs might be better suited for you.

These services expect a little more out of you since you’re a qualified teacher or have at least an undergraduate degree.


Gogokid is a teaching platform for Chinese-speaking children to learn English.

  • Subjects: ESL
  • Student Level: Elementary to middle school
  • Requirements: Associate degree in arts required, Bachelor of Arts preferred. Below a bachelor’s degree will require a TESOL or TEFL certificate.
  • Pay: $16 to $20 per hour


Skooli is a premium tutoring gig for certified teachers.

  • Subjects: All subjects
  • Student Level: Elementary to university
  • Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and a state or provincial teaching certification
  • Pay: $25 per hour

Elevate K-12

Elevate K-12 is outsourced online instruction for grade schools.

  • Subjects: All grade school subjects
  • Student Level: Kindergarten through high school
  • Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and one year teaching experience
  • Pay: $10 to $16 per hour


SayABC is an online ESL platform that focuses on peer instruction.

  • Subjects: ESL
  • Student Level: 5 to 10 years old
  • Requirements: Bachelor of Arts degree or above preferred, TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate preferred
  • Pay: $18 to $25 per hour


VIPKID is an online ESL platform for teaching Chinese students one-on-one.

  • Subjects: ESL
  • Student Level: Ages 4 to 12
  • Requirements: Bachelor’s degree required
  • Pay: $14 to $22 per hour

EF Education First

EF Education First is an online ESL course for educated and TEFL certified teachers.

  • Subjects: ESL
  • Student Level: Ages 5 to 12
  • Requirements: Bachelor’s degree and TEFL certification required
  • Pay: $2,000 or more per month

Find Your Part-Time Tutoring Gig

As you can tell, the number of online jobs in the area of teaching and tutoring are plentiful.

It’s really up to you to decide which ones you’re qualified for and how much you’re willing to work.

Some require a college degree, others require a year of teaching experience, and some only require some informal tutoring experience.

Which one do you think best fits your lifestyle?

If you’re interested in other work-from-home opportunities then make sure to check out eight additional stay-at-home jobs.

Have fun in your tutoring job search and good luck nailing your interview!

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