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6 Stay At Home Jobs to Make Extra Income

In the last few years, remote jobs have become common. Many companies have enabled their employees to work from home or any remote location.

Even those who already have standard “9-to-5” careers have chosen stay at home jobs as an additional source of income.

Working from home gives you freedom and the ability to work flexible hours and organize yourself as you see fit.

You can choose between part-time and full-time jobs or even weekend jobs, depending on how much time you have.

Best 6 Stay-At-Home Jobs Overview

By knowing which stay-at-home jobs are the best, you can use your spare time wisely and boost your income.

Here’s a list of popular stay-at-home jobs you can try:

1. Freelance Writers

Writing, editing, and optimizing content can be a well-paid side gig. You don’t need a college degree or experience for freelance writing jobs, but solid writing, fact-checking, proofreading, and typing skills.

Clients can be companies or individuals in need of copy and content writers, and they usually pay per word. 

2. Customer Service Jobs

As a customer service representative, your job is to handle customers’ incoming calls, answer their questions and doubts, or direct them to the right department to get their problems solved.

This is usually an entry-level position, so everyone with good verbal communication skills can apply for such jobs.

3. Virtual Assistants

Remote virtual assistant jobs are about doing office tasks from your home. It includes data entry, scheduling meetings, handling phone calls and emails, etc.

You should be good at multi-tasking, as you’ll probably do several tasks at once. Virtual assistants are usually paid per hour, but you can negotiate a fixed salary if you opt for a full-time position.

4. Data Entry

This is a good job for those with great typing skills, attention to detail, and the ability to follow deadlines. Your task is to input information using different programs and manage databases.

It’s usually an entry-level position with no specific experience and education required. In some cases, clients might look for applicants with college degrees to do data entry jobs from home.

5. Social Media Manager

You can use your marketing knowledge to boost your career in the social media field. Some employers might ask for a formal degree in the marketing field, but in most cases, companies prioritize previous experience in the social media business, copywriting, and content management. 

6. Affiliate Marketing

By utilizing social media, digital tools, and advertising techniques, this gig is an excellent way to earn passive income.

As a marketer, you spread the word about chosen products or services of third-party companies and earn commissions from every sale made through your affiliate links.

Top 5 Platforms to Find Stay-At-Home Jobs

The above-mentioned jobs are just some of the best remote jobs, but there are many other opportunities to make additional income without leaving your house.

When searching for these gigs, you can find them on reputable freelance platforms.

1. FlexJobs

A screenshot of the flexjobs homepage

FlexJobs has a job listing of over 20,000 jobs in over 50 categories, from writing blog posts and transcription jobs to executive positions.

It provides unlimited access to job opportunities and accepts only legit companies looking for employees.

Once you sign in, you have a free trial period. Then you have to pay for a subscription to get access to job listings, starting as low as $6.95 per week.

It’ll cost you some money, but having access to valuable learning materials and training offsets that cost.


  • Advanced search option that allows you to filter out jobs and find the one that suits you best
  • No risk of fake companies and false job posts, as experts from FlexJobs hand-screen job listings to eliminate scammers
  • Everything you earn is yours—no commissions on FlexJobs’ side


  • It’s not a free website.
  • This platform can’t guarantee your payment.

2. Fiverr

screenshot of the fiverr homepage

Fiverr bases its job offers on so-called micro-jobs and short-term projects, but there can also be part-time work-from-home jobs and full-time remote roles with benefits like 401(k) and health insurance.

It’s free to access this job board and become a “seller,” then bid for different jobs and achieve different seller levels.

Keep in mind that you’ll “fight” for every job because the competition on Fiverr is stiff.

Payments are secured, and this platform allows Seller Plus users to have their money earlier.

They charge a flat 1% fee for that service (after taking 20% of your earnings as a regular Fiverr commission).


  • You can choose between different job types, from projects to full-time employment.
  • It’s a free website.
  • Depending on your seller level, you can post multiple offers—the higher your ranking, the more options you have.
  • You’ll always be paid since Fiverr holds the client’s money upon gig purchase and release it once you finish the task. 


  • Beginners might struggle to get their first jobs.
  • Fiverr takes a commission of 20% of your earnings.

3. Upwork

screenshot of the Upwork homepage

Upwork has an extensive base of one-time projects and part- or full-time jobs in content creation, digital marketing, and many other industries available at any moment.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose between fixed and hourly-rate jobs.

After every well-done job and a happy client, you get feedback that boosts your reputation and brings you more clients.

Some Upwork members report fake jobs and client unresponsiveness as major flaws of this platform, but they also suggest that commissions could be lower.


  • This platform has an extensive job offer, with thousands of new jobs posted daily.
  • Your earnings are safe in the Escrow, so the chance of free work is almost non-existent.
  • As long as you work and communicate with clients over Upwork, this platform offers mediation.


  • After spending free connects, you have to buy them.
  • The selection and hiring process can last, as some clients aren’t too responsive.
  • A 10% fee might be too steep for beginners with low earnings.

4. Remote.Co

A homepage of the remote.co screenshot

Remote.Co is a legit and completely free service offering listings from customer service reps to marketing and sale positions.

You can also connect with your niche peers and industry experts through the forum section.

Competition on Remote.Co is fierce, and there might be moments when you can’t even apply for a job.

Even if you succeed, some clients can take days to respond. Also, the application process isn’t quite streamlined.


  • Large listings with legit jobs
  • You’re always up to date with new jobs, as new listings appear at the top of your search.
  • Tags allow you to filter a job search and apply only for matching posts. 
  • Helpful resources for new stay-at-home job seekers, like community forums, blog posts, career coaching, and expert advice


  • No application template
  • You might apply for jobs, but these positions aren’t always fully remote.
  • Clients and customer service aren’t always responsive.

5. We Work Remotely

A homepage of the weworkremotely screenshot

We Work Remotely is focused on remote-first companies.

Due to its high global reach, this platform has extensive job listings from worldwide companies, although some users complain about not so many job posts for non-IT niches.

This virtual job board features Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which simplifies candidate selection and the hiring process.

The platform also hand-screens all applicants and companies.


  • A large number of available jobs worldwide
  • ATS makes job applying and hiring faster.
  • It’s user-friendly and intuitive, with an advanced search option using relevant keywords to filter out job listings to your preferences.
  • You pay no fees for this service.


  • The platform might be buggy.
  • Not many job opportunities if you plan to move to a full-time remote career.

What You’ll Need to Do Stay-At-Home Jobs

For any online stay-at-home job, you’ll need a computer, a stable Internet connection, and a peaceful working spot.

You might need a phone, a headset, and a microphone if you work virtual assistant or remote chat support jobs.

If you work within the IT industry, you’d have to invest in computer accessories like a second monitor or a wireless keyboard and mouse.

As for software, remote workers usually rely on communication, conferencing, and time-tracking apps.

Tips to Find a Stay-At-Home Job

Here are some tips on finding a stay-at-home job fast:

  • Be proactive. Update your social media profiles and work on networking within your industry.
  • Sign up for multiple job platforms. Also, visit job sites and research-related social media accounts.
  • Polish your CV, even if you have no previous experience. If you have projects you’re proud of, put them in your portfolio and customize your resume for every job you apply for. 
  • Research other qualified workers in your niche and their rates. Employers rather give a chance to those with more affordable hourly rates.
  • Learn how to recognize job search scams and avoid them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Employers Provide Equipment to Work From Home?

It depends on the job type. For example, most companies hiring customer support reps give out their equipment to remote workers. 

Can I Do Stay At Home Jobs on My Phone?

Although most stay-at-home jobs require computers, there are some gigs you can work on your phone, such as app and Q&A tests, social media content creation, etc.

Wrapping Up

The future of stay-at-home jobs looks promising, with many job opportunities and platforms on the horizon.

If you’re ready to embark on a new career path or boost your income, remote work allows you to embrace freedom and flexibility and enjoy this rewarding experience.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below, and share this article with your friends if you’ve found it helpful.

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