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5 Best Non-Phone Work-From-Home Jobs for Remote Gig Workers

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Want to earn a living from home but don’t want customer support or phone jobs? Then consider these great non-phone work-from-home jobs instead!

These jobs allow you to work independently from a computer or laptop and provide streamlined digital communication. Check out this list to discover the best five gigs you can land to make a living at home, phone-free!

Why You Should Consider Non-Phone Remote Jobs

Talking on the phone with clients is exhausting, but unfortunately, lots of remote work opportunities come from the customer support sector. These jobs often involve being on the phone for hours with frustrated or confused clients, trying to solve their issues and provide a good experience.

While they can be great working opportunities, if you’re generally more introverted or don’t think you have strong communication skills, non-phone remote jobs are the better alternative. They allow you to make a great living from home while keeping communication to a minimal level.

You will need to talk to other people for any job. But with non-phone ones, much of the communication is done through digital channels like email or message apps. Other reasons to consider non-phone work-from-home jobs can include:

  • Higher job satisfaction
  • The ability to organize your workday however you want it
  • Being fully responsible for your performance, and not depend on the client’s experience, etc.

Top Remote Jobs Without Smartphones

Here are five recommendations for the top remote jobs that don’t require a smartphone to earn money:

1. Website Tester

Website testers are paid to navigate landing and individual web pages and make sure they work perfectly on all devices. Such non-phone jobs require knowledge of user experience and several types of devices, such as a laptot, smartphone, and tablet, to use these test pages effectively.

What You’ll Need to Do Website Testing

Most companies will ask for previous experience as a tester, though there are also many junior opportunities.

While these gigs usually don’t have education requirements, having a computer science degree could help you land better-paying positions, especially if you’re interested in long-term employment and not a freelancing gig.


  • High number of job opportunities
  • Is usually a low-stress job
  • Average salary is $33.86 per hour


  • Requires previous experience or the right degree

Top Platforms to Find Website Testing Jobs

2. Data Entry Specialist

With no bar for prior experience and a decent hourly payout of approximately $17.40, data entry jobs are a top choice for remote, no-phone work. This job usually involves inputting information on spreadsheets to ensure all company data is up-to-date.

These gigs are quite versatile. Some companies offer consistent work for refining large datasets holding a high volume of several data types, so there is a high potential for full-time employment. But you can also find several freelancing gigs available if you want more work flexibility. 

What You’ll Need to Do Data Entry

Employers may look for some previous experience, but they don’t require a degree for these jobs.

You’ll need strong data collection and research abilities and know how to use a database tool, such as Microsoft Excel. Soft-skills-wise, you should have great organization skills and attention to detail to ensure your work is accurate.


  • Most of your tasks require you to work independently
  • Allows you to choose the form of employment you want
  • If you understand how to leverage database software currently, many of your tasks can be automated


  • Limited career growth potential

Top Platforms to Find Data Entry Jobs

3. Transcriptionist

If you have excellent listening and typing skills, then you should look at the online job market for transcriptionists to earn extra money. Your duties will involve listening to audio files and converting spoken language into written text, though some jobs may ask for some editing as well. 

These jobs can come from any industry. However, if you choose a technical niche (such as medical transcribing), you will need a stronger understanding of its terminology to offer accurate transcriptions.

What You’ll Need to Do Transcription

The most important skills you need for these jobs include:

  • Language and grammar
  • Fast typing
  • Good memory
  • Attention to detail
  • Strong listening abilities, etc.

Most employers won’t necessarily ask for a degree, so you can land a gig even with just a high-school diploma. But, previous experience may be necessary to prove you have the ability to provide accurate transcriptions fast.

And if you want a niche job, you’ll likely need some certification to prove your industry knowledge, such as a computer science background for tech transcribing. 


  • A fairly simple job that doesn’t involve any collaboration
  • Can become a full-time career
  • Average pay is around $19.89 per hour
  • If you know multiple languages, you have extra career opportunities


  • Highly competitive field, so landing a job with no experience may be difficult

Top Platforms to Find Transcription Jobs

4. Online Fraud Investigator

As a fraud investigator, you get to make the (online) world a fair place – sort of.

Companies like Amazon and Alibaba often hire fraud investigators to identify and document potential instances of fraud to make their services safer for the end consumer. 

You may also be asked to create a framework to protect the companies from online fraud (such as payment information theft) and assist in their resolution.

What You’ll Need to Do Fraud Investigation

If you have a background in law enforcement, that’s often one of the most appealing qualifications. Even if done remotely and for online fraud, investigators will need to look into these cases, gather evidence, and collaborate with the police to close them.

Apart from this, you also need attention to detail, a good understanding of the common types of online fraud, and great analytical skills.


  • Can earn around $21.72 per hour
  • A dynamic job without many repetitive tasks


  • Though you can do it remotely, it does involve more communication (even via phone at times) with other parties

Top Platforms to Find Fraud Investigation Jobs

5. Graphic Designer

Many businesses need graphic design services for creating brochures, website interfaces, and other marketing materials. 

These jobs allow you to work independently for the most part, though you may need to have some telephone calls with your clients to get a better sense of a project. If you’re getting an in-house graphic design job, expect to collaborate closely with other team members, such as a social media manager.

What You’ll Need to Do Graphic Designing

Your design skills are what will land you a job. Even if you don’t have a university degree, you can still get hired if you have a strong portfolio and CV that stresses:

  • Your unique style
  • How well you understand design concepts
  • Your knowledge of different marketing materials
  • The type of design tools you can use, etc.


  • Pays around $21.09 an hour
  • A highly creative and fulfilling job
  • You can make your own schedule when working as a freelancer
  • Long-term employment opportunities as the need for graphic design is increasing


  • If you don’t have a portfolio, it can take some time to build one and get hired

Top Platforms to Find Graphic Design Jobs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Work from Home Without Answering Phone Calls?

Most remote gigs will require some type of communication between you and a client or boss. And yes, sometimes it could be over the phone.

Non-phone work-from-home jobs mean talking on the phone won’t be part of your daily tasks, like in the case of a customer service representative.

Can I Work as a Virtual Assistant Without a Phone?

Yes, a virtual assistant can offer their services without a phone to perform administrative duties like responding to emails, bookkeeping, managing meeting schedules, and other microtasks. 

Similar Jobs

Here are additional no-phone home jobs to earn money from the comfort of your home:

  • Product Tester Jobs: Get products at your home and earn money (or free stuff) for telling companies what you really think of them.
  • Nursing Jobs From Home: There are several types of jobs nurses can do from home. Check out what remote opportunities your nursing degree can get you.
  • Typing Jobs From Home: Use your fast typing skills to generate a side income from home, or turn it into your next full-time gig with these great jobs.


These non-phone jobs help you enter the remote working sector without having to answer phone calls for eight hours a day or longer. Consider your needs and skills, and go through our list to land the perfect opportunity.

What do you think of these types of jobs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and don’t forget to share this guide with other people looking for phone-free remote work!

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