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The Best Platforms to Find Nursing Jobs From Home [+ Pros & Cons]

Are you looking for another way to use your bachelor’s degree in nursing or practice your profession as a registered nurse?

Thanks to technology, nursing students and graduates now have more career options besides being bedside nurses.

Many clinics, hospitals, and companies now offer nursing jobs from home, allowing nurses to work remotely anywhere.

As a nurse looking to start your career path or switch jobs, consider exploring these four platforms offering work-from-home nursing jobs.

What Is a Nursing Job From Home?

Like travel nurses, remote nursing jobs offer careers that you can do outside of a clinic, healthcare, or office setting.

You can practice your profession from home, in a cafe, or anywhere since you’ll mostly only need a laptop and Internet connection to work.

Depending on the job, a remote nurse can take on various tasks, including answering patient questions, evaluating patients online or over the phone, assisting with research, billing, and more.

As more patients and healthcare services prefer virtual care, expect more remote nursing jobs in the future.

Types of Remote Nursing Jobs

Here are some different roles remote nurses can have:

1. Telephone Triage Nurse

This type of nurse assists patients on the phone, evaluates if they need urgent care, and recommends their next steps before receiving the appropriate healthcare services. You should have an RN license to qualify as a phone triage nurse.

2. Clinical Research Nurse

It’s a popular work-from-home nursing job that assists in various research-related tasks, such as recruiting participants, training research staff, overseeing research trials, writing reports, and recording data.

Try this remote nurse job if you want competitive compensation and the opportunity to improve patient care.

3. Nurse Case Manager

These specialists perform several tasks to make the experience less frustrating for patients, such as assessing their needs, coordinating between patients and care providers, and handling insurance claims.

This work-from-home nursing work requires an active nursing license and at least two years of full-time practice.

4. Nurse Informaticist

This type of nurse uses technology to improve healthcare communication, information, policies, and procedures. Besides a nursing background, this role requires a tech-savvy person willing to learn technical expertise.

4. Freelance Nurse Writer

This job involves writing articles on different healthcare topics for websites, promotional materials, blogs, press releases, journal articles, and more.

Nurses who enjoy writing can find freelance writing jobs in healthcare work an ideal side hustle or career.

The 4 Best Platforms to Find Work-From-Home Nursing Jobs

Consider exploring the following online hiring platforms to find available remote positions in healthcare facilities in your city and overseas.

1. ZipRecruiter

screenshot of the ziprecruiter homepage

ZipRecruiter provides an online job marketplace and recruitment platform that uses advanced matching technology to connect you to the right opportunities.

You can find work-from-home opportunities looking for a case management nurse, a registered nurse, and a nurse for utilization management, among many others.


  • Makes it easy to find opportunities matching your experience;
  • Provides a free account and an easy-to-use interface;
  • Includes rates, a detailed job description, and company information on job posts.


  • Some job listings are posted on several other platforms as well, which means you’ll likely see the same gigs over and over;
  • You need an account to complete your application on the platform.

2. Indeed

screenshot of the indeed homepage

Indeed offers a highly popular job search platform listing online and offline work opportunities for various industries and career levels. 

You can find home nurse opportunities from various companies, including popular healthcare facilities and hospitals like CVS Health and AmeriHealth Caritas. 


  • Create an account for free;
  • Allows you to search jobs by location, pay, experience, company, and more;
  • Only shows your address and contact information to employers.


  • Some employers don’t remove or update listings, so you might be wasting time applying to an old job;
  • You need to pay a fee to make your resume more visible to employers.

3. FlexJobs

A screenshot of the flexjobs homepage

FlexJobs provides one of the leading platforms for remote and flexible work opportunities across different industries and locations.

You’ll find companies hiring virtual care nurses, nurse educators, case managers, nurses for clinical trials, and more.


  • Screens listings to ensure legit and high-quality opportunities;
  • Offers a free trial and 30-day money-back guarantee;
  • Includes skills tests to add to your profile.


  • Need to pay to access the available FlexJobs opportunities;
  • Doesn’t show salary information on posts.

4. Upwork

screenshot of the Upwork homepage

Upwork lets you look for clients yourself and establish the exact nature of the job, your responsibilities, and even negotiate your pay.

While you can find full-time remote nurse jobs, most available opportunities offer one-time projects or side hustles for nurses.


  • Find completely remote and flexible nurse jobs;
  • Allows you to manage your tasks and payments via the platform;
  • Offers generally high-paying remote work.


  • Deducts a 10% commission fee to your total rate;
  • Need to pay and bid on more projects in a month.

5. Nurse.com

a screenshot of the nurse.com homepage

Nurse.com provides a leading resource for nurses helping them continue their education, find on-site and remote jobs, keep up to date with nurse news, and connect with a community of nurses nationwide.

Some of the available jobs you’ll find include a remote nurse practitioner, clinical training specialist, and a primary care nurse practitioner for a telemedicine app.


  • Allows you to find on-site and remote healthcare-related work nationwide;
  • Provides detailed and legit job opportunities;
  • Redirects to the official company application form.


  • Doesn’t disclose or estimate the salary range in the posts;
  • Fewer remote opportunities than the other platforms on the list.

What You’ll Need to Do a Remote Nursing Job

What should you prepare to become a work-from-home nurse? Ensure you have the following skills, qualifications, experience, and equipment to kickstart your journey as a remote nurse.

Earn Your Degree and License

Companies prefer hiring nurses with a bachelor’s in nursing education or from nursing schools. After getting your degree, make sure to get and maintain an active license to become a certified nurse and be qualified for any clinical position.

Gain Bedside Nursing Experience

You should undergo nursing practice in a clinic or hospital first before applying to any work-from-home nursing jobs. It’ll allow you to learn and understand how nurses work in a healthcare team and how the healthcare system works.

Pursue a Higher Degree

Some positions, like nurse case management, may require higher education or specific certification to qualify for the role. Getting a master’s degree can improve your chances of getting the role and increase your pay.

Have a Complete Computer Setup

Build a complete work-from-home setup to ensure you can accomplish your tasks at home. Ensure you have a computer or laptop with decent specs, a headset with a microphone, and a stable Internet connection. 

Tips to Succeed at Landing Work-From-Home Nursing Jobs

Consider the following tips to get remote nursing work successfully.

  • Meet the Requirements: Ensure you have the degree, skills, or certifications required to qualify for the work-from-home nursing jobs. You should also have related work experience to improve your chances of getting hired. 
  • Polish Your Resume: Highlight the skills, qualifications, and patient care experience relevant to the role you want. Since you’ll work remotely, include and emphasize any experience you’ve had working remotely.
  • Broaden Your Professional Network: Start connecting with other nurses and medical professionals to grow your professional network. Knowing other people within the healthcare industry can provide friendships, resources, and future opportunities. Tap into your network and ask for open positions when looking for remote work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Highest Paying Remote Nursing Job?

The highest-paying remote nursing job involves nursing informatics, with an average national salary of $123,937 yearly.

The role involves using technologies like electronic medical records and software to improve medical systems.

How Can I Make Money From Home as a Nurse?

You can make money at home by investing in a computer and Internet connection suitable for remote work.

Then, you can apply for work-from-home nursing jobs online via hiring platforms or directly to the company.

Besides the jobs listed above, you can apply as a remote nurse auditor, medical coder, and utilization review nurse.

Similar Jobs

If practicing your nursing license at home doesn’t suit you, consider trying other remote work.

Wrapping Up

A registered nurse now has the opportunity to explore other career paths in their field through remote nursing jobs. Ensure to invest in the right equipment, skills, and additional certificates to qualify for some of the jobs above.

Regardless of your career choice, we hope this article helped you learn about the other opportunities you can explore as a nurse.

Feel free to write your thoughts about remote nursing jobs in the comments or share this article with other nurses who may need it.

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