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Job Description

Becoming a Neighbor Host allows gig workers to earn money by renting unused storage space in their home for a fee.

Whether you have an entire basement, a closet, a driveway or a garage, you can earn passive income by renting that extra space to neighbors.

Hosting your space on the platform is incredibly easy. You simply list for free, then potential renters will respond to the listing.

You can arrange a meeting with them, if desired, then once you are comfortable with the renter, you can start making money once they move their stuff in.

Payouts are processed through a secure platform, and also protected with Neighbor’s Payout Protection. The funds are then automatically deposited into a hosts’s account at the end of every month.

Yes, it’s that easy. What are you waiting for? Sign up today!



  • Ensure that property in your rental space is safe, secure, and free of damage
  • Provide access to property when renters need something they are storing at your house

Bonus Points

  • Renters look for clean, well-kept spaces. Ensure that your space is free of clutter and safe from falling items and debris that could hurt a renter’s property
  • People are trusting you to keep their belongings safe. Occasionally communicating with them about the status of their belongings is a nice touch

Job Summary

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On Demand Job Type


Neighbor is an internet company that specializes in the fields of public storage, economic empowerment, sharing economy, and peer-to-peer marketplace. It connects people who have unused space in their homes, garages, or apartments to renters who are looking for affordable storage.
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Email: Phone: 801-653-0264

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