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    HERide: Women-Only Rideshare

HERide is an innovative, women-only rideshare service operating in the Metro Atlanta area.

We’re passionate about ensuring the safety of women passengers and providing equal job opportunities for women drivers.

Our business model revolves around the idea of creating a reliable, secure, and comfortable transportation option for women who prefer female drivers.

With a simple, user-friendly app, customers can easily book rides on-demand or in advance. We strive to promote a sense of community and empowerment, believing that the safety of women shouldn’t be a luxury, but the norm.

As we continue to grow, we’re committed to refining our service and ensuring that we remain a trusted choice for our riders, while offering a supportive and rewarding working environment for our drivers.

With HERide, we’re driving change and making strides in the rideshare industry.

How Does HERide Work?

HERide is a women-focused rideshare service operating in Metro Atlanta.

As a user, you’ll download our intuitive app and create an account. Once set up, you can request a ride on-demand or schedule one in advance.

All our drivers are women, vetted thoroughly for your safety and peace of mind. During peak hours, we encourage our drivers to be online, ensuring timely service.

As a rider, you’ll experience a secure and comfortable ride with a sense of community and empowerment.

For drivers, HERide offers a flexible, part-time opportunity with a fair wage. We strive to keep open lines of communication, valuing feedback to improve our platform continuously.

By choosing HERide, you’re not just getting a ride – you’re joining a movement that prioritizes women’s safety and empowerment.

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