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Hamilton Hotel Alpharetta

  • Location Alpharetta, GA
  • Industry Home & Vacation Rentals

The Hamilton Hotel unites classical architecture and modern-day industrial design to debut the first Alpharetta boutique hotel in the vibrant heart of the city of Alpharetta, Georgia.

Drawing from the rich and inspiring transportation history of the Western & Atlantic Railway, its design reflects the industrial insurgence by incorporating rich colors, heavy textures, and modern accommodations with a vintage charm to create an artfully curated guest experience honoring the momentous influence of its history.

We are a boutique Hilton hotel that caters to all different clientele.  You are able to see all different types of hospitality while working in a hotel since there is the rooms, front desk, and banquets aspect in addition to the restaurant.

You have your regular guests that live in the area that return because you have built that rapport and you have the hotel guests that you can develop relationships with for the few days they are staying, getting to learn more about them and creating those memorable experiences.

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