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Is MRI-Simmons Survey Legit? Pros, Cons, Insights, and More!

If you’re looking for a survey gig, you’ve probably come across a research company called MRI-Simmons that pays respondents whenever they participate.

Or maybe you’ve received a snail mail from them asking you to participate in their study.

Whichever the case, you’re likely wondering, “Is the MRI-Simmons survey legit?”

This article will give a background on this organization, share what others say, and help you see if it’s worth your time.

If you’re looking to make extra money by participating in studies, carefully read and consider the information below.

What Is MRI-Simmons?

Launched in 2019 and co-owned by GfK and SymphonyAI, MRI-Simmons provides deeper insights to agencies, media companies, businesses, and organizations about the American consumer.

screenshot of mri-simmons homepage - header graphic for is mri-simmons legit post on gigworker.com

Their solutions include data enrichment to help businesses better understand consumers, data integration, custom research, and more.  The organization uses the best survey methodologies and advanced data visualizations to give an insightful report to clients.

To gather statistics, randomly selected consumers get paid to take surveys.

The business also partners with other research and tech giants to deliver reports. Some of their research partners include Acxiom, AnalyticsIQ, Equifax, and Nielsen.

How Does MRI-Simmons Work?

To conduct their study, MRI-Simmons uses probabilistic and address-based sampling.

Probability sampling refers to a gold-standard research technique that randomly selects participants from a larger population. This method comes from the theory of probability.

Meanwhile, address-based sampling uses home addresses in the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) to narrow down invited participants.

These methods enable businesses to get unbiased and holistic representatives of households and examine smaller market segments without compromising the data’s stability.

For participants, MRI-Simmons only conducts a survey by invitation. Some report receiving a snail mail letter for their first survey invite. Since the firm uses addresses, they send it directly to the participant’s house.

The mail contains instructions on how to accomplish the survey. Sometimes, the letter already comes with the questionnaire.

Participants may also receive an online ID to access the MRI Survey platform. Note that each survey varies and can be lengthy, short, challenging, or easy.

After you have completed the survey, you’ll receive your reward via email within 24 hours. Check the spam and junk folders if you completed your survey and didn’t receive anything. Otherwise, contact their support team for help.

Common Questions to Understand

Learn more about this platform to better understand how it works.

Where Does MRI-Simmons’ Data Come From?

The organization uses various avenues to collect information. These include:

  • National Studies: They used MRI’s Survey of the American Consumer® and Simmons’ National Consumer Study to create the MRI-Simmons USA, a comprehensive study on American consumers.
  • Local Consumer Insights: It provides a report on media markets in the country.
  • Print Measurement: This platform delivers data for magazine ad readership.
  • Focus Studies: The firm partners with brands, agencies, and the media to learn the trends and consumer behavior in sports, retail, TV, and cannabis.
  • Partners: The firm partnered with some of the leading data providers in the world to give marketers a more detailed consumer insight.

How Does MRI-Simmons Get Phone Numbers or Home Addresses?

As one of the leading market research providers in the industry, the business partnered with the USPS to select a random sample of addresses for a study.

The firm only selects certain households yearly and encourages each respondent to participate to represent and cover all areas in the country.

How Do You Join MRI-Simmons Survey?

Unfortunately, you can only join a survey if they invite you to participate. It also means you can’t refer a family member or friend to participate, as the firm selects respondents randomly for fairness.

Is MRI-Simmons Legit?

As a leading market research company in the country, the organization shows signs of being a legitimate firm. The following factors prove its credibility.

  • Leading Research Partners: They partnered with various known research companies. For example, they work with AnalyticsIQ for consumer spending and Claritas to help businesses better understand their customers.
    Other partners include Mintel, E-Poll Market Research, and Nielsen, among many others. You can see all their partners listed on their website.
  • Published in Other Reputable Sites: A quick Google search shows that some reputable websites publish a guide about the organization. For example, Taylor & Francis Online, a platform for peer-review journals, published an article by Naomi Schemm reviewing the MRI-Simmons database.
    Meanwhile, you can also find a detailed FAQ file about MRI-Simmons USA published in the Emory Libraries of Emory University. You can also find details about MRI-Simmons Insights in the Bentley University Library and the Marist College James A. Cannavino Library.
  • Complete Company Details: MRI-Simmons’ website includes all the facts you need about the company’s history, services, executives, and contact details. One sign it’s a legit business is this transparency.
    Plus, looking at other sources reveals that they provide consistent and accurate information about their background.
  • Decent Online Reviews: The company’s Google and Facebook reviews show a generally positive review from the survey participants. These comments specifically share what they earned through the platform. Also, checking Glassdoor reveals reviews from past and current employees. Although the business has mixed reviews, having several comments on the platform demonstrates that it’s a real business.

Is MRI-Simmons Reliable?

Based on online comments, participants receive compensation for participating in any of its surveys, and they receive their digital gift card via email within 24 hours. These reviews indicate that the organization indeed pays its survey participants.

For prospective clients, the company established itself as a reliable and leading market research organization by partnering with well-known research firms in the fields of technology, market research, and more.

Also, websites like the Bentley University Library and Taylor & Francis Online publish a journal review about MRI-Simmons, making them a safe and credible platform.

Overall, the business offers reliable research solutions and opportunities for clients and consumers.

Is MRI-Simmons Safe?

A quick glance shows that you can browse the website with an HTTPS connection. This means the connection between you and the company’s server has security protection from third-party threats.

More importantly, MRI-Simmons respects the online privacy rights of consumers. The website outlines its consumer’s rights.

These include the right to opt out, the right to delete, and the right to know. Users may submit a request if they wish to:

  • Opt out of selling or sharing your personal details, even for research.
  • Delete your info.
  • Know the data the company collected about the user, for what purpose, and with whom the platform will share or sell it.

The fact that the website has a detailed data privacy protocol in place makes them a safe platform to browse or join.

Still, clients and participants must be cautious not to share private or sensitive information with any untrusted parties for your online safety and privacy.

What Are Users Saying About MRI-Simmons?

If you receive an invitation to participate in a survey and don’t know if you should accept it, consider the pros and cons of joining based on Google and Facebook responses.

What Google Reviewers Liked About MRI-Simmons

screenshot of the is mri-simmons legit screenshot from google reviews

What positive things do participants say about the company on Google? Check them out below. Note that they only have seven reviews on Google as of writing.

  • Good Pay: Four of seven users mention getting paid around $40 to $60, with one racking up $140 in Amazon gift cards and $15 in cash. Although the pay may not be much, it’s an ideal side income for anyone with some time to spare. Plus, your earnings could grow the more you participate in surveys.
  • Fast Payout: One user shares she quickly got her gift card after completing her first survey. No review complained about receiving their payment late or not getting paid.
  • Excellent Overall Experience: Despite only having seven reviews on Google, five of seven users gave the business five stars, while two gave it four stars. All users seem to have a positive experience with them.

What Social Media Users Liked About MRI-Simmons

screenshot of the is mri-simmons legit screenshot from reddit reviews

Let’s look at what users say on their official Facebook page and a Reddit post inquiring about their snail mail survey. Here’s what users liked.

  • Legit Payment: Many Reddit users who answered the post said they got their gift card. One user shared they received a $40 gift card and will receive $50 for the next survey, plus a $5 bill.
  • Quick Payout: Some comments on Facebook and Reddit say they got their pay quickly. One user replied to a negative Facebook review, disproving the reviewer and saying they got an email with the code for their Amazon gift card. Meanwhile, a Reddit user said they got their payout within five minutes of completing a survey.
  • Bonus Money: Some participants mentioned that their mail came with $2 as a bonus. It seems that receiving the survey comes with an incentive to encourage you to take it.

Why Are People Worried About Using MRI-Simmons?

Before taking a survey from this organization, consider the following concerns participants had.

What Worried Reddit Users About MRI-Simmons

Since the Google reviews didn’t have any cons about the business, let’s see what Reddit users say about the survey based on the same Reddit post above.

  • Lengthy Survey: A few users on the Reddit post mentioned that answering the survey took around 45 minutes to an hour to complete. Consider allotting time for the survey if you decide to try it.
  • Lack of Details: A Reddit user expressed skepticism about the business since they haven’t gotten a supposed follow-up booklet. The user also points out they didn’t see a Wikipedia page for MRI-Simmons.
  • Different Payout Rates: Although it’s not a major concern, one user mentioned that the organization paid $50 to other participants based on another subreddit. The user speculates that different areas have different rates.

What Worried Facebook Users About MRI-Simmons

Based on the company’s Facebook reviews, check out the various concerns of those who participated in the survey.

  • A Male or Female-only Survey: One Facebook review expressed their disappointment that the survey requested that only males should pass the survey unless no one’s available. The organization responded, clarifying that it’s necessary to pre-assign households to a certain gender to get a sample representing all American adults. Another user comments on the review supporting this, saying they got a female-only survey.
  • No Payout: One user review says that they didn’t receive their payout after completing an online survey about pet food. After waiting a month, the participant still didn’t receive their gift card.
  • Unresponsive Support: According to the same user, he reached out to their support team for help but didn’t get any reply after a month. Based on this review, keep in mind that you may not receive any word from the company’s support team.

MRI-Simmons Quality & Guarantees

Besides their Consumer Privacy Request, MRI-Simmons shares their Website Privacy Policy and Consumer Survey Privacy Notice on their site.

Their Website Privacy Policy discusses important data privacy processes, including:

  • The details their site collects
  • How they collect your data
  • Their purpose for collecting your information
  • When they share it with third-party entities
  • Your rights and how to exercise them
  • Data security measures
  • Links to third-party sites

Meanwhile, their Consumer Survey Privacy Notice shares what, why, how, and when they collect your details. It also discusses your privacy rights and the types of information they collect about children.

Overall, their privacy policy includes more in-depth background about their data protocols.

Does MRI-Simmons Offer Customer Service?

MRI-Simmons offers various communication channels if you want to inquire about their service or have an issue being a survey participant.

The company also has an FAQs page for participants who need quick answers to common questions. They answer questions regarding general facts about participating in the survey, login issues, and online survey issues.

What Customer Service Options Are Available?

MRI-Simmons includes all their contact details on their site. If you want to inquire about the company, its solutions, and survey opportunities, you may contact them via:

  • Main Phone: 866-256-4468
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Website Contact Form
  • Office Location:
    • 200 Liberty Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10281 (New York Office)
    • 800 Fairway Drive, Suite 120, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441 (Florida Office)

Meanwhile, if you have questions about their panel or survey, you can call them at 800-405-0170. Note that they only invite survey participants. You can’t apply for it.

For participants who need help with their online ID, payment, or survey questions, you can reach their helpdesk support team via [email protected].

Conclusion: Is MRI-Simmons Legit?

Based on our research, MRI-Simmons shows signs of being a legitimate, reliable, and credible company.

For one, their website provides complete information about the company’s background, solutions, executive team, and contact details. They also share how they contact participants, a good sign of transparency.

Other institutions also publish information about MRI-Simmons, such as the online libraries of Emory University, Bentley University, and Marist College.

Also, they partner with some of the leading research companies in the world like Nielsen, Comscore, and Acxiom.

Finally, although you’ll find few online reviews and negative comments about this organization, the participants generally provide good review.

Most feedback providers share that they got their pay after completing a survey, making MRI-Simmons a legit and safe platform to try if you get their survey invitation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is MRI-Simmons Used For?

Businesses, agencies, and brands seek MRI-Simmons to access various consumer statistics and develop effective strategies to market and sell their product and services.
Their survey includes access to over 60,000 detailed consumer data.

Can You Earn Money from Surveys?

Yes! Many institutions and agencies produce paid surveys. As a result, it’s no longer an uncommon side hustle for consumers. But you should consider your options and read the processes carefully to see which ones are worth it.

Similar Gigs to Check Out

Since you can’t sign up as a participant for MRI-Simmons, consider looking into these companies instead. Check out which platform you prefer and if they’re real.

  • Is AcurianHealth Legit?: Try participating in a clinical trial from AcurianHealth, an organization claiming to conduct advanced health research.
  • Is Focus Insite Legit?: If you don’t like surveys, consider signing up for an online or onsite focus group via Focus Insite, a platform connecting businesses with participants.
  • Is Adler Weiner Research Legit?: Get paid by participating in qualitative research studies at Adler Weiner Research, a corporate marketing research firm.

Wrapping Up

Based on the details and reviews above, MRI-Simmons showcases a legitimate business that pays its survey participants.

Ultimately, its partnership with other well-known research companies and recognition by academic platforms cemented its credibility.

Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to participate in their survey since it’s only by invitation. As a result, this gig may not provide a consistent way to make money.

Nonetheless, it’s a legit way to make a few bucks if you receive mail from MRI-Simmons.

Would you participate in their survey if you get invited? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

And if this helped you learn more about this organization, don’t hesitate to share this article with others who may need it.

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