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Is FragranceNet Legit? Pros, Cons & Our Conclusion

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Statistics show that the perfume market was valued at USD 50.85 billion in 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.9% from 2023 to 2030.

With more people looking for reliable ways to get the fragrances they like, it makes sense to explore various perfume-selling websites.

So, if you’re asking, “Is FragranceNet legit?” you’re not the only one.

Luckily, you’ve found our article, and we’ll answer every question you have about FragranceNet in our detailed FragranceNet review.

What is FragranceNet?

FragranceNet is a perfume retailer founded in 1997 and headquartered in Deer Park, New York.

Since then, this company has sold over $3 billion in beauty products, shipping over 30,000 million packages of genuine perfumes, beauty products, skincare products, hair products, and aromatherapy products.

screenshot of the Fragrancenet homepage - header graphic for the post about "is Fragrancenet legit" on gigworker.com

The company currently carries an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. This independent nonprofit organization was founded in 1912 and focuses on increasing trust in the market.

This organization handles customer complaints and rates the performance of various businesses based on their performance.

How Does FragranceNet Work?

FragranceNet is a retailer of genuine beauty-related products but doesn’t manufacture them.

It keeps its products in big rural warehouses, which decreases the cost of storing and shipping perfumes and other beauty products compared to city-based warehouses.

Because the company sells many products, perfume suppliers offer discounts to FragranceNet, which they later use to promote their products.

FragranceNet works in the gray market of perfumes. It doesn’t sell illegal or fake products, but it sells products that retailers no longer sell. These could be products sold in specific regions or the manufacturer no longer sells.

Customers who order through FragranceNet get free shipping if the order costs more than $100. The company also sends periodic customer discounts through emails and on the website to remove the minimum order value.

Common Questions to Understand

In 2020, more than 4.8 million Americans reported being victims of online scams.

People head to FragranceNet to get the best bang for their buck, find hard-to-get perfumes, and have them delivered to their doorsteps.

So, they ask questions about the reliability of FragranceNet.

Is FragranceNet Fake or Not?

FragranceNet is a legitimate retailer of mass-market, designer, and niche fragrances.

It also sells a wide variety of beauty products for men and women. The website doesn’t sell fake products, but it sells products that might not be available at retailers.

When retailers stop selling specific products, FragranceNet, and other discounters, buy them in bulk.

Then they offer them for sale on their websites, where people can get them cheaply. This is why most of their products are offered in limited stock.

Are FragranceNet Perfumes Expired?

FragranceNet doesn’t sell any expired or fake products. The company sells fragrances and other beauty products sourced from the manufacturer but are no longer available for sale at different retailers.

All the products offered on FragranceNet aren’t imitations or knockoffs. However, they can be out of stock at authorized retailers because the company decided to discontinue them or offer flankers.

What Company Owns FragranceNet?

In 2018, JTG BV acquired FragranceNet. This is a Dutch company that successfully acquired 75% of the stakes of FragranceNet.

Jason Apfel, the founder of FragranceNet, is still the company’s CEO. The deal was the result of the success of FragranceNet in the US market.

In 2022, FragranceNet achieved a peak revenue of $1.7 million.

Is FragranceNet Legit?

When people head to FragranceNet, they usually make multiple purchases. The company encourages buyers to spend more money to be eligible for free shipping.

Also, buyers can get various perfume bottles for the same price that they would pay at a brick-and-mortar retail store for one.

Yet, some people might be skeptical about FragranceNet because of its low prices.

So, is it a legit company? Will you be scammed if you buy perfumes and beauty products through the website?

A+ BBB Rating

The BBB  rating is an excellent indicator of how legitimate FragranceNet is.

A company gets an A+ rating if it obtains 97 points or more. This is why customers and other people in the industry trust this rating, as it shows that FragranceNet is reliable and safe.

The Better Business Bureau, or BBB, is a private nonprofit organization, so it’s not affiliated with any public or private agencies. It grades companies based on industry regulations, and its ratings are not biased.

When people check out FragranceNet’s rating, they realize that this company meets almost all the industry regulations. This makes it more reliable than other discount retailers.

Number of Operations

Since its foundation, FragranceNet has sold millions of perfume and cologne bottles. It also expanded its operations to sell aromatherapy and beauty products.

It’s hard for any company to operate for over 20 years if it’s not legit. Studies show that 90% of consumers will trust a business recommended by people they know.

So, if many people reported that FragranceNet scammed them, they didn’t receive their products on time, or they received faulty and fake products, the company would have gone out of business.

This didn’t happen as the company continues to offer its customers discounted products that meet their standards.

Diversity of Products

Fragrance designers and manufacturers are careful about where and how their products are sold and delivered. Any fragrance manufacturer wants to ensure that no one harms their products by selling them in bad condition.

Knockoffs can also harm the original products. People who buy these products wouldn’t be sure if they’re getting the real thing.

Yet, they will notice the decline in quality, so they’ll probably assume that this is what the fragrance designer offers.

So, for example, they might get a perfume that doesn’t last long or smell like advertised. It takes a little bad publicity to harm a brand’s name and cost it millions of dollars in potential sales.

But no fragrance designer has ever faced any problems with FragranceNet. Brands can get rid of unsold stock, and more people eventually learn about the brand.

As more high-end designers continue to allow FragranceNet to sell their products, you can rest assured knowing that this website is legit.

Successful Acquisition

Business people think carefully and thoroughly before merging with an operating company. Since FragranceNet was successfully acquired in 2018, this business move shows the company is trustworthy.

Before any acquisition, a company would study the market and the status of the company it wants to acquire.

According to such studies, JTG, a subsidiary of the HTG business segment of B&S Group, found out that FragranceNet has a strong reputation as an online discount retailer.

It also has a high customer retention rate, which guarantees future profits.

Is FragranceNet Reliable?

FragranceNet is a reliable discount online retailer that sells perfumes, colognes, and other beauty products.

People might question the reliability of this website because of the affordable prices. But, FragranceNet doesn’t sell any fake products.

So, if you’re a price-savvy perfume lover, FragranceNet will be an excellent option for you. For a discounted price, you can browse a collection of high-end, mass-produced, niche, and designer perfumes.

Products available on FragranceNet are part of the gray market. They’re not knockoffs or fake products but don’t go through the distributors’ official channels.

While this means that you can’t return a defective product to the manufacturer, customers rarely complain about the reliability of this online retailer.

The operational costs of FragranceNet justify the lower prices. The company has very few brick-and-mortar stores and doesn’t advertise heavily, so it can offer products at a lower price.

Is FragranceNet Safe?

FragranceNet is a safe place to buy perfumes and other beauty products. Everything sold on the website is authentic, even the testers.

The only problem with FragranceNet is related to blind buys. Since there’s no way you can try perfumes before buying them, you might want to buy a tester first. This way, you can decide if the perfume suits you before paying the total price.

But, you might not be able to find a tester due to the limited stock. In this case, you might end up paying the total price for a perfume you don’t like.

What Are Users Saying About FragranceNet?

Nowadays, people always try to find out what others say about a product or service before paying for it. With too many online scams, ensuring your money won’t be lost makes sense.

What Trustpilot Reviewers Liked About FragranceNet

FragranceNet currently has a 4-star rating on Trustpilot. This indicates that most buyers are satisfied with the company and would recommend it to others.

Products Diversity

Searching thousands of products on one website is one of the perks of shopping through FragranceNet. Buyers can get discounts when they make more purchases and are also eligible for free shipping.

Buyers can find some of the rarest perfumes, even niche and discontinued ones. And the best part is that they can get these fragrances for affordable prices that they would never find in official retail stores.

Fast Delivery

One factor that makes people skeptical about an online store is when the products they paid for take forever to be delivered.

This was hardly a problem with FragranceNet, as most people say they would receive the fragrances they bought within a week.

According to the website, orders usually take between 4 and 7 business days to be delivered.

Delivery typically takes more when orders are delivered to another country, where the customs can keep a package for days or weeks.

For some international orders, deliveries can take up to 15 days or more. FragranceNet won’t be responsible for any delay in this case.

Yet, in the US and Canada, most people receive their products within a week. The company offers two and one-business-day deliveries for a fee.

Affordable Prices

Many people prefer to shop at FragranceNet because it offers high-quality authentic perfumes for a discounted price.

While some users might think these products are fake, FragranceNet guarantees they’re authentic and genuine.

This website can only offer these prices because it has lower operational costs than brick-and-mortar stores. It also picks up discontinued or almost out-of-stock products from retailers to sell them in the gray market.

What Social Media Users Liked About FragranceNet

Facebook users recommend FragranceNet, with 1 million followers on the brand’s page. This shows the high engagement level the company can achieve with trustworthy and reliable products.

Engaging Content

Social media users will trust a company that always works on improving its online presence. This is what FragranceNet does on its Facebook page.

The company posts daily photos and videos to introduce new products that people can purchase from the website.

This keeps customers engaged, knowing they’ll find something relevant whenever they check the page.

The team behind the Facebook page also pays attention to consumer trends and patterns.

So, posts are likely to be about the latest fashion trends in the fragrances market, so buyers don’t feel they’re buying outdated products.

User-Friendly Layout

Many companies fail to retain high customer loyalty because of their outdated websites. FragranceNet paid attention to this problem and has recently redesigned its website again.

The new design allows customers to fine-tune their search and find their desired products by category.

Buyers are more likely to make a purchase when the website is responsive and easy to navigate.

Good Value

The thing about FragranceNet isn’t only that it offers affordable products. People have consistently highlighted that they get good value for their money whenever they shop through the website.

Some of the products on the website aren’t that affordable. Yet, they’re still cheaper than the prices you can find at traditional retail stores.

So, people can try products that they wouldn’t otherwise afford.

Continuous discounts and coupons are among the reasons why social media users prefer this website. The company also offers free standard shipping.

Why Are People Worried About Using FragranceNet?

Like any other business, some people aren’t satisfied with their experience on FragranceNet.

What Google Reviewers Worried About

Some users reported having unsuccessful transactions with FragranceNet.

Damaged Packages

As you buy from a discount website, you should expect your packaging product to be in less than perfect condition. Many users don’t mind that, as they care about the actual product inside.

But buyers weren’t satisfied when they received beaten-up packages, especially if they wanted to give them as gifts. Some asked for refunds.

Multiple Delivery Dates

Some products are shipped from different locations, so buyers can receive multiple packages on different dates. This can be a little confusing and led to multiple negative reviews.

In some incidents, the delivery date changed because products would still be in transit. This made some buyers hesitant to continue buying products through FragranceNet.

What ConsumerAffairs Reviewers Worried About

FragranceNet currently has a rating of 2.4 stars on ConsumerAffairs. About 53% of users gave this website a 1-star rating, showing they weren’t satisfied with it.

No Returns

Some products aren’t eligible for returns, which can be highly disappointing. For example, the website states that hair care products can’t be returned. Yet, this also includes tools like styling irons.

Due to such terms and conditions, people weren’t satisfied with their purchases and kept something they didn’t need.

Wrong Products

Although rare, some people received different products than the ones they requested. They would order a specific brand and receive a different one or receive a different size.

This happens due to the massive number of products sold through FragranceNet. Yet, paying more attention to quality control will solve this problem.

FragranceNet Quality and Guarantees

FragranceNet vows to sell 100% authentic products. No imitations or knockoffs are available on the website.

Shopping through online websites can be an annoying experience if users’ information isn’t protected. This is why FragranaceNet guarantees not to share your personal information, so no one can access it.

According to the website, returning a product isn’t that difficult. All you have to do is get an RMA number from customer service and request a return.

Skincare and haircare products aren’t eligible for returns. Other products can be returned in their original packaging within 30 days for a full refund. The refund doesn’t include the shipping fees.

FragranceNet Customer Service

Having reliable customer support is a crucial part of any online shopping experience. This is why FragranceNet is always trying to improve its customer service interactions.

Does FragranceNet Offer Customer Service?

FragranceNet offers multiple customer service options. Yet, due to the high volume of orders and the number of people using the website, some requests and complaints can take a long time to be resolved.

People can call the website, send a fax, or an actual mail regarding their inquiries. Some users reported waiting for weeks before their complaints were addressed by the customer service team.

Conclusion: Is FragranceNet Legit?

FragranceNet is a legit website that sells perfumes, colognes, and other beauty products.

It sells products from the gray market that the manufacturer is willing to discontinue or replace. Yet, these products are authentic and aren’t knockoffs.

People use FragranceNet to get a big bang for their buck, so they can buy multiple perfumes for the retail price of one.

But due to the high volume of shipments and complaints, some users reported problems with their orders and refunds.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast is FragranceNet?

This depends on the shipping service you pick. Standard shipping takes between 4 and 7 business days. Yet, you can pay extra for fast shipping, which can take between 2 and 3 business days. Single-day shipping is also available.

How Do I Know If My Fragrance Is Original?

This will be easy if you know how the original perfume smells and how long it lasts. You should check the packaging and the bottle’s quality.

Authentic products don’t have blurry lines or spelling mistakes. You should also check the barcode on the packaging to see if it matches the perfume or not.

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Wrapping Up

Getting your signature perfume for a fraction of the price is an excellent option. This is what FragranceNet promises its buyers, and it has fulfilled this promise for several years.

Despite some minor inconveniences, most people still recommend FragranceNet as a discount website for perfumes and beauty products.

Tell us if you’ve had an experience with this website, and share this article with a friend who is willing to save some cash.

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