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Is Flight Club Legit? [The Need to Know]

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Getting your hands on rare, exclusive sneakers isn’t as easy as it used to be, especially the ones from big brands like Nike, Adidas, Air Jordan, Under Armour, New Balance, and more.

So if you’re looking for a legit platform for authentic sneakers, Flight Club is a great place for your sneaker hunt.

They’re a popular sneaker consignment store with an extensive collection of rare, limited-edition sneakers.

But as with any online marketplace, concerns regarding the legitimacy of the platform arise, which begs the question: Is Flight Club Legit?

We’ll talk about Flight Club, how it works, what users say, and whether the website truly delivers.

What Is Flight Club?

Flight Club is a sneaker consignment shop and online marketplace based in New York.

It’s a one-stop sneaker store known for its new and used shoes, including rare exclusives and collectible sneakers.

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The company was founded in 2005 by Damany Weir, who saw a gap in the market and created Flight Club, revolutionizing sneaker retail as the original consignment boutique store for rare sneakers.

Flight Club sells rare shoes and offers a vast collection of authentic, iconic classics and limited-edition shoes from all major sneaker brands, including Air Jordan, Yeezy, Adidas, New Balance, Reebok, Vans, and more.

Flight Club also sells high-demand sneakers and sports apparel to thousands of customers through its online platform and three retail locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

Reselling shoes (particularly sneakers) has become one of the best things to flip for making money.

And Flight Club does exactly that, buying sneakers directly from sellers and reselling them for a profit.

It’s one of the few marketplaces that sell those hard-to-find sneakers, from vintage classics to new releases, trendy sneakers, exclusives, and more.

What sets Flight Club apart from other sneaker marketplaces is that it focuses on quality and only sells authentic shoes.

How Does Flight Club Work?

Flight Club sells shoes both online and in-store. It’s like retail arbitrage; independent sellers send in their shoes for verification, and then Flight Club sells the products on their behalf until they’re sold.

The company sells both new and used shoes. New shoes are typically sourced from authorized retailers, while the used ones come from consignors.

Flight Club receives a 9.5% commission fee plus a $5 seller fee. And there’s an additional 2.9% fee for all cash-outs.

As a buyer, you have to create an account and log in. The “How to Buy” button allows you to search for on-sale shoes, and the “New Releases” button gives you access to the latest deals.

All orders are processed within one to four business days. After an order is processed, it’ll be shipped and arrive within five to nine business days.

If you want to receive your order within five business days, you have to select “Fastest To You” at checkout. This will cost you $25.

Common Questions to Understand

Shopping on Flight Club does present several questions that need to be answered, such as:

Are Their Shoes Authenticated and How Do They Do It?

Yes, Flight Club authenticates all shoes before shipping them. Each pair of shoes goes through stringent quality checks.

Trained specialists verify and authenticate the shoes. After their approval, the shoes are marked as genuine and authentic and listed for sale on the website.

Unless a product has been pre-verified, it’ll be sent to Flight Club for verification before shipping to buyers. This makes sure that the shoes you buy are genuine.

Does Flight Club Sell Shoes Only From Third-Party Sellers?

Yes, Flight Club is a marketplace for third-party sellers.

The company primarily works on a consignment-based model in which sellers send in their shoes, and Flight Club markets their products in one of its three retail stores until they’re sold.

This could make buyers feel skeptical about whether the shoes they’re buying are real. The seller is paid after a product is sold, and Flight Club takes a cut of the sale.

How Much Does Shipping Cost?

Shipping costs vary from state to state. The cost of domestic shipping is $14.50 for almost all U.S. states and $25 for Hawaii and Alaska. If you choose expedited shipping, it will cost $27.

The shipping cost for Canada is $30. You can find the latest shipping charges here.

Is Flight Club Legit?

Yes, Flight Club is a legit sneaker marketplace that attracts many buyers. We say this for many reasons: 

  • Established Reputation: Flight Club has been selling sneakers for over 17 years and has built a solid reputation as one of the leading platforms for reselling shoes. For the past two decades, they have gained the trust of customers by working as a middleman between sneaker sellers and buyers.
  • Superb Range of Sneakers: Both their website and physical stores sell a wide range of new and used sneakers from all leading brands – over 500 of them and thousands of styles. Flight Club has an extensive collection of rare, high-priced sneakers, which were sourced from a global network of thousands of sellers.
  • Rigorous Verification Process: Flight Club is a premier source of genuine sneakers known for not stocking fakes. They claim all of their products are 100% authentic and go through rigorous verification checks. They have a team of specialists who thoroughly inspect and verify the authenticity of each pair of shoes.
  • Physical Stores: Flight Club has three physical stores in major U.S. cities like NYC, Los Angeles, and Miami. While they’re known for their robust online marketplace, their brick-and-mortar stores allow you to visit and experience the products firsthand. The presence of retail locations adds another layer of credibility to their business.

Is Flight Club Reliable?

Yes, it’s a reputable company with several positive reviews on the internet. Flight Club is similar to StockX, GOATKicks CrewMeta[Z], and other online sneaker marketplaces.

Key points supporting its credibility are:

  • One of the few marketplaces where you can find limited-edition sneakers
  • Provides a secure platform for buying and selling sneakers
  • Checks and verifies the credentials of sellers
  • Regularly updates their inventory with the latest collections
  • Shows the availability of products in real-time
  • Follows reliable shipping practices for prompt shipping and delivery

Is Flight Club Safe?

Flight Club gives all their buyers a purchase protection guarantee that the products they purchase are 100% genuine and in good condition.

Each pair is reviewed carefully before they go to the shelf to ensure they’re the real deal.

  • Physical stores further enhance the safety
  • Ensures secure and guaranteed payments via bank transfer or PayPal
  • Takes appropriate security measures to protect your personal information
  • Offers buyer protection, such as return and refund options

What Users Are Saying About Flight Club

While there are many positive reviews from customers who expressed their satisfaction with their purchases from Flight Club, there are still many customers who aren’t satisfied.

Let’s take a look at the two popular review platforms to learn what users are actually saying about Flight Club.


Flight Club received a 4.4 Trustpilot rating based on 2,328 customer reviews based on multiple factors. While most reviews are positive, there are some negative reviews – about 15% of them.

  • User-Friendly Interface: Many customers love the search feature and how easy it is to filter quickly through their extensive sneaker collection and find what they’re looking for. The top brands are lined up in the top banner, which is great.
  • Price Considerations: The “Price Drops” section is a unique selling point for Flight Club that allows you to check out the best sneaker deals at a lower price. However, many customers find the prices pretty high. On top of that, many people find the price at checkout different from what they actually paid.
  • Poor Customer Service: While Flight Club provides support via telephone, social media, and online, you may have to wait for a response. Many negative reviews mention problems in communicating with sellers, citing slow responses to queries and concerns.


Here’s a general overview of what Reddit customers are saying about their experience with Flight Club:

  • Trusted Platform: Reddit users often see Flight Club as a trusted online platform for sneakerheads. Many users find their products genuine and are happy with their experience.
  • Transparent Pricing: Some users love the transparency in Flight Club’s pricing structure, and they find it helpful that the prices displayed on the site include every small detail. Then some users find the prices significantly higher than other sites.
  • Returns and Exchanges: Many users report instances where they received the wrong sizes or fake shoes and faced some inconveniences while returning or exchanging the product. In some cases, the company was unable to process returns or exchanges.

What Google Reviewers Liked About Flight Club

Many happy Google reviewers say Flight Club is a legit company that offers rare, high-quality sneakers, often including some exclusives and new releases from esteemed sneaker brands.

They love how easy it is to filter through many trendy, sought-after collectible shoes.

What Trustpilot Reviewers Liked About Flight Club

Most users have had a pretty good experience with Flight Club; they say their products are 100% legit and always arrive on time.

Customers, at least most of them, are satisfied with their customer service and overall experience with Flight Club.

What Social Media Users Liked About Flight Club

Many customers approve of the legitimacy and authenticity of the sneakers and love their vast collection of shoes, both new and used.

They trust their authentication system and believe they’re selling genuine sneakers from top brands.

Common Worries About Using Flight Club

The company has garnered a few negative reviews from its customers over the years. Let’s see why users are worried about using Flight Club.


  • Difficult Returns and Refunds: The company has received a lot of negative reviews regarding returns or exchanges, citing problems such as extended processing times and no-return policies.
  • High Shipping Costs: Many customers express their dissatisfaction with shipping costs. They find them to be on the higher side, while some believe that the checkout process is not transparent.
  • Potential Scam: Some users believe that the company is a scam, citing defective products or wrong sizes. A couple of users have received fake Jordans, while some are frustrated with delayed order processing.


  • Inaccurate Product Descriptions: A few customers complained that they received products that didn’t match the description provided on the site. This discrepancy often pertains to issues such as missing accessories, product condition, sizing issues, etc.
  • Slow Response Times: Many customers have had negative experiences with Flight Club’s customer service, citing slow response times or no response. Such instances of delayed customer support can lead to frustration for users.
  • False Advertising: One user complained that the company makes false claims regarding their policy which states that customers can make unlimited changes to travel dates and routes without paying any fees. The user mentioned that this is not true.

What Google Reviewers Worried About Flight Club

Most of the Google reviews point toward products being fake, poor customer service, or wrong sizes.

From what we gathered, some customers have received fake products, and there’s no return or exchange policy, which can be a problem. 

What Trustpilot Reviewers Worried About Flight Club

Most Trustpilot reviewers are happy with their overall experience with Flight Club.

The ones who aren’t satisfied mentioned some problem areas such as customer service, high shipping costs, shipping delays, etc.

What Social Media Users Worried About Flight Club

Flight Club has hundreds of terrible reviews on popular social media platforms such as Facebook.

We saw several testimonials from many people who have concerns regarding issues such as late shipping, ridiculous pricing, fake shoes, etc.

Flight Club Quality & Guarantees

  • Guarantee of Safety and Authenticity: A dedicated team of specialists checks and verifies each pair of shoes to ensure they’re 100% genuine. The prices are a bit on the higher side, but people are willing to pay more because of their guarantee of safety and authenticity.
  • Buyer Protection: Flight Club offers a buyer protection guarantee which states that customers can demand a return or refund if they receive a product that doesn’t match the description or is fake.
  • Flexible Payment Methods: They accept almost all payment methods, including Visa and Mastercard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and more. Flight Club offers flexible payment options for US-based customers via KlarnaAffirm, and Afterpay.

Flight Club Customer Service

Flight Club provides customer support via multiple channels, including telephonic support.

However, customers may have to wait until after submitting their queries. Based on customers’ reviews, it’s hard to get help when you need it.

Many customers mention the staff’s lack of knowledge and disinterest in the products sold on the platform. A few reviews mention problems in communicating with sellers.

Overall, customers have mixed reviews about the support they’ve received from Flight Club.

Conclusion: Is Flight Club Legit?

Flight Club is one of the most popular websites for sneaker enthusiasts who can find rare shoes, including all brands of sneakers that are hard to find in the open market.

You can also find apparel, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, joggers, sweatpants, and more.

While there are some negative reviews, the positive experiences customers have had with their purchases far outweigh the negatives.

Some of the unique selling points include an authenticity guarantee, buyer protection, an extensive sneaker collection, flexible payment methods, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Flight Club Owned by GOAT?

Yes, GOAT owns the sneaker marketplace Flight Club. In 2018, Flight Club merged with GOAT to become a one-stop sneaker store, delivering unparalleled mobile, web, and retail shopping experiences.

What Country is Flight Club From?

Flight Club is a US-based sneaker consignment store located in New York City.

Similar Gigs to Research

Here are some other similar marketplaces to check for legitimacy:

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  • Is GOAT Legit?: Find out if the world’s leading shoe reselling platform GOAT is legit or a scam.
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Wrapping Up

The numbers suggest most customers are actually satisfied with their purchases and experience with Flight Club.

The company has been doing business since 2005 and has several positive reviews on the internet.

Through this article, we aim to educate the readers about the legitimacy of the platform and whether it’s worth your money.

In our opinion, Flight Club is a legitimate platform for buying and selling an exceptional range of cool sneakers, from classics to limited editions, rare exclusives, new releases, and more.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below. And if you liked our article, feel free to share it with others who might benefit from it.

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