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18+ Best Things To Flip For Profit In 2023: Best Practices

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Buying and reselling items for a decent profit is one of the best side hustles to bring in extra cash.

You don’t need a notable amount of money to start flipping products to earn more.

Although you can resell almost anything for profit, you’ll want to focus on flipping items in demand.

After all, buying and reselling popular items makes it easier to start a profitable reselling business online.

When purchasing products, you don’t need an upfront investment to start a profitable flipping business.

Instead, you can start selling online with stuff you own and continue flipping items with the extra money you earn.

Read on, and we’ll show you a list of the best things to flip for profit.

But before that, we’ll go through what flipping means.

What is Flipping?

Flipping is the term for purchasing items low and selling them at a higher price to earn profit.

While most people relate it to the real estate business, it can apply to anything you buy and resell for cash.

When flipping, there are times when you need to repair or restore items to resell them at their retail price or even higher.

On the other hand, you can also find good deals and discounts to buy products at a lower price, which you can profit from by reselling.

To make the most of your time, you’ll want to resell items trending on the market to optimize your profits.

Once you know the best items to flip, you can browse thrift stores, garage sales, flea markets, and online shops like the Facebook marketplace to get them.

18 Best Items to Flip for Profit

There are a lot of different things that you can sell for profit.

However, there are some things that you’ll want to target for a quick turnaround and maximized profits.

When choosing items for flipping, you can start with the products you know or are within your interests.

After all, it’s better to know your target market before you sell items.

If you don’t have the extra cash for flipping items, you can start selling the stuff you don’t use at home.

Once you have enough to buy things you can resell, you can move on to thrift stores and start selling items online.

Here’s a list of the best items to flip for profit:

1. Clothing

One of the easiest items to flip for beginners is clothes.

You can find used clothing in thrift stores, yard sales, and secondhand stores for a low price. You can also start by checking your drawer or closet for used clothing that can still b

for sale.

Find popular brands, designer items, or vintage clothing to earn the most when selling clothes.

Many people are willing to pay higher to get these on their hands.

Aside from shirts, shorts, and pants, there’s also a market for specialized clothing and vintage hats.

When looking for popular or vintage clothes to flip for profit, you must know how to check for fakes, especially in a secondhand apparel market or a thrift store.

People into these types of clothing usually know how to spot replicas, so you won’t earn much by selling imitations.

When you’re ready to sell clothing, you can post them on online stores like eBay or start a shop on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

2. Sneakers

Sneakers are also one of the hottest items for a flipping business.

Limited editions and designer sneakers can easily earn you a nice profit, whether you sell items locally or online.

As long as you know the trends, news, and release dates of these types of shoes, you can try to get them in retail stores and flip them for a big profit.

Aside from that, you can also sift through thrift stores, garage sales, and flea markets to find limited-edition or branded sneakers that you can turn around for a quick buck.

You can buy good quality shoes from the get-go or restore used ones to flip them online.

You can visit various consignment stores to sell your findings or post them on online shops such as StockX and eBay.

You can also post your stuff on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter to keep all the earnings to yourself.

If you want sneakers as the main item for your flipping business, it’s best to form connections with people in the sneaker scene.

3. Used Books

Although we’re in a digital era where people can purchase and read books online, there’s still a demand for used titles.

After all, many people want to collect book sets or first-edition releases.

You can find many used books in local bookstores and library sales at a discount and sell them online for a reasonable price.

Here are the types of books that can sell high online:

  • Book sets
  • Textbooks
  • Non-fiction books
  • Guide books

Before buying books to flip for profit, it’s best to check the ones on demand.

Browse Facebook Marketplace, online stores, and social media to see the books that people want.

Amazon, BookDeal, and Textbooks.com are a few of the best places to sell books for profit.

4. Furniture

Many people are looking to redesign their homes or move to another place, making it easier for you to find low furniture prices.

As such, furniture is one of the things that you can buy low and flip for profit.

Different types of indoor, wood, upholstered, and outdoor furniture sell at various price points in the market.

Good quality wood furniture is one of the top choices when flipping in this niche.

This type of furniture has a lot of potentials, and buyers are usually willing to spend a lot to get one in their collection.

There’s also a market for upholstered furniture, which means you can buy and restore used sofas and chairs and turn them into profitable items.

5. Antiquities

If you’re knowledgeable in this area, finding and selling antiquities at a higher price can result in a significant profit.

For more experienced people, flipping these items can compare to a full-time income.

In most cases, people sell antique items at a lower price to get rid of them without knowing their value.

You can scour thrift shops, yard sales, and online platforms to find pieces you can flip.

When checking an item, look for details that can help you determine its legitimacy and origin.

If you don’t know anything about antiquities but want to delve into this scene, you can join different groups and forums to broaden your knowledge.

You can also check people selling online in places such as Facebook marketplace to get a rough idea about their price ranges.

6. Sports Jerseys

If you’re a fan of various sports, you know that jerseys, especially ones from famous players, can fetch a high price.

On top of that, vintage jerseys from the best players are usually rare, and some people are willing to pay big bucks to add one to their collection.

Since basketball, baseball, and football jerseys are so popular, it’s no surprise that there are a lot of imitations out there.

Therefore, you need to have a keen eye for details to spot fakes when buying one from a thrift store or garage sale.

7. Sports Cards

Aside from jerseys, sports memorabilia and cards are among the best items to flip.

Basketball and baseball cards can sell for a high price, especially the limited edition cards of popular players.

With millions of sports fans worldwide, it’s easy to find collectors willing to spend money to get rare or autographed baseball cards in their hands.

If you’re willing to bet your luck on sports cards, you can buy numerous card packs and open them to see if you’ll get something profitable.

You can buy cards of rookies and new players that have the potential to be stars and wait for the card’s price to go up before selling them.

For beginners, you can buy and sell sports cards on eBay and Kruk Cards.

For more experienced traders, Beckett Collectibles is the place to go.

8. Concert Tickets

Tickets to the biggest shows of renowned artists and musicians are usually in high demand, making them a viable option for flipping.

Flippers usually buy tickets to a concert early and resell them at a higher price when the event date draws near.

The most avid fans are willing to spend more than the retail price to see their favorite artists perform on the big stage.

Before buying tickets to a concert with reselling in mind, research and check if you can sell them without a problem.

You don’t want to lose money on events that will likely flop.

The key to flipping concert tickets is timing.

You’ll want to post your items a week or a few days before the show to maximize your profits.

However, don’t post the tickets too late since there’s a risk of not selling them in time.

9. Vehicles

It’s no surprise that cars are one of the best items to flip for profit.

There are a lot of car enthusiasts that want vintage or classic cars for their collections.

Although selling used cars can turn into a full-time income, you might need a large investment to get going.

You’ll likely spend money on repairs, so it’s best to know a few things about car restoration to minimize the costs.

You can find various cars to flip on auctions, restore them, and sell them online.

You can also try your luck browsing Facebook Marketplace to look for good deals and cheap cars you can resell.

While vintage cars are one of the most profitable when reselling cars, they’re the hardest to find.

Proper connections and patience help in finding one you can flip for profit.

Aside from cars, dirt bikes are also popular these days.

So keep a lookout when you’re in an auction.

10. Jewelry

Jewelry is also one of the easier items to flip since they are always in demand.

You can find buyers for your items, whether it’s a gold necklace, diamond ring, or silver bracelet.

Flea markets, yard sales, and online stores are the best places to find jewelry you can resell.

However, remember that not every type of jewelry can fetch a high price.

Plated, synthetic, and fake jewelry don’t go for a high price in the market, so you need a keen eye to avoid them when browsing different stores.

When shopping for jewelry online, it’s best to ask for proof of authentication before buying a piece.

If you already have a few, head to a jewelry store to determine their legitimacy.

As you browse different shops for jewelry, try to aim for collectibles and vintage items.

Although these types of jewelry may require small repairs or polishing, they can sell for a high price without a problem.

11. Power Tools and Yard Supplies

Many people work on DIY remodeling projects and home constructions, leading to a demand for power tools.

Since most power tools are expensive when bought brand new, people look for people who sell them at a lower price.

You can scour online and local stores for cheap power tools that are in good condition for flipping.

You can also use these power tools to restore outdoor furniture and other stuff you want to sell for profit.

Before selling a secondhand power tool, it’s best to check if it works without fault.

After all, you don’t want people returning to you due to a defective product.

12. Exercise Equipment

Many people are resorting to working out at home.

Although working out without equipment is doable, having a couple at home makes a difference.

Brand-new exercising equipment is expensive, so people looking to build gyms at home look at the Facebook marketplace, Craigslist, and other online secondhand shops to find equipment for sale.

You can sell dumbells, benches, and workout stuff lying around at home for extra money.

You can also go through different stores around town to buy pieces you can clean up and restore for flipping.

13. Sports Equipment

Many people are into sports, making flipping sports equipment a good side hustle.

High-quality football, golf, basketball, and hockey equipment are usually expensive, so people prefer secondhand ones to save money.

If you can find cheap sports equipment in good condition, you can sell them online for a quick turnaround.

12. Websites

While this may come to you as a surprise, flipping websites can earn you a lot of money when done right.

Businesses, whether big or small, need websites to promote their products and services online, making this option a stable side gig that can turn into full-time work.

Although the profits from flipping websites are enticing, it’s no easy task.

You need experience and knowledge of several things, like web design, SEO, and content management, to be successful in this field.

13. Musical Instruments

If you’re a musician or an avid music fan, you can turn your passion into a profitable side gig by flipping musical instruments.

When you know about the top musical equipment brands like Shure, Gibson, and Yamaha, you can find the best deals and flip them online for money.

As long as you know how to check an instrument’s authenticity and functionality, you won’t have trouble selling them online on sites like Reverb or the Facebook marketplace.

14. Photography Gear

Aside from having a decent camera, people who are into photography always look for lenses, tripods, camera bags, and other gear.

Many professionals and hobbyists are looking for replacements and upgrades to replace their current equipment.

You check your local thrift stores and yard sales for photography gear that can potentially sell for profit.

Look to flip items in good condition since photographers want equipment that won’t break down after a few use.

If you’re having trouble determining an item’s condition, it’s best to take them to a specialist.

15. Board Games

Many people are into limited edition and vintage board games, looking to play them with their families or as collectibles.

With that in mind, you can profit by finding these games in different stores with deep discounts and selling them at a reasonable price.

When looking for board games to flip, you need patience and attention to detail to be successful.

Check for missing pieces and the overall condition of the set.

16. Baby Gear

Baby items are also one of the best items to flip online.

Since these items are usually expensive, parents prefer buying secondhand items to save money.

As long as the baby items are of good quality, you can resell them at a decent value.

When browsing thrift stores and local shops, look out for strollers, baby walkers, high chairs, and other things for newborns.

Once you have the baby stuff, you can post them online for a quick profit.

17. Phones and Computers

Buying a brand new phone or computer is expensive, especially the flagship model of each brand.

As such, people that can’t afford to spend that kind of money look for cheaper secondhand devices with similar specs.

If you have a phone, laptop, or computer that you no longer use, you can post and sell them on websites like eBay and Craigslist.

You can also browse for slightly damaged gadgets on Facebook Marketplace, refurbish the items, and resell them online.

Look out for popular brands like Samsung and Apple since their phones and devices sell the most. 

18. Appliances

There’s also a market for flipping used appliances online.

People on a tight budget tend to look for secondhand appliances in good condition instead of expensive new models.

 Since it’s hard to transport home appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, and cooking ranges due to their size, having the means to move the items is a must to flip them.

Before selling or buying a used appliance, check if it runs smoothly without any malfunction.

After all, you don’t want to sell defective products when running a flipping business. 

Where to Find Things to Flip for Profit

Now that you know the best things to flip for profit, it’s time to find the items you want to buy and resell.

However, the place depends on the type of item that you want to focus on when flipping.

Here are a few places to find things for profit:

  • Thrift stores
  • Garage sales
  • Yard sales
  • Online shops
  • Auctions

With proper research, you can spot the best places to find the things you want to sell.

Certain online shops sell specific items and gear for different niches like StockX and Beckett.

What Are the Best Practices When Flipping Items for Profit?

Although flipping stuff for cash seems straightforward, there are numerous things to consider when finding items you can sell.

After all, you don’t want to waste your time on a product that won’t sell in the market.

Here are a few tips to help you make money through flipping:

1. Start by Selling Things You Have at Home

If you have no experience selling items online or are short on cash, it’s best to start by listing the things you no longer use at home.

This way, you can gain experience negotiating and dealing with people interested in your stuff.

You’ll also earn money you can use to reinvest in the things you can flip for profit.

2. Always Do Your Research

Before buying items you want to sell for profit, it’s best to do your research on the product.

Instead of blindly following trends and buying items, always check prices from different stores.

You need to know where you can find and sell your items.

Different websites and online stores specialize in dealing with specific products, making it easier for you to do your research.

You must know how to spot replicas and fakes using different methods when buying products like clothes and sneakers.

After all, you don’t want to invest in something you can’t sell to your target market.

3. Take Good Photos of Your Items

When you’re ready to sell your things, taking clear photos of your products when posting them online is best.

People want to see the actual item before buying them, so take many pictures of your item from different angles.

You don’t need to use professional equipment to take good photos of the products you want to sell.

Sometimes, all it takes is proper lighting and background to have a decent picture.

You can take the photography part to the next level when you’re serious about reselling stuff for profit.

If you’re selling clothing, make sure to include the tags and issues (if there are any) of your items.

4. Write an Accurate Description of Your Items

Add a detailed and accurate description of the items when posting them online.

Besides pictures, people look for descriptions to check for issues, damages, and details about a product.

Don’t sugarcoat your writing, and be honest about the condition of your product.

If you’re selling sneakers, mention the issues like heel drags, scuff marks, discoloration, and other important details.

Being an honest seller can get you good ratings and loyal customers.

5. Cut Your Losses

As you start the flipping business, don’t expect everything to go smoothly.

When buying and reselling stuff online, expect a few situations where you’ll lose money or earn less than you think.

With that in mind, it’s best to know when to cut your losses and move on to other things.

Instead of overthinking the money you lost, treat it as a learning experience for your growth.

As you flip more items, you’ll naturally learn more things and gain experience in the flipping business.

Combine them with patience, hard work, and determination, and you’ll get the profits you deserve.

How Much Can You Make by Flipping Items?

It all depends on the item you’re trying to resell.

Although you can pretty much flip anything, targeting the items in demand are the best way to earn more profits while having a quick turnaround rate.

It’s better to focus on a few items when flipping before exploring other products to sell.

After all, being knowledgeable in a specific niche allows you to score the best deals that can turn into high profits.

Reselling physical items usually comes with shipping costs, especially if you’re targeting international customers.

Keep that in mind while calculating the potential earnings in each deal.

Wrapping Up

Flipping items is a great way to earn extra cash outside of work.

Anyone with the right mindset can profit from buying and reselling stuff online.

Since there are a lot of profitable items for flipping, you get to choose the things you want to resell.

As long as you do the research, you’ll do great in this business.

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