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How To Make Money As A 13-Year-Old: 9 Easy Jobs For Cash

High-five for being interested in making your own money at such a young age. It’s this kind of attitude that’ll get you far in life.

Still, as a 13-year-old, finding a job will be challenging since you likely have no degrees or experience.

What’s worse, you probably have a few things in mind you’d love to save up for, and you know that without a job—or generous parents—you can wave all your material desires goodbye.

That’s alright, though. We understand the gig economy well and have your back. We’ll show you how to make money as a 13-year-old through online and part-time jobs.

Can I Make Money as a 13-Year-Old?

Yes, but the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is an obstacle. You must be at least 14 years old for non-agricultural jobs.

Since this limits your opportunities to earn good money, your best bet is to get an online job or try different odd gigs.

How Much Can I Make as a 13-Year-Old?

It depends on the nature of the job. Various types of jobs pay different amounts of money, but some can be quite lucrative if you know where to look.

1. Freelancing

Some of the best jobs for teens include freelancing. You can earn online if you develop high-income skills; for instance, you can become a freelance graphic designer if you’re good with image editing software. 

We’re talking about becoming a freelancer since many online jobs pay more money than real-life ones. You can earn anywhere from a few dollars to over $500 this way.

2. Odd Jobs

Odd jobs are a different story. How much you can earn from them depends on who’s employing you, the nature of your job, and how persuasive you are.

Most young teens opt for summer jobs like babysitting or house-sitting because they pay good money. You could also consider delivering newspapers, mowing your neighbors’ gardens, walking pets, or washing cars.

Most people will pay you around $7.5 to $20 per hour. So expect to make a little over $100 per day.

3. Personal Projects

You can try more challenging projects if you’re more ambitious and willing to make an extra $1,000 a month or more.

We recommend starting your website or blog and resorting to ad revenue. Signing up on blogging platforms such as Blogger and WordPress requires your parent’s permission, but you can earn serious cash if you write great content and manage traffic well.

Another option is selling things, but you should know what to look for at thrift stores. Designer clothes, print T-shirts, vintage accessories, and retro games and consoles sell well, especially on marketplace websites.

How to Make Money as a 13-Year-Old: What You’ll Need

You’ll be making money without a degree or experience as a 13-year-old. This emphasizes the importance of having several skills, including:

  • Interpersonal Skills: You must communicate, negotiate, and listen well. You should also have a positive attitude and be empathetic, honest, responsible, and emotionally intelligent.
  • Management Skills: You must have time and money management skills to balance your finances and allocate enough time for your studies, extracurricular activities, and job.
  • Professional Skills: Creativity, problem-solving, teamwork, and adaptability are all indispensable skills to a person looking to make extra money while lacking experience and a degree. Some jobs require specific skills or training, like pool maintenance.
  • Self-Discipline: Staying disciplined when working independently toward your financial freedom is difficult, especially while studying. Consider setting goals for yourself and maintaining a strict work ethic.
  • Legal Awareness: You have more restrictions than work opportunities at 13. You must know the child labor laws in your area to protect yourself from exploitation.
  • Equipment: Your job may require specific tools or materials. For example, you’ll need a cart to sell food, brushes and paint to do painting jobs, etc.

How Can I Make Money as a 13-Year-Old?

As a teenager, money-making opportunities are limited only by your creativity. Here are nine jobs that you can start with:

  1. Babysitting
  2. Tutoring
  3. Pet Sitting
  4. Online Surveys
  5. Gardening
  6. Washing Cars
  7. Yard Sales
  8. Freelancing
  9. Social Media

1. Babysitting

Babysitting is what comes to most teenagers’ minds when they want to earn money. This job requires you to be responsible for the well-being of other people, so you must be careful and trustworthy.

Your neighbors should be your priority; they likely already know what kind of person you are and trust you more than they would a stranger. You can also advertise on Facebook if that’s not an option but be wary of whom you deal with.

Parents will negotiate an hourly or daily wage with you. We recommend babysitting in affluent neighborhoods to earn the most.

How Much Can I Make Babysitting?

It depends on how long you babysit for and how much the parents pay you. Most parents pay babysitters from $12.5 to $20. You can earn up to $100 daily if you babysit for several hours or in wealthier neighborhoods.

What Makes This Option Great?

Well-behaved children will make your babysitting experience fun and trouble-free; you can get paid to have fun.

  • Payment Method: Cash on hand

2. Tutoring

Tutoring may be for you if you’re more academically oriented.

It pays well, but you must not mind helping students with their studies on a subject you’re passionate about because, well, some people are more difficult to teach than others. Determine which grade or age range you want to tutor. As a 13-year-old, you’ll more likely tutor students younger than you.

Next, pick the subjects you want to tutor and ensure you’re good at them.

Most people start struggling with mathematics during their early teenage years because it’s a cumulative subject: it builds on previous knowledge. Physics and chemistry are also challenging subjects, but you could teach writing, history, etc.

Once you decide on a subject to teach, learn its curriculum, solidify your teaching methods, and advertise yourself. You can tutor your friends, classmates, neighbor’s kids, or even strangers if you announce your services on Facebook.

Online tutoring opportunities are also available on Tutorpeers and Fiverr.

How Much Can I Make Tutoring?

You can set your prices. You can earn around $20 a day, assuming you tutor for $10 an hour and spend two hours teaching a single student.

What Makes This Option Great?

It’s mutually beneficial. You learn from teaching, develop crucial skills like communication, patience, empathy, and listening, and earn decently.

3. Pet Sitting

Some people will pay you to watch their pet(s) while they’re away. It’s usually a hassle-free job involving straightforward duties: feeding, playing with, and cleaning them.

We recommend you pet sit for people you already know, as their pets will likely be accustomed to you and wouldn’t mind your presence.

Exercise caution if you’re pet-sitting for a stranger, though: you never know how an unfamiliar animal can react to you.

A place to find out whether people need pet sitters is Facebook, but you can also ask around your neighborhood.

How Much Can I Make Pet Sitting?

You must set your prices and negotiate a wage with the pet owner. Pet sitters usually earn from $10 to $20 hourly. You could earn up to $100 a day or more.

What Makes This Option Great?

Caring for pets is usually fussless. They remain calm and well-behaved as long as you provide them with food and attention and keep them entertained.

  • Payment Method: Cash on hand – PayPal

4. Online Surveys

Completing online surveys can net you a few extra bucks with minimal effort. However, not all survey websites are legit; some may be scams that try to collect your personal information and never pay you for your work.

Being careful when choosing a survey website is a must.

Ensure that the survey website you’re signing up for doesn’t charge you any fees to access the surveys, is transparent about its payment methods and terms, and has a reasonable payment rate and threshold.

We suggest trying out Swagbucks.

How Much Can I Make Completing Surveys?

It depends on their availability, how many you complete, and how much each is worth. Expect to earn a few dollars every day.

What Makes This Option Great?

While repetitive, it’s effortless. You’ll only be answering several questions in a row, and most surveys take no longer than 5 minutes.

  • Payment Method: Gift Cards – PayPal

5. Gardening

Cleaning up your neighbors’ yards is a way to earn during weekends.

You can ask them if you can use their lawnmowers: the ickiest part is the clean-up process, and most people will appreciate your help. You can borrow your parents’ lawnmower if they don’t have one.

You can do yard work for strangers, too. Be bold and go door-to-door to offer your service.

How Much Can I Earn Gardening?

It depends on how many yards you clean up, their size, and the time it takes. You should earn from $15 to $30 if you do a single yard in a couple of hours.

What Makes This Option Great?

Most people will be willing to lend you their lawnmowers, so equipment is rarely a concern.

  • Payment Method: Cash on hand – PayPal

6. Washing Cars

If you don’t mind getting dirty, washing cars is a fun and profitable way to make extra cash.

You can offer to clean people’s cars in your neighborhood or public places. Cleaning will take less time if you have younger siblings or friends to team up with.

You’ll need some equipment: buckets, sponges, hoses, brushes, glass cleaner, soap, etc. These items are cheap, but you can borrow them from your parents if you don’t want to spend too much. 

Next, set a reasonable price. While you’re not a professional, your time and effort matter, so consider the size and condition of the car.

Hanging flyers around and relying on word-of-mouth are the best ways to advertise your service, but social media works, too.

How Much Can I Make Washing Cars?

You likely won’t clean a single car and move on, so expect to earn over $100 a day. You can make more if you bring your siblings or friends and head to a busy public space.

What Makes This Option Great?

Despite being effortful, you can make a good income and build a reputation in your neighborhood, boosting your earnings from future car washing jobs.

  • Fees and Commissions: Equipment fees
  • Payment Method: Cash on hand

7. Yard Sales

Empty your garage of the things your family doesn’t need and organize a yard sale in front of your home.

You might be surprised by how many people find your stuff interesting, and how much they’ll pay to buy it. You can sell your stuff for a few bucks each and clear up some space in your garage.

We’re talking about NES and SNES games, rare Pokémon cards, etc. Check their prices on eBay and sell them to the highest bidder to make the most out of them instead!

How Much Can I Make From Yard Sales?

Expect to make a few bucks here and there, unless you’re sitting on rare collectibles, then you can expect to make quite a bit more if the valuables are rare enough.

What Makes This Option Great?

Some of your unwanted items could be worth a lot. You’d better sell them to collectors on online marketplaces such as Mercari and eBay. You also free much-needed storage space.

  • Payment Methods: Cash on Hand – PayPal – Deposit

8. Freelancing

Online freelancing websites such as Fiverr can connect you with people looking for someone with particular skills to accomplish tasks for them. You can earn well if you’re good at niche, valuable skills like image editing, writing, design, or web development.

Of course, you’ll need your parent’s permission, supervision, and assistance, as they’ll manage your account and provide you with their PayPal and bank accounts.

We have an extensive guide on becoming a freelancer; check it out!

How Much Can I Make as a Freelancer?

How much you can make as a freelancer depends on your skill’s value, how many clients you work with, and your pricing strategies. Most people price their photo editing or design gigs at $5 on Fiverr. However, you can earn hundreds of dollars per month if you work with multiple clients.

What Makes This Option Great?

You’ll attract more clients once you build a reputation for yourself, boosting your income and opening you up for more earning opportunities. You’ll also develop crucial skills that can be useful later in life.

  • Fees and Commissions: Fiverr’s commissions
  • Payment Methods: PayPal – Fiverr Revenue Card – Bank Transfer

9. Social Media

We left social media for last because it’s quite the topic. You must have your parent’s assistance, valuable skills, and creativity to earn decently from social media platforms.

But, starting soon can also give you more chances to improve personally and professionally and create great content. Look at Marques Brownlee; he started at 11 and is now one of the top tech creators!

We recommend starting on Twitch or YouTube. We have extensive guides on getting paid on Twitch and making money on YouTube.

TikTok and Instagram are also viable options, but it’s much more difficult for a young teen to break into them and start earning decently.

How Much Can I Make From Social Media?

It is possible to earn a lot from social media, but it’ll take a long time to build a decent following. Expect your first earnings to be below the hundred mark, but don’t be surprised if you start earning thousands a month after a few years of dedication and hard work.

What Makes This Option Great?

Money aside, the opportunities for networking and personal and professional improvement are limitless for content creators.

  • Fees and Commissions: Platform- and payment method-dependent
  • Payment Methods: Check – Deposit – Wire Transfer

Why You Should Consider Making Money as a 13-Year-Old

There are many benefits to working at such a young age. Let’s highlight some of them.

  • Building a Professional Profile: Working as a 13-year-old opens up many opportunities to develop vital business world skills. We’re talking about communication, negotiation, self-discipline, and leadership skills. You’ll find jobs easier once you’re older.
  • Financial Freedom: You may be used to spending more than you make at 13. But with a job, you can earn more and enjoy more independence.
  • Personal Satisfaction: Working at such an age can help give you a sense of purpose, accomplishment, and belonging. You’ll make new friends and explore your interests while boosting your self-esteem.
  • Family and Community Support: You can support yourself and your loved ones financially if they’re in need. What’s better than that?

Problems With Making Money as a 13-Year-Old

There are a few concerns with working as a 13-year-old. Be wary of the following:

  • Exploitation: Unfortunately, most adults will take you less seriously and try to lowball you because of your young age. Having excellent negotiation skills and standing your ground is recommended. The alternative is finding an online job for teens.
  • Limited Opportunities: The FLSA’s age requirement limits your opportunities to earn income as a teenager. Most jobs require being at least 14 or 18 if they’re hazardous.
  • Limited Income: You won’t earn as much as an adult would unless you start making money online after learning a high-income skill. Design and social media are good examples.
  • Poor Work-Life Balance: Juggling between all your responsibilities can become difficult. You may sacrifice your sleep, health, happiness, or social life for your job. You may even miss out on the fun of being a teenager: playing games, partying, etc.

Things to Consider When Making Money as a 13-Year-Old

We recommend minding these few tips and observations when hustling for your cash.

1. Personal Projects Over Odd Jobs

Summer and weekend jobs are a place to start, but starting your own business or tackling a personal project should be your ultimate goal because, let’s be honest, what’s a hundred a day compared to thousands of dollars a month?

Profitable business ideas we recommend teenagers experiment with include selling clothes, blogging, or becoming prominent on social media platforms.

We can show you how to sell on Shopifyhow to become a YouTuber, or point you to a few passive side hustles.

Remember that you’ll almost always need your parent’s help and supervision to try such jobs.

2. Experience Matters More

Don’t be disheartened if you earn less than expected working as a teenager. You’ll be developing your resume and crucial skills while learning about the labor market and work environment. All this will give you a head start in your career.

Parental Assistance

Almost every lucrative business project will require your parent’s assistance, permission, or supervision. Some examples include Shopify, social media platforms, etc. You may also need them to manage your website and banking accounts.

Legal Obligations

Most countries and states don’t have a minimum wage for 13 years old, so you’re not entitled to the U.S. federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.

You have to agree with your employer on the amount of the salary and ensure that their job is safe, legal, and doesn’t interfere with your obligations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Make a Lot of Money If I’m 13?

While not impossible, it’s challenging. Explore passive income opportunities like monetizing your blog or YouTube channel with ads. Your parents can also help you launch a lucrative micro business online.

Which Job Should I Get If I’m 13?

It depends on what you’re good at and your schedule. Babysitting and tutoring require you to be more communicative, patient, and empathetic than pool maintenance or gardening jobs.

Consider whether you need any permits or training and seek a job you feel comfortable in. Generally, asking your parents before getting any job is a good idea.

How Can I Get Paid Without a Bank Account?

Most employers will pay you cash, but you’ll usually need a bank and a PayPal account if you earn online.

Banks in the U.S. require you to sign a contract to open an account, and only legal adults can do that.

To circumvent that, ask one of your parents for help; banks allow minors to open an account with a guardian’s assistance. They’ll serve as its co-owner or custodian and manage it.

PayPal will close your account despite getting your guardian’s permission. You must ask them to create an account for themself and use it under their supervision.

Which Payment Options Are Available?

You’ll get paid cash almost all the time. Some people will offer to pay you on PayPal, but these are few and far between.

Venmo is available to select users below 18, and Cash App requires you to be at least 18.

Of course, PayPal is the way to go if you’re working online, but you may also get paid via bank transfer or check, depending on what you do.

Similar Guides to Check Out

Don’t let your young age stop you from working toward financial freedom. These guides can help you advance in your journey toward becoming independent.

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Wrapping Up

Working as a 13-year-old sets you on the path to learning crucial skills you’ll need later in life and introduces you to the labor market and employers’ expectations.

That said, as a young teen, your earning opportunities are limited, and you might sacrifice your sleep and social life trying to become independent. Trying out different odd jobs or starting a project soon is best.

Our guide provided various gigs suitable for your age so you wouldn’t feel stuck wondering what you can and can’t do. We commend you for desiring to become financially independent and wish you the best in this journey.

Don’t forget to leave your feedback and share this article with like-minded friends!

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